The World Turns To Stone & 3700 Years Later A Genius Awakens

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Welcome to Panorama Anime here’s everythingyou need to know before watching season 3 of Dr. Stone Taiju Oki is about to confess his love forYuzuriha Ogawa, but a mysterious green light turns everyone on the planet into stone. 3,700 years later, Taiju manages to breakfree and reunites with his genius friend Senku Ishigami, who seeks to rebuild civilizationusing science. They develop a solution made from bat guanothat could revive petrified people. After a year of experimentation, they createa “revival fluid” that works. The story follows their quest to revive humanity,battling against various obstacles and hostile.

Factions. Season 1: Senku and Taiju prepare revival fluid to freea person from stone, but they are chased by lions. To fight them off, they revive Tsukasa Shishio,the strongest fighter in their town. Tsukasa proves to be a valuable hunter, butreveals his intention to kill petrified adults to create a world without corrupt adults,which clashes with Senku's ideals. Senku sends Tsukasa away to the source ofthe revival fluid and revives Yuzuriha. To stop Tsukasa's murder spree, Senku andthe others travel to Hakone.

They arrive at a volcanic hot spring, providingSenku with the means to create gunpowder. After creating gunpowder and accidentallylighting it, the group sees a different source of smoke in the distance. Tsukasa finds them and takes Yuzuriha hostageto obtain the recipe for revival fluid. Senku gives him the recipe to save Yuzurihaand is given the choice of either abandoning science or dying. Refusing to abandon science, Senku preparesto die at Tsukasa's hands. Taiju and Yuzuriha use Senku's gunpowder toset off an explosion and escape, while Senku appears to be killed by Tsukasa.

Senku becomes curious about the revival fluidsregenerative properties. Senku sends Taiju and Yuzuriha to infiltrateTsukasa's army while he searches for new allies. Kohaku, an interesting girl, attempts to attackTsukasa, who traps her under a tree before heading towards the miracle water cave. Senku discovers Kohaku and uses his scienceto lift the tree off of her. Kohaku takes Senku back to her village, wherehe meets guards Kinro and Ginro and a sorcerer named Chrome. Senku makes Chrome his apprentice and decidesto help him develop an antibiotic to save Ruri, Kohaku's sickly sister.

As Senku, Kohaku, and Chrome begin searchingfor the elements needed to create an antibiotic, they are aided by another villager named Suika. Needing more manpower to make iron, the gangsend Suika with her extreme stealth abilities to gain intel on what the villagers want. They want food so Senku manages to recreatesome offbrand ramen to win them over. Senku and his group meet magician Gen Asagiri,sent by Tsukasa to confirm Senku's death, but Gen offers to give a false report instead. Using their completed iron, they make magnetsand the light bulb. Gen is attacked by Magma, who mistook himfor the sorcerer.

Magma seeks to win the Grand Bout tournament,which would make him the village elder and allow him to marry Ruri, whom Kohaku has previouslybeaten. As Kohaku, Kinro, and Ginro train for theGrand Bout, Gen gives a false report to Tsukasa, and Senku promises to make him a bottle ofcola in exchange. Senku produces glass from quartz sand andcreates glasses for Suika. Kaseki helps Senku create lab utensils fromglass. Senku makes Ginro a silver spear for a dangerousmission. Senku creates a sensor from the silver spearto detect poisonous gases in the sulfuric acid pool needed for the antibiotic.

Chrome and Ginro gather the acid using specialgas masks, and Ginro saves Chrome from falling into the pool. They obtain a bottle of the acid. Senku joins the Grand Bout in order to winalcohol for the remaining elements they need to create the antibiotic. When they arrive in the village, Ruri greetsSenku, seemingly knowing his name. During the tournament, Suika gives Kinro herglasses to help him see and win his match. Magma tricks Kinro, wins his match, and hasMantle throw his match against Chrome to disqualify Kohaku.

Chrome faces Magma in a one-sided match. Gen returns and uses his “sorcery” to distractMagma, allowing Chrome to set fire to his clothes and win the match. After successfully creating the drug, Senkuand the gang give it to Ruri, who makes a full recovery from pneumonia. As a token of gratitude, Ruri declares Senkuthe new chief of the village, which is named Ishigami Village. She also reveals that she knew of Senku beforehandthrough a tale passed down to her by her mother. Ruri tells Senku the tale of his father, Byakuya,who became an astronaut and traveled to the.

International Space Station with five othercrew members. While they were there, the petrification phenomenonoccurred, turning everyone on Earth into stone. Byakuya and the crew were the only six humansleft alive. They witness the event that petrifies humanity. The crew eventually settles on a nearby islandand starts living together. Byakuya writes down the “Hundred Tales” topass on essential knowledge for future generations. As they begin to die from pneumonia, Byakuyadies, leaving a final message for Senku that the Hundred Tales are a scientific gift forhim. Hyoga's group attacks the village, but Senkuand his allies convince them that they have.

