This Autobot Held Folk Hostage πŸ€–#shortsπŸ™„ #transformers

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This Autobot held humans hostage during animportant Mission does anyone remember that little robot called Evac the autobot who puthis life on the line to protect the all-spark yeah that bot some of you might not rememberhim since he doesn't really appear in any of the Transformers movies but he does existin the live action Bay versus continuity in the form of the Transformers 3D ride his firstmission on Earth was serving as a transport for nest trainees and the last remaining Shard ofthe olive spark there were a few interruptions here and there with the occasional Decepticonattack but for the most part the ride was a smooth one that's until things went completelyleft in April of 2022 11 people got stuck on Evac when Universal Studios Hollywood lost powerthey were stranded on Evac for two hours until.

Rescue crews could get to them because of thisEvac is now probably the most ironically named Transformer to submit your own Transformersrelated questions be sure to drop a super thanks

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