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Oh look the dumb Chihuahua's awake well I really enjoy making meme videos on trackoon's latest victims what brought me to really love anime was the more mundane stuff I'm talking about Slice of Life shows that have you wondering if anything even happened during the episode where you.

Sit there and you just absorb the world and you start to feel attached with some of the characters I mean you look at the episode number you start to feel a little sad because it's closer to being over the show that did that for me most recently was Toradora it's an older show but for those of you that haven't heard.

Of it it's a series that revolves around the lives of two high school students ryuji takasu and taiga isaka I found that that's pretty commonplace for a slice of Life anime since in Japan it's seen as potentially some of the most freeing times of one's life given the country's work culture what I found.

Genuinely interesting about the series is that for the most part you know what's going to happen from the very beginning to add to that this show does a few things exceptionally well it hyperbolizes the personality so the characters in a way that makes them easy to understand.

Forget about it huh it makes a point to evolve the characters from being sort of idolized to being more human and it makes this world they won't be feeling go on throughout the story overall this show really under promises and over delivers from a pure personality standpoint each of the main and supporting characters has traits.

That are exaggerated to the point where they're comedic this is gonna be great yet believable that's supposed to be blood takasu is an extremely responsible individual with an obsession for cleaning and being tidy for the love of God and All His holy please let me clean up that horrible mess of a kitchen Aid is always in a good mood and tries.

To make everyone else happy maybe you want some french fries instead I'll give you extra Tyga's quick to pick violence and extremely chaotic I'm gonna smash that camera into little pieces and you kawashima hides her maturity and cynicism to fit in are you are you killing me.

And kidamora is well he's just a guy oops my bad that's some of you don't ask takasu lives alone with his mom yasu and suffers from a scary face that he's unfortunately inherited from his father yes he's a bit of a klutz though and growing up without his father takasus had to pick up a lot of slack and have.

To learn how to become more of a parental figure this makes him a bit more mature in some aspects compared to some other high school students Tyga on the other hand lives alone in an extremely dirty apartment and has minimal contact with either of her parents these different environmental factors have caused their personality to.

Become a little rough it'll tended to be her as confrontational and just scary despite her being just four foot nine these two are Polar Opposites in terms of personality but they act in tandem to move the story along looking at the supporting characters cruciate is a glass half full type of.

Person and tries to always remain positive to the point where it's almost overbearing it provides some comedic relief for sure but there's almost a slightly disturbing aspect to it being disillusion of unbridled happiness is in my opinion what makes takasu attracted her in the first place but on the flip side Tito Moore is just.

An average guy about every stretch of the imagination I got some bad news for you buddy I drink the last of the milk sorry anyway he's pretty clever and a good friend but there isn't anything extraordinary about him since Tyga and takasu were opposites it makes sense that Taiga would feel an attraction to him now with these two.

Pairs we also have a more neutral party in the form of kawashima excuse me oh my tummy hurts too tabashima given her actress background has had a bit more life experience than the rest of the bunch and has a pretty cynical outlook on life like a lot of us she takes a similar approach to cruciate interests to hide her cynicism but she.

Doesn't burden herself with trying to maintain it 24 7. now what most of these characters have in common is that their personalities are all really over the top this helps us almost immediately understand him without having to have a lot of exposition which gives a series back time that's used pretty effectively what this show does is allow us to.

Experience not just how people evolve but how they don't everything he said w as alive hahaha when she comes back a lot of stories revolve around the idea that people can change for the better and become better versions of themselves.

By doing so Toradora gives us a bit of that but it also highlights an equally important lesson and what happens when you meet your Idols looking at the beginning of the show Takis who saw cushieda as the perfect girl and tiger saw kitamura as the perfect guy but when everyone starts to truly interact with each other they start to.

Realize that people are just people taking cushita as an example what she shows the world really didn't coincide with what she felt at any given time I already said I can't okay but tacos who only saw the happy bubbly girl from his class on the inside cruciate a struggle with making herself happy she focused so much on trying to.

Make sure she was liked and that everyone around her was having a good time that she neglected her own feelings the person that takasu fell in love with in some regards wasn't real but that illusion of a person would have acted to fill the empty board in takisu's heart where his happiness would be what a load of crap as we learn more.

About cushieda and she gets more screen time the facade of her personality starts to melt away we start to see that happy-go-lucky attitude almost short circuit at times it's okay metering really it was just an accident you couldn't help it to a lesser extent we saw something similar with kidamora he was the class president got good grades.

And seemed pretty well put together Tyga on the other hand was messy unorganized and relied on takasu for almost everything unlike takasu taka wasn't trying to fill a need for her excitement and joy she needed order and control in a way she saw Kita Mora as a way to fulfill that need.

Similarly to cushieda as ketamora became more of a returning character we started to see just how average he really was and the weirdness continues good morning isaka Tyga eventually gets what she wants and has alone time with kitamura only to find that it's a bit disappointing I thought it was going to be this totally awesome dream come true.

Both Tyga and takasu idolize people they barely knew and found that reality is often disappointing if that's my future it sucks realistically speaking though we all knew from episode 1 what was gonna happen but what I genuinely enjoyed was how they went above and beyond to get us there.

I feel they under promised and over delivered on this story so I'm not gonna let people know well for the most part we knew from the get-go what was going to happen what we didn't know is how we'd get there the beginning of the story made no promises and we were always left with.

That will they won't they sailing the writers did a fantastic job luring you in by highlighting takasu and taiga's Personalities in the first few episodes while at the same time downplaying the negative aspects of the other characters then they pulled a rug and showed you everyone's true colors if you stop watching after the first few.

Episodes you would have missed out on the reward at the end and throughout the ups and downs of Tyga and takasu stories the series kept those cards close and didn't reveal them until the time was right they usurped expectations to keep you entertained and pulls a story with an actual lesson I genuinely felt a little sad when the.

Show was nearing its end but I felt that they delivered not only what we expected but also a few twists and turns along the way that they didn't really have to do to keep the show entertaining wow and speaking of entertaining the voice actors did a phenomenal job delivering their lines Taylor boy.

I'll probably butcher their names but takasu's voice actor Eric Kemmerer in the English dub perfectly portrayed takasu sustained for everyday life to just oh man and evolved his voice to match takasu's progression similarly Cassandra Lee Morris who voiced tiger did an amazing job showing.

Us Tyga's aggressiveness in the first half of the series and we can then hear her voice soften as her character develops there's so many good voices in this show but before I go I have to mention yasu's voice actor Karen Strassman yo yo magical girl yasu is in the hizzle Dazzle to cast your spaghetti spells and.

Wendy Lee who voiced inko the parrot so guys that's all I had to talk about today I genuinely enjoyed the show I know it's an older one but it's the first time that I've seen it drop in the comments below if you have any other recommendations for shows that are kind of similar Slice of Life I'd love to hear those and if you enjoyed this video.

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