They Are Segment Of A OP Crew Nonetheless Can not Keep Their Dresses On

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Six weirdly dressed people stand atop a cliff’sedge. And to bolster their main characters status, they’re all brandishing equally bombasticweapons. They aren’t the slightest bit fazed as they stare down at the veritable mob ofpeople who look like they want to off them. “Up against 10 thousand enemies? And all of themare Arthurs who pulled out an Excalibur? We got this!” The golden-gloved Tekken casually announceswith a million-dollar smile. You heard that right, folks! These fodders all pulled out thelegendary sword! While holding her huge mallet, the itsy bitsy Renkin asks their leader for theplan. Said leader, Dancho, tells them that they’ll charge head-on. The magician-type Kakka scoffs atthis. You call that a plan?! Ruro and Yamaneko, on the other hand, don't seem too fazed bythe lack of strategy. They’re just ready.

For a brawl. They prepare their weapons; gunsfor Ruro and a rocket launcher for Yamaneko. The easygoing Dancho instructs their fairiesto stay put, which they’re more than happy to do. Some fairies are wishing them luck,while there’s one that tells them that ‘picking up bones is too much work, so try notto die out there.’ After that sweet send-off, the six Arthurs launch into battle!This battle’s basically an excuse for these wonder kids to show off their stuff,because damn, are they decimating everyone. A horde of enemies crowd Renkin because shejust looks like a sassy little child. Welp, it’s time to call for an ambulance… But not forRenkin! She busts out her massive mallet and defeats the crowd with one swing. Easy. As. Pie.But what’s this? An invader mecha dragon appears!.

… Yawn, they beat it with ease, too.Most of their opponents are dead, but another Invader is approaching them. Oh?It’s approaching them? Instead of running away, it’s coming right to them?No problemo. There’s enough room in pound town for all of them.But wait. Why are they even fighting a crap ton of people in the first place?See, their goal is to destroy every Excalibur that’s distorting history. Like with the Arthuriantale, the Excalibur’s a big boy sword that bestows its wielder great strength, granting them thetitle of Arthur. But because of a divine miracle, a million Excaliburs started spawning in thepast, which also means one million Arthurs. Since we kicked this story off in the past, let’sjump to the future a bit. Dancho’s tasked to go.

Back in time where five other Arthur comradesand their fairy partners await her. Her mission is to lead this squad of Arthurs to correctthe history distortion by destroying ONE MILLION swords. Six versus ONE MILLION!She reads the mission files in her room, and calls her fairy Nuckelavee. The fairy tellsher she's the leader, so she must ensure she can bring the group together. This excites Dancho somuch that her towel falls off when she stands, which has the poor fairy flustered. I mean, shecan at least bring the guys together with that, but probably not in the way she’d like.Eventually, the two arrive outside their base. Inside, the five Arthurs and theirfairies are already losing patience. Where's their esteemed leader!? Although Ruro hasheard rumors that she's pretty skilled,.

A few are already doubting her. Nuckelavee thenenters the room, bringing a giant cake, but Dancho is nowhere to be found. Where could she be?Tada! Dancho leaps out of the cake, wearing a bunny costume, and introduces herselflike she's at a stag party. If looks can kill, Dancho would've been murdered many times over.Her comrades are already VERY unimpressed. We see Dancho wearing her normal clothes, askingthe others to introduce themselves. They're still PISSED, so nobody does instantly. But thenTekken starts, with his fairy Titania making it clear that she won't hold back if she findsDancho dumber than Tekken. Next is Renkin, and her fairy Bodach asserts she's more exceptionalthan their so-called leader. Dancho can now see they're not so happy to meet her. Fortunately,Kakka and his fairy Brigitte don't say anything.

Degrading about her. The same goes for Ruro,who tries to be the gentleman in the group, and his fairy Bethor can see right through him.However, the elite Yamaneko ignores their leader. So her fairy, Coupy, has to apologize onher behalf, saying she's pretty unsociable. Yamaneko cuts the BS – she tells Dancho she willhandle the mission her own way and warns the leader not to get in her way. She then walksout, leaving Dancho and Nuckelavee stunned. —Sweet little Dancho mopes around in her room. She messed up! She didn’t bring theteam together with her charms! Her mind starts racing. She should’ve worn a swimsuit! Or… Or azentai suit! Yeah… Nuckelavee nixes both options. So, she thinks of another way. She sneaks in aninvitation to each Arthur's room while everyone.

