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Cold wind with autumn rainfall continued. many news flashes appeared on the headlinesof the news. The news taht Brazil's great hunter Jonaswas found dead in a nearby river, and that the korean's Hunter association's chairmanwas brutally murdered after being stabbed in his heart. These news cause the world went into a stateof panic. Humans are protected by the hunters, but whowill protect the hunters? the death of world-class hunters world wideit is threat was on a different level. Jin Woo questioned Jin Chuel status, Jin Chueljust can't believe that monster killed chairman,.

Everything doesn't feel real, just yesterdayhe told me that he wanted to hear of my stay in the U.S. . He 'd urged me to hurry backto the country and now he was gone. He told Jin Woo thank you for endeavoringto protect the chairman in his last moments. Jin Woo told him I will kill it, the monsterwho killed the chairman. and Jin Woo request Jin Chuel to call thereporters. Jin Woo said to reporters a monster colonywith very high intelligence are targeting world class hunters, they are far strongerthan many hunters out there, and they do not care about weapons or ways of murder. These monsters specialize in blocking openspace by magic, then isolating their prey.

Thus to those who belive that they are boundto be the prey, it is recommended that you stay around comrades who are willing to protectyou. Jin Woo thought he clearly know the bastardcalled himself the monarch of the frost, monarch of the beginning, monarch of the shadows thosewho call address themselves as “Monarchs”. human are impossible to win over, even withthe strongest hunters. But those who do not possess any comradesof my description. please contact me through the kroean huntersassociation. In a cave, Frost told everyone that the ShadowMonarch was on the surface of the Earth. Yogumunt replied, “Didn't you say there wasno vessel that could fully contain his true.

Powers? And isn't that the exact reason why the DragonKing can't remain on the surface of the Earth?” Frost continued, “I saw with my own two eyes,he's more of a threat than fragments of luminosity. So I request other Monarchs to assist me inbattling with Jin Woo.” The Iron Body Monarch replied, “By pickinga fight against him, you are only looking for suicide. Your opponent is one of the strongest of thenine Monarchs. Why not wait for the Monarch of Destruction,the Dragon King, to return?” Frost again said, “Although we are currentlyon the run, we are the Monarchs, and yet all.

We can do is wait for the Dragon King? The only chance we have in defeating the ShadowMonarch is now when he is still in the form of a human. So please help me. I will take responsibility and return himto nothingness.” Iron Body and Yogumunt decided not to go. Yogumunt said, “I don't want to become likethe Monarch of White Flames either.” The Monarch Beast said, “Scaredy cats.” Yogumunt continued, “You should know whathappened to the Monarch of White Flames after.

He was defeated. I don't want to be caught by the Shadow Monarch'sauthority and suffer through an eternal slumber.” The Monarch Beast continued, “I don't thinkhe can make us, who are in our original forms, into one of his servants?” Iron Body said, “It seems that the ShadowMonarch and the Administrator are working together now. He can create a replica of us. I don't want to turn into a tool in his world.” Then Iron Body and Yogumunt went into theirown Dimension Rift.

The Monarch Beast checked with Frost the evidencethat the Shadow Monarch is still human. Frost replied, “He applied poison onto hisdagger. It is not something Ashborn, the Shadow Monarch,would do.” Querehsha and the Monarch of Beast both agreedto join Frost together to take down the Shadow Monarch. Jin Woo wondering He cannot sense Frost magicpower, so he guess this method won't work very well. and when he recall back the fight, Frost didnot have a shadow with him and he said he was in his original form.

According to what the monarch of the gianttold Jin Woo, the monarchs and the rulers are all in their original forms and thus,they cannot becom shadow soldiers. Along the same lines, if monarchs do not haveshadows, a great tracking source would have been blocked. Well, it doesn't matter, as a hunter he willnever miss his prey. Korean hunter association , they are in ameeting to decided the Chairman's postition. One of the participant said, the fact thatan S rank hunter was the chairman of the hunter association had many symbolic meanings, andnow that the associatio, which was overseeing 5 great guilds, has lost such a great figure,who will be able to control the guilds now.

Another man say, even though the higher rankedhunters are very influential, we need to take extra caution in bringing in outsiders. So after long and intense dicussion, the newpresident of the association fall on Jin Chuel. Even he is A-rank but he is very capable interms of leadership and the ability to call hunters into action and he is the one mostclosely assited the president and gained the most skill. Plus, Jin Chuel is the one who have the powerto move around all the greatest forces of Korea. After all, Jin Chuel is now the presidentof Korea Hunter Association.

