They Had been Arranged To Salvage Married But His Sister Check Her Out

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Clear skies, high mountains, a clean flowingstream, a sparkling droplet of water, autumn leaves, and a person's silhouette. Theseare all in Kobeni Yonomori's dream. It’s strange, but even though she has no ideawhat it’s about, she feels warm. Not long after, Kobeni wakes up from it,and a ray of sunshine and glistening snow outside greets her with positivity. What's notto be happy about? Today is her 16th birthday! There's really nothing special preparedfor today, but feeling more like an adult is special in itself. At this age, Kobeni isallowed to marry, but it's still too early to think about those kinds of things.In the living room, Kobeni is instantly greeted with a hug by her older sister, Benio. Herexcited sister asks her to blow on her birthday.

Cake while gushing over how fast time flies.If it isn’t obvious yet, Benio’s charmed by her little sister. Kobeni, in turn, idolizes her,and she hopes to be more like Benio. Lil’ Miss Sis-Con here falls to her knees, her nosebleeding from Kobeni’s oh-so-cute comment. Suddenly, their mother, Akane, interruptstheir little chit-chat and scolds Benio for being so noisy. She also blames her for Kobeni'ssweet and cute persona, but she guesses that's better than raising a foul-mouthed child.While Benio daydreams of her sister calling her Dear Sister, Sister Mine, or Sissie, Akanereminds her daughter of something important. Starting today, one of her Grandpa'sfriend's kids will stay with them. And, actually… He's been here this whole time.In the corner is a lovely young man with a.

Lovely 2005 emo hair. His name is HakuyaMitsumine, and he’ll be staying with them from now on. The reason being… He was chosenby their grandpa to be Kobeni’s fi-an-ce. Kobeni, of course, isn’t having it, but mama’sreal chill. She claims that she had already met her betrothed when she was younger,but she doesn’t remember him. Either way, an arranged marriage in this day and age isjust wrong, so she incredulously ask Hakuya: “WHY?!””There are no suitable brides in the countryside,” Hakuya answers with the vigour of someonecommenting on the weather. As for Benio, she’s heartbroken, but they can’t do anything aboutit since it's Grandpa's decision. Still, Akane clarifies that there's no need to rush as Kobenican still think it over. But why her and not.

Benio? Well, Benio might look pretty and normal atfirst glance, but her personality says otherwise. Besides, Kobeni was chosen for a reason.Meanwhile, Benio interrogates Hakuya if he knows he's engaged to her sister. Apparently,everyone has been telling him about this since he was a child, so he doesn't feel unusual about it.Upon hearing that, Kobeni's annoyed. Someone told him he's engaged to a girl, and he just acceptedit!? After talking crap about this arrangement, she walks away. But now that she thinksabout it, Hakuya isn’t at fault. Suddenly, the doorbell rings repeatedly and aggressively.Upon checking who the guest is, she sees a tiny girl on their doorstep. The shortstack asks herif she’s Kobeni before flat-out telling her that she’s shorter than expected. Short, meet shorter.She introduces herself as Mashiro, Hakuya's little.

Sister, and Kobeni’s future sister-in-law.Mashiro doesn’t trust her ditzy brother, so she decided to live with them. WhileAkane – again – is chill about everything, her daughters are freaking out. But Mashiro makesherself right at home and enjoys the cake she was given. It’s her first time tasting one, andshe loves it! The girl asks who baked it so she can repay their talent, and Benio instantlymelts in joy. This little girl is so mature! Ooooh, Benio, we’re sensing apattern and FBI does not like it. Still maintaining her grown-up act, Mashiro askswhy they served her milk instead of coffee or tea. Milk is actually the girl’s favourite, butshe wants to be uptight about this whole thing so Kobeni will become the perfect bride.Kid, do you even know what you’re saying?.

Taken aback, the idea of being marriedslowly sinks into Kobeni's mind. A fiance? A sister-in-law? Being the suitable bride?Her mother accepting all of this willy-nilly without having enough groceries to feedtwo more people?!?!? The horror! With that, Kobeni pops a blood vessel or threeand heads out to go food shopping. Concerned about her meal plans, Kobenispaces out until she accidentally slips on the snowy pavement. Fortunately, Hakuyacomes out of nowhere and catches her. “You are very important, Kobeni. So I mustprotect you,” Hakuya says with a straight face. Kobeni blushes at that sudden splurgeof sweet words but says she's fine. Still, Hakuya insists on going with her. Kobeni's aboutto refuse but remembers she has to buy a lot,.

So an extra arm might be helpful.While walking, Kobeni asks if it’s true that they know each other, and Hakuyaexplains that they used to play together. No matter how much she thinks about it, she can’tremember those times. Kobeni had an accident when she was little, causing her to lose her memories.Suddenly, Hakuya places his hand on Kobeni's head, startling her. He says he just feels likedoing that, but Kobeni's uncomfortable. This spurs her to punch him in the face.Meanwhile, Mashiro is busy looking for faults in the Yonomori household. But sadly, theirhouse is squeaky clean. Knowing what she's up to, Benio warns Mashiro not to tease Kobeni so much,or else she'll be the one to tease her. After all, she’s fond of lil’ girls—OK, moving on, moving on.When Kobeni and Hakuya got back, Mashiro quickly.

