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A massive Idol group is holding auditions fornew members and Ruby is eager to try her luck the first stage of the audition is a writtenapplication and the number of applicants is ridiculous out of over a hundred and thirtythousand submissions a thousand or so including Ruby managed to pass to the second stage whichis an interview on average only about one out of every 13 applicants makes it through Rubyanxiously awaits hearing back from them at her middle school she can't shut up about itshe had waited for this opportunity for two years and she's excited and hopeful her friendsare supportive she is cute and her dancing is good her singing though leaves something to bedesired but her friends think she makes up for it in Charisma Ruby holds two Secrets close to herheart that she cannot share with anyone the first.

Is the identity of her mother I a popular Idoland rising star in the media who was tragically killed by a fanatical stalker a decade ago thesecond is that she possesses memories from her previous life and in that life she was a devotedfan of I ever since her mother's passing Ruby has been determined to fulfill her dream of becominga successful Idol just like I Ruby's brother Aqua however is a more practical person who focuseson his studies he sees the life of an idol as nothing more than a big fantasy especiallysince their salaries aren't as great as most think their careers usually end before the age of30 and their daily lives are pretty much public knowledge with every little thing they do subjectto criticism her dream of becoming an idol is not only a tall one but also not very rewarding evenif she does make it despite this Ruby won't give.

Up since their mother's death Aqua has grown intoa very serious-minded person it's anyone's guess whether he's even capable of having a goodtime he's an apprentice under the director now but Ruby's pretty sure he's got more going onthan what he lets on Ichigo disappeared after the incident forcing miyoko into leadership at theagency which wasn't that big of a leap actually she'd kind of been running business behind thescenes anyway Ruby pesters her about creating a new Idol group but it's not as easy as it seemsthe odds of achieving what they had with I were absurd to begin with to expect it to happenagain is pure pipe dream at last Ruby gets the call with her audition result it's not whatshe had hoped for Miko tries to comfort her and reminds her that it's a harsh business a lot goesinto these decisions that they've got no control.

Over and it's never just a question of talentbut the truth is even more brutal this time Aqua Ruby's own brother was the one who calledher he altered his voice and played the part of a recruiting agent he had secretly withdrawnRuby from the competition by text message from her phone and blocked the real agency's numberthe director can't compre hint why Aqua would go to such extreme lengths to shatter his sister'saspirations Ruby is a stunning girl and has a real shot at making it but he won't let the tragedythat befell their mother happened to Ruby and it's preferable that he handles it alone for better orworse Ruby is approached on the street by a scout for an underground Idol group and she can't helpbut feel like it's fate Miyako and aqua are both skeptical about this opportunity once again Aquafeels the need to prevent Ruby from pursuing her.

Dream Miyako understands how he feels but sincetaking on the role of raising Ruby as her own daughter she can't bring herself to stand in theway of her aspirations and as much as she hates to say it Ruby may actually have what it takes Aquais still hesitant to accept it he grabs one of the agency's business cards and heads out he seems tohave a plan Aqua approaches a girl named Lala as a scouting agent for strawberry reproductionsand presents her with the agency's card after gaining her trust he brings her to the officeaqua's objective is to get some information about the agency that's headhunting Ruby the sameagency that currently represents Lala Miyako was surprised by aqua's unconventional approachbut goes with it Aqua goes on to tell Lala that strawberry Productions could probably offerher a better deal but would like to hear about.

Her current conditions to be sure Lala quicklydivulges her contract terms she reveals what she makes on average per month which is nothingexciting and that the general atmosphere there is antagonistic her included she blames her own lackof success on favoritism alleging that the manager is dating one of her colleagues and putting mostof his effort into promoting her there's a lot of talk among the other members about quitting andthe management seems to be constantly scouting for new Talent after Lala leaves Miyako cautions thatthey shouldn't take everything she said at face value considering that even in eyes group therewere rumors of favoritism due to her outshining everyone however Aqua is not willing to take anychances and won't let Ruby join a group with so much controversy going on he's determined to doanything to stop Ruby from pursuing this the next.

