The weakest hunter change into the Hero of the World . Recap Man Hwa Part13 #manhwa

But Regia immediately notice Jin Woo is notthe one he know. Jin Woo questioned if the rulers or whoeverwas responsible for doing this to Regia. Regia explained that they are trying to usehim as a stepping stone for the foundation of the true war that is to come. In Jin Woo's mind, he had tried many timesto communicate with monsters with intelligence, but none of them were ever able to explaintheir origins. Jin Woo asked Regia who the rulers were. Regia replied that they were the ancient enemiesof the monarchs. While Jin Woo was thinking that enemies ofthe monarchs might be his enemies as well,.

He realized that if they chained Regia uplike this, it must mean that he was one of the Monarchs. Regia warned Jin Woo that all the monarchsand rulers most likely have him on their sights. As he is now, he does not possess the strengthto face them all, and he requires support. Regia asked Jin Woo to release him from theseal and promised to help him. However, Jin Woo did not believe that a monsterwould help a human. Then, with Regia's yell, the system alertedthat King of Giants, the Sovereign of the Beginning, Regia, had activated the skillPledge of H nesty. Once the skill was granted, both the initiatorand the acceptor could not lie to one another.

Jin Woo accepted the pledge. Regia then asked Jin Woo to release him fromthe seal. But when Jin Woo tried to lie, the curse preventedit. That was the power of the pledge of honesty. Jin Woo asked Regia why it was possible tofreely converse with him unlike other monsters. Regia replied that one could not place meredenizens of the chaos world on the same pedestal as the monarchs who rule over them. All the denizens of the chaos world that emergefrom the gates are remnants of defeated armies, those who have been captured after losingto the armies of rulers.

They have been leashed for a painstakinglylong amount of time, so it is only natural that their egos have been deteriorated. however he is a king unlike them he have retainedhis sanity, he have been patiently waiting for the fated day when he can escape fromtheir grasps. Jin Woo continued question the ones clad insilver armor, with wings on their backs is it rulers? and why do those damn rulers keepsending those creatures at us. Regia told Jin Woo they are preparing fora war, they intend to transform this world into a battle field, and fight the monarchsonce again. Regia further explained, it is all to injectmagical energy into your world, if monsters.

Were calamities spawned from the gate, magicalenergy was a blessing from the gate, not only did the hunters think this, but so did mostcivilians. Magic crystals and magic stones. these objects imbued with magical energy werethe greatest sources of energy in the world. There is no better way to propagate non-existentpower than using the blood of those who possess power, and so the rulers decided to use theircaptives. The density of magical energy grows by theday, cultivated from the blood of monsters. This magical energy empowers the world andthe rulers' plan is to create a world strong enough to withstand the effects of war.

Jin Woo questioned what they meant by war? Regia replied that it is another battle betweenthe Monarchs and the rulers. Regia warned that soon enough the world theylive in will become hell. There is no time, and once it is known thatthey have made contact, both the Monarchs and the rulers will intervene. It is even possible that the rulers' envoyshave already begun to move. Jin Woo questioned you have been saying sinceearlier that they are targeting me , why? Jin Woo questioned why they are targetinghim specifically, to which Regia told him that he doesn't know anything.

The power he possesses is not actually his,and the fact that he possesses it is proof that the original owner has betrayed the Monarchs. He has become an enemy to both the Monarchsand the rulers. However, Regia swears to fight on Jin Woo'sside and asks if he will help. Jin Woo said if you are going to be on myside, it'd be better if I were to simply turn you into a shadow soldier. Regia replied both monarchs and rulers possessspiritual bodies, spiritual bodies are destroyed when they are killed, so they cannot turninto shadows. Therefore I cannot become your soldier, Isthis enough for you to help me now?.

However, Jin Woo felt uneasy and suspectedthat something was amiss. Jin Woo then asked if Regia was on humanity'sside, but Regia could not answer due to the pledge of honesty. Jin Woo also mentioned the mana crystal onRegia's neck, which allowed the rulers to control him and command him to kill all humans,like other monsters. Regia get angry and used his arm smash JinWoo, but Jin Woo dodge it. and said to him it is too dangerous to keepyou, since you might become a calamity. below Jin Woo Final blow to him. The last word by Regia, the calamity is you,As the battles betwwen the residents of your.

