They Atomize On An Island & Flip Their Airplane Into A Boat But Need to Ship A Zoo W/ Them

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On a missionary trip gone wrong, a pilot isforced to crash-land his plane full of animals on an uncharted island in the Pacific. With nohope of rescue, his only chance of survival is to convert the old B-29 into a ship. On a calm and peaceful morning, Noah Dugan, a cynical and jaded pilot, is rudely wokenby two men named Coslough and Benchley, who barge into his apartment to demand he paythe money he owes Mr. Parker within 24 hours. Before they leave, the two men beat him upand remind him once more of the deadline. The following day, Noah tries to applyfor work but is denied multiple times due to his infamous poor behavior. Luckily, his old friend Stoney has a job for him since the previous pilot bailed. As they walk towards the air base,.

Stoney explains that the task will be easy, asit only requires him to fly a cargo of animals to a remote Pacific island called Makuarana. However, Noah senses a catch and realizes that he has to use a run-down B-29 and flatly refuses,since flying with animals in an old plane is a recipe for disaster. Stoney argues thatthe animals are sacred beasts brought up at an orphanage by missionaries BernadetteLafleur and Charlotte Brathwaite. However, Noah isn't swayed, so Bernadetteasks Stoney for a refund, who, unfortunately, has spent her cash. She then threatens to rat himout to the police, so the frightened Stoney begs Noah to take the job. Noah demands $5,000 upfront,but settles on receiving the $2,000 cash now, with the $3,000 cheque to follow. Afterward, Noah checks the plane and.

Grumbles about how outdated it is. Bernadette thenspots Petey, a duck, climb into one of the shafts, so Noah crawls inside to rescue it. Theduck pecks him for handling it violently, and the shaft collapses under his weight. Nearby, Coslough and Benchley observe to see if Noah won't try to escape. However, they'reskeptical and decide to antagonize him again. Meanwhile, an infuriated Noah walks away andmakes up his mind about not taking the job. Then, he spots Mr. Parker's cronies comingfor him, and decides he'll take the job if Stoney distracts the men. Noah then runs back to the plane, while Stoney leads the men to hisoffice to buy the pilot some time. Noah then orders everyone from theorphanage to hurry loading the cargo. .

Impatient on how uncooperative some of theanimals are, he starts yelling at them, when he’s reprimanded by one of the orphans namedBobby for being inconsiderate of their feelings. Bobby explains that he has to talk gently withthe creatures, and demonstrates by leading Brutus the bull into the plane easily. However,Noah isn't impressed and dismisses him. Afterward, he dashes back tohis car to retrieve his luggage, stealthily evading the two men sent after him. Bobby and Julie wish to join Bernadette on the journey, but the missionary explains that she mustgo and teach the people of Makuarana how to care for the animals. She then bids the two orphansfarewell and accompanies Noah to the plane. As the children watch them board the B-29,Bobby tells Julie he's concerned that Noah.

Might mistreat the animals and decides to stowaway to ensure they are properly cared for. Not wanting to be left behind, Julie follows him,and both children manage to sneak inside the cargo hold just as the aircraft begins taxiing. Charlotte and the rest of the orphans are horrified to discover Bobby and Julie aboard,and try to stop Noah from taking off. However, Noah and Bernadette think they're wavinggoodbye and return the gesture. Meanwhile, the men realize that Stoney hastricked them and attempt to block the plane but fail, as Noah successfully takes off. As per his tradition during every takeoff and landing, Noah lights a cigar, but Bernadetteabhors the smoke and moves to the back. A few hours later, a bored Bernadette plays someclassical music, annoying Noah. He proposes he.

Put out the cigar if she stops the music,and the missionary happily obliges. Hours later, Noah begins to feel sleepyand tries to put the aircraft on autopilot, but to his chagrin, the autopilot is broken.Bernadette offers to take over to let him rest, assuring him she knows how to pilot a plane.Noah is dubious but allows her to take control for a while to see if she can manage, whenPetey suddenly flies into the cockpit. They turn around and are shocked tosee the orphans onboard. Bobby tells Bernadette that Melinda the cow is sick, soNoah hurries along to the cargo hold to check, but Brutus the bull knocks him out. The orphans then inform Bernadette of the situation, but since she can't leave thecockpit, she tries to reassure them that.

Noah will awaken soon. Fortunately, he does,and takes over the flying duties again. The next day, Noah tells Bernadette toanticipate the sunrise from the tail, but is surprised to find it rising by the wing.He then realizes that Bernadette's cassette player has been interfering with the compass' magneticfield, making them fly off course. With their dwindling fuel supply, Noah ultimately decidesto fly until they can spot somewhere to land, as they've flown too far to turn back. Noah tries to radio for help, but to no avail. He sees them praying and gets annoyed, but Bernadettetells him there’s no harm in praying. Just as the plane is running dangerously lowon fuel, Bobby spots an island in the distance, and Noah decides to land there. After securing the kids,.