Runs to her brother, which puts her agood few feet away from the creep. She then notices the bruise mark on Hakuya’s face,and boy, is Mashiro not letting that slide. Kobeni apologizes while she cooks, whileMashiro observes her. She explains what Hakuya did and said, causing her to react likethat. Mashiro defends Hakuya – he's blunt, so he's always misunderstood, but there's nomalice to it. Anyway, this whole arrangement is normal in where they came from, so Mashirodoesn’t see any issue with their union. She then guesses that Kobeni will be cookingcurry. Though she’s supposed to cook beef stew, Kobeni doesn’t want to rain on her parade so sheopts for the curry instead. Mashiro’s very excited to have a taste, but when she does, her smilejust melts into a wail. It’s too spicy for her!.

After the incident at the dinner table,Kobeni feels the need to ask Mashiro what she doesn't eat. Mashiro claims she CAN eatgrated yam, okra, and fermented soybeans, but her disgusted face says otherwise.Since Hakuya is in the room, too, Kobeni wants to address his food choices aswell. But wait a minute! Mashiro suggests that they call each other endearing names, suchas dear, darling, husband, honey. You know, those really cheesy names. Luckily, theyboth agree to just get on a first-name basis. But going back to food preferences, Hakuyaplainly says he will eat whatever Kobeni makes. Upon hearing that, Kobeni is takenaback and pretends she's not flustered. As soon as she leaves the room, she convincesherself not to fall for the bare minimum because.

She's sure Hakuya doesn't mean anything by it.The following day, Mashiro reminds her brother of what he needs to do at school.”Red means stop and green means go, okay?” Mashiro says, as if she’s talking to ahermit who was completely closed off from modern society. Well, she has her reasons to worry,seeing as they’ve lived deep in the mountains, where traffic lights aren’t really a thing.That’s not what Kobeni’s bothered about, though. She can't let anyone know in school about theirengagement because it’s too embarrassing! However, her plan has already failed as MayuraMomouchi, Kobeni's best friend, greets them cheerfully on the road.Mayura quickly notices Hakuya. Before Kobeni can explain who he is, Hakuyaintroduces himself as her fiance..

So now, Mayura is aware of her engagementto the unidentified man and how Kobeni can't go against their grandfather'swill because his word is the law. But to keep things clear, Kobeni promptsHakuya to keep their engagement a secret, or else everyone will make fun of her. Hakuyadoes as he's told, as it is his fiance's will. Reaching school, the teacher introducesHakuya to the class. But to Kobeni's surprise, there's an additional transfer student: Mashiro.Completely aghast by this announcement, Kobeni drags Mashiro out of the room after the firstperiod. She's supposed to be in grade school, so how come they let Mashiro enroll here?Mashiro smirks at her and says she shouldn't underestimate the power of the Mitsumine family.Well, that power seems to falter fast as Mashiro.

Hears Benio's name being cheered byother students. For all her creepiness around the you-know-whats, Benio isactually the stereotypical popular girl in school. She's intelligent, sociable,athletic, and the student council president. Benio’s very presence is enough to turn lifeas Mashiro knows it into a thriller. The girl is extra perturbed when Benio approaches herwith that oh-so nice and innocent demeanour. Terrified about what the lollipop lover mightdo to her, Mashiro runs away for safety. Everyone has noticed the wailing little girl andhow the Yonomori sisters seem close to her. Since everyone’s speculating about their relationship,she just tells them Mashiro is a relative. Mayura realizes how hard it is to be the populargirl's sister, seeing as even Kobeni is an instant.

Celebrity once she steps on the school grounds.But despite the trouble, Kobeni claims she's proud of Benio for the reputation she has achieved.Suddenly, Kobeni chases after Mashiro because she might get lost. But no matter where shelooks, she can't find the little girl. However, seeing her thoughts, it seems like she'strying to distract herself from the fact that she is a mere shadow of her sister.For some reason, Hakuya, who has followed her, understands her feelings despite notsaying anything. “You're your own person, Kobeni,” Hakuya says, patting her head.Kobeni just finds it weird. She doesn't want to think about his gestures. Shedistracts herself by finding Mashiro again, but there's no need for that, as Mashiro islike a koala hanging on her brother's back.

[2]Back at home, Mashiro can't get over the fact that a weirdo like Benio can be so popular in school.She's convinced that the city is terrifying, but living with an expert manipulator can be scarier.Benio tries to woo the cold little Mashiro, but she remains unaffected byBenio's fair words. However, it's uncertain how long this will last as Beniois doing the white van method on her, AKA, luring her into the student council room with promisesof sweets, tea, and scones with clotted cream. Hearing that, the tiny girl in Mashiro's headis tempted to fall into her trap… That is, if she actually knew what Benio's talking about.Mashiro quickly leaps away from her and says having tea on campus only happens in manga.After Mashiro leaves, Kobeni asks her sister.