World and the captured denizens of the chaosworld become more intense. Your world will turn into a harsher battlefield. Regia Hope everthing Jin Woo wish to protectwill burn into ahses in the conflagration of the war. Jin Woo told him that won't happen. System alerted you have defeated the dungeonMaster, Monarch of Beginning Regia one of the nine Monarchs. Calculating E.X.P. Jin Woo said it is a shame he did not obtaina shadow soldier, but he holding some sort.

Of shard as his prize, and after S-rank gateinccident in Japan. Jin Woo is now Level 122. Helicopter landing on a bungalow house, NationalAuthority Rank Hunter Christopher Reid, Selner and the Director have an urgent matter todiscuss with him. Chris questioned their purpose of coming. If they are here about the S-ranked gate thathas appeared somewhere in the east, he is not going. Selner told him that they have an even biggerproblem at hand. “Mr. Christopher, you may be killed in thenear future.”.

Chris replied that he feels eternally gratefulabout what Selner has done for him. However, they are not so close that they exchangesilly jokes between one another. Selner then told him that she had a dreamabout Chris. “In the dream, you were surrounded by a groupof men who…” But Chris stopped her and said, “You flewall the way out here to tell me this nonsense because of some dream you had?” Chris further said that he knows what Selnerdid before becoming an awakened. There have been speculations that the reasonshe has a unique ability that the other awakened do not possess is that she was a psychic.

Chris reminded Selner that he is a NationalAuthority Rank Hunter, and nobody can kill him. However, after calming down a bit, he askedSelner, “Alright, fine, let's say that I believe you, Lady Selner. Then who exactly am I supposed to ask forhelp from?” are you saying there's someone who can protecta National Authority Rank. There is nothing that can be done. Selner told Chris, there just might be someonewho could help, Hunter Jin Woo he may be able to protect you.

In Jin Woo's mind, killing the king was theright move. Regia's strength was overwhelming, even thoughhe was sealed by the special chains. If Jin Woo had completely freed him and lethim venture outside as he wished, it could have been disastrous. Thankfully, Jin Woo saw through him beforethat happened. Again the word to become stronger and stronger,pop up in his mind. Soon, the news that the giants had been wipedout spread quickly across the globe. Social media was going wild, with people sayingthat there may be a new National Authority Rank Hunter.

The difference between this and the Jeju Islandincident was that it was not only the Koreans saying it. One of the giants that was traveling acrossthe sea was taken care of by Liu Zhi Gang. The Japanese Hunter Association's president,Matsumoto, gave himself up. Whether it was to take responsibility forhis own actions or for other reasons was unknown. On the other side of the globe, in the stateof Maryland, the American hunters who successfully raided the S-rank gate were about to celebrateat a party organized by the U.S. government. Thomas walked towards the hunters who betJin Woo will die 1 to 2 days., told them to hands over their bet.

Even a hunter who never bet forced by Thomasto take out necktie. Assistant of Thomas told him that the listof guilds invited this year by International Guild Conference has been released, and theKorean Ah Jin Guild was included. Which means Jin Woo is coming to America. Thomas smiled. Jin Woo feel a shame that could not get theone giant that crossed the sea, but with these he have increased lot's of strength. Army just shocked by the Jin Woo ability,when Jin Ho proud of what Jin Woo did, Hanekawa told him there is a phone call who lookingfor him.

After Jin Ho answered the call, he told JinWoo that he have to return to korea right now, he not sure the details either, his familygot some problems . So Hanekawa escorted Jin Ho to the airportfirst. Jin Ho thought that it was the first timehe had heard his mother's voice shaking that much, but he tried not to think too much aboutit since it might not even be anything important. Soon Jin Ho reached Incheon national airport,his dad' s assistant told him to steel your heart, he explained to him . Your father MyungHanhas entered the Final Sleep state. Assitant told Jin Ho not to get too close,hunters who are unable to control their magical power will only worsen the condition if theyare in proximity, and assistant passed it.

Is what the chairman was working on just beforehe lost consciousness. He kept it in case he would look for it whenhe reawakens, but perhaps you need it more right now. Jin Ho, said he also has the habit of keepingany news article he likes. Assistant told Jin Ho, all the competitionsexhibitions and concours you and your sister participated in, He saved them all. Even recent events. It is not that the chairman did not love you, he simply had high expectations as much as he loved you.

