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A DVD of the idol Group B kamachi plays ina hospital room where otaku Dr Gordo watches his favorite Idol I and a nurse teases him abouthis obsession she tells him it's all over social media that this singer is taking some time off forhealth reasons he tries to defend the wholesome roots of his obsession and tells the nurse aboutSarina an impatient during his residency diagnosed with cancer she loved the singer and oftenfantasized about being reborn as some famous person's kid but godo says she herself can be anidol when she gets out of the hospital one day he'll even be her number one fan four years agosadina passed away she'd be 16 the same age as I if she were still around ignoring the nurse'saccusations of being a creep Gordo attends his next patient he's floored when he walks into find an undercover eye waiting there her.

Manager sits in as her guardian and it turns outshe's 20 weeks pregnant with twins panic-stricken and Starstruck the doctor has to leave the roomto collect himself I decides to go through with the pregnancy and raise her children despite hermanager's protests about the effect it could have on her career after the appointment goto overhearsa conversation between two men watching TV about expecting celebrities one comments he'd be rebornas a famous person's kid if he killed over right then and there seems like a common sentiment thedoctor decides to get some air when I joins him on the roof she's surprised he recognizes her andhe tells her about sadhina I talks about keeping the children and continuing to be an idol she'llhave to lie to the public but that's nothing new for her she claims lies are the most Exquisiteform of love listening to her convinces Goro to.

Help her deliver the babies safely he feels it'shis responsibility being one of the only ones who knows well that and he couldn't stand it any otherway eyes expected delivery day rolls around and even though godo's shift is ending he promisesto come back to deliver her babies when the time comes out on the street he stopped by a strangehooded man who knows about eyes pregnancy but when the doctor inquires about how the guy legs itGordo runs after him through the trees coming to a stop atop a cliff face suddenly everythinggoes black he comes too when his phone rings but he can't seem to move to pick it up whatif she's already going into labor he strains to keep his promise though it's one he'll neverkeep blood pools around his limp body now resting at the base of the cliff pushed by the crazedvan citing as words come to mind being reborn.

As an Idol's child his last idle thought beforehe Fades away but Goro wasn't his final form he awakens as a blonde-haired blue-eyed baby calledaquamarine one of I's children the other is Ruby his new sister as a scholar and a gentleman stillwith Gordo's memories intact he vows to discover what sort of medical sorcery landed him in thisposition eyes manager Ichigo shows up with his wife Miyako determined to get the idol back on thescene while the twins stay behind it he volunteers miaco to be there official babysitter later Aquawatches her first appearance on TV since she went on Hiatus I almost lets the cat out of the bagmentioning her baby a horrified Aqua spit takes kitten a baby kitten nice recovery Aqua goeson to watch B kamachi's performance a sleepy Ruby joins him obsessing over her new motheranother fan Aqua figured out that Ruby is also.

A bizarre reincarnation when he found her blastingpeople on social media for talking smack about her mother time passes like it does and Miyako snapsshe never wanted any of this she has no idea how to look after children she decides to leverage thesituation maybe create a scandal and sell proof of eyes secret twins rifling through the drawers shestumbles upon their birth records and begins to take pictures when the twins catch her in the ACTthinking of a way to deter her Aqua reveals his ability to talk at barely a year old proclaiminghe's a Divine messenger she thinks it's some kind of prank at first but Ruby joins in and theydouble down on Divinity Miyako changes her tune upon this Revelation and the promised possibilityof a second more fruitful marriage Aqua impressed with her performance wonders who Ruby was in herpast life but she doesn't let on much and stays as.

Vague as possible tucking in his sister one nightAqua recalls Sardina and says her name aloud Ruby promptly opens her eyes and senses somethingoddly familiar about her new brother and is briefly reminded of Goro but she pays it no mindI starts to realize her income as an idol isn't stellar and kids are a speculative investment atbest it might be time to look for more gigs miyago agrees but they're a small firm and it's hard torake in that cash money Ruby thought Idols made bank and aqua catches her up on the reality ofthe industry behind its shiny veneer they confront Miko about their mom's pay and she explains thatscoring gigs as a group act will only get you so far and it's a big gamble to try to break off onyour own the twins grow tired of only getting to see their mom perform on TV so they convincedMiyako to take them to her next performance.

Under the guise of being her children on stageI wonders what she's doing wrong in the face of criticism she's Plastering on the same fake smileas always then she sees the twins who are supposed to be keeping a low profile but stick out like asore thumb and everyone takes video which promptly go viral at least in the moment it put a genuinesmile on eyes face which didn't go unnoticed a year goes by and I is working more even scoring aminor role in a TV drama the twins vow of silence is broken it's no longer suspicious to walkand talk around other people on set Aqua bumps into the director panics and apologizes using theentire dictionary which baffles the guy he thinks he struck gold and gives the kid his businesscard but Aqua insists he give any potential work to his mother the director decides to imposesome wisdom on the kid and gives him a rundown of.

