The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess | ANIME TEASER TRAILER | #thevexationsofashutinvampire

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[music] I'm the one who belongs to everyone Teradomari Gun Death Blood 3 years old I'm a hikikomori professional [music] The world is unreasonable There are only bitter memories in my life that I always think My name is Ville Hayes.

As of today, I'm appointed as Teradomari-sama's exclusive maid. did Do you know the Chichibu store? Shichigoten Taishogun 7 fierce men who are extremely strong among vampires I guess that's why I'm in trouble Don't worry, Komarin has 500 people in the 7th unit. I have subordinates, but my boss is weak If you understand.

Those who come to kill me for sure just I can't feel at ease at all No matter what happens Act as an absolute strong man in front of subordinates Tamae Be sure to misunderstand your subordinates Alright, let's go dear will shoot.

There is a vivid blood-colored movie there [applause] How did this happen [music] Even now 2023 TV animation and decision [music]

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