They bully the original switch pupil, entirely unaware that he’s a extremely nice alien

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Some people don’t think grass be wet inthe morning, but it dew. Today, I'm going to recap a 2011 action fantasyfilm called: I am number four. The movie begins at night in a forest, wheretwo men are hiding. One of them hears noises, and takes his macheteto check out what’s going on. Suddenly, they are attacked by unknown animals. While being chased by the monster, the youngman, known as “Number Three,” tries to escape. However, he is caught by the Mogadorian commander,who snatches his necklace, and executes him on the spot. The young man turns to dust and is lost inthe atmosphere.

The commander places the necklace around hisneck along with others, suggesting that this young man is not the first victim. Shifting to John Smith, or Number Four, whois having fun in the ocean with his friends. That evening, he goes swimming with a girl,and his leg begins to glow, forcing him to scream in pain. He also sees Number Three, who warns him ofan impending danger. People see the scene, and record John behavingstrangely, mocking him as a freak. John wakes up on the beach, and is joinedby a man named Henri. Number Three and John are young people withsuperpowers, and each of them has a protector.

Who must do everything to protect them frommortal danger. Henri, his protector notices the wound onhis leg, and realizes that Number Three has been killed. As a result, he quickly takes John and departsfrom the coastal cottage, destroying all photographs with his friends before departing. During the trip, John states that he and eightother gifted children with superpowers escaped from the planet Lorien, after it was invadedby the Mogadorians, or Mog, the bald aliens seen earlier. Since the Mogs must kill the children in ascendingorder, the scars on his leg indicate that.

Numbers 1 2 and 3 have been killed. Now John is the enemies' next target, andHenri gives him a new identity, adding that he must remain hidden. They decide to move to an old house in Paradise,Ohio, for safety.There, he comes across a poster of a football star named Bernie Kosar. A small lizard secretly follows them to thehouse. Henri tries to completely eliminate John fromsocial media, so that the Mogs cannot track him down. Suddenly, the two are startled by a strangenoise outside the house.

The lizard turns into a dog. John chooses to keep him, and gives him thename Bernie Kosar. Initially, Henri is against the idea, butJohn says it is just a dog and shows no threat. Later that evening, Henri sneakily hides amysterious box inside a wall clock, unbeknownst to John. It is a box for John, left by his father beforehe died, but John will get it at the right time. Meanwhile, Number Six arrives at the bungalowto look for John, but finds no one. She decides to burn it, and after an explosion,the girl turns out to be fireproof.

The next morning, John changes his mind andinsists on going to school. He swears to be inconspicuous, so Henri handshim the phone and reluctantly lets him go. When he arrives at school, the dog has followedhim there. While waiting for his school schedule, henotices Sarah, who is in the principal's office, because she has secretly photographed a teacherin the classroom, and he feels attracted to her. The administrative staff orders Sarah to accompanyJohn to his locker. Henri then calls him to check if everythingis OK, but he doesn’t answer. Mark and his friends approach John and introducethemselves.

When the bully walks away, John sees him hita nerdy boy named Sam, and throw away his skateboard. He gives his skateboard back and befriendshim. After school, John notices that Sam is againbeing bullied by Mark. Infuriated, John picks up the ball and violentlythrows it at one of Mark's classmates, knocking him over. He then discovers that Sarah is showing interestin him, by discreetly photographing him from a distance. That evening, John discovers a website whereSarah keeps all her photographs, including.

An album of photographs of him. Henri purposely deletes all of John's picturesso that he won’t be seen. Meanwhile, the Mogs find out that Number Fouris still alive after discovering the burned bungalow. The next day in class, John's palms beginto emit an extremely intense beam of light, known as lumin. Henri senses something when he notices thesame light in the watch, and rushes to the school. Panicked, John flees into the janitor's room,and tries to turn off the light.

Henri arrives and reassures him, explainingthat the light means his superpowers will begin to manifest. Upon his arrival at the mansion, Henri informshim that he will get stronger and faster, and that he must learn to control his powers. Henri tells him that he cannot return to schooluntil he learns to control his powers. Intrigued by the power, he shows it to thedog, and then sneaks out of the house through the window. He experiments with his powers, throwing astone that crosses the ozone layer, and performing impressively graceful jumps.

In the meantime, the Mog Commander buys everythinghe finds in the grocery store, and feeds it to strange and massive beasts. Back to John, he unexpectedly meets Sarahon the street, and takes her for a walk, during which they notice Sam with his stepfatheracross the street. She invites him to her home for dinner, andintroduces him to her family. Her parents tell him that their daughter isvery interested in photography, and advise them to go to the town's night carnival. After dinner, they go to her room, he discoversher scrapbook, which reveals that the girl doesn't like to be photographed.

Unfortunately for him, his dog unexpectedlyappears outside the house, barking continuously and forcing him to leave. We see the school bully jealously watchinghim as he walks away. The next day, Sam questions John about whathappened to his hands in class, but he refuses to talk. As Sam counsels his friend to avoid Sara,the pink paint Mark had set earlier explodes from their lockers. The paint has soiled Sam's image with hisbiological father, and he gets enraged, throwing himself at the bully.

