They Went Bankrupt & Modified into Trillionaires Doing Sus Issues (2)

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To revive Branch #8's glory, Haru, Liza,and Gajeru have to defeat spirals and get paid for their work. The Stingy and SteamyVillages hired them, but the shady group called Wiseman always hindered their success.Despite the adversities, Team Branch #8 will never give up on their quest to end all despair!After leading Haru into a dark alley, Campanella introduces him to a cloaked man. The strangerlooks left and right, ensuring no one sees their suspicious transaction. After confirming it'ssafe, he snatches something from his robes. No, it's not an illegal substance. It's yen—themoney heroes use to summon an extra team member. At their hideout, Haru thanks Campanellabut feels guilty for spending too much zel. Campanella assures him there's nothing toworry about as they got a big discount. However,.

She warns him not to get addicted because thatwill lead to bankruptcy. But knowing Haru, she's confident he knows how to handle them.Gajeru and Liza's squabble quickly greets them as they enter. Gajeru tells of a hauntedmansion where you can hear a sobbing girl at night. However, Liza is irritated by histale because she thinks it's unscientific and nonsense. And it doesn't scare her!But Gajeru won't stop with his story, but his cheery attitude hinders the vibe. Still,he continues, telling Liza that people who visited this mansion disappeared one after another witha scream. And when the last girl was left alone, a horde of ghosts chased her.Liza screams in terror—I mean, in annoyance—and zaps Gajeru with herwand. See, she's not scared at all!.

Lucky for her, they have a new quest atCursey Village, where spirals wreak havoc in a certain mansion, scaring people away.When they reach the place, Team Branch #8 instantly senses how eerie it is. No oneeven welcomes them! And so they decide to go directly to the mayor's house.The mayor looks like the typical mayor, of course. He also talks with weird puns! The onlydifference is he seems more arrogant as he stomps on his servant's head for putting ice in a cola.The mayor asks why they're here upon seeing them. Haru explains they're here for the spiral-slayingquest. However, the mayor tells them three weirdos and a monkey have already gone to the mansion tocomplete the mission. Just by that description, they easily figure it's the Wisemangetting in their way as usual..

Team Branch #8 hastily charges to the mansion.Strangely enough, the mayor snickers instead of being scared about his village's well-being.Sure enough, the group sees the Wiseman. But they're not fighting any spiral –they're hurriedly rushing outside, screaming their heads off. Realizing Haruand his pals are here, they quickly beg for mercy. Uhh, I didn't see that coming.According to them, spirals aren't the real problem of the house. This mansion is haunted,so they're bailing! The group advises Team Branch #8 to leave and return the money from thevillagers. After chucking the bag of coins, the Wiseman runs off like madmen.Liza pleads for them to retreat as there are no spirals here. However, SaintHaru says if the villagers are in trouble,.

They must help them. Besides, Liza claimed ghostsare unscientific, so what's to worry about? —While walking inside the mansion, walls suddenly trap them, separatingthem. And so they go on different paths, while Liza goes with Choco and Miu.Impulsive Choco enters a random room, and Liza has no choice but to follow.The room looks normal, but suddenly, a creepy voice whispers, “Begone from this place!”Liza runs from the room screaming, leaving Choco and Miu alone. No matter where she goes, she keepshearing that voice ordering her to leave. Well, she wants to, but where the hell is the exit?!With nowhere else to go, Liza cries until she hears a sob from a distance. Uh-oh. Thissounds more like Gajeru's horror story earlier..

Mustering all her courage, Liza follows thewhimpering sound and comes across another room. She looks through the crack in thedoor, her eyes widening at what she sees. —Meanwhile, Haru and Gajeru are passed out after fallinginto a pit trap. Three hooded men laugh at their misfortunes. Another cloaked man witha mustache praises his subordinate's success in capturing periods. If word spreads outthat this mansion is too scary for periods, visitors will no longer come here.He slowly then reveals his face, and!!! The mayor!?— Back to Liza! She sees a sobbing girl in theroom, which she approaches. Once she's near,.

The girl pleads for her help. Apparently, the girllives in the mansion all alone. She's not scared, but sad because this village will change soon.Plenty of people are causing a ruckus when the villagers only want peace. Seeing her in despair,Liza promises to solve the secret in this mansion. —Somewhere in the village, the mayor meets with three important people from the company,Happy Elements. He's all accommodating and nice, unlike his arrogant attitude towards his servantsand the periods earlier. Hmph, what a bootlicker. Apparently, these people are working withthe mayor for a collaboration theme park. They're all excited to build the attractions,and some people are talking about changing the brand name of this village to Hinamizawa.Despite the mayor's positive outlook,.

