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The season 6 premiere is set to air at theend of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. it has been revealed on Twitter That season 6 will be ascreenplay and visual Revival with updates to the character's appearance and to the backgroundsmodels of certain characters will be designed again our characters will probably have somedifferent styles and what I suspect is they'll be a little bit more grown up in this video we'regoing to talk about some of our theories for what's going to happen in season six ladybug andCat Noir learning each other's identities if you want to be criticism or reaction videos aboutmiraculous ladybug on YouTube you'll see that this topic has lengthened so much now that fansare getting bored of seeing close-ups of reveals where nothing actually happens but now Cerise hasa lot of resources hidden in her hand such as the.

Secret that's being kept hidden from Adrian andhow close she is to finding the holders of all the miraculouses except the ladybug and Cat also shehas a big chance to expose marinette's identity I chromatizing any random person from herenvironment this includes kagami Felix Alia Luca or Alex akumatizations of a handful ofcharacters such as Felix such as Felix and Adrian in the main timeline and of course Marinettewe saw Marinette and Adrian getting Akuma test but for Marinette she's never turned into a fullvillain and the beginning of the accommodization has stopped but for Adrian it always happenedin a deleted timeline it would be amazing and interesting to see these guys as the villainsand for Felix Cerise could akumatize him by just manipulating to moy into being more protectiveover her daughter she can try to make it hard.

For them to live out their love Adrian learninghe's a scenti monster it's really ridiculous how kagami and Felix know that they are Senti monstersbut even though they have a lot of evidence Adrian still doesn't know at the finale of season 5Marinette put Adrian's finger on the twin rings that control Adrian the only thing that he saidwas that he feels more free really boy I really can't understand why Felix doesn't just directlytell Adrian that he was a Senti monster it would be such an easy salute solution but I guess it'sbecause their scenario would end up with Adrian getting akumatized I don't know the reveal ofLila or cerise's backstory and her true intentions Lila is a proud and attention-seeking liar whomanipulates others for her own benefit she holds grudges seeks revenge and shows no remorse forher actions but we still don't know the reason.

Why she does this I personally don't feel likethis is just because of ladybug and marinette's exposing her she loves power and attention fromeveryone and maybe she wants to destroy cat Noir and ladybug she can try to make them seem bad andact like she was the superhero all along exploring the order of the Guardians further this partof the aggressive Arc was sadly a disappointing chapter the only thing we knew about the orderof the Guardians was that they exist what in the episode Feast Marinette returned everythingback to normal and solved foo's problem in the episode of multiplication suhan went back tothe temple by claiming that he was supposed to get help however the only thing he did wascome back with Luca Jagged and Penny I really want to see Marinette visit the temple fillingin the gaps in Gabriel's history retroactively.

We still don't know how the peacock miraculousgot damaged while the miraculous of the butterfly remained the same and we still haven't seenthe flashbacks of their discovering moments the only thing we have is a picture of themfurthermore we still don't know why tamoe was helping Gabriel and how she became blind these arequestions that should have been answered already revealing the effects of the final four power-upsthe miraculous potions are potions that can modify the powers of a kwami who ingest them and provideextra abilities to their miraculous folders which can help them to survive and compensate indifferent environmental conditions the extra Powers will only last for a single transformationuntil now ladybug and Cat Noir unlocked Aqua ice and space Powers respectively red yellow orangeand pink potions still remain secret the only.

Thing we know is that the one of them containsa Firepower allowing them to walk on lava and have a resistance to the scorching heat thedefeat of other villains mentioned in time tagger like ectopia in the episode Time taggerbuttocks mentioned some fights that the heroes had such as with majesta's sister ignoblia DrSadness the twin queens of the inner Dimension and the oppley Invaders it would be super coolto see these fights personally I feel like the twin queens of the inner Dimension could be Ellaand Etta who are Alia's sisters cerise's Target includes the siblings of her fake friends likeNino and Alia Gabriel agreste returning in some capacity either in flashbacks as a ghost or froman alternate timeline or whatever it's still sad for me to see that Adrian is not aware of hisdad's guilty actions that's why I'll be looking.

Forward to Cerise using her quagi Tama in order toreveal the truth to Adrian Gabriel must face his son and Adrian should learn that he used the powercataclysm on his dad just like I told you in the previous videos it for sure wouldn't end well andthis would probably lead to the akumatization of Adrian but it's still not fair to keep this stuffa secret Adrian having a reunion with the previous cat miraculous holder using the quagi Tama hewas given at the end of the reunion by plague in the episode reunion Marinette learned that sheherself can use her quagi Tama to communicate with the memories of the former miraculous holdersat the agreste Mansion as Adrian was lying on his bed POG made him his very own quagitama as theepisode ended I'm hoping to see Adrian's reunion with the previous cat miraculous holders what doyou guys think ladybug and Cat Noir trying out new.

Fusions with their own miraculous unification isan invocation that allows a miraculous owner to activate two or more miraculouses at once and Iwill love this feature since season three there have been a lot of unification or fusions andit brings a lot of excitement to the show so it would be super awesome to see even more of themI would especially like to see Marinette with the miraculous of the snake discovering Lila's villainidentity well I have another theory for that one in the episode confirmation Monarch could trackladybug by using her magical charm and was also able to track cat Noir thanks to his cataclysm onGabriel as if cat Noir was involved in the battle if you notice a special object or effect thatis created with the miraculous can lead you to find the owner what is the special power of thebutterfly miraculous in Akuma before de-evilizing.

Ladybug can find a way to track the identityof the user of the miraculous this butterfly last but not least learning what spooked Lilain the final scene of season five and whether it was just noro manifesting or something elsethis was a huge Cliffhanger the only thing I expected when she wore the miraculous was noroappearing however it seems like there's a little more being hidden here some have claimed thatit was Lady Dragon just because the electricity texture is the same and some claim that it'sthe absolute power that damaged the miraculous imagine if it just ends up being neuro beingmad at the owner because he's being used for bad purposes first by Gabriel for Five Seasonsand now by Lila Earth's race okay guys that's it for this video thank you so much for watchingplease don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

And comment what you expect from season sixdown below I'll see you in the next video bye thank you

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  1. I judge the aim that Felix wont repeat Adrien that he is a sentimonster is because Gabriel didn't desire Adrien to seek out out that he was as soon as Hawk moth. And since Marinette is ladybug and she was as soon as relationship adrin she didn't desire him to indubitably feel damage so she didn't repeat him. Felix and kagami most likely figured that out or marinette suggested them. Lila and Tsurgi are the supreme ones left (assorted than plagg and Natalie who wont repeat adrien bc of the identical purpose) who know about hawk moth's identity. Lila could repeat him so as that she can akumatize him but tsurugi will most likely no longer repeat him bc she doesn't must.

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