The Queen Chapter 15 (English Sub)

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This is chapter 15. they are looking televisionworshiping the least bus nearing the eyes the counterpart has been made someone iscoming good morning my rock we are the return tomorrow I have got everything readyfor you no I have changed my mind I will stay nice since when has siren got so smart she hascreated a trap set by me and next what has been playing by Jameson and I will be foiled this isrecalling Sierra did not come back last night what shall we do if she really dies relax we willnot get involved someone else wanted to kill her but will the police find out it is you whoasked her to come to the nyanyang Beast we appointed originally without a call and Iwon't be investigated by the police you still have serious talk about what to say to the policeand instead of foolish talks what I asked you the.

Persuas here and to take a medical examination fordesperation and I put some drugs into her Legends if the police and call us you tell them thather death may be related to her desperation have thought everything long before no someoneelse could not wait to kill her and just give him an easy pass in the coming days make yourselfinto a poor sector with tears during interviews and the history perfection say something abouther desperation and the audience will attend you to form her at last Theresa will be among thetop 10 hot news you are such a good boyfriend and even heard that is your too the toy is veryuseful by the way Sharon signed the contract to take part in let travel Nancy is gone and you canreplace her really yes I have been successful and have my property increasingly now and I will beone of the guests in the fire this so let's travel.

Chancho asked me to assess that good opportunityand make another piece of sucking news I wanted to make good use of Mr best propertyand make up any Scandal of serum in our absence but quite unexpectedly she still lives MissErin you so heaven knows your heart answer for you as soon as possible but why do you comehere as an artist I come here from my work today is a press conference to suit that traveland I come here in good teaming because the sixth guests to take part in Let's Travel have beenintroduced The Last Quest is a mission on Juan who work in the same company with Miss Iran thisMission means is also one of the cast it's so dramatic hello director I am Sarah and I feel sohonored to participate in your program Missy the referral Personnel in your company have canceledwith our program team members and repress you with.

Mission Juan Juan due to your unknown whereaboutsI don't think you will praise our contract I have signed a contract with yourprogram team members much earlier yes of course since you come back you are stillone of the guests of our program he looks nervous this is just a beginning and we get back whathas been taken away from me coming episode someone is waiting for her at home with theperson yes someone is waiting for me at home

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