Day Miyako has one final conversation about itwith Ruby warning her again about all the negative aspects of the industry Ruby remains determined tobecome an idol like her mother Miyako then advises her against joining the group she was scouted forand instead offers her a spot in a new group that her agency will now put together this willbe the agency's first new Idol group since B komachi disbanded Ruby signs her new contractand is ecstatic Aqua seems oddly indifferent Aqua drops in on the director and sits down to dosome work as his Apprentice the director observes aqua's reaction to his sister becoming an idolwith Miyako's agency and yeah it's not what he wanted but at least this way they've gotsome control of the situation Aqua edits some footage for the director his true motivation forstaying connected to the entertainment business.

Is to find out who his father is and to takerevenge he needs to be in close contact with folks in the industry so he can somehow collectDNA samples being an actor would make it easier but seeing other people perform he doesn't thinkhe's got the chops for greatness as an actor and feels it's pointless to chase something if youwon't be able to stand out the director attempts multiple times to offer Aqua some Sage wordsof encouragement to get him back into acting but every time he's about to make his profoundphilosophical Point his mother barges into the room hollering about one thing or another like hismiso soup getting cold no big loss it only calls attention to the fact that this is a man in his40s still living with his mother anything he's got to say no matter how true is only gonna carry somuch weight with aqua Aqua compare is his talent.

To that of his mother he fears that if he doesn'tpossess that same level of skill he won't succeed as an actor the director reminds him that he hasan exceptional intellect and other skills that his mother didn't have and that setbacks shouldnot hinder his aspirations Aqua recalls his mother's last words she had expressed her visionof him as a successful actor just as he's about to speak up the director's mother interrupts onceagain Ruby and aqua apply to the same high school one of the few that offers a Performing Artstrack curiously Aqua simply enrolls in their General Studies program as they discuss how theiracceptance process went a red-haired girl walks by it's Kana the baking soda girl who seems just asshort as she was a decade before she recognizes Aqua who barely recalls her she's excited thatthey'll be studying together that is until.

She finds out that he didn't apply for the artsdepartment Aqua heads to the director's place and kind of follows him asking him all kinds ofquestions even trying to get him to go out with her she's quite well known so normal dates areoff the table and she invites him to her place he agrees to nothing but lets her tag along to thedirectors she inquires about aqua's acting career or lack thereof he believes that his breakoutchildhood role was a fluke due to Simply being a child with all of his previous incarnationsmemories temperament and experience that no one knows about of course Khanna pivots and divulgesher current role on sweet today a drama series based on a Shojo manga that Aqua is familiar withKana offers to get him a role on the show but determined to stay behind the scenes he's quickto tell her he's not interested that is until she.

Mentions that a certain kabudagi masaya is workingon the show Aqua recalls the painstaking process of trying to unlock one of I's phones she'd hadthat phone since before her pregnancy and this this was his best lead to find out who his fatheris after a grueling four years of brute forcing the password he had finally gained access on tryforty five thousand five hundred and ten massia is one of the old contacts on the phone Kana isgoing on about the effeminately gorgeous male lead when Aqua cuts her off to tell her he'll takethe role which leads her to wonder if he plays for the other team Kana speaks with Masia over thephone and he agrees to give Aqua the gig back at home Ruby is ecstatic about her brother's new roleshe's also a fan of the Manga she and Miko decide to watch the series only to give up on the firstepisode the adaptation is atrocious the acting is.

Terrible it's just a sad attempt at publicity forthe troop of models they cast at a karaoke place Kana goes into more detail she had been cast togift the production some credibility but among the rest of the quote-unquote actors she reallyhas to hold back to not draw too much attention to just how talentless the others are but she wantsto make a watchable show at the very least the writer of the manga had visited the set one dayto say she was disappointed doesn't capture it Kana witnessed The Writer's Soul physically leaveher body through her cold Hollow eyes since their first acting kick together Kanas learned a lotand grown emotionally and empathetically that is physically she's still very small she's riskingher reputation and position in the industry to try to save the production she then dumps thefact that they're skipping a table read oh and.

