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Bleach Thousand-Year blood War has finallyfinished its first core very strongly with the 13 really high quality episodes that I honestlyI cannot wait to go back and just re-watch in a binge and I'm probably gonna do that watchingthe dub so I can hear a lot of the English voice actors as I did start watching bleach with theoriginal English dub so I honestly can't wait to see what voice actors are returning and howthey're doing it I saw Clips Johnny Young Bosch back as Ichigo I'm so happy that I actually gotto watch all this all over again but enough about me just gushing over my plans for a re-watchbleach stones in your blood War had its honest to God really strong star probably one of thestrongest starts out of almost any other anime this season or even the year and that's sayingsomething because there are a lot and I mean a.

Lot of top tier anime that came out in 2022 aloneand fall 2023 had the release of Chainsaw man which is another really really good anime that isfinishing its first season and yeah it's honestly kind of crazy that we had bleacher chainsaw manin the exact same season and and they're both had really awesome finales with really well doneadaptations but I honestly think that bleach did have one of the strongest starts due to the factthat it not only kicked off this brand new arc as if they're just continuing but it's consistentlykept not just movie quality visuals and Direction but also really great pacing and the soundtrackgot an update a remix for a lot of the classic tracks and even some new stuff and that openingI really liked it same with that ending really awesome though the thing I want to just get at isthe story being told in Thousand Year blood War.

There is going to be some light spoilers for theThousand Year blood War so if you're watching this and you haven't seen at least a first six or sevenepisodes I'm basically going to be using that first half of the core in like some light spoilersso come in with caution but the base concept of the Thousand Year blood work the Final War finalArc of bleach finally being adapted into anime format is basically the war between the Quincy'sthat have re-emerged and the Soul Reapers and soul society and let me tell you I honestly wasall in for this story it's something that I was honestly curious about considering that Uriawas the only Quincy well him and his father but now we're getting the reveal that there wereactually Quincy's hiding in secret somewhere and I'm honestly curious to see how they've beenhiding all these years and the main villain you'll.

Have yo haha or yohabak or something like thator you want I I'm still not good at pronouncing his name either way the main villain is honestlyincredibly intimidating honestly terrifying as well with just how he's able to casually just bodyhis own subordinates just the flick of a wrist and that fight he had against Yamamoto I honestly amkicking myself over because I covered bleach for a good five weeks of the anime but I had a stopto the fact that was covering too many stuff all in one week and it was getting exhausting and Iwasn't able to do much recordings or get anything out on time especially for Bleach due to my ownscheduling and IRL stuff but I ended those reviews after the Yamamoto fight and I really wish I kepton going at least until episode 7 because episode 7. Wow xiamoto versus yuha was honestly freakingincredible the episode after that where Ichigo.

Shows up was honestly someone the best action inthe direction I have seen in a lot of anime and and even in just film and television in generalbecause there's just something about the rain being utilized in that Hulk fight in Ichigoshowing up to the soul Society the silence the lack of music and just the voice acting itjust brings everything together showing this the severity of the situation not to mention we get tosee a lot of our fairy characters do something and we don't get enough time for everybody to geta full on matchup we focus on a few characters but just some of the more important matchups witha lot of attention obviously going to uh versus Yamamoto and yuha versus Ichigo which are boththe best fights of the two contenders 40 best fights in anime over the year I'm saying it rightnow if one of those does not end up being in like.

Let's say the Crunchyroll Awards which I know wedon't really care too much about the crunch roll Awards because it stinks it stinks not one ofthose fights doesn't get nominated or is even a contender I'm just gonna be pissed but what theseason does really well is to show an intimidating force that can actually dominate The Soul societyand all the powerful characters that we have seen up until this point before that it was Eisenin the Iran cars in the previous incarnation of the bleach series with the Iran car Arc with thembeing very tough opponents and doing some really strong damage to the Soul Reapers but in the endthey did manage to win thanks to Ichigo coming in at the end of the day and we didn't really get anyreal casualties on our side now though we see a massacre of all the Soul Reapers and just seeing asheer sense of hopelessness in the situation then.

Hope again Yamamoto comes in and then we get usfeel a lot of Despair once more which it's just really good to feel for a war Arc because startingthings off with a bang it's just really hard to do and the action was consistent which I want tosay is probably most likely big thanks to Kubo for coming back to help write and fix things forthis adaptation because you can tell Kubo did say he was coming back and he extended some fightshe added some stuff in in terms of a character conversations and interactions some stuff aboutthe lore of social ID and the past of Yamamoto of it and even getting some nice scenes with uriokasaccording to manga fans those were added in so we never got to see uru after like what would beepisode 2 until like the end of this first core which is honestly insane to me to think aboutbut then again Cooper was dealing with a lot of.

