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[Rahul Purini]Crunchyroll as a streaming service is available in 200 countries. We have the largest anime catalog in the world;we have over 18,000 hours of anime, 44,000 episodes of content. The anime content on Crunchyroll is availablein 10 different dubbed languages as well. [Asa Suehira] Recently, Crunchyroll has announced thatwe have surpassed 10 million benchmark for paid subscribers. Crunchyroll feels it’s very important to connectthe Japanese creators to their global fans. So we feel like the Anime Awards is offeringa new liaison of sending out their voice to the creators. [Gita Rebbapragada]This is the seventh year of the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, and this is the first time that we are bringing it to Tokyo. So this year we have 23 categories that we are presenting awards for,.

12 of which will be on the actual live showand then the others will be announced on our live stream. [Asa Suehira] In the past, the Japanese creatorswould have to go to international conventions to engage with their fans, but through the Anime Awards,we feel like we are offering them the opportunity where the international audience can have the opportunityto voice their favorite shows through the process of voting. [Gita Rebbapragada]How many people tell us that anime has inspired them, or changed their life, or helped them through a difficult time,or helped them understand something about themselves. And for a lot of people, my favorite stat is thata small percentage of anime fans describe themselves as extroverts but the majority of anime fans have made friends through anime, and I think that just summarizes what impact it has on people’s lives.

[Rahul Purini] Japanese anime for decades has been the mediumwhere creators can tell amazing stories, stories that are very diverse, that are very attractive to global audiencesbut that are very unique in its own style. It is a powerful medium, it has very diverse themes and genresthat appeals to every single age group, every single region globally, that I think very few mediums or story formats have that capabilitybut we think anime has that. [Rahul Purini] We can take Japanese anime, Japanese stories,and bring them to global audiences, and we feel lucky to be part of Sony Group and Sony Pictures and to be able to leverage that expertise to be able to do thisfor the Japanese anime community.

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