These Anime Moms Deserve All The Plants For Mother’s Day

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It's Isaiah Colbert the otaku of Kotaku not that Mother's Day has passed we thought it would be good on us to remember like you hopefully did the mothers in our lives lives here meaning anime of course while some anime moms sadly don't stick around as long as they should have and shows due to their fashionable side braids we love them all.

The same for what they bring to the table as strong characters in that Spirit here is our totally subjective list of the best moms in anime but first before we reveal our number five pick here are our honorable mentions Chichi from Dragon Ball Z belmare from one piece and Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto Shippuden Take a Bow.

Ladies you may not have cracked the top five but you still the real VP number five your forger from Spy family she might not be killing it in the social cues Department the Spy mom who stepped up your forager is definitely one of anime's most protective mothers if even a whiff of danger warfs its way towards her adoptive daughter Anya forger as it.

Often does whether it be kicking kidnappers asses or parkouring to deliver her child's school bag for better or worse your forager is always doing the most I think we all know moms like that sorry to barge in like this number four Izumi Curtis from Full Metal Alchemist now.

Fullmetal alchemist's coolest characters but she's also a tough love no-nonsense mom to the Elric Brothers when the Alchemists go to Izumi for training the trio grow into a found family thanks for their shared Trauma from messing with Transportation circles despite her rough demeanor Izumi cares deeply about the elix and will do anything within her.

Power to keep them on the straight narrow number three inko midoriya from my hero Academia being a Shonen anime mom is a stressful lifestyle I can't do this anymore on the one hand support your child in achieving their dreams while on the other you don't want them.

To get hurt along the way being able to balance the two is what makes inco midoriya a master class of a mom not only will she put her foot down when it comes to her boy mindoria breaking his arms while playing hero for the umpteenth time but she'll also make all mine the world's strongest hero prostrate himself and swear that no.

Further harm will come to her kid that's the plus Ultra mom mentality in action number two Hannah from wolf children it's not easy rearing kids or at least so I've heard now imagine raising half wolf children as a single parent that's damn near impossible luckily Hannah from wolf children managed to mother her children to competent preteens all it.

Took was moving to the country some dicey late night vet visits weathering teenage wolf child angst and plenty of Tears you know Mom stuff number one sachiko from erased although the legacy of his time jumping anime's finale left a sour a taste in an otherwise promising show what remains undeniable is the fact that sachiko is an S ranked mother.

Hachiko lovingly exercises patience and understanding for her standoffish son satoru she also stepped up by giving her son's classmate Kyle an escape from her abusive household lastly this list wouldn't be complete without our dishonorable mentions big mom from one piece rakul kittuing from Killa kill and Isabella from the promise.

Neverland you know what you've done and I've already notified Family Services of pure crimes let us know in the comments below if we missed any anime bombs that deserve a shout out for being awesome anime forever

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