Shooting starts tomorrow while reviewing thescript Aqua is impressed with kana's ability to take advantage of a competent crew regardless ofthe poor crop of talent to make an approximation of what could be misconstrued as entertainment andnot merely long-form advertising for the models on set the following day the production team prepsfor shooting Aqua is introduced tamasia who could possibly be his father he just needs to find anopening to collect some latent DNA from the guy during their one rehearsal for his scene he putsjust enough effort into his role as the villain to avoid upstaging anyone or standing out even thoughhe repeatedly asserts that he's a mid-level actor at best genius recognizes genius and Kana commendshis professional approach to the work in general and working with him she feels like she has apeer that she's no longer alone in her struggle.

Trying to make it in an unforgiving industry Aquawaits in the shadows for an opportunity to collect some discarded cigarette butts for that Daddy DNAhe overhears masaya boasting about how easy it is to exploit Kana since she became a freelancer he'susing her name recognition and talent as an actor to carry the show while criminally underpayingher it completely dismisses the only thing she hopes to get out of her work being valued for herabilities after listening to this disheartening reality Aqua resolves to act kind of reminiscesabout her childhood acting career losing steam instead of this show thrusting her back into thespotlight she's becoming increasingly frustrated by the other actors poor performances despite herbest efforts to prop them up when they film Aqua scene he deliberately gets under the lead skinimprovising lines and provoking him so when the.

Moment comes that he's supposed to hit Aqua hereally wants to hit him Kana is surprised by his performance it's setting her up to shine and doesJustice to her favorite scene from the manga after the Take the Lead apologizes for connecting thepunch to aqua's face but he brushes it off it was him who was trying to elicit a real reaction inthe first place despite going off script the crew was impressed with the results and they decide toleave it as it is experience the ultimate vehicle combat game ever made War Thunder with over 2000 tanks planes helicopters and ships engage in Dynamic combined arms PVP battles every vehicleis incredibly detailed down to their individual components offering a highly immersive combatexperience War Thunder's collection of vehicles spans over 100 Years of development fromthe 1920s to the present day witnessed the.

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To register and start your Epic Journey yorikothe series mangaka watches the new and final episode her assistants try to console her aboutthe generally poor adaptation but after finishing the episode she breaks into tears over Kana andaqua's performance which makes her appreciate the adaptation that she had previously given up hopeon despite most people writing the show off the reception of the final episode is positive at therap party Kana is surprised to find out that Aqua is single while they talk yodiko walks over topersonally thank Conifer saving the show with her performance the producer macia approaches Aquawith the same sentiment aqua's clandestine DNA test from his cigarette butts proved that he isn'this father he notes however that Aqua looks like I having worked closely with her in the past Aquaasks about his relationship with I and he reveals.

That he used to recommend restaurants inside whereshe could meet guys without her agency catching on this piques aqua's interest and he tries to getmore details about her relationships this gives Marcia The Leverage to ask Aqua to be in a newreality dating show in exchange for information about I on the twins first day of school Kanapoints out that every student is an entertainer of some sort which makes Ruby nervous in classshe meets Minami a pinup model and the two quickly become friends later Ruby introduces herto Aqua and asks if he's made any friends he's a bit defensive since he hasn't Ruby goes on to talkabout Friel a multi-talented Entertainer who's in her class and just then she happens to walk byAqua is confused about why Ruby's fawning over her and to approach his foot to ask if she'llbe friends with his sister Ruby is floored that.