Scavengers Guild site, Thomas going to theunderground , Laura questioned Thomas are you really thinking of giving that away asa gift? Thomas replied why? do you think it is not worth the lives ofme and the members of my guild.Laura said No she dont think so. further Thomas continued do you think he lacksthe skills as a hunter to use this? black aura magic power crawl from the daggers according to Laura word, there are only twoof them in the entire world , and she is sure that number will stay consitent throughoutthe future.

Even so, Thomas still decided to give it toJin Woo, he told Laura, dont you think it is a waste? that the best of all weapons is just rottinghere gaining dust. Jin Ah saw the new of the chairman was murderedand now a handsome man has become the next chairman, she felt this country is unstableand so is the rest of the world. and she request her mum to move out from here,But Jin Ah' mom saying she still like this house, and she told Jin ah please retrievethe clothese from the washer? While She walked out she scared by somethingand yell mom! Reporters are outside of Ah Jin Guild, becauseThomas is in Ah Jin Guild's office right now.

Jin Ho is tense and stressful, he cant believeThomas come all the way to Korea, and that he is in our guild office right now, and LennartNiermann too, the strongest hunter in germany. And the most important thing is 2hours havealready passed since they arrived, Jin Woo still havent pick up his phone. Lennart wondering to think that thomas wouldbe searching for Jin Woo, will he be able to even see Jin Woo today. Laura translated for Thomas asking, is JinWOo in the middle of a raid, it looks like he does not come to the office regularly. Then the door opened Jin Woo enter , releasedtheir tense.

Jin Ho feel wronged as Jin Woo not pickingup his phone, Jin Woo told him there have been a lot of gate outbreaks recently, sohe have to lazing around at a time like this. and in Jin Woo thought, Beru and Igris areabout to rank up too. Thomas greets to Jin Woo, meanswhile in JinHo mind these two. they are not going to fight here are they? Thomas told Jin Woo that let's grab a mealtogether, and he brought Jin Woo a fantastic gift. So Thomas told Jin Woo let's move to a morecomfortable place, they are a bit too dangerous to hand over in a place like this.

In Jin Ho mind, a dangerous item? Dont tell me is it somekind of a bomb. Jin Woo noticed Lennart questioned the reasonhe come today. But Thomas blocked his way, Lennart said Ihave already waited more than 2 hours for Jin Woo, I think I deserve a spot in thismeeting? Thomas then show his angry expression andsaid No what we are going to talk is Top Secret, it is not something someone like you can bargeinto. Lennart thought shit, is this really how itwill go? I have never been treated like this before.

Thomas told Jin Woo he has been excited forthis moment, he snap his hand told the man take out the gift. Thomas questioned Jin Woo can you feel itthe power of this item, this is me showing my gratitude for sparing the lives of my guildmembers. Kamish Dagger Thomas feel quite impressive of Jin Woo tobe able to recognize the material of this item with a single glance. Last time, following the will of the americangoverment, who wanted the double sword, so Thomas decided to give up the corpse.

But kamish's largest and sharpest tooth, thecanine tooth Thomas had pulled out when it bit him, it was something he was allowed tokeep as a souvenir. Thomas continued He reckoned it was too shortfor it to be made into a long sword, so he turned it into a dagger instead, who knewthat would come in useful Jin Woo take out the Kamish's Wrath it's attackis +1500 it's not even comparable to the demon king's dagger which only +220 . While Jin Woo testing the Kamish's wrath byswinging around, Thomas told Jin Woo Woah, Mr Jin Woo evenif I strengthen my defenses with my enhancement skills, they can still easily penetrate rightthrough them, dont tell me you are going to.

Kill me with the gift you just received fromme? Jin Woo could feel it definitely feels differentthan normal daggers, it is reacting greatly to his magic powers almost as if it's greetinghim. Thomas questioned Jin Woo how do you likemy present, Jin Woo replied can I really take this for free? Thomas questioned what do you mean Free, prettysure this exchange is to my advantage. For the lives of me and my guildmates, whatI am giving you is dirt cheap. Suddenly both of sense something outside. Jin Woo wondering could it be the intensemagical energy that had gathered the skies.

Of Seoul that was it's true form. Thomas told Jin Woo he can't believe his eyes,it is the first time He have seen one that big. far bigger than the one Kamish Jumped outof. Maybe the world is trying to tell us thatit has jumped out of our boundaries of common sense. most of the citizen in Seoul took out theirphone to record down the largest gate in the world. Doctor Belzer, said I have been talking abouta massive amount of magical power gathering.

