They Gave Him OP Powers Nonetheless He Must Change into A Girl To Conceal His Id (2)

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He was a boy, she was a trap.Can I make it any more obvious? This dashing young man is YuRenjie, while this adorable young pseudo-lady is—Oh, it’s Yu Renjie, too!He’s the son of Yu Batian, the demon lord who rules over the demon clan. Unfortunately,the demon clan’s legitimacy was trashed, and he was turned into a salted fish. Needlessto say, Batian’s life is in shambles. In a bid to protect his sweet son, Batian made Renjie enrollin the Hero's Academy and obtain a Certificate of Virtue. With this, the Demon Clan can rise fromthe ashes as a legitimate clan! There’s a catch, though, and that catch is Astolfo-flavoured.Since all his personal information has been leaked, Renjie must pretend to be a girl tohide his true identity. So far so good. He’s won.

Mingzhu, the director of the academy’s DisciplineDepartment, over, and many of his classmates are impressed by his slick skills! Unfortunately,he’s also earned the ire of the power-tripping examiner, Qiang, who wants to expel him eventhough he passed his tests with flying colours. Out of nowhere, a sunflower cannon hits Qiangin the face, fired by a small angry girl named Bai Rimeng. Rimeng declares she can't acceptthis unfair play and refuses to acknowledge the test. Not amused, Qiang demands to knowwhat sect she’s from. Rimeng announces she’s the successor of an unknown sect called SunflowerSect. The power-tripping examiner is ticked off by the nerve of this runt to defy him and defendRenjie despite failing the previous two tests. To put the arrogant brat in her place, Qiangannounces the third round: a power test. If.

Rimeng loses, she'll be thrown out of the academy.But if she wins, Qiang must apologize to Renjie and acknowledge his test results. Confidentin his skills, Qiang agrees to these terms. They both enter a stance, but Rimeng's takingages to attack. The little girl is flustered, demanding not to be rushed. This fills up Qiang'sanger meter, moving to punch the girl multiple times. Rimeng takes the beating like a champ.The girl's beat-up face makes Qiang remember Rimeng's father, Bai Xiake. Qiang saysXiake's a coward who's good at running away, but he eventually gets caught. Thearrogant examiner adds that her menial sect is nothing more than garbage in his eyes.This enrages Rimeng, but her small stature and pitiful punches are no match for Qiang. As Rimengcries about how great of a father Xiake is,.

Renjie thinks of his father. Although, inRenjie's memories, he's doing everything his father should be doing. Nevertheless, assuccessors carrying the burden of their clans, the young Darklord feels a kinship towards Rimeng.Still wishing to prove the power of the Sunflower Sect, Rimeng gets up to continue the fight.The thoroughly frustrated examiner pulls a powerful punch, only to be blocked by adetermined Renjie. Qiang dodges his kick, and Renjie takes a moment to thank Rimengand tells her to leave it all to him now. With that, Renjie challenges Qiang to a fight.[8] Qiang welcomes the chance to beat up anotherno-name brat. He lets out his aura as Renjie does the same. The examiner goes on theoffensive while Renjie masterfully dodges.

And keeps Rimeng from harm. TossingRimeng to Ye Mingzhu like a basketball, Renjie continues to expertly avoid Qiang'sattacks, much to his opponent's frustration. As everyone wonders why he’s only dodging,Renjie remembers his father’s instruction. One day, as he bathed his fish dad, Renjie wastold of how he was taught techniques by various Clan members behind Batian’s back while growingup. The members were just so fond of him! Then, on the stormy night of the invasion at theirheadquarters, the sleeping Renjie received the Qi of all the Clan elders. This was their way ofensuring their Qi won’t be stolen by the enemy. With that, Renjie has knowledge of all theirClan's special martial arts, plus the elders' Qi. Batian admits his son is a little strongerthan him. That's why the little Darklord must.

Refrain from using his full power. Renjie risksnot only devastating his opponent but also being discovered as a member of the Demon Clan.However, if his bullies are relentless, Batian did tell his son that he can slap thebish. And Renjie does exactly that, sending Qiang, the bish, flying with just one slap! Qiangrecognizes the slap as a Demon Clan member technique: World-Oblivion Slap. But before Qiangcan confront Renjie, the unique effect of the slap drains the examiner of his Qi. The power-trippingexaminer faints, but not before writing the Demon Clan’s insignia on the ground with his finger.The fight's outcome has Renjie's peers lifting him up to congratulate him. But they soon drophim as someone dignified approaches. Mingzhu stops Rimeng from spouting rude words as she greets theDiscipline Dean, Yue Buxing. The man with long,.

