THE RUG PULL | Peach Creek: Unofficial Ed, Edd n Eddy Sequel | Episode 1

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It’s not that she’s always late… – It’s that she never wants toactually STUDY! [SCHOOLBELL CHIMES] Jesus, Lumpy… … You wanna have somesandwich with your gravy? [CHOMP] No Rolf, a Harley has STYLE. Your opinions are crammingyour tiny noggin, Kevin-boy. [Marie Laughs].

I’ve got the whole weekend planned out – – baking, gouache painting… Right, three cigarettes is three too many. Could you perhaps, if it’s not too much trouble, HELP us, Eddy? Tell ya what Sockhead, let me think.Hmm….. … No. Oh the life of a teenager. Preferring to contaminate their lungs,rather than do something worthwhile.

… Okay, Ronald Reagan. Besides, I got work tonight. Night shift. Gimme a break! I think you’ll be giving yourself plenty of breaks in all honesty. Oh forgot to say! Jonny started this week. Freakin’ weird seeing him. I haven't seen him in YEARS! Lumpy, it’s only been a few months. Jonny 2×4, 4×2… … 4x2x2x4… What was it? Did we even ever call him that in the original show?.

Season one, I think… He’s a hell of a lot quieter now though. Yes well, being a social outcast, and ostracized by everybody would do that to you. Does he still have Plank? Oh that dumb piece of wood he carried around? Nah, that’s long gone. Just him. He was on frying duty. And you know what that meant, Double D? … Dare I ask?.

I got to serve the-Eddy got to serve the customers! Hey! Quit stealing my lines, Lumpy. … One alligator by the front door, and the other- smashing its tail onto the basement window. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Right outside the basement window. The ceiling is about to collapse, Dr Orchard and Scott run up the stairs, and- [Eddy Offscreen] Wait wait wait. Who the hell is Scott?!.

You know, he’s – he’s that guy, that old mate… He’s rescuing Dr Orchard, Mrs Files and Blackmer. Yup! Wait, I forget. Who’s Mrs Files? Dude, it's your story. Mhmm. Sure it is. Oh yeah! So Scott take the files upstairs, they contain the growth serum… Mrs Files isn’t a person?.

What? You said Mrs Files. A person. Now she's actual files? Moron. Aight, let me try one! Can it be an original story, and not a rehash of something else? Don't get meta on me Sockhead. [RAINDROPS HITTING ROOF] Aw geez.

Let’s go to your place, Sockhead. Uh, let's not. Why not? Your folks ain't home. Guys, I’ve gotta help Sarah with her homework. Sometimes I just want some alone time, Eddy. I trust you can respect that. Yeah, and sometimes I wanna hang out with my pals – – you and Ed. But I’ve gotta help Sarah-.

Eddy, please! Why don't you go hang out at Ed's? I have to help Sarah with her homework. Mom said so. Mmm… Fine! But we’re going to Double D’s tomorrow. What's gotten into you man? I could ask you the same. Adios, Double D.

See you tomorrow, Ed. [Marie – Distant] You tell a soul what happened,I’ll FUCKING kill you. [May – Distant)] NO! He’s mine. [Marie – Distant] Remember who’s in charge, sweetie… [Marie giggling] [Lee – Distant] Aww, look at the shortass at my feet… [Jonny – Distant] Plank says the spirit is beyond destruction! [Jonny – Distant] … so everlasting! [Sarah – Distant] I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!.

[MANIC CHICKEN NOISES] [DING] [Eddy’s Brother – Distant] I thought you wantedto hang with your hero… [Lee – Distant] You will do as I say! [Lee – Distant] Mom’s gone! She’s fucking gone! [Eddy’s Brother – Distant] Say Uncle! [Lee – Distant] Aww, look at the shortass at my feet… [May – Distant] NO! He’s mine. [Lee – Distant] You will do as I say!.

[VOICES OVERLAP] … Dutch? You need to quiet your mind, and listen. First, you need a trioto ensure success. But one is now leaving. Second – one who grew arounda corrupting force… transferred it to aCurly-O with a line. Third, and please listen closely. When drawn, your story continues.

For now, you must continue totake heed of the world around you. [Ed screaming] Like one boundingbetween two planes… Dance with me, Pipsqueak.

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  1. Smartly, it has been some time.First, desire to originate with asserting how sorry I’m it's taken this long for episode 1's birth. I might per chance well perchance chalk it as a lot as a immense need of causes, but really on the discontinuance of the day those causes are irrelevant to you, the target audience. You were watching for one thing, and I had didn’t carry it within the timeframe I was as soon as watching for. Nevertheless, I desire to thank you all so, so great to your patience while this has been labored on. Plenty of tinkering, changes, closing minute additions, make changes, and rewrites believe long previous into this, and I’m hoping that it might per chance perchance believe been fee the wait.From right here, we're starting up work on but another minisode, and episode 2. Plenty of learnings believe been taken from the production of episode 1, apart from slightly about a…effectively, shortcuts, I assume, to toddle things up. Minisode 2 is within the within the period in-between entering the animatic stage, and episode 2 is within the storyboard stage.HOPEFULLY the wait between these will possible be vastly shorter than the dwell wide awake for episode 1.Thanks all as soon as more, sending you all factual vibes

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