She recognizes him from sweet today she alsorecognizes Minami but when she turns to her Ruby becomes super self-conscious she hasn't yetbeen in anything to be recognized from at home Ruby begs miaco to help her Kickstart her Idolcareer but she's having trouble scouting other members for the group she won't poach Talentsigned to other agencies and that limits her to complete unknowns or Freelancers Aqua suggestsasking Kana to join at school Ruby follows Khanna noting her characteristics that appeal to idlefans Aqua notices his sister creeping around and tells her to just ask Kana but Ruby is nervousthey haven't exactly been on the best of terms Aqua helps out by sending Kana a message to meetup after school Khan is looking over the social media conversation around the last episode ofsweet today and gets flustered when she comes.

Across a comment about aqua's looks of coursethat's exactly when she receives his text she immediately gets the wrong idea and is excitedonly to be disappointed when she finds Ruby there waiting with aqua after school shelving her Pridefor the moment Ruby gets straight to the point and asks Khanna to be in an idol group with herKana is caught off guard and asks for some time to think it over her instinct is to turn downthe offer to preserve her career as an actor though Ruby does remind her of I and she sees herpotential just as she begins to say no Aqua gets on one knee and begs her despite her best effortsto refuse the proposal she ends up caving in Miyako was surprised that he actually got her toagree and warns him to be careful with his antics kind of wonders if Aqua has another job lined upand Ruby clearly ashamed Reveals His role in a new.

Dating show which they then sit down to watchhis first appearance on the screen leaves them dumbfounded aqua's Behavior disposition the thingshe says it's not him at all Miyako overhears this and reminds them that he is an actor after allbut this reassurance doesn't make Kana feel any better onset Aqua meets co-star Yuki whoseequally unenthusiastic about the show she makes several humbling admissions including that she'sbad at making conversation but it turns out she was just playing for the cameras which are alwaysfilming back home Ruby boo rates her brother she refuses to let anyone she doesn't approve of makemoves on him and decides that she must choose one for him herself Yuki would be acceptable Aqua isnot impressed with her Judgment of character then next day Kana isn't too thrilled about the wholeIdol thing while Ruby tries to figure out what.

They can do to drum up interest and find moremembers Miyako tells them that having an online presence is the way to go these days and luckilyfor them strawberry Productions has loads of experience managing online streamers she sets upa meeting with paon a strength trainer who wears a bird mask in his videos and in meetings apparentlyKana has doubts but quickly changes her tune when she finds out that he's the agency's top earnerthey brainstorm ideas for their online debut the first idea is to make a prank video but theprank would be staged and contrary to her mother's philosophy Ruby thinks they should go another moreauthentic route so they decide to make a video where the girls also wear bird masks and performa calisthenically choreographed dance if they can last one hour then they will reveal their facesthe collaboration is way harder than they thought.

And they barely make it to the end but they do andafter the hour is up the girls remove their masks and try to introduce themselves while gasping forbreath when their host asks what their group's name is Kana lets Ruby choose one on the spotthey are B kamachi named directly after eyes group Yuki toys with the idea of quitting on the latestepisode of Love Now The Producers love it for the Cliffhanger and Their audience eats up the dramabut when the cameras are off she reveals that she wasn't actually planning on leaving the showbut she wasn't acting either those were real feelings and she was just exaggerating them akaneone of her co-stars takes notes on everything after another day of filming some of the castmembers plan to go out for dinner nobiyuki invites Aqua along and he begrudgingly accepts at therestaurant Aqua notices akane's awkward tendency.

To not get very involved but write everything downat home Ruby chews Aqua out for skipping out on their Sunday dinner and bemon's house staged thequote-unquote reality show is he explains that the cast often does ACT genuinely but sometimes lyingabout things protects them in their real lives a love triangle forms on set revolving aroundYuki leaving akane feeling invisible Aqua distances himself and stays on the sidelineswith memcha she's pleased that she's racking up viewers on her YouTube channel which washer objective though she's growing concerned for akanei who doesn't seem to be doing well shehasn't been able to find her groove on the show later akane overhears her manager getting chewedout by her agency's president her lack of screen time is an embarrassment and he accuses them ofnot taking this opportunity seriously her manager.

