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Soon, all the members of the Scavengers Guildhad gathered outside the warehouse. Thomas was sent flying by Jin Woo and landeda long way outside. Jin Woo instructed Igris and Kaisel to takeJin Ho to the nearest hospital to ensure he received treatment, no matter what. After Kaisel had flown away, the ground belowbecame a battlefield between Jin Woo and the entire Scavengers Guild. At this moment, Thomas no longer cared aboutDong Su. He felt embarrassed as Jin Woo looked downon him, realizing that the only way he could prove his power now was by killing Jin Woo.

Thomas told Jin Wo it is not too late to admityour mistakes and back off. I will at least spare your life if you doso now and apologize. Jin Woo never say anything but showed up hismiddle finger to him. Thomas yell you will regret not having takenthis last chance. Both Scavengers guild member and shadow armycrash into battle. Thomas notice Tusk is casting shield to protectmost of the shadow, so he settled down it instantly. Then he jumped into warehouse look for JinWoo, when the moment Thomas push away shadow tanker, Jin Woo blink to his side give hima strike , but noticed that the dagger cant.

Get into Thomas's defend. Thomas punch Jin Woo out and told him dontlooking down on a National-level hunter. and cast psychokinesis to pull Jin Woo towardshim. However, Jin Woo cast Ruler authority to Thomas,Thomas thought, Is Jin Woo planning on crushing me like this? No it is as if he has me fixed in place. Thomas was shocked that even as Jin Woo wasgetting pulled towards him, Jin Woo still chose to attack. But it is not over yet, when the punch dealtwith Thomas.

Thomas suprised once more that he is bleeding. Jin Woo never stop his attack, and rediculeThomas what you say just now? feel the difference in our strengths and despair. Thomas got angry as Jin Woo repeatly punch, show he has no choice but Reinforcement. At that moment Jin Woo thought, there arefour humans who borrower the rulers' strengths perhaps they are among the five who survivedthe Kamish Raid. That is, they are four of the nation-levelhunters. and thomas andre was no exception. Thomas's reinforcement dramatically buffedboth his defense and attack power, covering.

Him from head to toe in golden armor and hairwith a glowing, golden flame color. As Jin Woo tried to dash over Thomas, Thomassmashed his fists into the ground, creating a massive shockwave. He then immediately cast Capture when JinWoo dodged the shockwave in the sky. Jin Woo thought to himself, “What incrediblestrength. It is like a black hole pulling me in. I would have gotten sucked in if it were notfor Ruler's Authority.” The Capture blackhole boomed in a huge circularpath, and Thomas told Jin Woo that he wouldn't miss this time.

Many members of the Scavengers Guild got involvedin the crossfire, trying to save those who were caught in the middle of the battle. They are trying get as far away from the battle. Thomas dash to Jin Woo but Jin Woo step himaway, Thomas again cast capture to Jin Woo, but Jin Woo activate Ruler's Authority thistime and gather all the power on the punch. Thomas thought Jin Woo is pulling him thistime, accelerating even more, is he thinking of taking me head-on? But Thomas can't believe that his arm armorgot broke. Jin Woo dodged again thomas punch and usehis knee to broke Thomas head armor.

Adam White got down from car, they just cantbelieve so much magical power crawl into air, one of the hunter told Adam this is goingto be dangerous you should steel your heart. after a while, battlefield has extended infrontof them. Adam told the hunter we have to stop them. Thomas is getting pulverized by Hunter JinWoo. At the moment Thomas thought how can a magic-typehunter possess this much strength and speed? which Ryuki said the samething before. no matter how Thomas try counterattack, allstoped by Jin Woo. Thomas thought my strength to overwhelm myfoes is my sole raison d'etre! and he yell.

Dont you dare think you will defeat me withjust this. Jin Woo give an elbow hit to Thomas and toldhim like I said It does not matter who you are and continue to punch Thomas repeatly. Even Adam white try to stop him, Jin Woo neverstop his punch,until Thomas said he lose it is my loss. 90% of his upper armor already got destroyedby Jin Woo with just barehand. The hunter beside just can't believe the truth,how many hunters are there in this world that can do this to Thomas. Adam White asked the Scavenger Guild healerto treat Thomas immediately.

