The Science On the support of Assault On Titan Outlined With Quirks & Cats (Shingeki No Kyojin)

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I waited a long time to make this video Comparing Eren Yeager tocharacters from different anime but other than just comparing characters I wanted to take this video in a uniquedirection, to show you something new so yeah, this video is going to be kinda crazy Anyway, to do all that I needed tofind a character that counters Eren, and I knew exactly who this character's quirk alwaysfascinated me. and it actually can explain the science and thephilosophy behind attack on titan.

You know who I mean… and of course, I am talkingabout Shiga…no it's night eye Let's talk about it hello everyone and welcome back to a new attackon titan video comparison of Eren and Nighteye of course, I won’t be comparing them 1-1, because let's face it, Eren and nighteye are nothing alike as individuals but his quirk and Eren'stitan power are an exception and today I’m going to show you howtheir powers almost complete each other My hero academia offers one simpleclarification of how time work…

And if that was mentioned in attack on titan itwould have made people understand it much better so first a quick recap for anyone who needs it Nighteye's quirk activates whenever he touchesand comes in eye contact with his target when those terms are met Nighteye can see24 hours into the future of his target watching it like a 3rd person watching a movie in Eren's case, it's much more complicated because he only saw glimpses of the futurewithout seeing the way to get there for him, that happens when he touched Historia and witnessed tons of memories fromthe past, future, and present.

Unlike Nighteye who can see the normal timeline and events happening to histarget, for Eren, it is much messier it actually makes it impossiblefor him to use this information because he doesn’t know what his future self did so he can’t tell if he is changinganything or just repeating his actions but what if I told you that bothpowers are actually very alike? yes, they operate differently, but they both followthe same physical and philosophical aspects Eren slowly realizes that the future can’t be changed…everything he sawwill eventually come true.

Eren got exposed to those memories passively. he didn’t have any control over it whichdefinitely contributed to his disorientation but unlike him, Nighteye can control his quirk and therefore he has a choicewhen or whenever to activate it later we find out that Nighteye was afraid to look into all-might's future incase he was destined to die but he wasn’t afraid of knowing the future he was afraid that just from watching a futurehe locks it in place, making it unchangeable Basically, he suspects that thefact he sees a certain future is.

Also the trigger or the reason forthat future to eventually happen and guess what, he is not wrong, atleast from a scientific point of view and his fear of seeing the future iswhat is missing in attack on titan's presentation of a future that can’t be changed and to tie everything together and showyou the science behind it without making you fall asleep…we need cats, lots of cats! and this is when this video is getting crazier, but stay with me, you’regonna like where this is going and also take a moment tosubscribe and like this video.

I brought you cats what we are talking about here is actually anextremely advanced theoretical physics theory it comes to explaining theexistence of alternate realities, what you may call the multiverse. but itsscientific term is the many world theory now, what does it got todo with seeing the future? a lot actually! and in both cases, Eren andNighteye are basically the same so I mentioned cats before,and here is where they come in Schrodinger's cat.

Schrodinger's cat was a visualexperiment representation trying to explain the existence of alternate realities of course, the math behind that is wayabove my pay grade, and in reality, it deals with Particles,wavelength, and quantum physics and that’s why this experiment was created,to help people visualize it a bit better so in this experiment, a cat was placed into a box with a little device thatdispenses poison randomly now remember this is not an actual living cat, this is just a thought experiment,so no actual cat got hurt, just chill.

Anyway, the box is then closed withno way to know what’s going on inside Schrodinger claimed that now we no longercan be sure if the cat is dead or alive, not until we open the box but until it remains close, the cat is both dead,and also alive. Existing in those 2 states… that is of course until someonewill open the box and look inside now why is the cat both dead and alive, and we don’t just say for example,there’s a 50-50 chance either way? Because the cat is just a simplerepresentation of an entire reality in our example, there are only 2 choices, life ordeath, to make the experiment simple to understand.

But theoretically, inside this box, there areinfinite possibilities of everything…and as long as the box remains closed they areconsidered to all exist at the same time that is the premise behind the catin Schrodinger's cat experiment, but of course, that’s not the best part we are interested in what happens next As we said, all those thingsexist at the same time as long as no outside force is looking insideof the box, the box is still closed the cat is still considered both dead and alive but the really freaky stuff happens whensomeone opens the box and looks inside.