Wishes she hadn't overheard that he considers ithis job to protect her from that kind of thing and tries to assure her that he expects nothingmore than everything she's already putting into her performance but she takes what she heardto heart and feels pressured to stand out at strawberry Productions Kana stops Ruby fromposting complaints about a drink if they're going to be Idols then pissing off any potentialsponsors is just bad business a somewhat Clueless Ruby doesn't get how they'd even notice Kanapoints out that Ruby looks herself up online doesn't she and claps her phone to prove it shedoes she then assures her that the company's ego surf their brands as well they'll see it onset akane feels she needs to get more screen time however she can and even asks the directorfor advice He suggests she could be the bad girl.

While Yuki doesak in his nails acne admits shefeels like she has to make some kind of move to stand out before the show ends Yuki understandsbut is also pretty happy with being front and center on the show and warns her that she's notgoing to back down later akane manages to get nobiyuki assigned to talk but Yuki steps in andalmost effortlessly steals him away not wanting to Fall Into Obscurity akinate goes after them andends up scratching Yuki's face the crew cuts to address the wound akane feels horrible since Yukihas a shoot the next day but Yuki forgives her and they affirm their respect for one another despitemaking up off-screen akinese image online begins to decline and Yuki's fans pile on the hate tryingto save face how can he posts an apology but it backfires since people often see an apology as anadmission of deliberate wrongdoing it just makes.

The onslaught worse this sends her into a downwardspiral as people in her life start to turn against her despite giving her all and working hard forwhat she's got nobody online or at school sees or cares unable to deal with the harsh criticismand outright cyberbullying acne is despondent she goes out during a typhoon and stops on a bridgeand right when she steps off she's grabbed by a hooded figure she cries out and struggles but it'sAqua there with his arms around her and she begins to calm akane doesn't understand how Aqua cameto be there and just now he explains that memcho became concerned with how long she was gone andin such terrible weather so he went out in the typhoon to find her comped but still emotionallyoverwhelmed she cries as a police officer shows up questioning what the two are doing up there on anight like this at strawberry Productions Khanna.

And Ruby discussed the online response to akinesebehavior on the show Kana points out that people tend to attack the person rather than the showwhen it comes to reality TV Miyako receives a call requesting her Presence at the police station whenshe gets there she Praises Aqua for his heroics but he brushes it off and only points out that insituations like this it's important to act quickly the other cast members show up to support acne andYuki slaps her out of worry before embracing her somewhat insensitively Aqua picks that momentto point out that she's got a decision to make about what to do next including the possibilityof her quitting the show but akane refuses to toy with the notion considering all of the workshe's put in and the support she's received to get to where she is the others agree with herdecision and express their full support Aqua heads.

To the station's Press Club and leaks the scoopon akane's suicide attempt after the news breaks some of the haters back off but others are evenmore incensed Aqua devises a plan to sway public opinion by creating a behind-the-scenes look atthe show he approaches memcho who agrees to help and offers to use her knowledge of socialmedia to help the video spread online Kango was on board as well and volunteers to write themusic Yuki suggests using footage recorded by an unmanned camera of her and akane making up afterthe face scratch incident but doesn't know how they would get their hands on it so aqua decidesto confront the director directly regarding this footage the director is not inclined since theykind of let the hate train steam on around this event it wouldn't be great for the reality showif suddenly the reality was revealed but Aqua.

Proceeds to manipulate him into compliance witha guilt trip the cast gets together and with a stimulant fueled effort put together their videoshortly after the post goes up it begins to spread quickly akane sees the video at home and tears upnot only does it paint her in a better light but it ends up actively promoting the show as welllater akane meets with the rest of the cast and announces that she's ready to film the remainingepisodes for her emotional protection they suggest that she put her acting skill to work and create acharacter for herself rather than leaving her true self so vulnerable but what kind of characterthey realize that Aqua is the only guy on the show who's not involved with one of the girlsso they ask him about his type only for him to him abstractly describe I somehow memcho guessesthat he's talking about someone like the deceased.