Is doing their own thing. For instance, Tekken isobsessed with working out and ignores the letter even after Titania has found it. He's not the onlyone, though. Each and every Arthur hasn't noticed. Dancho prepares a nice spread for them,but no one shows up that night. When she checked on the others, it turned out thatmost of them didn't notice the invitation she left at the door. Tekken's on a run,Ruro and Bethor are doing some recon, and… Yamaneko and Coupy are in the woods. Such alone wolf, this one. She's on her guard when two men appear and immediately identify her as anArthur because of her rocket launcher. Apparently, these men are Arthurs too, so they askYamaneko if she's also after the Arthur Hunter. It turns out that every Arthur in the cityis rallying to take down the rumored Arthur.

Hunter. Ruro and Bethor happen to witness thiscommotion in town. When Ruro asks some Arthurs, he discovers that a fortune teller saw a groupof crazy strong guys coming to defeat them. The rumor spread, so all the Arthurs in the town planto get ahead of the Arthur Hunter. They even have the face of the said hunter and spread aroundwanted posts to gather more allies! Shockingly, they've already gathered ten thousandArthurs. Jeez, that's just 1 percent of their goal! The Arthurs show them theposter and get shocked by what they see. The picture? Well… It's Yamaneko! Wearing aswimsuit at the beach and looking hot that's unfit for her usual cold and serious image.Girl, get your priorities straight! The men fawn over the poster, not knowingthat the real deal is with them..

Enraged, Yamaneko confiscates the post and shredsit to pieces. That's when these two men recognize her. And. Gushes over her. These men end theirlives right there as Yamaneko blasts them with her rocket launcher.— It's the following day. Back at the base,Tekken is training outside. Inside, Dancho is still moping, with Kakka and Brigitte therewith them. She then senses the approaching danger. At the same time, Yamaneko and Ruro arriveand warn the rest to get ready. A large group of Arthurs is coming for them! Thedoor then opens with Dancho coming out, all geared up. Ruro is impressed by this.After revealing that they are up against ten thousand, Ruro gives the decision to Dancho.”It's not bad to decide to run from that.

Number,” Ruro says, testing her, towhich she simply smirks in response. She asks Nuckelavee to show the map of the areaand then studies it. Dancho plans to meet the enemies on a plain and fight them all at once.It's a bold strategy that surprises everyone, yet Dancho is confident they will win.She has complete faith in her team! Aaaand, we're back to the start! The six Arthursdefeat their opponents with their skills and Excaliburs—the blast of Yamaneko's rocketlauncher, Ruro's twin guns, Tekken's gauntlets, magician Kakka's spellbook, Renkin's huge mallet,and of course, Dancho's mighty sword. With all these powerful Arthurs combined, the battleagainst ten thousand is just a piece of cake. The following morning, Dancho prepares theirbreakfast. And because she can't do anything.

Normally, she's only wearing a swimsuit underneathher apron. Tekken makes a fuss about it, but others decide to turn a blind eye. Theyeventually discuss their next move—exploring ruins. Given Renkin's surprised expression, sheseems knowledgeable about it. Tekken hasn't moved on from Dancho's outfit, so he tells her to changebefore they explore the ruins. This reminds Dancho that she has an outfit for Yama-chan, too!This, of course, pisses Yamaneko off. First, don't call her Yama-chan. Ever. Again. Second,all Dancho's cosplay jokes have bombed! When Dancho asks her, Nuckelavee confirms this.The leader seems the only one surprised. —Thanks to Renkin, they found the ruins. Dancho isimpressed by Renkin – despite her looks,.

Her knowledge of Arthurian legends andhistory's unmatched! The leader is proud, but being treated like a child upsetsRenkin, and everyone can tell except Dancho. Renkin returns to her room, very disappointed inDancho. She had high hopes after hearing rumors of Dancho's background and abilities, but it seemsshe's far from that. Bodach tells her that they can't trust rumors and that a side dish is wortha thousand words. It's actually picture, but okay. Nevertheless, Renkin has been through a lot to bethe capable Arthur she is right now, so she will continue to do everything she can. Bodach noticesshe's a bit down, but Renkin waves this away. She meets Dancho in the hallway after herbath. The leader fawns over her once again, in a totally [sarcastic] non-jail-worthyway. Control yourself, Dancho.