However, according to the healer, every singlebone in Thomas's body is broken, and he is bleeding badly. He doesn't think he can do this alone andwill need more healers. Thomas could only withstand this because heis a national authority hunter. Any other hunter would have died more thanten times if they suffered the same injuries. The battle ended with Dong Su being the onlyone who died. Most of the Scavenger Guild members were injuredor seriously injured. Jin Woo swapped positions with Beru usingShadow Exchange. Beru is probably healing Jin Ho to the bestof his abilities in America right now.

Jin Woo questioned the shadow beside him,”You haven't been in Korea in a while, right? You are looking at Seoul.” Then Dong Su's shadow told Jin Woo, “My king,I plead that you bestow me with a name as well.” Jin Woo said, “You died because you were beinggreedy, so how about I name you Greed?” Jin Woo told him, “Alright, now put your headback on the floor.” Next day, international guild conference,there is a lot of reporters due to the fight yesterday. Michael told Jin Woo they got the testimoniesfrom Dong Su's accomplices, the hunter bureau.

Will give an official debriefing of the incidentsoon. In Jin Woo thougt, he dont want to think aboutthat incident anymore, there is only one reason why he came to america, once he have foundout what he want to know, he is done here. translator told Jin Woo he will translatewhat they are saying for you through these earpieces. When the door opened, most of them staringon Jin Woo, they wondering is that the asian hunter who beat down Thomas until he was almostdead, apparently he played a significant role in the tokyo gate. After Jin Woo sat down.

The meeting started. Doctor Belzer greets to everyone and toldthem everyone should already aware that the number of gates being generated has shot up,and that stronger monsters have started to appear . It has been widely reported that the magicalenergy concentration being absorbed into the atmosphere is becoming increasingly greater,but I want to refer to this magical energy found in the atmosphere differently. Until we are able to find a more appropriateterm to call it how about we refer to it as the Magisphere.

Doctor Belzer continued said currently magicsphereis gathering above the skies of nince places, and out of all those places , the magisphereis most concentrated here. Seoul South Korea. Then everyone staring on Jin Woo again, butDoctor Belzer said there is no need to look at Mr Jin Woo like that, if he is the oneherding around the magisphere above the sky, then he is already past the realm of a hunter,after all. in Jin Woo thought nine places could thisperhaps be related to the number of sovereigns? Doctor Belzer further said as we do not knowits cause, there is nothing we can do to deal with it at the moment, however just becauseit is not possible to deal with, that does.

Not mean that there is not a need to dealwith it. The world may be faced with a great change,once again. After the presentation ended, David take itfrom here, and announce a news around two weeks ago, hunter Christopher Reid was assassinatedby a group of unidentified assailants, most of participant can't believe it but veryquick they thinking only National level hunter could kill equal level hunter, then theireye again staring to Jin WOo. David continues the news of Chris will beofficially released tomorrow, please listen carefully without misunderstanding. there is a man we suspect to be the perpetratorof this crime.

In Jin Woo thought dungeons are the territoryof the rulers. Kamish told Jin Woo before there were fourhumans in total who borrowed the strength of the ruler, Jin Woo curious why the rulerssent a monster in the form of his dad, perhaps it has to do with what kamish had said. David said the man found in a gate in theU.S was determined to be a monster who was capable of speaking the human language, moreoverwe requested the aid of S-rank hunter Dong-Su , who spoke Korean to lead the interrogationbut he took down Dong Su in the middle of the interrogation, and broght the hunter'sassociation headquarters down in a sea of flames.

So a Strong humanoid monster like him, mayhave targeted hunter Chris together. This is the conclusion the report. When the slideshow remained on these images,Jin Woo could sense His Dad is talking to him, dont you ever step foot in korea, I saythis not for my son but for you. Or you wont be able to rest, even after death. Dong Su then appeared and told Jin Woo thatit's as he suspected, my liege. Jin Woo thought that there was no doubt aboutit, that man was his father. David continued, saying that they plan onrequesting the aid of all guilds around the world to apprehend Suspect S. According tothe Q&A, the magic emission from Jin Woo's.