Idol akane takes note and resolves to play therole of aqua's Ideal girl but Aqua has doubts about whether anyone could ever come close tomimicking what obviously can only come naturally acne researches eye extensively even wonderingabout what her type was she goes a bit overboard with her research maybe a little overzealousin her attempt to repay Aqua for his kindness meanwhile Kana asks Aqua about how akanei is doingand then expresses disappointment that she didn't retire apparently she views her as a rival inthe acting space aqua's limited experience is strictly as a Screen Actor and he was unawareof akinese superb reputation in theater akane returns to the set and formally apologizesto the crew for causing them trouble when Aqua shows up she gets his attention immediately byassuming her new character modeled on eye he's.

Stopped in his tracks and turns to witness thenewly motivated acne emulating the full magnitude of her presence to a t Aqua does not know howto respond to akane's transformation it's too good it's Eerie and whether he likes it ornot it's having an effect realizing what's going down memcho and Yuki egg him on but hebecomes defensive and walks out akane drops the act after seeing aqua's strong reactionand the two girls question her about whether she has genuine feelings towards him she admitsthat she would date Aqua if he were on board Aqua is forced to wrestle with the nature of hisrelationship with I more than a fan and more than her son he's confused and either can't find thewords or won't utter them later on Aqua catches up to a despondent Kana on her way to school and asksif she'll skip class with him she enthusiastically.

Agrees and suggests a number of things theycould do which he rejects and then takes her to a park to play catch she doesn't hesitateto tell him how weird that is how weird he is khana's not exactly athletic and she asks him whyhe didn't ask someone else like someone from the cast of Love now but he dismisses that as work andthose people just colleagues she pivots to akane and starts talking about his type Aqua becomesintrospective his body is finally catching up to the maturity of his mind he mentions that he'sbeginning to see girls around his age as potential love interests with a particular preference forher slightly older women which excites her being a year older herself he levels with himself thathe doesn't feel anything romantic towards acne anything there is just the shell of a memoryonset akane reveals that she imagines that I.

Had a secret child this makes it easier for herto reconcile her sometimes erratic Behavior Aqua recognizes that she truly is extraordinary thoughsure in his position that their relationship is strictly professional he decides to not let what'sbefore him go to waste and he kisses her on camera Kana is mortified when she sees the episodefilming of the series is finished at the wrap party the other cast members question whetherakane and aqua will date now that the show is over the director chimes in saying that sincethe contracts are fulfilled it's now up to the actors to decide how they proceed Aqua Ducks outto talk with the producer who proposed being on the show in exchange for information about I nowthat Aquas fulfilled his end of the bargain the producer suggests getting sushi sometimeand he'll divulge some Choice information.

Back inside akane confronts Aqua abouttheir relationship and how they should move forward he confesses that they don't havea future romantically but softens the blow by expressing his admiration for her as an actor theyprofessionally decide to keep up appearances for a while for the sake of their careers afterwards memCho and aqua walk home together she reveals that she really wanted to be an idol which obviouslygives Aqua the idea to pitch becoming a member of B kamachi she's dismissive of the offerat first but then realizes that he's serious at strawberry Productions Miko is surprisedthat memcho wants to be an idol and playfully suggests that she should have hired Aqua as ascout although miaco is fine with it she calls memcho out for not being completely honest abouther age and everyone is floored when they find out.

That she's really 25. she explains that while shewas in high school her mother fell ill her dreams took a back seat while she worked differentjobs to help her family Ruby and Kana chime in supportively and reassure her that her agedoesn't matter she can become an idol regardless in class Ruby and Minami talk about aqua's kissand subsequent relationship when frill shows up and surprises them with her sense of humor theytalk about how all the girls are fawning over Aqua after his role in the show the B kamachiChannel starts to grow a following thanks in large part to memcho onboarding some subscribersfrom her established audience she suggests they start practicing old B kamachi songs to preparethemselves for uploading their own music videos after a long choreography session Kana wonderswhether she'll be able to keep up with the.

