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JIn Chuel wondering just how Jin Woo planningon fighting against them then he called Jin Woo all the representativesalready here. Then Jin Woo blink to there. Most of the presidents prime ministers, guildmasters and even the chairman of the hunter association gattered here, everyone must befeeling pressed. Jin Woo said everyone will have to go througha rough time. No One will be able to avoid the fight. they will appear before your eyes and bringdestruction upon everthing. One of the participant said you really expectus to believe what you are saying?.

Dont tell me you are saying that even nationallevel hunters wont be enough to stop them. Jin Woo told them that there would be at leasta couple of hundred demonic beasts on par with Kamish, which is considered the world'sworst disaster. He stated that not even national-level hunterswould be able to stop them. The participants demanded proof, stating thatthey couldn't believe what he was saying without evidence. Jin Woo raised his hand and cast a few gates,leaving most of them shocked. Continuing, Jin Woo explained that our enemiescould create gates wherever and whenever they wished, just like he did.

However, they were taking their time due tothe massive size of their army. One of them even suspected that Jin Woo mightbe one of the enemy's agents. David questioned, “Now that we know what willcome from the gates, what do we need to do?” Jin Woo requested that they stay away fromthe gates and get as far away as possible from them. He warned that humanity would not be ableto handle the number of demonic beasts that would emerge from the gates. With this warning in mind, everyone did theirbest to distance themselves from the gates. Please note that the grammar has been adjustedfor clarity and readability.

Jin Woo thought the greatest advantage ofthe shadow army is their loyalty , which puts their master over their own lives. Their advantages and disadvantages are likethe two sides of a coin. and the enemies will do everything they can to hold that againstme. Igris said My liege, we dont stand a changein an all out war. Jin Woo questioned Bellion how much biggerdo you think their army will be compared to ours. Bellion said he expect their numbers to beat least a hundred times larger. Jin Woo thought so that means they had haveat least 10million soldiers.

Then he questioned Beru, you call this a niceplace that I can stay in? aside from its size, is it even meant forme to stay in? Beru replied I thought that anything lesswould not suffice for you my liege, when Jin Woo said why the hell did you put up thatflag, Bellion get down as well, that is his idea. Jin Woo questioned Bellion would you be inchargeof the shadow army if I were to die? Bellion replied our lives are one with yoursmy liege, the moment you pass away will also be the moment we perish. Even in a situation like these , some of thehunter dont even believe in Jin Woo.

This S-rank hunter Jay from canada. Jin Chuel said hunters have been gatheringin canada, with Jay as their Leader. Additionally it seems that other strong huntersfrom other countries have also been preparing for a raid. Jin Woo plan to head to china, as it is impossiblefor him to face all 8 armies at once, so he need to get rid of the threat that's closestto korea first, since they will be the biggest threat to his family. Jin Woo thought he will take care of the otherMonarchs after he do so. The longer the battle goes on the higher thechances of us winning the war.

Jin woo questioned Zhi Gang I heard that govermentofficials will be out to greet me, but it seems hunter Zhi gang is here to greet meinstead. Zhi Gang told Jin Woll they were making somestupid placards so I dedcided to greet you myself. there are the hundred-thousand hunter armyof china waiting at bottom of the collosal gate. Zhi Gang told him this is our elite army,where we not only have numbers but also skilled individuals. Since it is going to start soon.

Jin Woo summon his shadow army. Which shocked Zhi gang, he realize that heis on another level, those things will fall from the sky? in this place? But whent he gate broke. Bellion told Jin Woo it is strange, he dontfeel any presences from the gate. Jin Woo questioned Bellion what about allthe other locations? but according to the other shadow soldiersthey all seem to be the same. It seems that all the gates are empty. But Jin Woo noticed that it was his mistake,he thought that they created differernt gates.