Renkin escapes to her room, where she and Bodachsee the Panagia Counter's reading go up. Finally, realizing she knows this particular Excalibur'slocation, she makes a rather hasty decision. She goes off with Bodach without telling anyoneon the team. When Dancho hears about it, she's worried, thinking it will be too dangerousfor Renkin, but others believe otherwise. Still, Renkin is just as strong as them, so they remindDancho to stop treating her like a child. Then, Ruro asserts they should not let their guarddown, prompting Yamaneko to suggest that they can search for Renkin if she isn'tback soon. For now, they decide to wait. Meanwhile, Renkin and Bodach arrive in the city.The fairy's a bit hesitant about them doing this, but Renkin's determined to prove that shecan handle things on her own. That way,.

They won't treat her like a child. They duckinto an alley to use the Panagia Counter, then Renkin dashes off to some hugebuilding. It turns out this building is a library that burned down in Renkin's time.Before they can go inside, Dancho suddenly appears, saying she's worried about her. But theyoungest Arthur is mad that she's being treated like a child again, so Dancho tells her it'sbecause she's a precious comrade. Can she get a smooch? Renkin, of course, turns down herwalking, breathing HR violation of a leader. Bodach turns their attention to muscularmen approaching them. Ready to fight, the two argue who should protect who.They go at it until the men show bouquets, asking Dancho to go on a date with them. Justlike that, Dancho completely forgets about.

Renkin and joins the men. Oh well, that's justhow Dancho is; it's better to give up on her. Finally, she and Bodach proceed to the library.There, she meets a handsome boy as she gathers books about Arthurian history. They then go toa cafe, and he praises her knowledge. He says, “Knowledge enriches others, I truly amblessed to have met you,” making her blush. Back at the base, Ruro and the others areshocked to learn that Dancho has also run off. They consider following them, but at thesame time, they think both comrades will be fine together. On the other hand, Dancho is in thecity confronting the muscled men. Apparently, she isn't that naive – she knows the menknow she's an Arthur. She takes them down, no sweat. After defeating them, she realizesthey purposely took her away from Renkin. Oh no!.

As Renkin is saying goodbye to the boy, Bodachinterrupts, pushing her to spend more time with him. Embarrassed, Renkin tries to stop her sothey don't see the sudden change in the boy's expression. Then suddenly, there are lightsfrom the boy's eyeglasses that blind the girls and teleport them away. The only trace Danchocan see is Bodach's things left on the ground. —Renkin wakes up tied up along with Bodach. The boy reveals he's one of theArthurs in this time who devised a plan to take them down one by one. Unfortunately, Renkin, forall of her knowledge and skill, is still a naïve young girl who lacks experience, causing herto become his first victim. Renkin's loud cries of insult wake up Bodach. When the fairy noticesRenkin in distress, she activates her power. Then,.

A coffin appears to draw the boy into an abyss,but Bodach gets trapped in the coffin instead. It is revealed that the boy's pair of eyeglassesis his Excalibur. It can see through everything. Yep, everything. This lewd guy snoops throughRenkin's clothes to torment her. The poor girl screams for help, but who can save her in thisisolated place? The door suddenly blows up and unveils Dancho, who comes to her rescue.How dare this degenerate make Renkin cry!? The boy immediately recalibrates his eyeglasses sothey can shoot Dancho. Renkin warns her about the glasses' abilities, but Dancho bravely walks upto the enemy. Yes, she's a bit embarrassed, but it's nothing compared to Renkin's embarrassmentand fear. Then, thanks to Nuckelavee, Renkin is free to fight alongside her leader. Renkinplans to use her mallet to erase the boy's.

Memory of her starkers. Dancho strikes the boy,sending him to the ground, followed by the smash of Renkin's mallet to give the boy amnesia.After decimating the boy, Renkin apologizes to Dancho for running away without permission.And to her surprise, the leader just hugs her to reassure her that she's not alonein this fight, making Renkin happy. Back in the city, Dancho and Renkin find theirother comrades and bodies on the ground. They followed the two when they saw weird readingsfrom the Panagia Counter. They figured that these Arthurs planned to separate themand then beat them one at a time. But instead of separating them, the group learnsto trust each other more at the end of the day. But uh oh. Seems like Renkinforgot to let Bodach out!.