The skies for a while now. The Giant Gate that has appeared over Seoulis only the beginning, there will likely be similarly terrifying gates showing up in othercountries soon. A man asked Doctor, are you implying thatother places are showing signs of abnormality as well? Doctor continued yes that is precisely whatI am saying, the man questioned again you have been researchingthe gates and associated malevolency for a while now, are there any contingency plansyou could suggest? Doctor told him we should pray. and hope thatthis unprecedented event doesn't end in tragedy.

Jin Woo site, he felt strange as he cannotpass through the gate, it is like hitting a wall, if it was like an ordinary wall, Hewill simply break it, but a gate that a monarch cannot break through would the creatures insidethis gate be different from the ones we have seen so far? But Jin Woo know no matter what happens, hisfriends and family are down there, He have no intention of letting these creatures goeasily. Then He give a call to Jin Chuel, questionedhim how is the info he asked recently. Jin Chuel told Jin Woo that already checkedfrom various nations, but no other gate has appeared in any other part of the world.

Jin Woo curious It has been three hours sincethis massice gate appeared could it be mere coincidence that during the past three hours,the gates all over the world are hiding their presence at the same time? Jin Chuel further inform Jin Woo that theyare planning to evacuate people located near the gate, we are proceeding in stages to avoidinciting panic. By the way what are you planning on doing. Jin Woo replied even he don't know what awaitsus, tomorrow, someone has to plant apple trees. Hunter Association gym, Jin Woo is training with Beru.

But he find out Beru are not using all ofhis power. Beru said how can I do that My liege. Jin Woo told him it is alright I wanted toget a little exercise. You know I have no one but you. Beru knelt down and said I am deeply movedmy liege. Then the training began. Beru currently is level Max rank General,Jin Woo could feel beru's attack and speed is quite strong and fast , but the rank Generalrefers to the leader of an army, and there can only be one.

Soon Igris and Greed reach the Lt.GeneralRank, they will catch up to the general rank in matter of moments , so Jin Woo told Beruif you dont want to have your glory solen then be work harder from now. After fight, Jin Woo clearly know even ifBeru is one of his best soldiers, he won't last against the others in a fight. Beru Claw attack towardsbut Jin Woo pull over it to ground and give him a punch. Suddenly, Beru knelt down again said withnessingmaster's immense power, this weak servant cannot help but bow in reverence.

Jin Woo told him i think you should stop watchinghistorical shows for a while. Now we are done with that test, we shouldstart cleanning up. Jin Woo called Jin Chuel telling that, hewill let 300 hardworking ants to repair here. A hotel in seoul, Thomas told Laura how canhe leave when something this big and beautiful has appeared, everything that makes your heartbeat faster is beautiful. A fire-breathing dragon, that big gate, andhunter Jin Woo's power. Everything possesses a certain beauty. Thomans continued told hunter's bureau notto worry,what place is safer than beside hunter jin woo.

If we dont stop it here, there will be nosafe place to return to anyway, which is why he want to witness it. Whether this moment turns out to be the endof humanity or a new beginning. In Seoul, the whole city is in gridlock, witheveryone trying to get out because nobody knows whether this place is going to turninto a battlefield. Jin Woo's mom telling that if this is goingto happened would not it be better for us to choose where we want to die? Plus our house is not even within the evacuationZone. Jin Ah told her that I will be a college studentstarting next year!.

I Could drink whenever I want, and enjoy collegelife while living alone! My life is just starting, so there's no wayI'D want to die like this! Then Jin Woo mom said Jin Woo will protectus just like how your father protected us. Jin Woo couldn't sense them, even though thingshad escalated to this extent. He wondered just where they were hiding. He needed to stop the gate himself, but evenif he were to successfully stop it, could he do it while making sure there would beno victims? He wasn't sure. Thinking it might be his final moments, JinWoo scrolled through his phone to find someone.

To spend his final moments with. In Martial Art hall, Mr Sung tell Hae In hehave been able to sense hesitation from her's sword recently, he is worry that there isa fear building up inside her. Mr sung continued, I dont know if what I encounteredcould even be compared to the monsters you have faced, but when I lost my arm.. Suddenly Hae-In cellphone rang, and she toldMr Sung that something came up suddenly, so she need to get going now. Theme park attendees were staring at Jin Wooand Hae In. Some of them wondered if Hae In was his girlfriend.

