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The new Pokemon anime is replacing Pikachu it's time for the latest news out of Japan with Ash ketchum's Journey coming to an end some big changes are coming for fans of the anime A brand new character for the upcoming series named freed and his very own Pikachu were revealed by the official Pokemon Twitter since his introduction back in 1997.

Ash's Pikachu has been the series's primary mascot even when Pokemon like Charizard or Butterfree were left behind Pikachu always remained so it's no surprise that Captain Pikachu the new partner has been met with a lot of strong feelings at first glance it seems like people are upset that Pikachu is different and they have to get to know a.

New version longtime fans feel strongly about losing both Ash and his Pikachu even going as far as to stop watching the show because of the changes meanwhile some fans had been looking forward to other Pokemon getting the spotlight instead like many aren't surprised by get you staying in the spotlight even if it's a different one.

It makes sense to keep the little guy around after 25 years of success but a lot of fans know that the series needs to change in order to keep going but it also can't stray too far the Pokemon company is all about ensuring its success and keeping fans happy some fans are totally behind a new Pikachu now that we have liko and Roy stepping up in.

Ash's place a few even said that this variation is cooler than the Pikachu we've known for so long and it's not like different versions of Pikachu haven't shown up before like Spike or Sparky they just haven't been a main focus the problem for even the more positive fans is how unoriginal this new Pikachu is the nickname isn't much to.

Write home about and it only has a hat instead of a whole outfit one fan even suggested it would be cooler if this Pikachu matched freed another person believed that having the Pikachu be a female with the noticeable heart-shaped tail would have been a fun change too to be fair we might not even see this Pikachu would freed that often he's not.

One of the protagonists after all but if you look closely you'll notice fire patches on Freed's clothes so maybe we'll even have a captain Charizard in the series sadly a few new characters weren't enough to satisfy Naruto fans when the new game was announced

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