Luscious black hair ignores her. Disappointed withhow Qiang lost to a freshman, the Dean steps on the examiner’s head. He also steps on the insigniaQiang painstakingly wrote. To everyone’s surprise, except for Renjie, the Discipline Dean callsfor the Demon Clan member among the freshman to surrender immediately.[9] The Discipline Dean immediately suspects Renjieis a Demon Clan member because he defeated Qiang. Mingzhu jumps to his defense, reasoningthat Renjie received the headmaster's Qi. So, it's not entirely unbelievable Renjie canbeat Qiang! But Buxing smells the stench of a Demon Clan member in the vicinity.Since Renjie – of course – won’t admit it, the Discipline Dean calls forth the witness,Sai Yaren. The poor guy’s on a stretcher,.

And his buttocks seem to be injured. Buxingtells him to point out the Cult member. Sai Yaren instantly crawls toward Renjie, butinstead of pinning Renjie to be the clan member, Sai Yaren exclaims he’s glad Renjie is safe. Itturns out that the belt Renjie gave Sai Yaren had “Grumay Cream.” Buxing explains this odorlessand colorless poison is exclusive to the Clan. Mild symptoms include pain and swelling,while this poison is lethal in larger doses. Renjie soon realizes that he's talking about”Gourmet Cream.” In a quick cooking portion, Miss Crab and Miss Salt explain this cream istheir alternative to fish sauce. That's because Darklord Batian has become allergic to fishsauce since becoming a fish. Unfortunately, the cream Renjie had with him must’ve spilledon his belt, leading Sai Yaren to wipe his bum.

With the delectable sauce. On the upside, SaiYaren’s testimony of this belt being used by the Demon Clan to kill Renjie totallyworks for the little Darklord’s cover. As Mingzhu tries to pry Sai Yaren off of Renjie,Buxing remembers only one person who used Grumay Cream before. The Discipline Dean seems to aim astraight attack at Renjie, only to target someone behind him. It's the material gworl Auntie—Imean, Uncle Li Dongfang! They soon duke it out in the air, steel clashing with Qi. Uncle Limasterfully dodges Buxing’s shuriken Qi as he runs away to have the Discipline Dean chaseafter him. With Uncle Li’s fighting skills, Renjie guesses the burly man will be okay.As Buxing handles the Demon Clan member, the remaining academy staff announces the resultof the freshmen’s Placement Test. Mingzhu, with a.

Score of 3A, is placed in Top Class, as the nextstudents are mostly set in the lower Advanced Class. Much to everyone’s confusion and worry,despite obtaining the same score as Mingzhu, Renjie is placed at the bottom: the Problem Class.[10] Hero’s Academy lives up to its name as the no. 1academy in the world with its advanced equipment, talented teachers, and friendly students. Theonly exception is the Problem Class, located in a secluded corner of the academy. They don’t evenhave the budget to draw the building properly! Class E moment.On top of that, Renjie finds his classmates a tad weird. More than a tad, actually.One guy’s boiling himself to cultivate Qi while a girl’s streaming it! Another looks like ahalf-dead vagrant. And then there’s the guy.

Renjie saw before entering the academy. He’sstill alive; he just changed into clothes that don't have the Demon Clan insignia. ToRenjie’s surprise, Sai Yaren’s also here. With how thrilled Sai Yaren is to be in thesame class as Renjie, he doesn’t seem to notice anything weird about the Problem Class. To befair, none of Renjie’s classmates seem to find things strange. Renjie finally hears someone echohis thoughts, and it’s Rimeng. However, what she noticed is that ever since being placed in theclass, no teacher has arrived to organize them. Seeing how disorganized and undisciplinedthe class is, Rimeng assigns herself as the teacher. And the first thing she does isprepare to recruit everyone to the Sunflower Sect. Before Rimeng can continue, a dark auraenvelopes the class as a figure approaches the.