Assistant told Jin Ho to return home first,when leaving it, Jin Ho could sense something behind, but when he turned off his head thereis nothing there. After they left, Jin Woo said you did nothave to cry, giving me heartburn. Jin Woo took out his holy life. Soon Jin Hee , reached hospital and saw hisdad woke up from the final sleep. outside of hospital, In Jin Woo thought, itis a bit early but happy birthday Jin Ho. Currently, Shadow Exchange still in cooldown,Jin Woo has no idea what to do at the moment,before go back to Japan . He dont have anyone tocall, either. Then Hae-In pop up in his mind, but he stilldecided to find any ownerless dungeons.

Chris woke up as he felt something wrong,It is completely silent, even he dropped the glass still no noise at all. Chris speaked Who's there, Then in his mindrecall back is this what President and Selner predicted would hapeen. Then Three Monarch Appeared Iron Body Monarch, Querehsha Monarch and BeastMonarch. Iron Body Monarch, said you wont be able tosave anything if you keep fighting while trying to help the humans, fragment of the brilliantlight. Chris noticed it is monster tongue, then hesaid what the hell are you saying.

Iron Body Monarch then said in human languageI m not talking to you, I m talking to the man up there, connected to you. Chris turned into spiritual body manifestation,it transform into an-one eyed giant with flaming light. Then the battle between him and three monarchhas begin. Back to Jin Woo, all these people gatheredhere today because they wanted to see Jin Woo, estimate there are over 100,000 people. Beru come out and told Jin Woo, My king, yourpeople paying respect to you, perhaps you should raise your hand at them in acknowledgement.

Probably learned from the drama movie. Jin Woo is on his way to Korea and wonderswhat the chances are of coincidentally being seated next to someone he knows on a plane. He tells Adam White, “You're not going toclaim this is a coincidence, I hope.” Adam responds, “It's an honor to meet youagain, even though we've only met once and you still remember me.” In Jin Woo's thoughts, it was actually Beruwho told him Adam's name, and Beru reminds him not to get the name wrong this time, asit would worsen his reputation as the king. Jin Woo questioned was not the deal calledoff.

Adam White told Jin Woo he have other urgentmatter to discuss, so he show the video , this is no ordinary fire. the man who started the fire was Christopherreed, one of the national authority hunters. 1800firefighters and 14 top -level mage -typehunters were mobilized to put out his flame. Jin Woo quetioned for the fire to be thisintense there must have been a fight , doe that mean christopher is.. Adam white nod and reply we could not believeit either, but he was already dead when we found him. and this is the photo of the man who the hunterbureau suspects was responsible.

Jin Woo used his authority as ruler to castAdam on air and warned him, “If this is some kind of joke, you're not getting out of herealive.” Adam replied, “The man in the picture cameout of a dungeon. It may not be the person you think it is. The magic energy he emitted matched that ofa monster's, and he attacked our S-rank hunters without warning too. Do you remember the explosion incident atthe Hunter Bureau's HQ a few months ago, the one that was on the news globally?” Jin Woo released his spell and let Adam continue.

Adam said, “After he beat down our hunters,he disappeared. After that, there was not a trace to be foundas if he vanished into thin air. I understand how you feel, but the fact ofthe matter is, his profile suggests he is the most likely culprit responsible for this.” Adam then told Jin Woo the reason he showedthe photo to him is that in this year's international conference, where representatives of the world'sleading guilds will gather, the American Hunter Bureau intends to issue a red notice for thisman. In other words, the investigation will nolonger be kept a secret. Adam further explain we at hunter bureau wantedto maintain good relations with you,this is.

Why I came here to inform you about this beforethe public annoucement. In Jin Woo mind his father who went missingten years ago, returned as a monster. In Adam thought telekinesis it is on a completelydifferent level to high-ranked magic hunters who can move objects, He thought only NationalAuthority rank hunters were capable of telekinesis of this power, so it is sure this man is thesixth National Level Hunter. The International guild conference, an importantevent where guilds representing each country are invited to discuss current events andfuture prospects of the hunter world. A few days ago, the american hunter bureauannouced the list of invited guilds. Ah Jin Guild of Korea, their particaipationbecame a hot topic worldwide.The only top.

Ranked hunter registererd to the Ah Jin Guildwas just Sung Jin Woo, the guildmaster. However the american hunter Bureau Recognizedthe fact that this man alone possessed enough strength to rival a great number of guildswith many top- ranked hunters. Reporters asked Jong In as the hunters guildmaster,who joined in the international guild conference very year, about how he think about Ah Jinreplaced it. Jong In told him that even it is a littlepitiful, but he feel proud that now we have a hunter who we can rely on, if a monsterwe could not imagine to fend off were to ever appear, truthfully his guild members and himselfcould only make it back alive thanks to hunter Jin Woo.