Jin Woo told Hae In, “There are more peoplethan I thought there would be, considering the current situation.” Hae In questioned Jin Woo, “Do you like thesekinds of places?” Jin Woo replied, “I don't especially likeit, but I wanted to come at least once.” Hae In asked Jin Woo, “So why did you bringme to a place you have wanted to come at least once?” Jin Woo replied, “You are the only friendI have. Hae In, you know, in front of that weird statue.” Hae In asked, “You were listening?”.

Jin Woo said, “Yep, I have pretty good hearing.” Hae In said, “Don't you think this will catchthe eyes of passersby more?” In her mind, two years have already passedsince she became a hunter, going out with such a light heart. “How long has it been since that has happened? Something feels different whenever I am withthis person. I can sense a unique fragrance.” Jin Woo told her, “If we don't pay attentionto them, that's all that matters.” He asked her, “Do you want to ride that one?.

How about that one? Then what about the one next to it?” Hae In said, “Yes, I am fine with that oneas well.” Jin Woo thought, “I see I am not the onlyone who has been wanting to come to this kind of place.” So he said, “Then let's try every ride.” But in the end, since they were S class hunters,the rides were a little too slow for them. So Jin Woo suggested, “After the meal, whydon't we go ride something actually fun?” Jin Woo took Hae In on the Kaisel ride inthe sky.

The sky was painted with hues of orange, pink,and purple as the sun set. Hae In questioned Jin Woo, “Why would youwant to go to an amusement park when you can do this?” “That amusement park is where the gate thattook my dad appeared. So I wanted to go there at least once,” JinWoo replied. Hae In said, “Thank you. I've been meaning to thank you properly. You have helped me so much recently.” Then Jin Woo told her, “There is somethingI'd like to show you.”.

Jin Woo brought her to watch shooting starswhile sitting on the grass in a starry night. Outside the Korea Hunter Association, onlySeoul's hunters remain as all citizens have left. A man, who is now a B-rank hunter, thinkshe can't let his guard down as the top gate going to open up soon. Suddenly, someone bumps into him, so he turnshis head to ask, “Who are you?” The hunters beside him say, “Oh, is therea fight going on over there? That guy is really huge. He seems even bigger than Dong Wook, the S-rankhunter.”.

The B-rank guy thinks to himself, “I am aB-ranker now, a relatively high-ranking hunter! I am not the same as my past self, who lickedmy boss's boots and was looked down upon by my subordinates.” He yells, “Hey, you need to apologize if youbump into someone. Are you just going to stand there and stareat me? If you did something wrong, you need to apologizeand-” However, the Beast Monarch eats the B-rankerdirectly as he is being annoying. and release its aura power , then he told all the huntershere, listen up you lowly humans as of now ,I Will start hunting you , my teeth and nailswill Rip apart your weak skin and flesh, I.

Am the King of the beasts the beast monarch. Stop me if you dare. Jin Woo site, he questioned Hae-In to go somewherearound that serves really good breakfast . Then they go with the Kaisel. Jin Chuel site, he just got the message aboutan intruder appear in the hunter association. and assistant told him that we are unableto confirm the exact number of casualties now, Jin Chuel wondering there should be atleast a couple of hours left until the dungeon breaks, In Jin Chuel mind he have already got hishands full with the gate, and some mosnter.

Decided to show up, assistant then told himwe could not get hold of Jin Woo. While Jin Chuel thinking he have to go byhimself, then assistant got a call saying that a hunter who is able to face the monsterhas appeared. Jin Chuel questioned is it Jin Woo? Assistant said , No, but he said he is a worldclass hunter who just happened to be around the area. Lennart thought can I really do this? I won't be dying here , will I? perhaps thereason I stayed in Seoul was because I was fated to defeat that monster.

Suddenly a voice from behind back off. Thomas again pulled him to back telling himyou will only get in my way. Jin Woo got a call from Jin Chuel while hehaving dinner, Jin Woo told Jin Chuel he was in none service zone until just now, Jin CHuelsaying there is a monster running rampant in the middle of seoul, Jin Woo questionedbut dont we have a few days until the dungeon break? Jin Woo continued what is the approximatenumber of the enemy. Jin Chuel replied it is no even an approximatenumber, there is only one. Jin Woo thought every hunter is gathered inseoul right now.

