The WORST Crunchyroll Anime Award

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Look at best fantasy look at their besta few moments later that's comedy best drama best what are you saying are yousaying made in Abyss did not win best fantasy mushoku tensei did not win bestfantasy and demon slayer won best fantasy well Crunchyroll has such a huge bonerfor Demon Slayer holy crap how it's either mushoku tensei hands down or made in abysshow did demons there win best fantasy bro whatever lost lost fate in Humanity over thiscategory right here I don't know this kind of soured the Poll right here the best fantasy atthis point you know a lot of demon lsayer fans that only watch mainstream anime arevoting at this point I think anime of the year was a good good choiceit's just that best fantasy goddamn.

Yeah that's exactly what I mean the the twocategories the best opening sequence how did how did okay mixed nuts is better than the rumblingokay and this is even better than every single one of them here cheeky cheeky Bonbon I don'tknow if you guys heard that that's shit's fire

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  1. Mob psycho and Chainsaw man will accept as true with to've been eligible, with mob a hit most attention-grabbing valuable personality since AT LEAST HIS ARC IS DONE and became left with an general sleek ending. Now not obvious about chainsaw man alternatively it’ll of had an alternative

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