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Previously, Martha, the nanny who raised Melissa and Jake, returns to the mansion and drops a bombshell: Melissa is going to have a wedding. This news has left Melissa surprised and curious, and we're eager to find out what's going to happen next. So let's keep following their story together. Melissa wonders about what Martha meant about the wedding news. It turns out, Martha heard that Melissa is going to announce her engagement at the upcoming royal spring ball. and that was the reason Martha came rushing back to the Foddebright household. Melissa becomes even more confused,.

But Martha seems otherwise, as she knows that Melissa has had a crush on the crown prince for a long time. Martha feels a sense of pride knowing that Melissa will soon be associated with a charming prince. She fondly remembers how Melissa used to proclaim as a child, 'I will become a princess one day'. Martha is overwhelmed with happiness and tears up. However, Melissa remains speechless and suddenly loses consciousness. Observing this, Martha assumes that Melissa has fainted due to being overcome with joy. Melissa remains lying on her bed, unresponsive to Yona's presence.

Yona, however, sees through Melissa's act and lets her know that she is aware of her being awake. Melissa hesitantly opens her eyes. Nearly half the day has elapsed since Melissa fainted before Martha, but now all she desires is to remain in bed. As she lies there, she's consumed by remorse as she reflects on the past moment when a teary-eyed Melissa implored Ian to marry her the following spring. If she could go back in time, she would vigorously shake her past self and demand that she possess more self-worth. As a result of Melissa's prior fits of rage and rash decisions,.

She now finds herself facing the repercussions of her past behavior. What's most exasperating for her is that the Prince seemed to have ignored her requests initially, only to abruptly change his mind and decide to reveal their engagement at the forthcoming spring ball. Based on the novel, the Prince never planned on inviting Melissa to the ball and instead intended to accompany another girl. However, Melissa's adamant desire to terminate their engagement prompted him to gather all the nobles and commoners and declare their nuptials during the royal ball to thwart the cancellation.

The Prince never disclosed his intentions to Melissa about the announcement, so he might have gone directly to the Duke instead. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Melissa believes she needs to address the issue by speaking with the Duke. However, Yona informs her that the Duke had departed several days earlier to oversee affairs in the provinces. Yona further discloses that the Crown Prince has been buying the costliest garments and ornaments from every shop in anticipation of the ball, remarking that 'my betrothed must be the most stunning at the ball'.

(mind your expression girl!) Melissa is frustrated by the Prince's disregard for her wishes and views his actions as an abuse of power. As a high-ranking noble herself, she is perfectly capable of obtaining her own dress for the ball. Nevertheless, the Prince's demeanor has left her simmering with rage and vowing to retaliate against him in the future. As rumors about the wedding announcement have already circulated, it seems too late for Melissa to make amends. After all, she had very publicly expressed her desire to marry the prince.

Amidst her confusion, she suddenly has some ideas. Melissa's initial idea is to skip the ball, but as it is hosted by the royal family, the event will be grand and attended by all the aristocrats and distinguished guests. As the crown prince's fiancée and the daughter of Duke Foddebright, Melissa is obliged to attend. Furthermore, given that everyone anticipates the wedding announcement at the ball, her absence would permanently damage the prince's reputation. Melissa considers the idea for a moment.

And jokingly suggests to Yona that she should break her leg or expose herself to the cold, but Yona immediately dismisses the idea, stating that even if Melissa falls ill, she still has to attend the ball. Melissa's mind races with desperate thoughts, even contemplating the extreme measure of taking her own life. Yona cynically suggests that assassinating the Prince might be a better solution, but this frustrates Melissa even more as she knows that no one would dare to attempt a royal assassination. Desperately, Melissa even considers pretending to be insane.

And then physically attacking Ian in front of everyone to create a scene and cause chaos, all in an effort to escape from the prince's grasp. None of these ideas make sense and Melissa loses her temper, taking out her frustration on a nearby pillow. Running out of ideas and with limited time left until the ball, Melissa aimlessly wanders around the mansion, causing anxiety among the staff. Eventually, she realizes she has no choice but to attend the ball, so she sets out to buy a new dress – the most outrageous one she can find – with the sole purpose of embarrassing Ian.

