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In a Land of chocolate rivers and candy cane trees lift a fellow named Fred with an odd set of keys he had keys for the fridge and keys for his shoes for his TV and even his shampoo but one fateful day he woke up with a fright.

For his keys had all vanished right out of sight he searched high and low under the couch and in the bed but his keys were nowhere to be found they had fled he turned to his cat with a pleading plea have you seen my keys.

Oh where could they be the cat just meowed with a smirk on its face as if it knew something a secret hiding place Fred looked in the garden among the flowers and bees he checked every nook even the tops of the trees.

But as the day went on his keys remain gone and poor Fred felt like he couldn't go on just when he had given up all of his hope he heard a strange sound like a giggle and a Lope he turned around and what did he see.

A mischievous monkey swinging from a tree the monkey had taken his keys just for fun and now it sat there laughing and having a run Fred tried to reason he begged and he pled but the monkey just swung its tail of.

Overhead finally Fred had an idea a plan so clever he grabbed a banana and held it up forever the monkey enticed by the tasty Delight drop the keys and ran out of sight with his keys back in hand Fred let out a cheer.

He danced and he twirled he had nothing to fear and from that day on he kept his keys close never letting a monkey play such a wicked pose so remember this tale and take it to heart guard your keys well don't let them.

Depart for you never know when a mischievous Beast might come along your keys to release

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