Across different parts of the world to divideup their army, but they probably put all their forces in the gate furthest away from JinWoo. Canada Site, Jay said to think that everyoneis mindlessly relying on hunter Jin Woo. soon the gate broke. A Man come out from there. which is the king of the Dragon Antares. Antares questioned Jay are you the king ofthis place? in human's language Jay thought I knew it..

I knew this was how it would be the reasonhunter Jin Woo was able to make the soldiers from the first gate his own, was because hewas able to comminicate with them like this, I guess they ask who the king is and obeysaid King. So Jay said and what if I am the king? Antares said looks like he is not here. Jin Woo give a call to Adam white, quesitonedthe situation of Canada's colossal gate. and from the noise from Adam site, Jin Woo knowthat Adam white did went to Canada. Adam told him we are out on the site of Canada'scolossal gate together with other agents. he told Jin Woo we could not just sit andwatch the situation in canada, so many of.

Us agents including me, have beem dispatchedhere. Jin Woo thought damn it , they still don''trealize the scale of the enemy's army. Adam told Jin Woo so far nothing come outfrom gate, then Jin Woo got relieft. suddenly Adam said hold on a second, somethingis coming out of the gate. A person. Jin Woo told him to run away and get awayfrom there as fast as you can! Them Adam Spotted the top ranking hutnersturned to ashes in an instant. Adam further told Jin Woo dragons from thesky there are an endless number of dragons and beasts coming from the sky.

Jin Woo thought now that it has come to this,I can at least save adam if I just control the shadow I put on him. Jin Woo told him we will be teleporting now. but Antares walked to him said where do youthink you are going shadow? Antares cast fire blaze towards shadow .Jin Woo thought, damn it I should have expected this, since they know they are up againstmy shadow army which becomes stronger the longer fight lasts, My opponent would minimizethe number of battles by focusing their entire forces in a single location They opened 8 gates as if they would followtheir original plan but then they sent their.

Entire army to the gate furthest away fromme. Even If I were to move over there immediatelyI would end up in an All out war, my plan to buy time went down the drain. Can I really do nothing about this? Antares said the sound of a living person'sheartbeat the sound of their screams and the sound of the destruction of creatures areresonating like music in my ears. yes we are done with preparations. Destroy everything! For that is our sole mission of our existence!.

David site, he saw they must have all died,the hunters agents and reporters on the scene. he thought hundreds of dragons along withoceans of giants, beasts and insects behind them. This disaster cannot be contained by humans. They are all dead, it is all over! It is only a matter of time before they arrivein the U.S . Now I understand why hunter Jin Woo advised everyone to stay as far away fromthe gates as possible. This world is done for. That's right It is all over.

Suddenly, Jin Woo appeared inside his office,Jin Woo request David to give him the rune stones of Kamish. David told him that Rune Stones are managedby the hunter's bureau then he stopped his word, he thought those rune stones mean nothingif the entire us is about to be destroyed let alone the hunters bureau. David told Jin Woo I can hand over the runestones, but why do you need them? Jin Woo told him he is going to use them tolaunch a counter attack. David questioned did not you say that beingscalled rulers sent those demonic beasts here? Then what are these rune stones that are insidethe demonic beasts' bodies?.

Jin Woo replied, “These are just gifts fromthe rulers to help humans hunt down demonic beasts more efficiently. What the rulers want is for there to be intensebattles between humans and the demonic beasts, which would cause mana to take root here. The sacrifice of humans is just a side effectrather than their ultimate goal.” “When a demonic beast dies, their abilitiesare sealed in these runestones. The rulers created runestones to help humanshunt beasts.” “So Jin Woo decides to use this as a counterattack,and before he leaves, he requests one more favor from David.”.

Selner said, “I never thought someone wouldcome looking for me at a time like this, and you are not the person I know. Before, darkness existed deep inside you,but now you are darkness itself.” Jin Woo replied, “I am the same person youknew, madam, but I simply became one with the darkness you saw back then.” Jin Woo questioned, “You said you could seethe future?” Selner hold Jin Woo hands and start his spell. Suddenly she cried you really plan to takeeverything on by yourself? How could a single human carry this much bythemselves, are you planning on protecting.

