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Most people thought it was over I thought itwas over I definitely wasn't expecting to get any quintessential quintuplets news anytime soonbecause you know the movie came out last year and that was supposed to had adapted the rest ofthe series you know the rest of the content from the manga and you know we found out who futuroended up marrying at the end of the day things like that but we got a happy piece of news thatcame out a few days ago or maybe around a week or so ago that the quintessential quintupletsis coming back apparently with a new anime like I said definitely wasn't expecting that but itwas very much holding me at s with the news for that new anime series coming out you know withtodamiya having some of the stories that were adapted in the original first season of the animethey're going to be making a new anime you know.

Putting those stories and having them animated inthis new kind of anime season that they're gonna have for it which is pretty cool because you knowwe get to see some of the stuff that was cut out that wasn't that didn't get adapted in the firstseason like I said uh maybe piece some more things together it makes a little bit more sense on onyou know how things kind of float in season one because like I said before they kind of speed ranthrough it and it felt like there was a huge gap of time that we didn't get from from the seriesand things just kind of happened very very quickly and yeah it was a little bit like that for thequintessential quintuplets as well maybe not as drastic as the hormia stuff uh maybe not on thatlevel but season two I'd say and the movie more so were kind of fast-paced seemed a little bitmore rushed in some things were cut out from it.

Because there were some parts of it I was likewhat the hell is going on I feel like whatever happened here was not explained at all and thingslike that so I'm happy that they're going to be doing that going to be definitely interesting tosee how they sort of do it because I'm assuming that some of these stories that they're going tobe adapting are going to be like you know stuff that happened you know back to back to back orwhatever so are they going to adapt a story that happened that was cut out that didn't get adaptedin season one or something like that and then uh like another story and adapt that and showthat as the next part that was from like season two That was supposed to be adapted there andthen you know like something that got a cut out or something that was supposed to happen beforethe movie things like that I'm just thinking like.

Chronologically how are they going to make thatflow well um how yeah how is that going to be you know constructed and stuff and put into anime formto make it not so jumping around kind of like like I said that's going to be interesting to see howthey do that I'm sure they'll do it well and I like this cool little Trend that they're startinghere you know where they're putting out anime and bringing it back and you know filling the gapsand some of the stuff that they might have missed from the original adaptation run throughs andstuff you know ideally you would like it to be where in the original run through they kind ofadapt everything uh but you know sometimes that doesn't happen it doesn't work that way you knowthey have a certain time frame that they have to have stuff done and they have to make cuts forcertain things to you know not get put in uh in.

The original product when they end up puttingit out and stuff unfortunately at least that's how I believe it works and then uh yeah thiskind of stuff happens but it's nice to get it in some form rather than to not get it at all youknow I'm sure there's a bunch of series out there that have been rushed through and they just youknow haven't gotten anything like this at all so the fact that they're doing it with joramia anddoing it with the quintessential quintuplets and kind of starting this up this is like the firstmaybe couple of times that I've heard of them doing something like this and you know adaptingsome of the missing parts that they didn't adapt in the original run-throughs like that beforeso hopefully they do it for some other series out there you know so that didn't get the samekind of love that you know the series uh that.

We're well done that did get adapted in a propermanner and stuff ended up happening like that so yeah hopefully it ends up starting a good Trendwhere you know they kind of fill in the gaps and you know cover some of the content that gotskipped over for other series too and I'm pretty damn hyped to see what's going to come out of ityou know because we get to see itski Nino yotsupa uh Miku and ichika all in anime form again whichwhich will be nice but yeah that was one thing that did happen that was pretty cool and thenthere was another thing that did come out for the series as well news wise so the third visualnovel-esque game for the series The quintessential quintuplets the five promises you make to her gota release date that's supposed to be coming out in Japan on September 7th for those folks who dolike to end up getting those games and purchasing.

Them when they do come out in Japan and who knowJapanese and are able to you know play those games with no problem you know I purchased one of themmyself but it's all in Japanese they have yet to kind of translate those and make an Englishversion of them unfortunately which kind of sucks uh but for folks who you know know Japaneseknow how to read it and stuff and it's no problem for you that game's gonna be coming out on the 7thof September like I said they put out a key visual for the game and then as well as a trailer for thegame and they also put out a visual as well for the new anime and a new trailer for the anime aswell I will make sure to post a visual somewhere on screen here and as well as drop those trailersdown in the comments and description below so make sure to check those out if you guys haven'talready too yeah that's all I wanted to talk about.

In this video today the quintessential quintupletsis coming back which is really freaking cool make sure to drop your thoughts down in the commentsbelow also hit that like button if you guys can too I'd greatly appreciate it helps me out aton and make sure to hit that subscribe button if you haven't already what are you guys doingit's right there it's one click away but yeah I'd appreciate it if you guys could subscribe aswell and then make sure to hit that notification bell too to get notified for whenever I do uploada video go live or things like that fun stuff but yeah I hope you all have a great rest of theday and I'll catch you all later see ya bye thank you

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  1. As someone who read the manga, I will dispute season 1 adapts all the pieces. Season 2 cuts some scenes first and essential and rushed an arc in the center. And there is a essential amount cut between Season 2 and the film. One other option is getting alternate endings for the various quintuplets.

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