Door. It’s Buxing, the Discipline Dean.Hearing how noisy the Problem Class is, Buxing pays them a visit. The Discipline Deanimmediately gets to work, deducting point after point from the students' moral points. Rimengtries to argue with Buxing, only to be silenced by the Dean explaining that incurring a deductionof 100 points will result in immediate expulsion. Everyone in the Problem Class has their pointsdeducted, with Renjie receiving 100 points worth for seriously injuring a teacher on the first day.Renjie is devastated. How is he going to earn a Certificate of Virtue now? Like that,his father's plan to revive the Demon Clan goes up in smoke. As Buxing orders theacademy staff to fetch Renjie's belongings, the little Darklord realizes his men's clothes arestill there. Not only will he be expelled. Renjie.

Will also be exposed as the Demon Clan heir!Just as Renjie is losing hope, Rimeng and Sai Yaren defend him. But Buxingmercilessly expels them as well. All hope seems lost until Mingzhu comes bustingin to declare that Renjie is innocent. [11] Mingzhu tries to make a case for Renjie, saying he can't be expelled because he was justforced to fight the teacher. But Buxing refuses to consider this, maintaining that Renjie must beremoved. As Mingzhu continues to defend Renjie, the Discipline Dean warns her that she can alsohave her points deducted. This ticks off Mingzhu, so much so that she relinquishes her position asthe academy’s Discipline Director. The dignified girl also removes 20 points from herself fordefying a teacher. On top of all this, Mingzhu.

Also requests to be moved to the Problem Class.Buxing warns Mingzhu to think twice about her decision. After all, she’s the only daughter ofthe incumbent Martial League Leader. In response, Mingzhu points her spear at the DisciplineDirector, declaring her decision is final. Buxing moves to leave, telling Mingzhu to rotwith the rest of the unruly Problem Class. Meanwhile, Renjie is in awe of Mingzhu. Shedemoted herself to the Problem Class just to protect him! Believing Mingzhu doesn't deservethis, Renjie tries to stop Buxing from leaving. He then asks a question. Say Sai Yaren was inthe men's bathroom and needed toilet paper, then Rimeng entered the men's bathroom togive him some. Would her points be added or deducted for entering the men's bathroom tohelp others? The mental gymnastics Buxing does to.

Answer this question makes him go haywire. Nuancedsituations seem to stump the rule-loving teacher! While the Discipline Dean is malfunctioning,the students are surprised when the headmaster suddenly enters their class. The headmastersays fate brought him here to meet them. He then lists all of the Problem Class's problems.Qiang was supposed to be their teacher, but he’s seriously ill. Another teacher whoagreed to teach the class is embroiled in personal affairs. Then the dorm situation for thegirls is a mess—they need another girl to even things out. On top of all this, a meteorite wasapproaching to hit their classroom. Thankfully, the headmaster sent it flying back to the sky.Like the meteorite problem, the headmaster is here to help the Problem Class fix theirremaining issues. He assigns Buxing as.

Qiang's replacement as Problem Class'shead teacher. Everyone, including Buxing, is in shock, except for Sai Yaren, who startscelebrating. Buxing is the best teacher in the entire school, so Sai Yaren believes he can becomea well-known swordsman under the Discipline Dean. Next, regarding Mingzhu, the headmaster trustsBuxing’s decision, so she’ll remain in Problem Class. However, seeing the strong friendshipbetween Renjie and Mingzhu prompts the headmaster to award them five points each. Renjie is ecstaticbecause this means he won’t be expelled! The good news further breaks Buxing, though. Deserve!This spiteful man should be taken down a notch! Since Renjie won't be expelled, adding Mingzhuto the Problem Class makes for an even number of girls in the dorm. As the headmaster says,fate has decided for Mingzhu and Renjie to.

Become roommates. Although for Renjie, he feelsas though fate is toying with him. Mingzhu raises her foot to trap Renjie in a kabedon, as therighteous girl calls Renjie the little Darklord. Oooh, boy![12] To Renjie’s horror, Mingzhu doubles down onher statement, saying that she knows Renjie is a man. It’s over now for Renjie! Despite hisoverwhelming fear, he miraculously manages to ask Mingzhu how she found out. But this only angersMingzhu, prompting Renjie to think back to all that happened that day. Like how Uncle Li stayedclose to Renjie. How Renjie kept refusing the headmaster’s Qi. How Renjie’s fake bosom droppedbefore everyone. He even slapped away Qiang with one fell swoop! So many things could’vegiven away the little Darklord’s identity..