Bernadette lights a cigar for Noah andsits back down to help him pilot. He then carefully lands the plane on the beach andthey all, fortunately, come out unscathed. Julie thanks Noah for landing themsafely and follows Bobby into the cargo hold to check on the animals. Noah and Bernadette exit the plane to check their surroundings, but unbeknownst to them,an elderly Japanese soldier is watching. Bernadette then asks Noah what their plan is,but becomes annoyed when she finds out all he wants to do is relax. She suggests they buildan encampment and a corral for the animals, while they wait for rescuers. They set to work while the Japanese soldier and his companion spy on them. Noah and Bernadette search for water,.

Leaving the two children to tend tothe animals. Brutus manages to escape, so they run after him. They try to findtheir way back, but realize they're lost. Elsewhere, Bernadette explains that she became amissionary because of her desire to help people, after raising her siblings all byherself, and that it never occurred to her to get married and settle down. Noah surmises that Bernadette got her heart broken, which triggers an argument. Moments later, Bobby and Julie spot a Japanese hideout and rush back to theircampsite to inform the adults. They return with the grownups, andNoah deduces that the two elderly Japanese soldiers are unaware that World WarII is over, and orders them to retreat. .

They return to the plane to hide, butBernadette insists they must talk with the men. The soldiers then arrive and tryto attack them, but their weapons fail. Using the opportunity as an opening,Noah shoots at them with a flare gun, and the Japanese fall back immediately. Julie hugs Noah, and thanks him, but Bobby doesn't, since he dislikes the pilot. Bernadette feels terrible for the soldiers, believing they've been humiliated by theirdefeat. Noah is appalled at her statement, and cites how he could've been killed,but Bernadette doesn't listen as she's adamant about befriending them. Infuriated, Noah makes it clear that he's in command and orders them to return to theplane while he stands guard for the night. .

After tucking the children into bed,Bernadette checks on Noah and is surprised to see him smoking. He then cites that itwas a special exemption because he thinks it better to enjoy his last days on earth. Bernadette apologizes for being inconsiderate of his feelings, and Noah does thesame. She then offers that they work on their friendship and shake on it. Bernadette then relieves him of his guard duty and Noah hands her the flare gun for protection.As he's about to walk away, Noah looks back at her for a beat before returning to the plane. The following day, Noah finds Bernadette missing and rushes to the jungle to find her,leaving the orphans at the beach. Meanwhile, Bernadette has made her way to theJapanese hideout, determined to befriend them,.

Believing it to be the Christian way. Sheenters their quarters to search for them, when they suddenly arrive andbrandish their katanas at her. Noticing that one of thesoldiers understands English, she explains that World War II has been overfor years, and that they've come in peace. Now up to date with the current events,they cook her a meal and eat together. Fearing the soldiers abducted the missionary, Noahcrashes into the hideout, prompting Commander Hiro and Lieutenant Kurishima or Cleveland attack him.Bernadette demands them to stop, because Noah is her friend, and they follow her order. She then introduces them to Noah, and Cleveland explains his moniker is from hismother's favorite place in America. Bernadette.

Then makes them all hold hands as friends,with Noah reluctantly joining in. Later, Bernadette informs Noah that the soldiershave been stuck on the island for 35 years and have had no contact with the outside world.She states that she admires their perseverance to stay alive, but Noah admonishes her forendangering herself, and they argue about the right way to treat enemies. Out of anger, Noah walks away and spends time throwing stones. Afterward, he goes to Bernadette to apologize, and they head outside to talk. Seeingthat the missionary has left, the orphans sneak into the cockpit to watch them. Noah then confronts Bernadette about her rash decision earlier, as he was only worried for hersafety. He then reveals that he's come to care for.

Her, and kisses her softly. However, Bernadetteis shocked by the kiss, but Noah doesn't want to ruin the moment, so he walks away. Bobby can't fathom why Bernadette would like Noah, but Julie argues that he's handsome.However, it doesn't change Bobby's mind, as he continues to resent the pilot. The following day, they try to pull the B-29 off the beach to no avail, when the soldiersarrive and tell them that it's a bad idea. They propose that they turn the aircraft into a boat,but it’ll require flipping it upside down. Noah objects to their plan, and suggests theystand by for help. However, Cleveland tells him there's no hope in rescue, as they'vebeen stuck on the island for decades. This convinces Noah, and they beginconstructing the boat. They remove.

