They attempted to desire him, unaware that he become a extremely knowledgeable ex-marine

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I told a joke on a Zoom Meeting and no-onelaughed. It turns out I'm not remotely funny. Today, I'm going to recap a 2017 action thrillerfilm called: Security. The movie opens with Eddie Deacon, an ex-marinecaptain, seeking employment at an outsourcing firm. The woman who interviewed him concluded thatthere was no suitable position for him due to his fragile psychological state followinghis departure from the Marine Corps. Eddie, with a sad tone, informed the interviewerthat he had been jobless for a year and desperately needed work to support his wife and daughter.

He even expressed his willingness to takeon any role, including working as a janitor. As Eddie was about to leave, the woman calledhim back and informed him of a potentially fitting job as a mall security guard, withlow pay and long hours, and Eddie could start immediately. Without hesitation, Eddie accepted the position. Meanwhile, a US Marshal convoy was seen escortinga young girl named Jamie, aged eleven, who was set to testify in court the next day. She was the key witness in a trial againstthe notorious crime gang, Triple Six. En route, the Marshals realized they werebeing followed, and soon after, their convoy.

Was attacked by a group of heavily armed,professional mercenaries. One of the US Marshals instructed Jamie toflee into the woods and find help. Although the Marshals were all killed, Jamiemanaged to escape. The mercenaries noticed her absence and quicklycleaned up the scene to remove any evidence. The focus shifts back to Eddie, who appearsto be haunted by his past as a soldier. He called his wife to inform her of his newjob as a security guard and extended his greetings to his daughter, whom he hadn't seen in along time. Eddie arrived at the mall and was welcomedby Vance, the head security guard. Vance introduced Eddie to the other threeguards, Ruby, Mason, and Johnny, who were.

All friendly. The mall's security system had some issues,which Vance believed was due to bad weather. He provided Eddie with a uniform and proceededto give him a tour of the mall. Eddie questioned the need for five securityguards when the mall was closed. Vance explained that there had been a deadlyrobbery and that the city was plagued by gang-related crime. Vance secretly harbored feelings for Ruby,a coworker who enjoyed drinking. Eddie finally began his work, and as he patrolled,he noticed Jamie pounding on the mall doors, pleading to be let in.

Eddie impulsively opened the door to let ina frantic Jamie, who soon fell unconscious. He laid her on a couch while Vance attemptedto call the police, but strangely, they couldn't get a phone signal, and the landline was disconnected. Soon after, a man named Charlie arrived atthe mall, claiming to be Jamie's father and searching for her. Unquestioningly, Vance instructed anothersecurity guard to bring Jamie downstairs. However, Eddie was suspicious of Charlie,as Jamie seemed terrified, possibly trying to escape a malevolent father. Eddie questioned Charlie about Jamie's characteristics.

When Jamie was brought to meet Charlie, shescreamed in horror and ran away. Seeing this, Eddie forbade Vance from lettingCharlie in. Unknown to them, Charlie was not Jamie's fatherbut the leader of the mercenaries who ambushed the US Marshal convoy, intending to captureJamie. He disguised himself as her father to getclose to her. Charlie then offered Vance cash in exchangefor Jamie, tempting Vance, but Eddie intervened by striking him. Unyielding, Charlie threatened Eddie beforeleaving to prepare an attack. He explained his plan to the mercenaries:surround the mall, establish a perimeter,.

And disable the guards' car. Meanwhile, Eddie tried to contact Jamie, whowas hiding in the mall. She eventually emerged and asked Eddie topromise to protect her, which he agreed to. Once everyone was gathered, Mason informedEddie and the other guards about Jamie's father, a former cartel money man who betrayed thecriminals by exposing their crimes to the police, leading to his murder. Jamie had secretly witnessed the killing andwas in witness protection to testify against the cartel. Eddie then hid Jamie in a storage room forsafety, maintaining radio contact and instructing.

Her not to open the door for anyone untilsafe. Vance and the other guards were frightened,knowing that Charlie's gang had killed highly trained government agents and could easilyoverpower the security guards. However, Eddie, an ex-marine, remained unafraid,devising a strategy and calming the others. Eddie and the guards created homemade bombsand traps to defend the mall and protect Jamie. Charlie initiated his attack, sending a sniperin through the roof while others attempted entry through the back door. With Vance and the others' assistance, Eddiemanaged to eliminate several mercenaries. However, the sniper successfully entered themall and targeted Vance.

Fortunately, Ruby appeared just in time torescue Vance. 2. Charlie then pulled back his forces, instructingthem to clean up the crime scene before launching their next assault. Eddie and the security guards formulated adefensive strategy, positioning Vance, Ruby, and Mason at each entrance and exit of themall, while Johnny was tasked with signaling any passing police patrols with a flashlight. Shortly after, Jamie emerged from hiding,offering her help. Meanwhile, Charlie and his team managed toinfiltrate the mall with the assistance of.

