They Search Their World Is A Simulation Nonetheless Its Ending Soon

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A depressed door-to-door saleswoman learnsthe unnerving truth about reality, and has to make a tough decision between abandoningthe only life she’s ever known or living the solitary life she’s always dreamed of. While listening to a calming guided meditation,Sarah, an anxious solar panel saleswoman, envisions herself standing in front of a tranquillake. The soothing voice encourages her to embracethe inevitability of change as a means to overcome her worries. As the meditation closes, Sarah returns tothe present moment, finding herself in her car parked in front of a potential customer'shouse.

As soon as the playback ends, she casuallytosses her phone aside and heads toward the house. However, upon reaching the doorstep, she hearsthe homeowners mistaking her for a Jehovah’s Witness. After clarifying that she sells solar panels,the avoidant homeowners retreat to their garage and drive off, leaving Sarah in disbelief. Following this encounter, Sarah attends hertherapy session with Dr. Theodore. The therapist compassionately reminds herto accept things beyond her control and shift her focus to what she can actually change.

However, she sarcastically notes that worryingerases her existential dread. In response, Dr. Theodore points out her useof sarcasm during their sessions, but Sarah explains that it's challenging for her tothink without worrying. As the therapist suggests not to waste energyon inevitable things, Sarah shares her doubts about the future and her lack of motivationto invest in long-term endeavors, as she believes she won’t live to see the age of 50. Interpreting her words, Dr. Theodore suggeststhat Sarah may be coming to terms with her mortality. Reflecting on this, Sarah admits that facingher own mortality is no longer as daunting.

As it once was. When Dr. Theodore asks if she ever hurt herself,Sarah explains that her greater worry lies in surviving a post-apocalyptic world, ratherthan confronting her own demise caused by an apocalypse. So, Dr. Theodore suggests she focus on thereal world, and actively engage with people around her. When she dismisses the idea, he points outthat people need people. Before leaving, Sarah says they haven't madeany significant progress in the last two years of therapy.

Dr. Theodore acknowledges her sentiment andagrees, noting that they haven’t reached a breakthrough yet. Later, Sarah engages in a workout sessionwith her childhood best friend, Kayla, who reminds the anxious millennial about her upcomingdate on Friday night with her brother's cute entrepreneur friend. Despite Sarah's initial hesitation, Kaylaencourages her to go on the date because she shouldn't let her frustration with losingher dream job cause her to be resentful towards the world. Eventually, Sarah agrees to the date, clarifyingthat she's doing it for Kayla’s sake.

At home, Sarah unexpectedly encounters herlandlord, Barry, who reminds her that her rent is due. Later that night, Sarah finds herself deeplydistressed, contemplating taking her own life as she holds a bottle of medication. However, she ultimately decides against it,placing the canister back in the cabinet. Sleep eludes her, and she remains awake throughoutthe night, consumed by her inner turmoil. Reluctantly, she rises when her alarm eventuallyrings, mustering the strength to go to work. Shortly after Sarah returns home from work,she receives a phone call from her mother. During the conversation, her mother suggeststhat she consider utilizing her expensive.

Degree once again because she believes Sarahis capable of doing more. In a sarcastic tone, Sarah expresses her enjoymentof being underemployed, and dismisses the need for reminders about her underachievements. As she mentions her upcoming date, her motheradvises her to wear a cute outfit to make a favorable impression. Contrary to her mother's suggestion, Sarahchooses a casual outfit over a dress. That night, she arrives late at the pub, whereshe finally meets Tucker. During their dinner, Tucker boasts about hisbusiness accomplishments and extensive travels, while Sarah makes an effort to appear interested.

However, when he suggests going to his placefor the night, Sarah refuses, preferring to go home. However, Tucker misinterprets her statement,assuming that she’s inviting him to spend the night at her place. Frustrated with his lack of understanding,Sarah asks him straightforwardly if he genuinely believes that their date went well. To Sarah's surprise, Tucker thinks that theyhad a good date, even pointing out that he considers himself a nine, and her a six. Insulted by his demeaning comment, Sarah retaliatesby questioning the societal impact of his.