Why Mashiro was allowed to study in a high schooland what influence the Mitsumine family holds. To be honest, Benio doesn't have any idea, only thattheir lineage is old. But having a cute lil’ gal as a classmate is pretty awesome!To… You, Benio. To you. [sirens] At home, Kobeni prepares dinner with no shredof Benio in plain sight. Mashiro notices this, so she explains that their mom spends most of hertime out at work, and Benio isn’t dependable when it comes to chores. So yes, she do the cooking,yes she do the cleaning. But Kobeni enjoys it! Currently, Kobeni is making Hamburg steak,and Mashiro tries to hide her excitement. She's a mature woman now, remember? Despitedenying her childishness and Kobeni's kindness, Mashiro sees her as a commendable bride.Later at the dinner table, Mashiro ignores.

Benio’s sussy stare and shares that they usuallycook Japanese food in their household. In turn, Kobeni mentions that she doesn’t rememberanything about them, despite everyone saying that she and Hakuya used to play together before.In that case, Mashiro figures she doesn't remember that time. When Kobeni asks what she means, Hakuyapromptly interrupts them and says it is nothing. Once they’re alone in their room, Mashiro protestsagainst what Hakuya did. Why didn’t he tell Kobeni that he was the one who saved her from theaccident all those years ago? He got hurt, too! Besides, if Hakuya reveals it, thenKobeni might wanna repay him by cooking more Western food for them. Win-win, right?Without any regard for her cravings, Hakuya answers that it feels wrong to force Kobeni intomarrying him out of obligation. So, she really.

Shouldn’t tell Kobeni about his injury, too.For the first time in a long while, Mashiro realizes her ditzy brother does havea brain somewhere up in that old noggin’! As for Kobeni, she’s still curious about the pastand suspects that Mashiro knows something about it. She then gathers the courage to ask her,but just as she’s about to knock on their room, Mashiro scurries out of their door, bumpinginto her. She looks extremely terrified as she whimpers, cuddling her teddy bear. Aw,Mashiro’s scared of the alien show on TV! Kobeni tries to calm her down by A. bringingMashirp to the kitchen to pour her a glass of milk and B. casually telling her that UFOsare known to abduct humans and cows. Oh, you know, just a lil’ fun fact there!Now trembling in fear, Mashiro is at a.

Complete loss. How can people live theirlives normally despite knowing of such cosmic horrors?! The fearful girl runs away,now wary about getting abducted. Good job, Kobeni. Now you can’t ask her about your past.That night, while in her room, Kobeni’s mind is working overtime to fill the gaps. Shecan only remember how her grandfather would bring her to the mountains to play.That's right… deep in the mountains. And there's a house over there… and…Kobeni's train of thought slowly fades as she falls deep into slumber.— The next day, Kobeni tries her luck againby asking Mashiro while they're walking to school. But instead of giving a straight answer,Mashiro averts her gaze and stammers that she.

Doesn't know anything. In her panic, she does theonly thing she’s good at—run away. Unfortunately, she ends up tripping and bruising herself,so Kobeni has to tend to her wounds at school. On the other hand, Mayura asksMashiro why they have transferred here. Mashiro explains she has to take care of herbrother, who always looks deep in thought but is actually sleeping most of the time. Otherthan that, she's here to test his future bride. But Mayura feels there's no need for that asKobeni is great in all wife duties. She even gets along well with her future sister-in-law!Well, Mashiro can't disagree with that. The little girl also commends Kobeni's “birthingfigure,” which she's insecure about. Mayura reveals that Kobeni doesn't eat sweetsbecause if she does, all the fat goes to.

Her bosom. Looking at her body, Mashiro wishesit was that easy to grow bountiful melons in her garden. But Kobeni detests her assets,saying they're heavy and can slow her down. From out of the freaking blue,freaking Benio appears to give an impassioned speech. She is campaigning forthe equality between large and small funbags, which inspires a round of applause from everyone!Well, everyone except for Mashiro that is, as the girl’s convinced that Benio is a UFOwho’s emitting waves to make people admire her. Mashiro, my girl, it’d probably be harderto find an alien that’s as weird as Benio. Mayura and Kobeni show her the schoolpaper where all of Benio's achievements are listed. Mashiro's nearly convinced that Beniois truly brilliant until a thought comes to mind:.

She's probably an alien who multiplies herself!Meanwhile, Benio has the audacity to assume that Mashiro is just scared someone else mighttake her “sisterly” self away from Mashiro due to her popularity. But fear not becauseshe only has one occupation: *drum rolls* BIG SISTER! And she can call her anything she wants.Fortunately, Nadeshiko Kashima, the student council VP, comes over to drag Benio away fromthem while hitting her back to her senses. With things settling down a bit, Mayura asksif Mashiro and Hakuya really live with the Yonomori family. Kobeni tells Mayura to keepit down, but Mashiro, being the child she is, protests out loud against why thisfact should even be kept a secret. Heads immediately turn around, and the newsspread like wildfire! The other students.

Start gossiping about it, making their ownspeculations. Now everyone in school knows that Kobeni is living with a man and his sister.On the bright side, the fiance part is still hidden in public, but Kobeni isn’t sure howlong she can keep it that way. There’s a lot of thing that she’s unsure about, but such islife when you’re engaged to the unidentified.

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