They should be their edge in order to stopthe dungeon break of the gigantic sized gate. and they are getting destroyed by a singlemagical beast that appeared out of nowhere. Jin Chuel said an entire guild who came acrosshim was annihilated in an instant. I dont think this is just your normal beast,I have just received a report that Thomas is currently standing off against that beast. Jin Woo thought, “It's impossible!” He had put his shadow soldiers on Thomas andthe other hunters and instructed them to report back to him if anything even slightly outof the ordinary happened. But a monster strong enough to annihilatean entire guild in an instant, and he had.

Not received any reports yet? Jin Woo sensed that all the signals from hisshadow soldiers in Seoul were strangely faint. The system even alerted him that it was unableto find the specified shadow soldier. Jin Woo quickly told Hae-In that there wasa problem in Korea right now. Hae-In asked, “Did the dungeon break happenalready?” Jin Woo replied, “No, I think it's somethingelse.” In Jin Woo's mind, an enemy with overwhelmingpower and a world-class hunter standing off against them, along with the hindered signal. He knew it might be the monarch, so he askedJin Chuel, “Does that monster have a shadow?.

You must confirm whether that monster hasa shadow or not.” Jin Woo knew they must have hidden away acolossal monster beyond the invisible shadows. The beast monarch turned its size into thatof a giant, which shocked all the hunters beside it. Thomas told them, “Don't just stand there,start rescuing the citizens, you fools!” Thomas said, “I see a beast is going rampantwithout knowing its place, and it's only right for mad beasts to be beaten to death.” The beast monarch attacked Thomas's chestwith its claw, but Thomas had high defense and quickly returned a punch, followed byanother punch.

Soon Jong In arrived , he questioned hunterbeside how is the evacuation situation here. the hunter told him we are still evacuatingthe people inside the building. Currently the flend guild and the white tigerguild have both been dispatched on the site for subjugation, since hunters from everywherehave been gathered up on the site for colossal gate . The hunter beside said soon the beastwill be subjugated sooner than later. I think that we the hunters guild just needto focus on evacuation. But in Jong in thought this massive presenceit feels even worse than the one he felt during the Jeju raid, even thomas a national levelhunter is currently facing off against the mysterious magic beast.

Thomas punch the beast monarch fly away adistance, but very quick the beast monarch fly out from the building give him a criticalhit with its head, but Thomas tied him up to the floor. Beast monarch followed up with a powerfulkick to thomas jaw, send it flying into the air. Thomas decided to reinforcement, as he knowthe enemy is strong. Soon White tiger guild reached the subjugationsite, then they saw battlefield extended infront of them. Hunter beside still yelling you are the bestGoliath.

Thomas instantly told them you dumbassesshurry up and take cover. Yoon Ho could sense it is definetely not anormal monster, his transform unable to activate when Beast Monarch pass through him , thesixth sense of an animal, the struggle to not be recognized as a prey. Yoon Ho can't even make eye contact to theBeast . Beast Monarch use telekenesis, levitated allthe heavy object attack to Thomas, but Thomas instantly cast Capture pulled Beast and usecollapse direct to Beast Monarch. and giving full power punch repeatly, but Thomas gota feeling of uneasiness is closing in on him. It does not feel like he is going to win.

Then Beast Monarch stopped his punch, andsaid to think that a mere puppet of a fragment could be this powerful. I have seen enough of your petty tricks. Beast Monarch has now transform, it attackwith its claw to Thomas and asking him do you feel fear? are you despairing.and It noticed there was a little rat hidden in Thomas shadow. Beast Monarch killed the shadow ant, and toldThomas now shall we continue? since you seem to be confident in your strengthwhy dont we have a little battle of strength?. when Beast Monarch attack to Thomas armor,Thomas get out from that and give it a throat.

Lock telling him who do you think you are,blabbering on so arrogantly. But even when Thomas break its neck, BeastMonarch restore it and hold Thomas up and hit on floor, telling him that I am sorryto tell you this, but I am starting to feel hungry again. Meanwhile Lennart stand out fire off powerfulblast with his gauntlets. Then he said I wont let you do as you please,But actually he is getting the chills just by standing in front of it. Thomas told Lennart run away you will die. Lennart said I am well aware, but I am stilla hunter after all, I have no regrets even.

If this will be my final moment in life Iwill make this choice many times over. A proud death, rather than a meaningless life. Lennart keep repeat I made the right choice,until the Beast Monarch about to eat him up, did I made the wrong choice? Kaisel fly over bite its on air.

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