The different types of actors and the politics ofgetting screen time he isn't Blown Away by eyes acting but she does have a good presence back athome the Twins and I gear up to watch the premiere only to be disappointed by the minimal amount ofscreen time she got prompting Aqua to whip out the business card and get some answers the directoris pretty candid about the politics behind the scenes the powers that be wanted her to fade intothe background instead of stand in the Limelight he goes on to talk about his up and coming moviehe'll give i a role but only if Aqua agrees to be in the film as well it's a deal on set Ruby getschewed out for whining by some entitled child actor named Kana apparently she's a genius actorwho can lick baking soda like that or something she goes on to talk smack about eye suddenly beingshoehorned into the script Aqua gets ready for his.

Scene with her they're supposed to be the classiccreepy children who greet the protagonist as they arrive on the scene Kana delivers her lineswhile Aqua is still working out the director's intentions for his role since he wasn't given anydirection when it's his turn he completely knocks it out of the park making kana's performance looklike she was in some church play which she loses her mind over and begs the director to reshootthe scene not gonna happen later on the director tells Aqua the most important thing about being anactor people skills which that little brat clearly lacks he's impressed that he sussed out exactlythe performance he was looking for and ultimately just acted like himself another year goes by andthe twins turn three the director was nominated for an award for his film which helped launchai's career as a media personality Aqua checks.

To see if his old body's been found yet it hasn'the's still just technically considered missing the Twins start preschool and when it's time for danceclass Ruby nervous about her lack of coordination dips in her past life due to her terminal illnessshe was prone to falling down even just trying to walk I however is excited that she's in danceclass she has to practice the choreography for an old song for her performance and encouragesRuby to join her with her encyclopedic knowledge of ice choreography Ruby points out weaponsiescompared to her previous performances but when she tries to pull off the moves herself she eatsit I is impressed with her attention to detail but notes that she looks like she's always just agust of wind away from a faceplant which is pretty accurate at least in her previous life beingbedridden and on treatments that sometimes do.

Just as much harm as they do good it was difficultto get anywhere alone which she often was she had memorized all of ice performances re-watchingthem hundreds no thousands of times wishing she could bust a move without busting something elseshe gains enough confidence to start practicing on her own and even Aqua notices her progressand potential one day I overhears the twins wondering about the identity of their father whichprompts her to contact him she suggests that maybe it's time for him to meet them and gives himtheir new address eyes recent experience in the spotlight has taken her popularity to new heightsB komachi scored an arena gig Ichigo is ecstatic he's always dreamed of having one of the idols hemanages perform in one while everyone celebrates I tries to figure out how she can figure out ifher emotions are real or if it's all a lie she's.

Been putting on an act for so long as an idolshe remembers being scouted by Ichigo she tried to throw him off by telling him she's an orphanand a liar believing that someone like her isn't cut out to be an idol but she was surprised whenIchigo was totally cool with it lying is a tool of the trait often necessary to retain some senseof safety and distance without alienating fans there's a knock at the door one night while I isalone with the twins she answers the door where The Uninvited Guest stands there for a momentholding a bouquet he asks how the twins are and pulls out a knife and stabs eye in the gut herants about how she lies to her fans and that she probably doesn't even care about them let alonehim even got stabbed she graciously explains to him then yes she's lied but her lies were thebest things she could do for him and everyone else.

Stabby is dumbfounded because he isn't capable ofseeing other people as human you know with their own experiences and complexities even more so whenI remembers who he is by name ryosuke a regular at her handshake meet and greet events he squealsabout how this isn't how he thought it would go down and runs off the incel forms never preparedhim for this you know what I didn't know what that was and I had to look it up and I immediatelythought to myself wouldn't an incel form be the ultimate dating site for exactly the kind ofpeople who would go to an incel Forum anyway Aqua sees eye bleeding out and frantically calls for anambulance though his medical experience tells him the prognosis is not good her body blocks the doorwith Ruby stuck on the other side she expresses how proud she is of them musing that Ruby willgrow up to be a fine dancer while Aqua will be a.

Successful actor knowing she's running out of timeshe uses her final moments to tell her children and that she loves them for the first timeand she's Overjoyed because it feels genuine the news breaks along with her fans though thiskind of thing isn't something new it shouldn't be normalized or exploited by Edge Lords online whohave a tendency of making a kind of temporary hero out of the murderer Sympathy for the victim Fadesfaster than an Idol's career for the murderer even faster officially adopt the twins while thetruth about their parents is still a secret they remain in the car during the funeral whereRuby fancies herself becoming an idol since their mother thought she had the talent for it thoughAqua cautions against it seeing how everything played out he has a revelation neither his noreyes deaths would have been possible if not for.

A rat and the only one who knew everything otherthan their small circle is their father he now has a new purpose to find out who his father is andend that man's life with his own two hands Aqua walks up to the director afterwards and shockshim by requesting that he raise him years later it's the twins first day of high school and thefirst day towards the end of their father's life thank you for sticking Until the Endsubscribe for more videos like this thank you

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