Dad com pletely matches that of a monster,which is why he's suspected to be one. During a Q&A session, someone questioned thehunter's identity. David said he is connected to one of the hunterspresent here, and so they have decided not to reveal that information. But Liu Zhi Gang raised his hand and askeddirectly about the monster's relation to Jin Woo. After revealing the identity, there was alot of noise around the meeting. Liu Zhi Gang then questioned Jin Woo, askingwhat he would do if Suspect S turns out to be his missing father and other hunters attemptto hunt him down.

Jin Woo replied that it is only right thathunters hunt down monsters, and if his father is indeed a monster, then he will take careof him himself. However, if his father is truly his father,then he will protect his family, even if that means he will make an enemy of every singlehunter in the world. Adam White questioned Jin Woo, asking if hemeant what he said back there, and Jin Woo answered yes. Adam was quite amazed that Jin Woo said sucha thing in front of 500 of the strongest hunters in the world from over 120 different countries. There are probably only two hunters, includinghimself, who would dare to say something like.

That. Jin Woo then questioned who the other personwas, and Adam replied that he was in the hospital right now. Adam invited Jin Woo to join a feast in justa moment. Suddenly, Liu Zhi Gang walked towards himand spoke in Chinese. Adam translated for him, saying that he caughta giant monster that Jin Woo let slip away on the coast of China. Jin Woo was quite amazed that Adam was ableto speak all Asian languages fairly well, according to Adam himself.

Liu Zhi Gang continued, saying that he wassurprised to find that the giant monster was stronger than he expected that is why he hadbeen wanting to meet Jin Woo ever since and was curious to see what kind of hunter couldtake down such strong monsters so easily. He said that the recent incident had no doubtthat Hunter Thomas was in the wrong, and he even said that he was hoping that SuspectS was not a member of Jin Woo's family. Jin Woo felt that Liu Zhi Gang was so differentfrom his first impression, and he found him to be an interesting person. The last thing he said before leaving wasthat he did not ever want to fight with Jin Woo.

David invited Jin Woo to meet up with Selner. Selner told Jin Woo that she has been havingthe same dream every night, in which all the top hunters are being hunted down by someone,and a few days later, these dreams become reality. Jin Woo asked, “Christopher too?” David said they had warned him before, buthe would not listen. Selner continued that those hunting thesehunters will not stop, so she hopes Jin Woo will be able to protect the hunters. Selner has been trying to remember the facesof those who were hunted in her dream, but.

It was useless, so she decided to try somethingelse: to try to confirm their identities with her ability within the dreams. During that time, Selner looked into Jin Woo'seyes and detected its identity. She recalls the endless power that lies withinthem. Once she came into contact with “IT”, shewas forced to wake up from her sleep. She still remembers vividly the voice sheheard from “IT” when they locked eyes. JIn Woo questioned what “IT” say Selner replied to go back and prepare forwar. Jin Woo thought It is the battle between rulersof sovereigns, that the king of giants spoke.

Of. he wonder which side the ones who arekilling the hunters are on. JIn Woo questioned but what does that haveto do with you asking me to protect the hunters. Selner replied because I detected a similarpower within you. In Jin Woo mind, if she saw the same powerfrom the hunters in her dream, it must be the sovereigns side. David told Jin Woo that they are an existencebeyond hunters, and they require the help of his immense power to stop their enemies. To be honest, they were not completely convincedat first when they were told that he was the only one who could protect them, but theychanged their minds after witnessing the battle.

Between him and Hunter Thomas yesterday. Of course, they didn't expect him to helpthem without any compensation, and offered him anything he wanted, even the greatesttreasure, the Kamish Rune Stone. David was curious about what would happenif all the strong hunters in the world disappeared, and believed that the world would not be ableto last. Jin Woo told them that he still didn't knowwho he needed to fight against yet, so he declined their request. Adam thought it might be related to Jin Woo'sdad, since he was now sure which side he would be on in the future.