The men notice they're falling behind inconstruction work. The groundbreaking should've started a long time ago. Hearing their concern,the mayor panics, thinking of excuses for their shortcomings. Fortunately, one of his servantspeered in to discuss matters with him outside. Unfortunately for the mayor, there isno good news regarding the periods. The construction workers still refuse to go near themansion. If they fail to eradicate the problem, Happy Elements might withdraw their proposal.Suddenly, Furude approaches the mayor with an innocent smile. She gives him a bunch ofsteamed buns with letters on top. Nervously, the mayor takes it, but Furude grabs one of thebuns, bites it, and throws it forcefully on the wall until it splatters. Strangely, she faces themagain with a grin and promises to eliminate anyone.

In their way.— Back at the mansion, Liza roams alone until thatcreepy voice warns her again to leave. But this time, she's braver and continues walking. Shealmost falls into a pit trap if not for that girl's voice telling her to watch out.As a last resort, four blankets—I mean, ghosts—appear before her. They push herto leave and warn all the people that they occupy this mansion. However, despite theirefforts, Liza needs to save her comrades and has a promise to fulfill, so she stands her ground.In that case, the ghosts decide to attack her. But all of them stumble when a yo-yo hits them outof nowhere. As the yo-yo slings back to Choco, she reveals that there are no ghosts herebut humans in costumes. Realizing that,.

Liza instantly zaps them with her magic wand.Who are under those blankets? The villagers, including the mayor's little brother! Sincethey're already found out, they turn on the lights and admit their plan of chasing peopleaway, especially the construction workers. They don't want their village to be a collaborationtheme park, so they started these crazy ghost stories. The mayor lied to the periods toget rid of his little brother and his pals. He will do anything to make this village richand famous, but the villagers don't want that. However, Liza thinks creating ghoststories when there's a girl living here seems outrageous. The mayor's little brotherdoesn't know what she's talking about, though. Before she can ask about the girl further,the mayor appears. His little brother tries.

To reprimand him, but the mayor won't listento anything as long as he gets what he wants. Without a minute to waste, the mayor callsout his event characters with four stars on their head and Furude with five stars.Team Branch #8 is no match for these guys. Meanwhile, Furude and Choco stareat each other. They wave and mumble, imitating one another as if communicating in adifferent language. But that doesn't stop the event characters from attacking them.Fortunately, it's weird to say this, but the Wiseman arrives at their rescue! Theyheard everything, and the mayor's lies bug them, so they came back to help. To ensure they have achance, they bring Rena with them, a five-star. It's a five versus one match! Because ofthis, the mayor is confident he will win..

However, after Furude discusses this with hercompanions, they refuse to fight Rena and leave. Now that the mayor's allalone, it's time for payback! —Gajure and Haru don't have to do anything when they wake up – it's allover. Happy Elements withdraws their offer as the villagers don't agree with the mayor's decision.Meanwhile, Team Branch #8 refuses to accept the cash reward from the mayor's little brother.They have already earned money from the quest, so they don't need it.On the other hand, the girl from the mansion materializes aMiracle Jumbo Lottery ticket and sends it flying into Haru's hands. Haru happily receivesthis reward, despite not knowing where it's from..

Liza tells them about the strange girl as theywalk home. Her comrades are confused, though. The former residents abandoned that propertydecades ago! Then, if there's no one living there, who the heck is that girl? Could it be…Yes, Liza. That's a ghost! Who's now at peace after your help!Oh, wow, Liza can run really fast! [4]Haru can't stop staring at his lottery ticket thatnight. He's very optimistic about having an opportunity to win a trillion zel. However,Liza and Gajeru chuckle at his foolishness and tell him his chances are closer tozero. It's best not to get his hopes up. The following day, Haru wakes up early toreceive the daily newspaper. Surprisingly,.

Liza and Gajeru are also awake at this time.Despite their excuses, it's clear they're also curious about the lottery results.And so, the three of them skim through the page with the winning lottery number.It's G-33965963. With that number so big, there's no way they could win this. But what's thenumber on their ticket anyway? Hmm… G-33965963. See? They didn't win. Sad, but it's okay. *sighs*Choco appears behind them and looks at these three silly fools who don't know basic numbers.After a moment of pondering, she eventually says they've won. Wait… Are you serious?Yes… They definitely won a trillion zel!!!! They immediately go to the lottery office toclaim their prize. After validating their ticket, the official leads them to the vault. However,they have a few reminders: it's better to keep.

Their job and not tell people about their fortune.Excited to see their prize, Gajeru and Liza interrupt the man and convince him to finallyopen the vault. As the doors unlock, a trillion shiny golden zels greet them. Hello, riches!!!!They split the prize equally and carry their coin bags with a cart. All of them are so excitedabout what they will do with the money. Gajeru likes to eat steak every day. Meanwhile, Chocowants to build a house made of chocolates. Liza desires a new home with furniture. Aside fromthat, she's buying twice the number of clothes she sold off! As for Haru, whose kind souldeserves to go to heaven, he wants to share some of his money to rebuild the branch office.However, Gajeru and Liza don't agree with his charity work. If he wants to, they'll lethim. But they won't fork off zel from their.