Others Aqua appears and offers her some water sheinitially accepts but when she can't get his and akinese kiss out of her head she tells him off hesays that if she keeps up this hostile attitude of hers even he'll feel hurt she does reconsider butwhen she looks up and calls after him he's already gone later on Aqua meets with the producer overSushi and he warns him about what he's getting into fans usually don't like to be disillusionedby facts early on I was tough to work with lacking professionalism but after joining the sametheater company as akane on his recommendation I's attitude changed apparently because she fellin love according to him the producer then offers to put him in touch with the theater company sohe can dig up more on his own Aqua asks him why he's being so accommodating about all this andthe producer explains that doing him a favor.

Now is an investment in collecting on it in thefuture he's also noticed the move's strawberry Productions has been making regarding B kamachiand is intrigued he then reaches out to memjo with an opportunity to squeeze bee kamachiinto the lineup at the upcoming Japan Idol Festival the girls discuss potentially playingtheir first gig Ruby is obviously excited and memcho posits that they became Idols for this veryreason so Kana agrees despite having reservations the question of who will be the group's Centercomes up Ruby and memcho tried to hide their excitement and desire for the part they bringup kana's popular bell pepper exercise from when she was a child wondering if she'd bea better fit but she doesn't seem too keen on the part they decide that whoever gets thehighest score at karaoke will become the center.

Kind of mentions that she doesn't have anyreliable fans suggesting that she's incapable of being the center Ruby tries to encourage hersaying that she's been too hard on herself lately she tries to cheer her up by mentioning that evenAqua finds her attractive but this only backfires at the karaoke place Ruby and memcho both givemediocre performances they decide to have a crack at khanna's catchy little exercise song and todiscover that Kana continued to release music after her childhood hit and they have a listenthey are amazed at how good she is and wonder why she's so hard on herself despite her obvioustalent memcho and Ruby try to film kana's reaction to becoming the center there's only one problemshe never agreed to be the center in the first place she calls them out for trying to manipulateher into accepting the role which she ultimately.

Does so it kind of worked Miyako informs the girlsthat she's brought someone on to help with the final push before their show it's paon he helpsthe girls get in shape with an aggressive workout regimen and helps plan out their choreography onenight piaeon sees Kana out on the balcony and asks whether she regrets becoming an idol she divulgesher about being the center of the group after her failed music career as a child he tries to quellher worries and admits to being her fan he even knows specific details about her which takes herby surprise she entertains the idea of falling for him and giving up on Aqua altogether back insidememco and Ruby remark on how Pian seems Slimmer than they remember later on after finishing upanother practice session Kana complains to memcho about Aqua she goes on to reveal how much sheadmired him when they were young and mem Cho's not.

Quite sure what to make of all this informationit turns out that Aqua has been posing as paon the whole time he watches from the Shadows whiletalking to the real paon who's on vacation he asks about why Aqua had to disguise himself to supportthe group to which Aqua responds that based on her behavior as of late Kana would have activelyrebelled against any advice that came from him paon expresses his doubts about this promptingAqua to admit that he's actually quite feeble the night before the festival Ruby is too excitedand has trouble falling asleep Kana is baffled and asks how she could possibly be so optimistic Rubyreveals that she used to be confined to her room convinced that she would die without experiencingany thrills or excitement but that changed when she became an idol otaku and her first love toldher that he would be her fan if she ever became an.