After all, Jong In assistant told him it hasbeen four days Hunter Jin Woo returned from japan, but Ah Jin Guild never show up to anygates, which let the hunters increased by 40% profits. But anyhow, Jong In thougts before Jin Woorank reassignment test, he cleared mutiple gates a day, and when he became An-Srank heeven began to clear gates in other guilds' territories, how come he's awfully quiet. Hunter Association site, Jin Chuel told GunHee there has been a request for hunter Jin Woo's data , which is requested from sevenstar ranked hunter, Liu Zhi Gang. Gun Hee quite shocked that it is an invidualrequest from Liu Zhi Gang.

China Did not adopt the international standardfor ranking hunters, and instead used their own. The Highest rank was the five star rank. However one person was given the seven starrank, that was Liu ZHi Gang. Then Jin Chuel told Gun Hee it might becauseLiu Zhi Gang fought the Giant Type monster cross all the way to China, perhaps that iswhy he has taken interest on Jin Woo who had taken out all the giants. Gun Hee know it must be the strong recognizesthe strong, he told JIn Chuel to reject that request or just send him rudimentary data.

Scavangers guild site, assitant told ThomasJin Woo is expected to arrive in the US tomorrow. meanwhile Dong Su opened the door, Thomastold Dong Su, Do not mess with Jin Woo. Thomas said I know what happened between yourbrother and Jin Woo, I am sure you have your suspicions and want to know what exactly happened. When Dong Su still trying to deny, but Thomasimmediately warn by his power, and he said I dont recall giving you permission to speak. Don't ever lay your hands on Jin WOo. Go take a break in one of the villas ownedby the guild during the conference period. Well? will you accept my plead.

Thomas said to Dong Su. Dong Su replied Alright. But after Dong Su went out, Thomas told assistantthat No way he is over it just from that. so Thomas give Laura mission to keep DongSu under strict surveillance until Jin Woo leaves the US. Laura questioned will he accept this? Thomas said well being a little frustratedis better than being dead, I m sure. U.S.A , site Lennart Niermann representative of GermanyRichter Guild, he is wondering why so many.

Reporters here, the hunter beside him sayingthat because that Korean hunter everyone's talking about is scheduled to arrive today. While Lennart on his way go and exchange greetingswith Jin Woo. He sense Jin Woo doesn't summon his creaturesfrom a different dimension, but has them around him at all times instead. He could even go to war with those numbers. Jin Woo feel someone is staring at him, butJin Ho told him must be your name is all over the news, so obviously you will have plentyof fans. Jin Ho turned his head and ask why Jin Chuelis here.

Jin Chuel speak embarrasing, he is here ashunter Jin woo's body guard. Soon Adam is here to escorts Jin Woo to secrettalk, and Jin ho will be escorted to a hotel first. Adam explained it is something that will mostcertainly be beneficial for you , Jin Woo questioned is the subject matter asecret, Adam replied some of the topics would fall under the “Top Secret ” category, Adam told Jin Woo frankly they are currentlyunder serious pressure due to hunter christopher was one of the pillars of the U.S. Strengthand now that he is dead, we are desperately trying to fill the void he left.

Adam then show the Kamish Rune Stone projectionto Jin Woo, he told Jin Woo that we are looking for a new owner of the run stone extractedfrom the dragon. Jin Woo told Adam too go back the photo ofKamish's body. Jin Woo questioned has the U.S been storingthe corpse of Kamish, and He request to go there first. He told he have been willing to give up histime for the hunter bureau surely he have the right to ask for this much. Adam told Jin WOo even him do not know wherethe corpse of Kamish is stored, however if it was your request, so he request Jin Wooto wait while he make the report.

Jin Woo replied we will both have to wait,so we might as well go and wait there together. Soon, Adam is reporting Jin Woo request toboth deputy director and director. They told Adam stay outside for them to discuss. David questioned Michael do you have an ideaof why he want to look at Kamish's body, both of them know a skill is unimaginable, tophunters are more than happy to spend a large sum of money to purchase Rune Stones. But very quick they think of Jin Woo's abilityis not limited to monsters he killed himself. An idea pop up to both of their mind. Jin Woo could create summons out of corpsesof monsters that died a long time ago to someoneelse's.