The wings and other unnecessary parts,and form the tail into a rudder. Afterward, they flip the plane over with Brutus’help, place batteries inside, fill up the holes with bamboo, and construct a central mast. Meanwhile, Bernadette patches up pieces of fabric together and asks the Japanese for a largeportion of cloth they can use for the sail, so they decide to give her their battleflag. Touched by their gesture, she sews it on the top part of the sail as a symbolof honor and respect for the soldiers. Later, Noah sees the orphans bringing the animalsonboard the boat and tries to stop them, because it’ll only endanger their voyage. However, Bobbyinsists on taking them along, but Noah objects and they argue, making Julie cry. A resentful Bobby stomps away,.

And Noah goes to Julie to comfort her. Seeinghow much the animals mean to the children, he agrees to let them onboard on thecondition they make them comfortable beds. A grateful Julie hugs him and quicklychases Bobby to tell him the good news. Noah then sees Bernadette painting the name”Noah's Ark” on the hull and is shocked, since he hates his name. An apologetic Bernadette is aboutto erase it, when Noah changes his mind. Afterward, Noah and Bernadette spend timetogether at the beach, growing more in love. Days later, Noah launches the boat into thewater to catch the tide. The Japanese men then swim after them and tell them to steer the shipfaster, because they've rigged their hideout with explosives. Noah is stunned with what they'vedone, but Cleveland assures him that Commander.

Hiro designed the boat well and they won'tneed to return to the island for repairs. The group then sails away, with theJapanese steering the ship. Later that night, Bernadette becomes inspiredby the story of Noah's ark in the bible and goes to find Noah to tell him about her idea. The following day, they send Petey off in hopes someone will read the message attachedto the duck. Noah realizes that Petey has flown away in the opposite direction ofHawaii, further disheartening the group. To lift up their moods, Clevelandcooks a meal for them. Before they eat, Julie leads them in prayer and requestsGod to guide Petey toward Hawaii. The next day, Noah and the soldierstry to fish for food to no avail. .

Bobby becomes worried about Brutus' poor appetiteand tries to give the bull some of their milk supply, but Noah stops him. He berates the orphanfor sharing their rations with the animals, infuriating Bobby. The boy then decidesto give his share of milk to the bull, much to Noah's annoyance. Later, Bernadette discovers that they’re down to their last supplies andagrees with Noah that they'll have to start eating the chickens to survive. However, Bobbyobjects and informs them of his fishing method, which involves attracting the creatures using abright light source, so Noah tries it out. While the rest attempt to fish, Julie opts to stayby the cockpit to watch the fish swim. However, she spots a shark and alerts the others. Noahrealizes the shark was scaring away the fish,.

And proposes they kill it. They then build a trap and use their last fish to lure the shark. Moments later, the great white takes the bait, and the men try to reel it in. However, the sharkis too strong and wrestles from their grip. Bobby tries to locate it, but accidentallyfalls overboard. Noah immediately jumps in the water to rescue him, but the sharkcircles back and chases them. Seeing their lives in danger, Bernadettegrabs Noah's flare gun and kills it. Bobby then thanks Noah for saving his life, butthe pilot admonishes him for not staying inside, and orders him to go to bed. After Cleveland tucks Bobby in, Noah visits him and apologizes for beingso hard on him. Bobby understands that.

He's also at fault, and the two make up. The following day, a teary Bernadette realizes that the plane crash was her fault andbreaks down, but Noah consoles her, saying she was their source of hope whenthings seemed bleak. Bernadette then utters “I love you” for the first time, and anelated Noah returns the sentiment. Later that night, a strong storm hitsthe ship, and the group scrambles to secure the animals and their baggage. Commander Hiro then shows his childhood pictures to Julie and tries to communicatewith Bobby despite the language barrier, hoping to keep them calm during the typhoon. They try to sleep, but their main mast breaks the cockpit open. Noah and Commander Hiro scrambleto seal the door, lest all of them drown. .

The next morning, Noah goes outsideto check the ship's condition, and is thankful it weathered the storm.Cleveland quickly calls him back inside to inform him that Brutus is dying, and theyplan to shoot the animal to end its agony. However, Bobby objects and tries to plead withNoah. Commander Hiro then grabs the gun from him and tries to make Bobby understandthat it's the most humane solution. Just as he is about to shoot it,a siren blares through the air, and they rush outside to check. They discover that the US Coast Guard has managed to locate them because ofPetey, and the group rejoices. Days later, Noah and Bernadette are marriedon the B-29, as it’s towed toward Oahu.

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