Their skilled hacker. Jamie sent an RC car to Charlie, attemptingto distract him and his gang by revealing a location Eddie had prepared for an ambush. Charlie directed his men to the site, promisingthem money if they succeeded in killing Jamie and threatening their families if they failed. Upon arrival, one of the soldiers fell victimto one of Eddie's traps. Ruby fought back, shooting arrows and hittingone of the mercenaries. However, the trained combatants counterattacked,severely wounding Ruby. Mason managed to kill two of the attackersusing Eddie's traps and homemade weapons and.

Then collected their rifles. Through the walkie-talkie, Eddie checked onhis colleagues and was relieved they had all survived. He instructed Mason to stay put while he retrievedthe rifle. However, the mercenaries discovered Eddie'slocation and attacked him, forcing him to flee. A police patrol car approached the mall andstopped at the entrance. Johnny tried to signal the police, but hisflashlight failed, prompting him to leave his hiding place to alert the officers.

A sniper on the roof spotted Johnny and shothim dead before he could reach the patrol car. Eddie asked his coworkers to regroup at thetoy store. He managed to take down a mercenary, tookhis weapon, and eliminated the other guards in the area, all under the watchful eye ofCharlie through a CCTV camera. Vance and Ruby emerged from hiding but wereimmediately attacked. Ruby pushed Vance to escape while she attemptedto save him. Simultaneously, the mercenaries located Masonand tried to kill him, but Eddie arrived just in time to eliminate them.

Eddie and the others reached the toy storeand hid there. Charlie, enraged by the events he had witnessed,decided to take matters into his own hands and eliminate them all. Ruby succumbed to her severe injuries, leavingVance heartbroken over the loss of the woman he loved and who had saved his life. Eddie instructed Jamie to hide and gave hera doll containing a concealed weapon. Jamie shared her harrowing story about herlife since her father's death and being pursued by Triple Six. Eddie expressed his sympathy and apologizedto Jamie for not understanding the situation.

Earlier. Eddie remains determined to keep his promiseto protect Jamie and once again rejects Charlie's proposition to hand her over. Meanwhile, Mason notices a US Marshal's cararriving in front of the mall. Simultaneously, Eddie spots a suspicious van,which turns out to be Charlie's radio van, housing the expert hacker responsible forcoordinating the mercenaries' attacks. Eddie suspects the hacker has blocked theirphone signal. He decides to exit through the back door tomeet the US Marshals, asking Vance to guard the toy store entrance.

After Eddie departs, the mercenaries breakinto the toy store, and Vance engages in a fierce gunfight with them. On the other hand, the US Marshals order Eddieto kneel and point their guns at him. Eddie clarifies that he is not Jamie's kidnapperbut a security guard. He signals Mason to bring Jamie to the USMarshals. However, Eddie notices Triple Six tattooson their necks, realizing they are part of the criminal gang posing as federal agents. Mason, who had emerged from hiding with Jamie,confronts the attacking mercenaries and is fatally shot.

Nevertheless, Jamie manages to escape. Vance eliminates the remaining mercenariesto facilitate Jamie's escape but is severely wounded and left helpless. After taking down the criminals disguisedas federal agents, Eddie instructs Jamie to fetch a radio to call for help. Unbeknownst to them, Charlie is also listeningin on their conversation through the walkie-talkie. Charlie orders his remaining men to kill Eddiewhile he pursues Jamie. Eddie hurries to destroy the radio van torestore their phone signal, defeating the mercenaries before being attacked by Charlie'ssecond-in-command, a formidable fighter known.

As Dead Eyes. The two engage in an intense battle, but Eddieeventually subdues him after a lengthy fight. Eddie escapes on a motorized trike in themall, using it to ram into the radio van. Dead Eyes attempts another attack, but Eddiemanages to kill him using a gun from Vance's car, which Vance had informed him about earlier. Eddie also shoots and kills the sniper onguard, although he sustains multiple gunshot wounds. 3. Meanwhile, Charlie stalks Jamie in the mall,sharing his story of being abandoned by his.

Father, and offers to care for Jamie in exchangefor her silence. Jamie manages to escape, but Charlie eventuallyfinds her hiding place and captures her. As Charlie prepares to kill Jamie, an injuredand staggering Eddie appears. Charlie suggests that Eddie should acceptthe money and leave so that his colleagues' deaths are not in vain. However, Eddie remains steadfast in his decisionand commitment to his promise. Jamie catches Charlie off guard by using ataser concealed inside the doll Eddie had given her earlier, allowing Eddie to shootCharlie in the head with Vance's gun and kill him.

Following this, Jamie hurriedly contacts thepolice, who soon arrive and prepare to escort her to safety. Grateful, Jamie embraces Eddie tightly beforedeparting with the officers. Eddie watches as Vance is carried to an ambulance,having survived his injuries. A few days post-incident, Jamie visits Eddiein the hospital, expressing that his daughter is fortunate to have a father like him. Her uncle then arrives to take her home. The film concludes with Eddie recovering andreuniting with his wife and daughter. If you enjoyed this video, don't be shy tohit the like button and if you disliked it.

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