Hand. David shocked if Jin Woo want to make Kamishbecome one of his summons. in david thought an individual must not be allowed to wieldthat much power, Michael told him but if we deny his request, it may be difficult to maintainan amicable relationship with him. So end up David said he will escort him myself, this might be a good opportunity to have a look at his ability myself. In Jin Woo thought, he can't believe theybuild the hunter Bureau's Hq on the spot Kamish was defeated. before the huge door opened , Jin Woo sensethere's magical energy in the air.

If there are residues of its energy after8years had passed, Jin Woo wonder how powerful it will be once it's turned into a soldier. David told Jin Woo it managed to kill hundredsof elit hunters, and was only defeated by the 5 remaining National Level hunters. Its body has perfectly preserved since itsdeath. All of the electricity used in this buildingis provided by Kamish's Magic Crystal. Jin Woo request them to stand back as Davidalready allowed. with the word Arise. but shadow extraction failed.

Second times of Arise Shadow of Kamish appeared cause the reinforcedglass with A Top-ranker's mana imbued broke. Kamish is keep on repeating Kill, Kill Killthe humans. and casting fire breath towards all of them Jin Woo told Kamish stop it , the mana crystalembedded in your head has long since been removed, there is no need for you to followthe commands of the rulers anymore. everyone shocked as hunter JIn Woo speakingthe monster's language right now. Kamish speak to JIn WOo so this is how itfeels to become a subject of the shadow monarch, as a humble servant who once served the kingof dragons.

I greet you my new king. Jin Woo questioned you served the king ofdragons. Kamish replied yes my king, I served the kingof mad dragons, the monarch of destruction. Jin Woo amazed that what immense rage, tothink that a shadow soldier could possess such a strong independent ego. It surpassess that of any monster he haveencountered so far. There is no doubt he was an incredible being. Jin Woo thoughts there is the king of thedead the shadow monarch, and the king of the giants the monarch of the beginning, I guessit is another one of the nine monarchs that.

The system showed me. Kamish told Jin Woo but it seems , my kingthat I must bid you farewell. it appears that our meeting came about toolate my lord. I envy your soldiers who can serve you forall eternity. My king, there are four humans who have borrowedthe strengths of rulers, be wary of them my lord, though our time together was brief,it was an honor to meet you my new.. System alerted shadow extraction has failedbefore the last word end. The target's shadow has returned to the emptinessof the void. Too much time has eslapsed since the target'sdeath.

Any futher attempts at extraction will holdno effect. Jin Woo told Adam to translate to directorthat he is deeply sorry and that he will cover the expenses for the damages. Then JinWoo punch on wall while he leaving,due to the failed extraction of Kamish. while Jin Woo back to the meeting are, JinChuel told Jin Woo that did you meet up with hunter Jin Ho? He left as soon as he received your message,it said that you were waiting for him at the hunter's bureau headquarters. Jin Woo confused and replied what are youtalking about? that is where I just came from.

Adam told Jin Woo Jin Ho name is not on thevisitor log. Then Jin chuel said no way, a hunter fromscavenger came to personally pick him up 2hours ago. Adam said although the scavenger guild doeshave a close relationship with the hunter's Bureau, they do not have any authority todo our jobs in our stead. so he is contact them now. Jin Woo got a bad feeling about this rightnow, after received the call from Adam, Laura toldAdam we will find out as quickly as possible. as she might be aware something is happening.

Adam turned his head to told Jin Woo, scavengerguild says that they are looking into it, and will be intouch soon. But Jin Woo already on his way to find JinHo. in Jin Woo thought he was careless , he didnot place anyone to guard Jin Ho, after using shadow exchange to save president Myong Han'slife a while ago. If something like that incident last timewere to happen again. Jin Woo summon all the shadow army too findout Jin Ho location. Thomas, find out all the hunters got injuredand unconscious due to Dong Su. He told all his staff to find him out rightnow before Jin Woo does.

Dong Su caught Jin Ho Jin Wo standing top of the building wonderingit must related to Dong Su, he must have been waiting for us to step foot in America forquite a while, so he could find out the truth about his brother's death. Both of us are survivor from that, Dong Sumust be certain that we killed his brother. Jin Woo not regret what he did back then,but this never would have happened if only he left a guard with him back then. Thomas site still unable to find out DongSu location, in Thomas though, Dong is an S-rank hunter he should be aware of the differencein strength between himself and Jin WOo, so.

Doing something so stupid despite knowingthat means that, he know I will step up on his behalf. Thomas called Laura how is the situation. Laura told him with the hunter bureau's cooperationwe have analyzed Dong Su movement patterns over the past month, there were a total ofthree instances where he strayed from his usual path of activity. Thomas told her to send all our guys there,he will head out now, The hunter bureau site is mess up as well. since all the members of the scavenger guildare on the move, that means thomas is behind.