John's palms begin to glow again, but he managesto keep his cool and walks away. While cleaning himself in the bathroom, thenerdy boy tells him about his real father, who was obsessed with aliens and has mysteriouslydisappeared. Sam claims that aliens have abducted his father. John spots Sarah in the school hallway, butdecides to avoid her. Henri, who has been conducting research onSam's father, visits an old factory, where Sam's father conducted tests. There he discovers enigmatic signs on thecolumn, and a peculiar glowing rock on the ground, known as a locator.

Henri takes it home and begins to study it. Meanwhile, John is in his room, when he receivesan invitation from Sarah to an event. During the Spring Scream Festival, Sarah revealsthat she and Mark used to be a couple, and that Mark purposely leaked all his secretsto others after their separation. The two then embark on a creepy carriage ridethrough the woods. When they arrive at the next area, Hell'sGate, Mark and his friends attack them and begin beating John, while another friend kidnapsSarah, and takes her to Mark. As Sam secretly watches them, John is forcedto use his abilities. He eventually rescues Sarah, and nearly breaksMax's arm.

He accompanies Sarah home, and finally getsto kiss her. He realizes that he has become stronger whenhe breaks a lamppost with the palm of his hand. He visits Sam's house, and reveals his trueorigins to him, confirming that his father was right all along. John warns him not to tell anyone, becauseit might put him in danger, and Sam agrees. The next day, a local sheriff, who later turnsout to be Mark's father, arrives at John's house and interrogates him, accusing him ofattacking his son, but John denies it, claiming that he was not paying attention.

Henri feels proud of John, because he is gettingused to his abilities. Soon after, a video of John screaming in painin the ocean goes viral, and Henri advises them to leave quickly, because he cannot deleteit. Since he has fallen in love with Sarah, hedisobeys and refuses to go. He starts an argument with his protector,and they have a brief scuffle. Henri is kidnapped moments later, and Johnhas to go to a specific place to rescue his protector. Together with Sam, they travel to the destination. When John arrives, he instructs Sam to followa man, while he sneaks into the house, where.

He finds several newspaper articles aboutmissing persons, and eventually discovers Henri, who is immobilized. The kidnappers turn out to be two conspiracytheorists sent by the Mogs. A Mog bursts through the door and attacksthem. As John and Sam escape, Henri confronts thealien. Sam has lost the car key, and John uses hispower to start the vehicle. However, before they leave, the alien appearsand stabs Henri in the chest. As they drive away, Henri hands John his specialknife and tracker, revealing that Sam's father used the rock to search for Lorein's survivingchildren.

He orders John to find his own kind beforehe dies, as their combined powers would be enough to stop the Mogs. Unsuccessful in capturing John, the aliensarrive at the home of the conspiracy theorists, and execute them with a death device for failing. Meanwhile, local sheriffs invade John's home,and declare him a terrorist. Sarah gets suspicious, and asks her boyfriendwho he really is. As they are driving, Sam confesses that hehas another fragment of the rock his father discovered, while searching for aliens inMexico. While Sam looks for Bernie, who helps himfind the rock in its hiding place, John stops.

By Sarah's house to clear the air and saygoodbye. The cops, however, arrive at the house, andcorner John and Sarah on the roof. Sarah falls off the roof as she stands up. Fortunately, John uses his telekinesis powerto save her. He demonstrates his skills again when he isforced to use telekinesis to pull up a police car. The two escape from the cops and go to school. Meanwhile, the Mogs arrive in a convoy oftrucks, and confront Mark and his father. The commander threateningly orders Mark totake them to John.

Sam tells his friend that the mogs have surroundedthe school. As the two try to escape, Number Six, alsoknown as Jane, appears with her special weapon, and helps them fight the aliens. A fight begins, and Jane uses her quicknessto eliminate two aliens. The Mogs unleash their flying lizards, andBernie unexpectedly transforms into a scary monster that frightens Sam. Eventually the two are reunited, but the monsteremerges and wreaks havoc inside the school. A wild Bernie appears and helps John fightthe monster, defeating the flying lizard after a long battle, but he seems to be badly injured,and eventually transforms back into a sweet.

Dog. Jane, who is struggling, asks John to chargeher with his light, and the two proceed to fight the mog, eventually eliminating it. John Jane and Sam run to the soccer field,where the commander and another monster are waiting for them. Thanks to their combined skills, Jane andJohn quickly eliminate all the guards, and nearly kill the commander. Jane, however, is captured by the monster,and John helps her with the lamp. Eventually, Number Four kills the commander,by a huge explosion.

Both survive the explosion thanks to Jane'sfireproof abilities. The next day, they manage to connect the bluerocks, and find Lorein's remaining children. Mark unexpectedly appears, and gives JohnHenri's strange box. Sam joins the team, and John kisses Sarahfor the last time. An injured Bernie arrives out of nowhere,and they all flee the town. If you enjoyed this video, don't be shy tohit the like button and if you disliked it hit the dislike button twice, just to be sure. It would be best if you watched the wholemovie. Thank you very much for watching.

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