However, Jin Woo stopped his steps and askedAdam to pass him the list of hunters they wanted him to protect. He said that he would appreciate it if theycould provide him an opportunity to meet those hunters as well. Jin Ho and Jin Woo joined the night of thehunters , when they walked in to feast, hunter's besidecould feel that Jin Woo is on a different level, and Jin Ho is the one Jin Woo foughtthomas to save. Then a hunter introduce himself CEO of globalcorporation specializing in dealing with monster remains, they want to purchase all the giantmonsters Ah Jin Guild hunted.

While Jin Ho and the hunter disccusing. Adam passed the list. The 10 listed here are the top hunters leadingin points. Jin Woo questioned where do I Rank here, Adamreplied if we take into account the giant monsters you took down, probably 3rd or 4th. JIn Woo thought 1st is Thomas, 2nd Liu ZhiGang, 3rd is Christopher Reid, 4th is Siddharth , Then Jin Woo think he should just put ashadow soldier on each of them instead of memorizing all of their names. Jin Woo decide to make contact with the rulersthrough these hunters, to confirm that who.

He need to fight. Suddenly, Thomas approached Jin Woo and informedhim that his arm had sustained too much damage from magic power and the healer's magic wasnot effective enough. Although it was slowly recovering, it wasfar from being completely healed. Thomas also wondered why Jin Woo spared theScavenger Guild, despite having the power to wipe them out. Jin Woo replied that they had not committeda sin deserving of death. Thomas then expressed his intention to holda grand funeral for Dong Su, despite his own guilt.

He also asked Jin Woo to have a meal withhim once his arm had healed. Laura informed Jin Woo that Thomas had shownhis gratitude for sparing the guild members and wanted to give him a gift. She requested Jin Woo's contact information,and he replied that he would like a useful dagger. Adam suggested meeting and greeting the hunterson the list, but Jin Woo declined, asking about the whereabouts of the sixth-rankedhunter. Adam informed him that they had lost contactwith him a few days ago, and Jin Woo assumed he was likely already dead, leaving only sevenpeople.

Back at the Korean Hunter Association, GunHee felt something was off. His heart had been shaking uncontrollablyfor a couple of years now, and it seemed to be getting worse recently. He remembered the doctor's warning that hecould potentially lose his life within half a year if he continued to work in his currentstate. Despite that, one year, then two years hadpassed, and he eventually got to where he was now. He couldn't do much more since it seemed tobe his limit, and he should be grateful that he had held out for this long.

His wife called, concerned about his situation. when he thinking to go back home now. Suddenly he sensed something wrong, then henoticed someone sit in front of him. Gun Hee wondering should he start a conversation,he can't even sense him when he arrived. He clearly know he is not someone he can takeon his own. Frost monarch said This place has alreadybeen isolated from the outside world. Frost moarch cast little ice magic on GunHee shoulder let him know that this was not a dream. Gun Hee questioned who are you?.

Frost stand up and said I was hoping you wouldrecognise me without me having to tell you but, looks like you are a mere human afterall. then Frost monarch start to release his power,he told Gun Hee I dont have an interest in playing around with weaklings, reveal yourselffragment of luminosity. Perhaps you are worried your medium will breakif you do? It is bound to break sooner or later no matterwhat you do., and if you are really worried about something like that, then this conversationis pointless. Frost cast a ice ball to Gun Hee. Gun Hee the released his power and blockedthe magic spell.

Frost said finally we met the most brilliantfragment of luminosity. Gun Hee said, “You isolated my office fromthe outside world and trapped it in a dimensional crack. Not bad.” Frost told Gun Hee, “I have been looking foryou for a long time. To think that you were struggling to use yourtrue power while trapped inside a broken medium. We have already found the locations of all7 of your fragments, and we have already broken 2 of them.” Frost continued, “All I wanted was to seethe embarrassment on your prideful face before.