This. This is big. in a warehouse Dong Su said he is not planningon doing anything to him, there's just one thing I want to know, in Dong Su thought MasterThomas warned me no to touch Jin Woo, but I never planned on messing with Jin WOo inthe first place. bause there was one more person who couldprovide me with answeres. I told him that if he told me honestly whatexactly happened to my brother in that dungeon, I would let him go without a scratch, therewas just one thing that I wanted to hear. Sung Jin Woo killed my brother.

As soon as I hear that, I am done with JinHo. Dong Su continues to punch Jin Ho to wakehim up., another hunter beside said he is pretty durable , i guess he is a tanker afterall, any normal human would have been dead by now. Dong Su said I dont know why he is being sostubborn this naive looking bastard, courage is commendable but your stubbornness wontlead to forgiveness. Dong Su again warned Jin Ho and said I dontwant to kill you, this guy who is smirking behind me is a pretty decent healer, and heis going to save you whenever you are on the brink of death.

Which means that until you tell me what Iwant to know, you will be tortured here forever. and we are in a place been closed down forover 5 years, there is nobody here to save you, no matter how much you scream. Jin Ho show him a middle fingle with F word.which enrage Dong Su again hold his head hit to the wall. the hunter beside told Dong Su becareful hedont want to have to deal with murder for money. When Dong Su told Jin Ho now only just started,he saw an orc infront of warehouse, he still wonder is there a dungeon break nearby orsomething?.

When the punch almost reach the orc, the wordexchange.. On Jin Woo's mother's site, she was wonderinghow Jin Woo was doing. Beru thought to himself, “Oh, mother of ourking, if there were anything our lord could not withstand, nobody in the world would besafe from it.” Then he sensed a feeling from Jin Woo thathe had felt once before. The king was enraged. Jong Soo told his guild members from the Knightsguild that there had been a lot of accidents in the dungeons recently, so they needed tobe careful and clear them successfully. However, the hunter who always followed himtold him that he had seen shadows under Jong.

Soo's feet twice, but Jong Soo ignored himand told him to take a break that day. Thomas told the driver to stop the car immediatelyas it had already begun. He kicked the door and instructed the driverto follow him as fast as he could. Then, he dashed to the battlefield. A critical punch was thrown towards Dong Su,sending him flying a long distance. The Shadow Lord had arrived. Healing potions cannot be used to recoverhealth when Hp is less than 10%. Jin Woo spoke in Korean, asking the healerto heal him, but Dong Su walked out and translated for him.

However, the healer responded by saying thatJin Woo needed to ask his boss instead. After dealing a smash hit to the healer, JinWoo asked another hunter if he was the healer, but upon checking, he realized that it wasnot the healer. Jin Woo then killed the hunter instantly. Even at this moment, Jin Ho speak softly toldJin Woo becareful of enemy. Dong Su again questioned did Jin Woo killhis brother and his teammates. Jin Woo told Dong Su to ask him when you seehim again . Dong Su try to punch Jin Woo but the gap istoo big, Jin Woo dodged it and return another crital punch to him.

After fly a distance, Jin Woo blink to him,and hold his head smash to the floor repeatly . Then Thomas arrived and tell Jin Woo to stopit! He told Jin Woo let Dong Su go then they willforget that today's events ever happened. Jin Woo replied to him , what if I don't Thomas said I will have to stop you by force. Jin Woo throw out Dong Su and said fine byme. At this moment, Dong Su thought you had nochoice but to intervene Thomas, kill jin woo for me.

Thomas questioned Jin Woo do you perhaps notknow who am I. But of course JIn woo know but for him itdoesnot matter. Thomas Andre Grew up in a poor immigrant family,he was always surrounded by oppositions. He had nothing to his name , but the skiesbestowed him with a gift, an extraordinary talent that made him indomitable. Overwhelming strengthThe strength to trample on others! Through the countless number of battles hefought, he proved the worth of his talent. He observed the effects his power had againstthe people who opposed him. Strength authority wealth force, he livedhis life like a king, possessing all those.

Different types of power and when a differenttype of Power appeared in the world, he took the opportunity to become a true king. He crushed those who blocked his path, thosewho looked doen on him were made to kneel. Violence was the key. He knew from experience how to deal with thosewho did not submit to him.

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