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Revealing his ambitious plan to eliminate the competition while searching for The Elixir before that he talked about his past including how Damia Tatsumi May thought of him and claim that even though he went by the moniker blade Dragon Tamiya couldn't possibly cut a real dragon Yamada is Simon Fuji who is tamiya's.

Executioner was seen as more interested in dissecting human bodies than beheading he was fearful at the thought of a stronger group being called upon if the Shogun became impatient the battle continued where gabamaru and sadri found themselves surrounded by bizarre fish-like creatures their desperate fight for survival not only.

Showcased gabamaru's incredible combat skills but also highlighted his focus and determination in the face of danger surgery on the other hand struggled with the brutality of the situation illustrating a vast difference in their life experiences despite this gabamaru protected her in the midst of battle without even realizing it demonstrated.

His underlying capacity for empathy uzuriha and her as semen executioner Yamada asimon jinji made a dramatic entrance saving gabamaru from the strange creatures despite his initial mistrust of izurya the kunawaichi of keishu gabamaru agreed to work with yazuriya whose shared valuable information about the Island's.

Creatures and their mysterious connection to the human-faced butterflies yuzuriha was shown to have two of semen executioners jinji and Santa the latter was her actual executioner and she trapped a semen Genji with her flirting Cho Bay and his executioner Toma are actually brothers they were the sons of.

A samurai but due to their father's deed they had to face the consequences when chobe joined the Bandit and got caught at the hands of the authorities his younger brother Tomah became in a semen executioner to save his older brother their character traits were depicted through the Monstrous adversaries they.

Fought on the island chobe demonstrated his adaptability and ruthlessness by slaughtering the creatures in a fit of rage they're resolved to eliminate all monsters and criminals on the island and claim The Elixir for themselves further complicated and already precarious situation.

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