Already made guns, forcing them to retreat. But they come back 3 days later and call theirbluff. Homura sets fire to the village as a distractionwhile Hyoga attacks Ishigami village. Suika lures Hyoga's troops away and leaveshim and Homura stranded above poisonous gases. Hyoga reports to Tsukasa that Senku is alive. Senku and Ishigami Village begin working onthe cell phone, aiming to complete it by spring. Senku and his group develop the light bulbsand mechanize the ironmaking process using the newly constructed waterwheel. Chrome discovers new minerals while exploringdeeper in caves and, together with Senku and.

Kaseki, attempts to create a vacuum tube. They discover tungsten and embark on an expeditionto find it. Senku, Chrome, and Magma discover a mineral-richdeposit, they celebrate Senku’s birthday, and In their absence, the village builds anobservatory for Senku. Senku, Chrome, and Kaseki work on creatinga tungsten filament. Once the filament is created, the villagerssplit the jobs, Senku puts everything together, creating the first cell phone in the new world. Senku learns that they need two cell phonesfor full functionality and hears about a time capsule sealed in Byakuya's gravestone.

Using a phonograph, they are able to hearthe voices of the astronauts for the first time since petrification, inspiring the villagersto recreate modern entertainment. With the support of the village and the cellphone, Senku declares a stone war against Tsukasa. Tsukasa and Hyoga prepare for the upcomingattack. Season 2: Senku and his team make space food, includingcup ramen, to prepare for the upcoming war with Tsukasa. They also plan to trick the Tsukasa Empiresoldiers by playing a record of Lillian's.

Voice to raise their hopes of someone trustworthyoutside. The next day, Chrome, Gen, and Magma go tothe battlefield to set up the phone. As Homura is distracted by the sound bombs,Kohaku chases and captures her. However, Homura escapes! Buttt is later captured again by Kohaku usinga fake antenna. They successfully install the phone at thegraveyard, and Taiju and Yuzuriha establish communication with Senku. Nikki is skeptical of Senku's claims untilhe plays the recording of Lillian's voice. She agrees to cooperate with Senku, and theydiscuss how to bring more people from Tsukasa's.

Empire to their side. Chrome is captured, Magma returns to IshigamiVillage, Senku begins creating blueprints for a steam engine vehicle, and Kaseki hasbuilt a wheel. At Tsukasa's headquarters, Chrome is interrogatedand dangled at a waterfall while Tsukasa offers to spare his life in exchange for betrayingSenku and the village. Senku finishes making the locomotive in thevillage, and he and the others test it out. The Science Team finishes making the Steam-Gorilla,which is basically just a tank. They set up camp near a cliff and modify thetank with Shields. Kinro tests the strength of the shield withhis spear, which breaks on impact.

Tsukasa builds anti-vehicle traps in preparationfor a possible vehicle attack by Senku. Tsukasa revives Yo, a former police officerknown for his strength, and tasks him with guarding Chrome. Chrome needs a battery, Someone sneaks a batteryinto his cell, and he tries to use it to blow up the bamboo-gate, but Yo stops him. Chrome then uses his sweat to make sodiumhydroxide to melt the rope and escape. Yo corners Chrome, but Chrome fakes pneumoniaand strikes Yo, escaping to Senku's hideout. Senku plans to use the Steam-Gorilla to capturethe Miracle Cave, and uses Lillian's recording to gain the trust of more of Tsukasa's men.

Yo orders one of his subordinates to takethe blame for Chrome's escape and runs away. Senku agrees to Ukyo's terms of “no death,”as Ukyo suspects that Hyoga sacrificed some warriors to the poison gas. Tsukasa discovers the phone hidden at thegrave. The Kingdom of Science marches towards theMiracle Cave, and Senku fires the gorilla-tank. Kohaku and the others begin their frontalassault, but the tank falls prey to the anti-steam vehicle traps. Magma and Chrome use their new weapon, theSonic-Cannon, to immobilize multiple soldiers of the Tsukasa Empire.

Nikki and Ukyo stop Minami from warning Tsukasa,but Tsukasa and Hyoga arrive at the Miracle Cave, where Hyoga wounds Ukyo. Kohaku and Kokuyo rush Tsukasa and Hyoga tobuy Senku some time so he can make dynamite which makes Tsukasa’s men surrender. Tsukasa reveals he only wanted to make a pureworld for his sister who is in a coma. Senku offers a deal to save Mirai, Tsukasassister. After she’s revived, Hyoga attempts to killMirai but Tsukasa protects her and is speared instead. Tsukasa and Senku work together to defeatHyoga by electrocution.

The Kingdom of Science wins, and Chrome andTsukasa's men come together to build a scientific civilization. Kohaku arrests Homura while Hyoga is restrained. Gen revives a manga artist from the past. Senku instructs how to make superglue to sealwounds, but it's just a ploy to buy time. Senku decides to petrify Tsukasa to keep himalive and constructs a refrigerator to freeze him. Tsukasa is frozen with his injuries stillintact. Senku promises to revive him after he canfigure out how to petrify and de-petrify him.

To heal the wounds. Senku announces they will find the secretof the petrification and construct a ship to explore the world. And that’s all for Dr. Stone. Season 3 will begin streaming on April 6th,2023. Thank you guys for watching, make sure tolike, share, subscribe, and here’s some other videos you might like. Till next time!

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