Idol telling the story relaxes Ruby and she doesend up falling asleep and Kana goes for a walk on her way downstairs she notices paon's mask on thetable excited to see what's underneath the mask she's absolutely floored when she finds out it'sbeen Aqua the whole time she's now unable to sleep wondering whether Aqua was being genuine on thebalcony the next day miaco and the girls arrive at the festival and head to the dressing room whichturns out to be a giant free-for-all filled with underground Idol groups vying for space Kana isovercome by her past failures and is terrified of Bringing Down the whole group now that she's thecenter Ruby finds her and admits that she's really nervous despite all her excitement the nightbefore she notices that Kana is in her head and realizes she's just as nervous if not more Kanaboils over and confesses that her anxiety comes.

From feeling responsible for her memcho Miyakoeveryone involved when she was on her own she could handle failure on her own but if she failsnow she brings the rest of them down with her Ruby tries to reassure her by saying that amateurIdols are pretty much doomed to fail anyway so they should just go for it and have fun hearingthis New Perspective from Ruby does relieve Khan and the girls get ready to put on their firstshow as B kamachi the newest iteration of B kamachi takes the stage prepared to put on theirfirst show the turnout isn't too bad thanks to mem Cho's following as a streamer each had chosentheir own glow stick color so their fans could show their support for their favorite memberRuby chose Rhett memcho yellow and Kana white Kana notices a severe lack of white glow sticksin the crowd which gets in her head she reasons.

That with memcho's popularity it's no wonder thatthe majority would be yellow but she still laments her perceived failures and struggles after agingout of her child actor popularity she continues scanning the crowd silently crying out for someoneto notice her someone to need her Ruby notices kind of faltering tries to give her a quick nudgeof encouragement and kicks it up a notch herself to make up for the disparity and energy the crowdseems to enjoy their first song Ruby continues to to round them up while Kana continues to reel butwhen their second song gets underway a lone white glow stick stands outstretched down in front it'sAqua holding both red and yellow ones in his other hand he starts to dance kinda ridiculously andcompletely straightfaced Ruby almost cracks up while Kana lights up completely changing hertune the group really hits their stride and.

Even a former fan of the old bikomachi feels thesame vibe that I gave off coming from Ruby and gets into it their first performance is a successafterwards on their way home Kana asks Aqua what he thought of the show and he replies that itwas fine before Kana can fire back he explains that they have far better performances to come sothere's no point in raving about it just yet in the front seat memcho wonders why they keep goingfor each other's throats but Miyako implies that there's something else going on between them andthen asks Aqua about akane just to stir things up and show memcha what she means he admits that theyhaven't seen each other since the after party and that their relationship is strictly to keep upappearances after their performance on Love Now Kana goes red and lights up memcho finally getsit and starts to worry that a love triangle is.

Forming kind of approaches Aqua the next day andquestions him about impersonating pieon he tells her that since they weren't on speaking terms atthe time he figured it was the best way to help them prepare without the two of them clashingKana interprets this as Aqua going out of his way just for her and becomes even more Brazenin her teasing Ruby sees the two interacting and tells memcho that Kana brings out the oldAqua which makes Ruby happy but memcha worries that akane has her work cut out for her elsewherethe producer who gave Aqua info about I meets with an event manager who's putting together a Stageproduction based on the widely popular manga Tokyo blade it turns out that akini's theater company isproviding some of the cast so naturally if she's playing the lead Aqua would be a shoe-in for thelove interest the next day aqua and akane go on.

A date to take pictures for Instagram to maintaintheir public appearance they discuss the play and akane mentions that aqua's character has anotherlove interest and wonders who will be cast for that part she doesn't have to wonder long howeveras Kana drops in on them having stalked their real-time Instagram posts and tells them thatshe's playing the role arcanae is furious that her Eternal rival is cast as well her rival aftershe leaves akane fills Aqua in on how she and Kana often competed for the same roles throughouttheir childhood careers Khanna having won the majority of them Aqua comments on how he doesn'tget why actors are so obsessed with winning thinking about what the producer told him about Ijoining a workshop with the same Theater Company he can't refuse the opportunity to gleanmore information and tells akane he's in.

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