Everything by sacrificing yourself? Jin Woo said so thankfully , that means Ican get there , at least. Selner replied what do you mean thankfully? No one will be able to remember. It will be a lonely fight by yourself! Jin Woo told her please excuse me for thesudden visit and the request. then Jin Woo blink away. He took out his phone, and give a call Hae-In,He said It's me, and he told Hae-In Sorry that he have been busy lately.

Hae- In told him me too and we have not seeneach other for so long since we have been so busy. Well we will meet again soon, Jin Woo Canyou promise me? that you will come to see me? Jin Woo replied yes, I promise to go see you. The asian hunter alliance, the Europe hunterAlliance, The African temporary guild union, and the chinese emergency response alliance. Hundreds of thousands of hunters are on theirway to battle. Antares said to Jin Woo, “I am right here.

I have already taken the lives of tens ofmillions of your kind over a thousand miles of the earth. How much longer are you planning on hidingfor?” Jin Woo replied, “I will go meet you soon.” Antares thought, “What is going on with theShadow Monarch? Why is he being so quiet? What are you up to?” Well, with 10 million soldiers combined andall the chaos we are facing, having barely over 100,000 soldiers is basically suicide.

They could have run away to the bottom ofthe abyss. Suddenly, a few missiles targeted Antaresfrom a few fighter aircraft while they were thinking, “It worked this time.” A gigantic eye appeared in front of them. Antares transformed into dragon form and unleasheda fire blaze upon them. Jin Woo thinking the word must be writtenby Beru. Bellion told Jin Woo it is far too dangerous. My liege , Igris said I share his thoughts. Jin Woo told them I know that you are worriedabout my safety, but there are times when I can't let danger prevent me from doing whatneeds to be done.

Jin Woo said , if Ashborn were put in thesame situation as me I wonder what he would have done. Bellion told him if it was him he would nothave let anything stop him from doing what needs to be done. Bellion though Jin Woo resembles him. Bellion Igris and Beru said we will standbeside until the end. My liege Jin Woo knew that if he were to hear his family'svoices right now, he didn't think he would be able to proceed.

A soldier was trying to find a way to escapefrom these creatures, but as he turned his head back, he spotted another monster aboutto attack him. Even though he dodged the first hit and pickedup an assault rifle to attack it, it didn't work at all. At that moment, Jin Woo appeared. Jin Woo told him to go and cast Ruler's Handto clear off the monsters. This is the first step of the war. Jin Woo will start with these guys and raisethem. Antares saidthe shadow monarch has appeared on the eastern.

Side. Yogumunt questioned should we immediatelyrally our entire forces and attack him? Iron body monarch said I cannot feel his shadowarmy inside his shadow, he is acting without his army. Antares thought is he planning on defeatingall the troops here by himself and adding them to his army. It seems that he wants to avoid a direct fightand buy time. from the breaking news. as we lose contact with the hunters who wentto stop the monsters, the U.S. army has moved.

Out to evacuate civilians and buy time. Jin Chuel thought the tragedy that's occurringacross the world. The mighty US who had gathered a majorityof their forces in canada to fight is falling apart at the hands of those monsters. Right now all we can do is hope for a miracleto happen but what kind of miracle can stop those things? tens of thousands of new shadow warriors havebeen added to the shadow army like an enormous tsunami that consumes everything, the shadowssteadily overwhelmed the battlefield , Jin Woo has nonstop to kill all the monsters,at this moment he wondering has the army of.

Ruin started to move? He cant feel the dragon monarch. He must not intent to move out yet. There is no need to be disappointed thereis lots of time left. If he is hesitant to move out, I will simplygive him a reason to. Antares said the shadow monarch is growingstronger by the minute we need to attack him, he told Yogomunt you remain here and preparea suprise attack on the shadow army. Dont miss out. Soldiers attack monster with assault riffle,while one of monster attack on soldier.