I killed you. Now I can destroy you without any regrets.” Gun Hee yelled, “Try it if you can, monarchof the frost.” and ridiculed Gun Hee, “You are choosing tofight based on the body borrowed from a human, versus me who has completely conquered one. Do you really think you can land even a singlehit on me?” Frost cast tremendous waves of ice attackstowards Gun Hee. Gun Hee broke the ice and punched towardsFrost, but Frost countered with an ice spike to slow down Gun Hee and immediately casta freezing spell towards the punch.

Even though Gun Hee was able to break throughit, he knew he needed to finish the fight quickly before he reached the limit of hisborrowed body. But as the punch landed, it seemed like GunHee had indeed reached his body's limit. Frost taunted him, calling him a pitiful fragmentof luminosity, and blinked towards him, delivering an Ice Spike punch that stabbed into Gun Hee'sbody. Frost then asked Gun Hee how long he thoughtit would take to find a new body, taunting him that it would likely take too long withtheir forces already gathered to destroy the world before he could return. Frost accused Gun Hee of making a mistakeby trying to protect the world and asked if.

He really thought he could defeat him withouthis guards. Gun Hee laughed and told Frost that he hadn'tfought against him for no reason. He explained that just like they hadn't predictedFrost would follow their footsteps, Frost had missed something important as well. Gun Hee cast another Light Magic Sphere towardsthe window behind Frost, while Frost laughed at him for missing the spell. Frost taunted him, saying that even if thedimensional crack broke, nothing would change. Suddenly, an ant-like shadow quickly ran towardsthe window, and Frost wondered what a single soldier from the abyss could do.

Then he saw an afterimage and immediatelyrealized what had happened. He ran towards the ant to deliver the finalblow, but Jin Woo had already exchanged places with the ant and grabbed Frost's neck, demandingto know who he was. was it an Ice elf? Frost said the number of soldiers I can feelfrom your shadows, monarch of shadows why did not you come into contact with us evenafter gathering such a significant number of troops. Frost recalled that Jin WOo must be the thinghe was missing out on, the one that he told me about !.

Then Frost cast a huge tremendous waves towardsJin Woo, While Jin Woo wondering Frost is a mage type, he took out dagger break theice. but Frost stop him, he told Jin Woo I am nothere to fight with our lives on the line, did not you come here to save that human/ Jin Woo was curious human? now that I think about it, this ant is theone he put on the chairman, then he notice the chairman is bleeding seriously. Frost cast another ice arrow and ask Jin Woowill you fight against me or will you save him.

Then the Ice arrow cast to Gun Hee, Jin Wootry to stop by Ruler Authority but there is Magic Resistance so unable to do so, So JInWOo have to dash in full speed use dagger to block in, but at that time Frost alreadycast an dimension rift to get out from here. Even though Jin Woo cast out all the daggertowards it cause him injured but he still get away from here. before Frost went in he told Jin Woo. I Monarch of the frost will retreat for nowand wait until next time your shadows open again, just think of the nearly dead humanas my gift for you to add to your shadow army. Jin Woo turned his head, in his thought hecould not sense anything even when things.

Got to this state because of that barriercovered. Gun Hee situation is too serious, healingpotion is uselss. Even Jin Woo summon Beru his healing did notwork on him. When Jin Woo decide to use Holy water, GunHee stopped him, Gun Hee said you have come for me. Thank you very much, he told JIn Woo it isno use nothing can be done after taking damage from those kinds of attacks. But I had the opportunity to come in contactwith a supreme being. their plan and the remaining fight betweenthem and us and the things we must do.

Even Gun Hee situation getting worst, he continuedsaid I am very relieved that you are here, I am very thankful that you possess such power,thank you very much jesus. The gates and dungeons werenot for them itwas simply means they used to protect us. Someday you will encounter a moment whereyou will have to choose which side to stand on. and I request of you please remain on theside of the humans. I have always wanted to fight alongside younghunters like youself, however I should have known it was an impossible feat with a bodylike this. But I dont regret anything since I can leavethings in the hands of youngsters like you.

My heart has been beating thousands tens ofthousands of times, and I did realize that I did not have much time left in me. But the reason My heart did not stop beatinguntil now was to meet you. thank. as the hand fall on the floor full of blood.

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