The observer the experiment then offers an outsideobserver, to open the box and look inside at the moment he does that, reality, nature, or whatever force you may callit, has to set on one reality the cat can’t be both deadand alive once we open the box so at the moment, the observerlooks inside, a decision is made but at the moment it happens the reality insidethe box and the reality of the observer become one and just to remind you, the cat is arepresentation of an entire reality so to put it simply.

If he opened the box and find the cat alive he is now part of that reality inside of thatbox, a reality where this cat survived but at the same time, another observeropens the box and finds a dead cat, making him live in a realitywhere the cat didn’t survive and this is how we get alternaterealities, but look what also happened the observer, simply by looking inside the box made some force set on a singlereality…a live or a dead cat but then this reality also affects theobserver, this way they both affect each other and in actual physics scientists proved howparticles behaved differently when observed.

And by now I guess you figured out that theobservers in our stories are Eren and Nighteye Nighteye looks inside the boxwhenever he uses his quirk but just like the box we mentioned, just the idea of him looking and seeing a future alsolocks that future… making it a reality and that reality becomes his reality, as heis afraid to see a future where all might die for Eren, it’s much moreaccurate and also complicated Eren looked inside the boxwhen he touched Historia's hand he then saw future memoriesthat we all know came true and scientifically, and alsolike in Nighteye's case,.

Just seeing them locked them inplace, making them unchangeable and that’s why the future can’tbe changed according to Physics… well, physics for dummies, because let’sface it, we are still talking about me Everything I explained is extremely simplified, I only made it easier toprocess and apply to our stories both observers looked inside the box, and just from their looking theylocked this reality for them as well but after all that, Erenand Nighteye are not equals Nighteye later sees one ofhis predictions go wrong.

He explains it by saying other time-relatedquirks may change the outcome of his quirk for Eren that could never happenBecause this power is pretty unique. there isn’t something to contradictit like in Nighteye's and Eri's case why is that? one explanation is the same as before, and if Nighteye sees a different outcomehe actually sees a different reality but that won’t make much sense, because heshouldn’t be aware of different realities another explanation, and a much simpler one, is that Nighteye is not the actualobserver in his universe, unlike Eren.

We need to understand that this observer isalso a representation of some higher power some will even call it god, or god-like others will call it supernaturalor out of this world so the observer needs to be someone extremely unique who no one can seefrom his or her perspective and clearly, for Nighteye that’s notthe case because apparently there are much stronger quirks that deal with time, sohe’s not as unique as Eren in his universe but in both cases, the Idea is the same. looking into the unknown future willundeniably bring that future.

But of course, that onlyworks in a scientific setting so it’s less accurate for my Hero academiabut extremely accurate for attack on titan and here is when I want to show anotherexample which is also a spoiler…so if you don’t want to get any spoilers forthe ending you should stop watching now and I hope you enjoyed the videoso far and thank you for watching ok, so like I said for attack on titan the ideaof the observer can be applied almost perfectly in our story, we get a look atdifferent realities, several ones, with the most famous one being the Cabin scene I explained this scene so many times as an.

Alternate reality of attack ontitan…a different road taken many times I showed you how this Eren isnot aware of the Eren of our reality… the only one aware of everything isMikasa, but I will get to that… so how is this cabin scene even possible? in the cabin reality, Eren was alsothe observer…he looked inside the box the same way, but with one difference he simply saw a different cat the Eren of our story saw a specific setof events that naturally became his reality if the observer opens the box and finds a live cat.

Means there is another version whoopened the box and found a dead cat it also means that Eren,our observer, saw a live cat while the Eren of a different realityfound a dead cat inside the box for both of them, the cat that represented reality became their future, and that’swhy their futures look different and it goes both ways…not only intothe future but also into the past… showing you that alternaterealities had also different pasts shown best by the king's chairdesign and general events being different in another life…another reality.

But as I mentioned before, Attack ontitan is much more unique and complicated at least when dealing withtime and alternate realities Because attack on titan has a secret Joker, someone even more powerfulthan the actual observer and we will get more in-depth into all of that in the near future when I finallyget to explain…What is Mikasa and that is all for this video mytitan-loving friends and I hope you enjoyed I will see you all real soon in my nextvideo and even sooner in the comments and until next time, let me just remind you all.

To dedicate your heart, to all of humanity inside and outside the walls

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