Suddenly Thomas give a punch it and said theyhad an army but it was not too strong. however Iron Body Monarch come out at thesame time and said you are that human I saw back then, the ruler's wimpy underling whowent against the beast Monarch right before he died. Bellion said The king of Monstrous humanoids. which shocked Iron Body, he wonder why isthe shadow army here? were they hiding in the shadow of that humanthis entire time? Iron body thought we were ambushed, he musttell Antares about this, but immediately he find out he cant contact him.

Then he look at top of the building, he spottedTusk. He thought this is not a tactic that camefrom the shadow army or the shadow monarch himself. this is not the way of the shadow army, whowould face their enemies, sentencing them to certain death. This is ” The Way of the Humans” Iron Body yell he has no right to be a monarch. Beru told him what you said just now takeit back. The price for slandering my liege is heavy.

Iron Body transform into a monstrous golemwith flaming lime-green hair and yell how dare a mere soldier stand in the way of amonarch! Jin Woo site he is right infront Antares. Antares thought he cant get in contact withthe monarch of Iro Body, did he betray me? or is this part of your sorcery? Antares spit devastating torrents of firefrom its mouth attack towards to Jin Woo. Jin Woo dodged it with Kaisel. and he arisefew dragons attack towards Antares. Zhi Gang killed another Giant said thingslike giant's are not much of a problem as long as we are not fighting at sea. he feltall the magic power over land is trembling.

There are probably tens of thousands of huntersconfronting endless numbers of magic beasts everywhere. Especially since I can feel my whole bodygetting pricked by that magic power at this distance. Antares cast fire claw killed all these shadowarmy and said are those good-for-nothing soldiers all you have? You sent your main force to the Iron Bodyand tried to fight me with these mere troops? But Antares immediately notice, Jin Woo seemsescaping to somewhere, Antares wont let him go no matter what.

But when he chase inside the dimensional riftfull of the shadow army are waiting him. Antares wonder has he already absorbed thetroops of the Monarch of Iron body? Antares said you defeated the Iron Body'stroops first and then came after me. not a bad strategy but you are being absurdshadow monarch. Antares continued you might have thought thatI had be the only one chasing after you but you are wrong. these are the gates that the monarch of transfigurationYogumunt has prepare. By using these, I can summon as many of mytroops as possible looks like I have completely crushed your plans.

This misjudgement of yours will be the causeof your death. it is your loss. But Jin Woo show him a smile then Jin Woocancel summon. Antares curious why did you cancel all yoursummons? Don't tell me you have given up already. Well after seeing this overwhelming differencebetween us, It is not strange for you to give up. Next second , Antares shocked. Stored in Kamish's Rune stone is the skillthat's the worst enemy of the dragon race.

A roar from the soul that incapacitates everyoneand drops them into despair. regardless of wehther they are allies or foes. after the word Dragon's Fear yelled by JinWoo. It immobilized every single creature, includingthe Monarch. Antares thought I understand if the dragonscan't move but did he manage to render Yogumunt Incapable of moving as well? Jin Woo drag Antares and shadow exchange tothe Island, a place on the opposite side of the world from where your army is. Antares said while an all out war would bemore advantageous to you if you had that many.

Troops it would also eat up your magic powermuch faster. Your plan is to bring me here alone whichis an amazing strategy. Then he said is that your castle? considering that it belongs to the shadowmonarch, it is not that impressive. Jin Woo replied that's right. even so I thought that the castle would beperfect to commemorate your death. Antares so this fight would be about whetherI can last until my troops find me or not. Selner said the flames of war are all overthe U.S Territory, David told her all kinds of mana are running wild and spreading throughout the region.

I never thought Hunter Jin Woo was tellingthe truth. What are we supposed to do now. Selner told David He is not the only hunterwe have. Hunters from all over the world have thrownthemselves into the battle. Whether they are e-ranks or S-ranks. The abilities of an E-rank is slightly abovethat of a normal human. Surely they realize that, other than the factthat they carry around magical weapons unlike soldiers. They Wont be able to contribute to the battlemuch.