But nope. None of those things revealedthe truth to Mingzhu. What gave it away was Mingzhu finding the little Darklord’s clothesin Renjie’s belongings. But why is she rummaging through Renjie’s luggage in the first place?She was going to surprise Renjie with the sister dolls she had made. Now, in her anger,Mingzhu throws the dolls at Renjie. She then demands Renjie tell her why he disguisedhimself as a girl to infiltrate the academy. Renjie answers truthfully. He’s not here todo evil things. All he wants is to apply for a Certificate of Virtue peacefully. As expected,Mingzhu doesn’t believe him. She thinks Demon Clan members are murderous liars. In Renjie’sdesperation, he unintentionally lets out a powerful burst of his aura, sending Mingzhu’sweapon flying to pierce the wall. The little.

Darklord pleads for Mingzhu to givehim a chance to be a good man. However, the strength of Renjie’s aura is enoughto shred Mingzhu’s clothes. At least the girl is now willing to listen to him.After changing into identical clothes, Mingzhu listens to Renjie's story. Though Renjieworries his narration is confusing and messy, Mingzhu cannot help but commend Uncle Li forhis great taste. I guess Mingzhu is referring to Renjie's disguise more so than Auntie Li's.Continuing, Mingzhu says her father taught her that “seeing is believing.” And throughout theday, Mingzhu has seen that Renjie is friendly and helpful and has a good attitude. Hedefinitely doesn’t look like a bad guy. Renjie thanks Mingzhu profusely, butthe righteous girl isn’t done yet. She.

Almost decides to report Renjie, but the littleDarklord's cuteness makes her reconsider. So, Mingzhu agrees to give Renjie a chanceto be a good man. If he truly isn’t evil, Mingzhu won’t stop him from getting a Certificateof Virtue. Renjie’s joy is evident on his face, making it harder for Mingzhuto resist his girlish charms. Getting a hold of herself, Mingzhu continues.Since everyone today saw them kiss, Renjie needs to keep dressing as a girl. If he doesn’t, Mingzhuand her clan will be disgraced, for she allowed her lips to touch a man's cheek. And truthfully,for Mingzhu, Renjie is more adorable as a girl. With how things turned out, Renjie can’t helpbut think how Mingzhu is the most morally upright person he has met in the academy. But Renjieimmediately takes that back as the respectable.

Girl threatens to chop him into pieces and sendhim back to the Demon Clan if he ever lies to Mingzhu again.[13] They've settled everything except for one thing.What are they going to do about their sleeping arrangements? Renjie is more than alright withsleeping on the floor. But Mingzhu uses her spear to divide their place on the bed. IfRenjie ever dares to cross the line, he’ll be finished. With that, they both go to sleep.Renjie, as he lays there, thinks he has nothing more to worry about for the rest of the schoolyear. But then Mingzhu throws the spear in her sleep and almost hits Renjie, muttering aboutmen in her sleep. She then talks about girls, grabbing Renjie to cuddle him. The littleDarklord just can’t catch a break, huh?.

The next morning, Mingzhu is well rested,while Renjie looks like he’ll faint any moment. The students of Problem Class takeadvantage of the short time before class begins to become acquainted with one another.But soon, their teacher arrives to set things in order. Buxing promises to make theirschool life pleasant. Though it’s hard to believe that when you look at his menacing face.To start their lesson, Buxing announces they'll be divided into pairs. The students will need tocompete with each other within a circle using Qi. The loser will be deducted 5 points, whilethe winner will gain 5 points. The notion of deducting points from the students makes thesadistic Discipline Dean laugh hysterically. Renjie, on the other hand, is sent intoan internal panic. Losing five points will.

Get him expelled! Thankfully, Mingzhu hashis back. But before they can partner up, Buxing declares he'll be Renjie's partner. Afterall, Renjie received ten years' worth of Qi from the headmaster. Competing with a fellow studentis unfair. That’s why the little Darklord must fight Buxing instead. And if so, it mightonly be a matter of time until Renjie is exposed for the Demon Clan heir he is!The road to securing a Certificate of Virtue is truly treacherous and unforgiving.That’s true for any student in the academy. But it becomes almost impossible when you’rethe little Darklord, disguised as a girl, in a place full of people that hate the DemonClan. Renjie needs to use his wits and pray for fate to stay by his side if he’s ever goingto have a shot at reviving his fallen clan.

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