Another day, another time for the Arthursto defeat the wonky Arthurs of the past. The Panagia Counter has three simultaneousreadings, so Dancho divides the group into three pairs by drawing lots. Dancho insistson letting Yamaneko draw first as a ploy to be paired with her. However, her lame tacticfails since Yamaneko is paired with Renkin, and she is with Ruro. After getting close toRenkin previously, Dancho would like to get close to Yamaneko as well, but it seems unlikelyat the moment, much to her disappointment. —We will follow the first pair: Kakka and Tekken. Judging from theirpersonalities, this duo may appear mismatched. Tekken loves to do things head first, whereasKakka is smart and relies more on his intellect..

For example, Tekken prefers to run fast towardtheir destination while Kakka asks Brigitte to fly him. When they arrive at the Leicester mine,Tekken wants to search for the Excalibur in the huge place immediately. Appalled, Kakkainsists on gathering information first. However, some miners mistake them for recruits, soTekken goes along with this, thinking it's a good idea to investigate without raising suspicion.With his great stamina in digging the ground, Tekken easily captures the heart of theminers. Kakka, clearly not used to hard labor, is the opposite. After work, Kakka falls sickbecause of fatigue, while Tekken still has the energy to join the miners for a drink.Despite the tiring job, Tekken notices all the miners are still lively and full ofspirit at the end of the day. Hearing this,.

One miner regretfully says it only applies tothat particular mine. The neighboring towns are in bad shape thanks to the invaders. Tekken, andeven Kakka, lying on the couch, listen intently as the miner recounts how the invaders stoleeverything from them. People tried to fight back, but the invaders were armed with weapons they'dnever seen before. They never stood a chance. After losing everything, the president of themine, Mr. Leicester, let them in with open arms and provided them with homes and jobs. Not tomention they can actually live on their wages. They truly can't thank Mr. Leicester enough.”Wow, Leicester's one heck of a guy,” Tekken says. “What about me?” As if summoned, the ownerenters the room. The miners are all happy to see the man. Leicester acknowledgesTekken and shakes his hand, but as they do,.

Tekken feels something strange. Kakka notices it,too, yet when asked, Tekken only responds that Mr. Leicester is not some ordinary rich guy. He'snot suspicious of the man, but Kakka surely is. The following day, Kakka decides to investigatewith Brigitte. This mission will take forever if he leaves everything up to Tekken! As faras he's concerned, this is not a competition, but his pride won't allow him to fall behindthe others. So Kakka goes to a bar to inquire, but all he finds are lady workers (IYKWIM) staringat him as if he was food. The poor lad immediately runs for his life.— Let's check on the others! Dancho andRuro struggle to defeat the Arthur, who uses a rope-type Excalibur. At the same time,Yamaneko and Renkin are being roped by another.

Excalibur user.— Concurrent with their comrades' struggles, Kakkaand Tekken are unsuccessful in finding clues about the Excalibur supposedly located inside the mine.That night, the boys talk about their progress by far, and Kakka doubts Tekken has investigatedthoroughly. In response, Tekken asserts he searched the pickaxes and shovels one by onebut to no avail. Someone could be hiding it, but to discover that person, they might need topick a fight with everyone. How can they do that? Aside from it will only create more problems;Tekken thinks everyone is just so nice. Annoyed, he keeps throwing rocks until Kakkanotices Tekken holding a chunk of some sort of crystal shining through the moonlight.Afterward, the fairies fly Tekken and Kakka to.

Mr. Leicester's house. The thing is, Titania isholding Tekken upside down. The fairy clearly isn't used to this since her human runs likecrazy. So, she loses grip and accidentally drops Tekken into the bushes within Mr.Leicester's yard. The alarm blares. The security guards chase after Tekken in no time!”Let's hurry, the security should be pretty thin now!” Titania urges Kakka and Brigittewhile trying to hide her guilt. Brigitte calls Titania a demon, while Kakka feelssorry for Tekken for the first time ever. Moving on, they manage to sneak intothe house, where Kakka starts digging into Mr. Leicester's belongings. Soon, Tekkenjoins them after he loses the security team. Kakka finds out more information, butTitania discovers something important….