In the dress shop, Melissa declines all the lavish and elaborate dresses and instead asks for a simple sack with holes for the arms and legs. (are you kidding me?!) She realizes that the spring ball is an eagerly anticipated event, unlike any other balls or parties, with many people coming from far and wide to find the perfect dress or wear family heirlooms. In short, the royal spring ball is the most prestigious social event of the season, and Melissa intends to create a statement with her intentionally shabby dress.

Yona reminds Melissa that her reputation will be ruined, but Melissa thinks it has already hit rock bottom and couldn't possibly get any worse. Just as she's about to give up and accept her fate, a hooded figure suddenly appears and intervenes. As he removes his hood, a radiant light emanates from his face, revealing that it is none other than Jake. Even so, Melissa provokes Jake by telling him that he is so obsessed.

With his big sister that he even followed her to the dress shop. Jake just smiles in response and shows his one finger salute. Jake says he came unwillingly, but Melissa irritates him by impersonating Ian and telling Jake to keep a watchful eye on her to prevent any misbehavior. Then she disregards him and tries on some dresses. While admiring herself in the mirror, Melissa declares how pretty she looks, but Jake mocks her.

She then asks Yona to tell Jake to leave, but he refuses. Then again she asks Yona to tell Jake to wear the dress and marry the crown prince instead. Jake falls silent, and Melissa eventually loses interest and leaves the dress shop, much to the relief of the shop owner who hopes they never return. Actually, the weather is perfect for playing outside, but not for looking for a dress for an event she doesn't even want to attend. However, Yona reminds her of the urgency to find a dress as soon as possible. Melissa feels overwhelmed by the task of preparing for the ball event.

Because she lacks confidence in her fashion sense and feels uneasy socializing with high society. Even when she tries to put on a smile, she notices that others often respond with fear or discomfort. While lost in thought about her d ifficulties, Melissa spots a man lying in a narrow alley. As she draws near, she catches a whiff of an unpleasant odor and feels pity for the unkempt, gaunt-looking man. Yet, as she examines him more closely,.

Melissa formulates a wicked plan to get even with the crown prince. Melissa is delighted that the man accepts her help, feeling as if she has just accomplished a great feat like catching a rare Pokemon. In Melissa's mind, she envisions the upcoming royal ball where many women will try to win Ian's heart. She is confident that her new friend's exceptional looks will outshine all others, with a radiance so intense that no one can compete with it. Melissa firmly believes that her plan will be flawless. Throughout her life,.

Melissa had been surrounded by handsome men, such as her fiancé, the crown prince, her brother with his striking features, and even the employees of the Duke's household who possessed a charming appearance. As a result, she had developed a discerning eye for beauty. It was this ability that allowed her to recognize the rough diamond that was the beggar; no amount of dirt could conceal his captivating allure. To carry out her plan, Melissa decides to bring that homeless man to her residence.

Initially, Yona refuses Melissa's decision to bring the man back to their residence instead of finding a dress for the ball. However, Melissa persuades Yona by whispering that she will pay her double. Yona's attitude changes drastically, and she agrees, even calling it a testament to Melissa's duty as a person of high birth. Melissa realizes that Yona is extremely materialistic, perhaps the most she has ever encountered. As they ride home in the carriage, Melissa can't shake the feeling that she has left something behind,.

But she can't quite remember what it is. Meanwhile, in town, Jake has lost sight of Melissa. (Poor Jake, don’t cry). With the Duke away in the provinces, sneaking the beggar into the mansion through the back door was easily accomplished. Once inside, Melissa is excited to begin transforming him for the ball, even considering giving him a bath. However, the beggar shakes his head, signaling that he wants to bathe alone.