Business, suggesting that it doesn't trulycontribute to the community as he claims. She further adds that he’s an eight, nota nine, and bluntly advises him to overcome his inflated ego. Despite Sarah's strong remarks, Tucker stubbornlypersists in his intention to go back to his place for the night. Angered, Sarah reaches her breaking point,exclaiming that she’d rather push him off a cliff than sleep with him. Once Sarah returns home, she gathers all hermedication in the living room. In an attempt to take her life, she opensa pill bottle and pours all the capsules onto.

Her hands, then ingesting them all at once. Suddenly, the television switches on by itself,presenting a host who reveals that Sarah’s world is among a billion simulated realitiescreated by future humans to understand all of the world’s possible alternate histories. To further prove his point, the host mentionsthat the viewers are currently clutching a banana. Although Sarah initially dismisses the idea,she’s taken aback when she sees a banana in her hand, causing her to drop the fruit. Then, the host delivers the news that thesimulated reality is rapidly approaching its.

Expiration date in a week, which basicallytranslates to the “end of their world”. The host adds that in accordance with theSimulated Consciousness Act of 3112, the people will receive a notification about the truenature of their existence before the simulated reality is ultimately terminated. They’ll be presented with two choices, allowingthem to make a decision regarding their fate after the discontinuation. Option A, an uncommon choice, permits an individualto opt to remain in the simulation without any external intervention. Meanwhile, Option B, the more popular selection,involves transferring a person's consciousness.

To a simpler system that enables them to relivetheir five most cherished memories and bask in perpetual bliss. Before the announcement ends, the host informsthat each person will get a personal Guide, who’ll assist them as they decide whichoption to take going forward. Before he finally says goodbye, he revealsthat the Guides will be arriving soon. True enough, Sarah’s Guide promptly knockson her door after the broadcast ends. Upon opening the door for him, she suddenlythrows up the capsules she took. Afterward, Sarah gets acquainted with herGuide, who discloses that although he resembles the TV host, he's actually an artificial intelligenceprogram specifically tailored to her personality.

Profile, designed to assist her throughoutthe discontinuation process. Skeptical of her Guide, Sarah inquires aboutthe number of times they’ve undergone the procedure, and he says that they've done it114,225,700,604 times. Before Sarah dozes off, the Guide assuresher that he doesn't require sleep or food, pledging to remain stationed at the tableuntil she awakens. Reflecting on the effect of the discontinuationannouncement, Sarah visits Dr. Theodore to express how she’s been enlightened thatnobody ever had any control over anything, implying she’s finally free from worrying. Inattentive to Sarah's words, Dr. Theodoreappears preoccupied.

The announcement has left him feeling inconveniencedby the revelation that the world was a fabrication. He clarifies that he values his own existenceand cares about living, unlike Sarah, whom he believes to be benefiting from the announcement. Upon learning of Sarah's uncertainty regardingher choice, Dr. Theodore, who is set on choosing Option B, comments on how she always choosesto complicate things. He then rants about self-absorbed millennialswho incessantly criticize boomers but still seek their therapy services without trulyheeding their advice. Amidst the rant, Sarah maintains a smile,realizing the ironic shift in their positions. Before she leaves, Sarah jokes to meet againthe following week, which further annoys him,.

As the world will have already met its endby then. Subsequently, Sarah and her Guide head toa coffee shop, where she curiously asks him about the number of people who chose to stay. The Guide responds, explaining that the percentagevaries across different simulations, but generally, it tends to be a small fraction of the totalpopulation. Then, Sarah contemplates how Option A wouldprovide her with the opportunity to finally be alone. Fascinated by the idea, Sarah asks the Guideif he’s encountered other versions of herself. However, he refuses to answer, stressing thathis job is to assist her decision-making process.

And not influence it with excess bias, whichonly reinforces Sarah's suspicion regarding the existence of her other versions. Later, Sarah spots Kayla, who seems to haveembarked on a spiritual journey following the revelation of the discontinuation. Sarah finds her best friend engaging in aspiritual dance, accompanied by her friend Otto, both donning red jumpsuits. Upon Sarah's approach, Kayla warmly greetsher and then vocally worships the “creators,” whom she believes to be responsible for allcreation. Despite Kayla's invitation, Sarah politelydeclines to join her in worship.