—The next morning, Mr. Leicester gathers all the miners to praise them for a job welldone. They hit a record high! As a reward, the businessman announces a bonus, much to everyone'sdelight. However, Mr. Leicester's speech is interrupted by Tekken and his comrades. All theminers are in disbelief at this, but they don't care. Tekken then reveals that Mr. Leicester'sclients are no other than the invaders! Kakka shows them a clump of Exanium 994, a rare elementprimarily used in the invader's machine weaponry. Leicester is still holding his cool, even withthese revelations. Kakka then presents evidence of his business partners selling those rareelements to the invaders. He knows everything from this mine is used to make weapons for invaders!Suddenly, a machine falls in front of them, thanks.

To the fairies. Isn't it used by invaders? Funny,because they found it in Leicester's office! Despite the shocking news, the poor miners hopetheir boss will deny all the accusations. However, Leicester finally unmasks his true self,justifying his crime! In exchange for selling ore elements to the invaders, heguarantees the safety of the town and the mine. It was all to protect everyone! That'show he restored the profit! No fault in that! Tekken is appalled by this – how canhe not care about other towns being destroyed because of his actions!?Clearly unhinged, Leicester declares that this town is safe because of him. Hethen invites the miners to keep following him for safety and offers them more money.Revolted by the man that turned them into fools,.

The miners resign in protest. One miner tries toattack Leicester, but he kicks the man away. He then summons the machine soldier. Oh, no!Just as it's about to attack, its power suddenly dies down. And that is becausethe fairies are smart enough to anticipate this move from the wicked businessman, sothey took a few parts of the robot out. Left with no choice, he reveals his ultimateweapon— drill hands Excalibur! It turns out that Leicester is the Arthur with the ExcaliburTekken and Kakka have been looking for. Furious, Tekken challenges him in a fight,and nothing in the world can stop him from beating this fool! He activates hisgauntlet to go against his enemy's drill hands while Kakka leaves the battle up to him.At first, the gauntlet withstands the drilling,.

But when Tekken attempts to give Mr. Leicestera blow, the counterattack throws him out. The miners' cheers for Tekken annoy Leicester, sohe drills the ground to hit them. Thankfully, Kakka immediately intervenes andshields the miners with his power. Leicester thinks it's Kakka's turn to fight him,but he's wrong because Tekken has not given up yet, and Kakka knows it. Tekken gets back up andcharges headlong at Leicester with a stronger will to win. Unfortunately, while Tekken is bruised,his enemy is unscathed. With such strength, Tekken questions Leicester why he didn'tuse it to fight against the invaders. “By not fighting, we avoid unnecessarybloodshed,” is the businessman's reason. Not something that a kid like Tekken wouldn'tunderstand! He's right. Tekken won't understand,.

And he doesn't want to! It's stupid!So Tekken unleashes more of his power, reiterating that Excalibur is a hero's symbol.”There's no victory for someone without courage!” Tekken exclaims as he struggles to disarmLeicester. Then, to his enemy's surprise, one of his gauntlets suddenly punches throughthe drill hand out of nowhere, destroying one drill hand. Tekken quickly destroys the other,then punches Leicester with his bare hand. Mr. Drill Hands is down!!! Everyone celebrates this.Kakka is chilling, proud of the result of the intense battle.— Back at the base, Dancho and the rest of theteam are exhausted from their fights. They don't even wanna think about them. Meanwhile, Tekken'salready doing sit-ups outside! Kakka checks how.

History has been changed. He discovers the minehad been under the invaders' attack. However, the miners were able to drive them out. Later,the mine shut down after hitting a lode, but all the miners transferred to a differentmine. They're truly a group of resilient people! Tekken is so glad to hear it that heclings to Kakka. This is the sight that meets Dancho and the others. They'reall convinced the two got very close, and leave after teasing them. They all ignoredKakka's protests and denials. Poor Kakka! Tekken, still holding onto Kakka, is clueless. As usual.That aside, they all won and saved more lives! Of course, there are more challenges and moredistorting-history Excaliburs to destroy. But one thing’s for sure; they can take allof them down as long as they're together.

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