Melissa relents and instructs Yona to accompany him instead. While she waits, Melissa reflects on her plan once again. She thinks about how Ian cheated her, and though there may be no law against her cheating too, she doesn't want to stoop to his level and become just like him. Melissa decides that she will not engage in any meaningless physical encounters with strangers, unlike him. Melissa isn't driven by the desire to make Ian jealous or to cause him to feel a sense of loss; rather, she's curious to observe the reactions of other guests at the ball. Melissa is aware that her previous affection towards Ian has been the topic of gossip,.

But now she has a new charming man by her side. She anticipates that the other attendees will be filled with speculation, and Ian will probably become anxious and suspicious. Melissa believes that this condition will satisfy her enough, and she doesn't care if other people get the wrong idea about her. Her standing in high society has already been damaged, and she is not concerned with participating in lavish social events or seeking power. Melissa's only goal is to demonstrate that she is not the type of woman who is interested in someone like Ian Basilios, even if he happens to be the Crown Prince.

Melissa asks her new friend to be her partner at the ball, and she also tells him that he can refuse if he doesn't want to. He looks at her for a moment, then nods silently, leaving Melissa unsure of whether his agreement is sincere or not. The new friend smiles and it makes him look even more handsome. She suggests that he smile like that during the ball, but he suddenly becomes stiff with shyness. In an attempt to know her new friend better, Melissa asks for his name and origin, but he remains silent and gestures that he doesn't have a tongue.

Melissa feels bad about her behavior, realizing that she may have been insensitive. Suddenly, Yona appears with a pen and paper. (Good job Yona!!) The man writes down his name as “Nine” ; he also conveys his appreciation to Melissa for her kindness and for giving him this opportunity. Melissa's guilt deepens as she realizes that she may have used Nine's honesty to deceive others. The day of the royal ball Yona informs Melissa that the Prince has arrived to escort her to the ball.

She can't help but feel uncomfortable receiving his hospitality after the engagement has been called off, rather than before Melissa is ready to put her plan into action. Her ball partner, Nine, arrives at her call looking radiant. However, she's also aware that her plan is daring and carries the risk of offending the royal family, which could lead to legal consequences. Though she's scared, the thrill of the moment compels her to proceed with her reckless act. Melissa convinces Nine to trust her, but he blushes bashfully in response.

(Melissa…stop teasing innocent guy!) The prince's carriage is already waiting, but Melissa feels conflicted as she finds herself still attracted to Ian's good looks. However, she believes that Nine is even more elegant and handsome. (indeed!) Upon seeing Melissa with another man, Ian becomes curious and asks about his identity. Melissa introduces Nine as her partner, explaining that since the prince had not invited her, she had brought her own escort.

Melissa recalls that the Prince had ignored her and danced with another woman at the last ball, and suggests that Ian find a partner among his other admirers, such as the woman from before, who would surely accept his invitation. As Melissa readies to depart for the ball, Ian offers her a ride in his carriage. But Melissa is put off by the ostentatious display of the royal emblem on the carriage, and politely declines his offer. She also explains that riding with Ian and Nine in the same carriage would be awkward and uncomfortable. Ian is taken aback by her refusal, and watches silently as she walks away.

Melissa takes pleasure in Ian's reaction, but she realizes too late that her expression reveals more than she intended. The coachman catches sight of her face, again?! creating an uncomfortable situation for both of them. As Melissa sits in the carriage on the way to the ball, she can't help but think about her plan to make Ian suffer. Her thoughts amuse her, causing her to let out a wicked chuckle. However, her behavior makes Nine uneasy, wondering if she’s alright.

In the royal ball As expected, many attendees try to peek and eavesdrop on Melissa, Nine, and Ian. They are curious about why Melissa is with another man and completely ignoring the Crown Prince. The nobles who are aware of Melissa and Ian's situation begin to encircle them, eagerly anticipating what drama may unfold. In an effort to dispel the awkwardness, Ian takes the initiative to commence the first dance. Despite his intentions, the attendees remain curious and continue to sneak glances at them.

To everyone's surprise, Ian then asks Melissa to dance. However, with a “play hard to get” expression, Melissa declines, claiming that she cannot dance. Will Melissa's plan work? or Will Ian fall into her trap? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and hit the like button if you're rooting for Melissa's success! Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed every bit of it.

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