And It is not any different in the case ofC-ranks and D-ranks. When E-ranks hunts 1 beast, D-ranks wouldonly be hunting 3 of them. and C-ranks would be hunting around 10. This is even the case for S-ranks even thoughthey may be capable of killing a thousand of them, they will eventually perish likejust another of the many stars. However when those individual stars fall anddraw shapes in the sky, although very faintly they show us the future. People call this hope. Assistant told Jin Chuel Hunter Jin Woo seemsto have succeeded in Luring them to a nearby.

Uninhabited island in japan. Jin Cheul thought he remember Jin Woo tellinghim that there is an uninhabited islands, which a gate of giants collapsed and an enormouseamount of mana spread througout its region. If the battle was to take place there, wewould be able to minimize the damage done. is that why JIn Woo has been hiding in sucha place all this time? Assistant quesitoned should I dispatch a coupleof hunters there just in case? Jin Chuel replied are not all the S-rank hutnersin the U.S right now what kind of hunters would we send out. we could send out E-rank hunters did you knowthat even hunter Jin Woo used to be an E-rank.

Hunter. I know that it is possible, for an E-rankhunter to become a Hero. Jin Woo rode Kaisel and attacked Antares inhis dragon form, just before Antares unleashed his devastating torrents of spit. Billion used his weapon to stop it, and thegiant assisted by pulling Antares' head down to the floor. Tusk cast his spell to provide assistanceas well. Then Greed and Beru both attacked Antares,while Igris stood on top of it and swung his lightning sword.

Jin Woo thought it is working pretty well. Then Antares said how amusing. I like fights where I over whelm the enemywith a significant difference in numbers, But I do find the opposite situation quiteamusing. Then Antares release a mana-infused shoutfrom his soul. a dragon fear attack from the king of dragons. Jin Woo know that he can't control his shadowsoldiers like this so he cancel summon. Antares continus to cast fire breath towardsKaisel and Jin Woo. But Jin Woo dodged it and cancel Kaisel Summon.

Antares said this is the real thing. The avatar of destruction who does not hesitateto sacrifice oneslef for the sake of a raging war, the amalgam of blood scream, madnessand destruction. A being created solely for the purpose ofwar. That is me Antares. The king of dragons and the monarch of destruction. Jin Woo thought the enormous amount of manafrom when the king of giants died must have sunk into the ground and yet it did not lastagainst that attack. even undying soldiers would perish immediatelyif they were to take a direct hit of his breath.

Antares said you do not have to be so nervousShadow Monarch. when you grabbed my arm, I could have easilybroken free. But I did not because you impressed me bydriving me into a corner and as a fellow monarch, I wanted to have a quiet conversation withyou. If you have inherited the previous shadowmonarch's memories then you must already know this. but our ultimate enemy is not this world,but . The army of the rulers. Their only meaning in existence is to destroythe monarchs who were born within darkness and the shadow monarch is not an exceptionto this.

I was planning on eliminating you and preparingto fight with them, but I have changed my mind after seeing how you fight, you possessa different set of talents compared to Ashborn and I saw our glorious victory within yourtalents. if you want me to let your family live, Iwill do so If you want me to preserve your country I will do so as well. if you wish for me and my soldiers departfrom this land I will leave quietly. become the the owner of this land and I amnot talking about the castle in the hills. I mean the owener of the entire planet. you possess such qualifications.

All you have to do, is hold my hand. If we combine forces to defeat the soldiersof the rulers. your family your country, and this entireplanet will regain peace and freedom. how about it? shadow monarch will you join me? Jin Woo said dont make me laugh. you expect me to believe you when your eyesare screming that you want to kill me? Antares said I guess I cant hide it. This was my final mercy to you.

Then prepare shadow monarch.

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