Later, she discloses to Kayla that her Guideserves as her direct connection to the “creators.” Upon returning home, Sarah expresses her confusionabout how people are reacting to the discontinuation. She then confesses that she’d prefer a worldwithout other people. However, her Guide counters that living inisolation is difficult, but she responds that dealing with other people is a problem forher. Upon checking her phone, Sarah realizes thatshe has missed calls from her mother, and promptly calls her back. During the conversation, Sarah receives aninvitation for a lunch date, which she immediately accepts.

As Sarah and her Guide arrive at her parent’shouse, she’s shocked to find her dad, Gary, opening t he door for her in his birthday suit,reasoning that he realized the pointlessness of clothing upon receiving the news. Startled by the sight, Sarah quickly avertsher gaze. Her mother, Sharon, comes to the rescue andhands her dad some clothes, allowing him to cover up. Sharon then warmly welcomes Sarah inside. In the kitchen, Sharon begins to pour winefor Sarah, but Sarah promptly interrupts her, explaining that she no longer drinks.

During lunch, Sharon inquires about her daughter'sdating life, but the daughter wants to change the subject. Suddenly, the two are surprised when Garycommands someone to be quiet. It turns out that Gary locked up his own Guidein the basement because he claims the program wouldn't stop talking. Upon learning this, Sarah reminds his dadthat he can send his Guide away right after he makes a decision, but Gary doesn’t wanthis Guide to know what he’s thinking. Meanwhile, Sharon shares that her Guide isnice and very handsome. After Gary implies that they’ll be takingOption B, Sarah reveals that she’s planning.

To stay. However, Gary laughs and questions how she’sgoing to make it without being taken care of by somebody, given what happened to herlife. Insulted, Sarah walks out and drinks wineon the back porch, prompting Sharon to reprimand Gary for his insensitive behavior towardstheir daughter. She then orders her husband to apologize toSarah. So, Gary offers a sincere apology to Sarah,and engages in a serious conversation about her decision to stay, to which she defendsthat she can live in the world the way she’s always wanted because no one will dictatewhat she has to do.

Concerned, Gary advises his daughter to askher Guide about the reason why their simulated reality is ending so that she can considerall the facts before finalizing her decision. He explains that the world she chooses tostay in is defective, and he doesn’t want her to be stuck in it when everything fallsapart. As Sarah prepares to depart from her parents'house, she expresses her desire to spend more time with them in the remaining days. However, her parents reveal that they’vedecided to live their final days in Fiji, making today their final moment as a family. Sarah shares one last hug with her parents,who tell her how proud of her they are, and.

Wish her luck. In the car, Sarah asks her Guide why theirsimulation is ending, and he answers that they’re reallocating resources to othersimulations. He explains that every simulation is designedto test a specific variable impact on the world. In Sarah’s world, the variable is a penguin,and their extinction led to the decision to discontinue the simulation. Reflecting on the Guide's words, Sarah comesto the realization that humans are to blame for the extinction of penguins.

Therefore, humans caused the end of the world,a conclusion that the Guide confirms. This realization leads Sarah to think thateverything is just as pointless as before. Enraged, Sarah requests her Guide to stepout of the car, and assertively decides not to stay. However, the Guide mentions that he’ll keepan eye on her, and know if she ever changes her mind. As Sarah parks outside her apartment, shescreams in her car out of frustration, catching Barry’s attention. He then gives her a flyer for an end-of-the-worldparty on Friday at midnight.

Shortly after entering her apartment, shesuffers a panic attack because of everything she learned that day. The next morning, Sarah leaves a voicemailfor her parents and expresses her regret of not joining them, and worries about what she’lldo with herself. Afterward, Sarah blasts rock music and drinkson her own, while she makes a mess of her room. Shortly after, she goes outside and catchesBarry lying on the grass and looking up at the sky for the last time. He appears to have become nihilistic, andpresents the idea that everyone will all end.