Share and will keep it to themselves. They're notobligated to since the ticket's a quest reward!! —And so, Erika has her branch office once more. Still, she feels guilty for going overboard.Well, if she wants to get rid of their branch's nicknames, such as “The Poor Branch Office,” “TheLoser's Branch Office,” and “The Embarrassing Branch Office,” this renovation is just enough.More so, a bunch of periods line up to work here. —As for Liza, Haru, and Gajeru, they built their mansion on the west side of town.Well, a manor is an understatement, as the three established a castle! To ensure their place wassqueaky clean, they hired the fire and water monks as their butlers, supervising all the servants.They live so luxuriously that Haru wonders if this.

Is still appropriate. Liza and Gajeru tell himthat it's the rich's duty to spend their zels to keep the economy spinning. Suddenly, their missionalarm sends a quest to exterminate spirals. Liza and Gajeru are excited, notbecause they're going on a mission, but because they can finally wear their newoutfits. If that isn't lavish enough, they order servants to carry their thrones to the village.And so, they reach Poor Village with Mayor Penniless welcoming them with a bright smile.Need I say more about what the mayor looks like? He says that the spirals are ruining theirpotato fields, so they need all the help they can get. Analyzing the situation, Haru findsa lot of spirals in the area. Mayor Penniless doesn't know how they keep multiplying like hisdebts after being addicted to gambling. Still,.

They're all Level 1 spirals butbeating this many is uncertain. On Haru's brighter side, he's confident theycan take them all if they work together. Being a buzzkill, Gajeru complains of getting mud on theirnew clothes if they face the spirals. He and Liza then suggest the villagers replace potatoes withmelons as they're much sweeter. Ugh, insensitive much? Seeing Haru's disbelief at their rudeness,they both agree on taking on the spirals. However, this episode won't be complete if theWiseman doesn't have screen time. No matter how ridiculous they look, they never forget theirgrand entrance, like the Powerpuff Girls with Mojo-Jojo. And with their life's ultimatemission, they're here to steal their quest. Haru refuses stubbornly, but his companions giveit freely. Gajeru even offers extra coins just.

So the Wiseman will take it. Now that thegroup is actually looking at the periods, they realize the two look pretty fancy. Notto inspire but to brag. Of course, they do. Annoyed by the way they talk, theWiseman wants to throw hands. But Gajeru's offer of double pay quickly softenstheir hearts. The Wiseman accepts the quest! While they fight, Gajeru and Liza sit on theirthrone, having afternoon tea. On the other hand, Haru brawls along with Wiseman because he doesn'tlike sitting on the sidelines. To be clear, he can help, but he can't have the money.Lucky you, Haru doesn't need the gold. After a long day of beating spirals, MayorPenniless rewards the periods. As promised, Liza gives double the money to Wiseman. Gajerumocks them, hoping they'll always show up for.

More subcontracts. Not liking their attitude,the Wiseman swears never to act like that if they become zellionaires. Hearing that,Haru ponders what's wrong with his friends. On the way home, Haru voices out his feelings.He feels like it's inappropriate to solve every problem with zels. But Gajeru doesn't understandwhy they're not allowed to spend as much money as they please. In that case, Liza suggeststhey split the party, so Haru won't have to stick with people with different values from his.And so, Liza and Gajeru decide to take a break from being periods and bid Haru farewell.— Days pass by, and Gajeru enjoys his powerin buying all the stores and factories making Sapphire-sama's products. Yep, not themerchandise, but the suppliers. He aspires to.

Make Sapphire a bigger star than she already is.On the other hand, Liza fancies anything lucky, shiny, antique, or special from differentrealms. Like that one song goes: she wants it, she gets it!— Meanwhile, Haru continues fighting spirals untilhe stumbles upon the Wiseman again. They're confused about why he's all alone, so he explainswhat happened. Despite being a zellionaire, he feels anxious whenever he's not doing something.In that case, since the Wiseman saved him, they ordered him to become their servant. Hisfirst mission: buy these girls some bread! The sun is about to set as Haru headsback to his newfound company. However, bandits stop him in his tracks. Luckily, theWiseman and Choco arrive on time to help him..

The five of them beat the nasty bandits until theycry. Tch. Easy! Haru is beyond grateful for having them around.— As for Liza and Gajeru, they try to beat eachother with their riches. They mock each other's clothes. Liza renovates Gajeru's home withouthis consent. He runs her over with a tank, and she tosses his boat with her big ship.The two continue to fight over who's wealthier. They spend their money on useless things,affecting people's lives for the worse. After fighting over a property, they both realizethey should stop hating each other and spend their zels on useful stuff. You think??? Youboth need therapy and a financial consultant!!! But it's too late! Their servants stoleall their money and ran away. Worse,.

Branch #8's funds are also missing… AGAIN!Now they're back to where they started, eating plain curry. Since the Wisemanhas fired Haru for being useless, they can now become one party again.Little does Haru know that the Wiseman likes him, but they prefer to see him happywith his original gang. As for Haru's money, well… He has saved all of them for futurepurposes. On the brighter (but poorer) side, their team is back to do illegal missions andbeat spirals for peace in the human realm.

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