Stuff when doing the actual manga in terms oftime constraints and health issues at the time so it's nice that he decided to come back talkwith the staff and writing team as well as the animators to do something about this final Arcimprove things add things that he wanted to add in but couldn't and just expand on the overalllore and story that he wanted to tell this is the definitive thousand year blood War Arcwhich makes my viewing experience even better and I think bleach fans in general are just veryhappy with this adaptation I've said it way too many times it's just a movie quality experiencefor TV anime to have such consistent visuals and directing it's just honestly incredibly hardto do unless you have a lot of time and effort and I'm really happy that studio Piero managed todo justice to this Arc so far and when with that.

Finale of the first core I was so happy I had athe biggest smile on my face you cannot believe when number one the remix version was playing atthe very end of the horror with a really big thing going on with Ichigo in terms of his character hisgrowth and I really wish I could just talk about a full-on spoilers but you really should justwatch for yourself or re-watch it for all I know I'm pretty sure everyone's gonna be re-watchingthis this core of bleach especially by the time the second chord comes out what's another thingwe got a confirmation that the second core of the Thousand Year blood war is coming out summerof 2023 so we gotta wait a whole six seven months until we get to see the first episode of theThousand Year blood War Arc 2. I'm happy for that we get some time for the animators to touchsome things up we got some time to sit on what we.

Got with the first core and for anime only sustainanime only to speculate what's gonna happen next for manga readers to wonder what's Kubo goingto expand upon next or add in that will enhance this viewing experience which is something I'mreally happy about because if I'm being honest after the Yamamoto fight I just I caved in andI read the Manga and I loved every second of it and coming back and watch the anime weekly as Iwas going into the manga I'm not even I haven't even finished I think the material I read isprobably up to like the Stark or the Midway point of what would be like the third core if mymath is correct my math is probably very much off but yeah I honestly think I'm up to where thethird of course starts or the middle of the third quarter when an anime makes a manga readerfeel like they're experiencing something for the.

First time and even elevates what they read tovarying degrees then that is a very successful adaptation that is something that I cannot expresshow thankful I am that I went into this mostly blind but then after catching up to the materialthat was being adapted and watching it again it still felt new to me and that's what's honestlythe biggest compliment I can give to any anime adapting any Source material make me feel like I'mwatching something for the very first time that's not something every single series does becauseit's usually just one to one what put some nice sahoka moments with the action scenes but to addin extra bits of character interactions having the author themselves be a part of the writingprocess for these episodes and adding things in that he wanted to add it just feels great itfeels like Kubo is finally getting the story.

That he truly truly wanted to tell and you seeit with all the passion that the animators the studio and the effects scene everybody involvedhas with it all of the hype coming around from the announcement that the anime is coming backto the next few trailers that we got over the lead up to what we got right now in 2022 it's justinsane to me to think about bleach being back and I'm actually experiencing it for the first timevery much so and I just can't be any happier it's definitely a 10 out of 10 adaptation a 10 out of10 season it's just amazing all throughout and I honestly cannot wait to see what happens next Iam so excited for belief Styles in your blood War but yeah those are my general thoughts on bleachStyles in your blood Wars first core very amazing Arc very amazing first set about episodes and Icannot wait till for the summer to come because.

Bleach is going to be awesome and it's going tobe really awesome to look forward to bleach and hell maybe by that time when it comes out I'll bein a good enough spot to actually follow through and go through every single episode of the secondcore as they air I know I was saying that for the first quarter but due to like I said IRL stuff andtime constraints I was unable to follow through I hope I can make some bleach stuff for you guyshere and there in the future because I just love this series a lot and I can't wait to hear yourthoughts about it in the comment section down below did you like this first core are you ananime only what do you think what's gonna happen next and manga readers try not to spoil things foranime only how did you feel about this adaptation did it meet your expectations did it exceedthem or did you think that it was okay leave.

Your thoughts and opinions down in the commentsection down below and if you want to see me do more bleach content in the future and if you wouldlike to see me do bleach reviews of the episodes comment down below number one and if I get a lotof those then I'll know your answer but yeah with all the time I don't know if you guys enjoyedthis video I know I remember a lot Bud hey it's fun and I like talking to you guys I hope youall enjoyed and hope you all have an awesome day

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  1. High quality video!My expectations are excessive, especially when they already stated that the animation will be even better in the 2nd cour, and Kubo also confirmed a truly recent fight that used to be never viewed in the manga. Kubo is cooking like Driscoll used to be towards Yamamoto

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