Up in the same place. Later, Sarah re-enters her apartment and sendsa voicemail to Kayla, inviting her to go to the end-of-the-world party with her. Then, she wears a red dress to the party,where she encounters the egoistic Tucker, who insists on spending time with her. After walking out on Tucker, Sarah approachesKayla, but her best friend ignores her because she’s busy with her spiritual dance, causingSarah to feel isolated. When Barry gathers everyone for the last-minutecountdown, Sarah joins the crowd and then closes her eyes as their simulated world finallyapproaches termination, with her ultimately.

Deciding to stay and live a peaceful life. Two years later, Sarah finds herself in apeaceful state, relishing the freedom of solitude. She spends her time leisurely exploring theworld, embarking on hikes, bike rides, and scavenging for supplies. With no one to encounter along her journeys,Sarah enjoys the tranquility and independence that her chosen path affords her. Unexpectedly, as Sarah picks fruits, she’sstartled to hear Tucker's voice from behind her. To her surprise, Tucker reveals that he, too,opted to stay in the simulated reality, explaining.

That he prefers to live in the present ratherthan relive the past, which Sarah thinks is a good answer. Despite Tucker's persistent requests to hangout and his promise to find her, Sarah bids him goodbye in annoyance. She hops on her bike and rides off. As she arrives at her apartment, she screamsin frustration, because her desire to be entirely alone in the world has been shattered. The following morning, as Sarah embarks onher bike ride, she is taken by surprise when she spots Tucker riding on his bike, fulfillinghis earlier promise.

Intrigued, he follows her as she makes herway to the stream. As Sarah collects freshwater, Tucker expresseshow lonely he’s been with his choice to stay, given he's an extrovert. He wishes he could've gone for Option B justlike everyone else, prompting the sarcastic Sarah to support it. When Tucker calls her out for such a response,Sarah explains that it's her payback for his rude behavior, and then later exclaims howhis existence reminds her of the life she hated. Tucker defends that after spending time byhimself, he admits how toxic he was, and how.

He treated people like trash. He then calls out Sarah for still being asjudgmental and selfish as she was before, prompting her to walk out on him. As Tucker chases after Sarah, determined toassist her and carry one of her water jugs, she forcefully pushes him away, causing Tuckerto lose his balance and accidentally plummet off the cliff to his demise, mirroring Sarah'sremark from their first date. Overwhelmed by the gruesome sight, Sarah cautiouslyglances at Tucker, but quickly retreats, unable to bear what she’d done. Consumed by guilt and remorse for her actions,she breaks down in tears.

From that point forward, whenever she goesto collect freshwater, she’s haunted by what she’d done. Days later, Sarah hears a knock on her door,prompting her to grab a sharp tool, just in case. When she opens the door, she’s surprisedto see the Guide. She then hugs him in relief and breaks downin tears. The Guide reveals that he’s been closelymonitoring Sarah, and says that there are 246,922 other people who chose to stay. Sarah explains that she felt more alive whenshe was alone for two years, but after Tucker’s.

Demise, she realized that she actually caredabout other people. The Guide reassures Sarah that Tucker is whereeveryone else is now, to her relief. When the Guide brings up her final decisionto stay, Sarah stands by it, claiming it’s her responsibility to live with the consequences. Upon hearing Sarah's response, the Guide proposesan alternative, offering to transport her to where everyone else is. He explains that many individuals who initiallychose to stay will eventually choose to go, and they simply let them come to the decisionon their own time. Sarah breaks down and realizes that she judgedpeople for choosing Option B because it’s.

The easiest way out, but she couldn’t doit herself. The Guide comforts her, explaining that everyone’sstruggles are different. Eventually, Sarah agrees to go where everyoneelse is, but requests to enjoy the rest of the day to herself, which the Guide approves,saying he’ll see her the next morning. Before leaving, the Guide finally revealsthat he’s met 321,000 versions of Sarah. He explains that he didn’t reveal this beforebecause not all of her versions chose to stay, and he didn’t want that to taint her decision. He adds that most of the Sarahs were quickto take their own life, and never found out about the simulated reality.

Of all the Sarahs, she’s the one that madeit the farthest, which makes her the strongest and truest version of herself. Following a heartfelt moment with her Guide,Sarah swiftly prepares her belongings and embarks on a bicycle journey towards a tranquillake. Once there, she delicately retrieves a bottleof pills from her bag, blissfully gazes into the distance, and basks in the sunlight.

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