This bald man got a unhealthy mission to take hang of an AI weapon that will perchance abolish Europe in minutes

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At the beginning of the film, we are shownwith some criminals who robbed the weapons carriers in Odessa, Ukraine. Not only that, they also slaughtered scientistsand took super-sophisticated AI weapons. Two days later, we were introduced to an agentnamed Nathan, and he was summoned to the government office. Upon arrival there, Nathan was given the taskby Knighton to retrieve the AI weapon which was stolen two days ago. At first, Nathan refused this mission. But in the end, he agreed to do this missionafter Knighton explained that if the weapon.

Is in the wrong hand, it can be dangerousfor the world. To succeed this mission, Nathan provided asuper spy to lead his troops, and his name was Orson. Knowing that, at first, Knighton refused becausethe fee was very expensive, moreover, he also wanted a lot instead. Knighton suggested Nathan to use John’sservices. However, Nathan also explained that currently,John was working at his competitor, Mike. Because there were no other choices, finallyKnighton agreed and Nathan went to Africa to meet Orson.

Who was still recovering there. Nathan explained his purpose, but Orson firmlyrefused because at this time, he was recovering. After Nathan explained that the fee was veryexpensive and moreover this is related to world security, finally Orson agreed and theyflew to Madrid, Spain to start the mission. Arriving in Madrid, there were two peoplewho were already waiting for them. They are Sarah and J.J. Davies. Sarah is a great hacker, while J.J Daviesis a sniper and he is doing great in all aspects. So, the two of them were paid to help Orsonon this mission.

Long story short, they went straight to theairport to snatch the Hard Drive from a delivery man named Donald. They also divided the tasks, where Sarah wasin the office to hack the camera and guide the team through the microphone, while Orson,J.J. Davies and two other support teams, Jane andMarsha, monitored Donald's movements. Professionally, they watched and would ambushDonald in a quiet place. but everything was not as easy as imagined,Because there were also other teams who also wanted the Hard Drive. one by one, they paralyzed Jane and Marshawithout being noticed by Sarah.

Sarah, who was suspicious because they hadno response, finally realised that there were other hackers manipulating the camera. hearing that, Orson also realised that theculprit was John, who was currently working with Mike. Sarah, who managed to overcome her computer,immediately told Orson that there were two people who would attack him from behind. After managing to paralyze them, Orson immediatelywent out to arrest Donald. but there were already Mike’s men who precededthem, so there was a fight there. After they succeeded, Nathan came to pickthem up.

In the car, Donald had a heart attack, andat the same time, there were some cars which chased them and cut their way to seize theHard Drive. Seeing that his life would be taken by Martin,Donald said an important fact that he was forced to do this, because his wife was beingheld hostage. Even so, his face was not yet known by theperson who was going to buy this hard drive. Therefore, Donald asked Nathan to go to theDuchess, Madrid and disguised as Donald, to meet the customer. In return, Donald begs them to save his wife. And after saying that, he dies.

At that moment, they are also racing in timebecause from outside, Mike’s gang are forcing to open the car door. When the data has been copied, the car dooropens and Mike takes a copy of the Hard Drive. By using the microphone, Sarah explains thatthey don't need to worry because it is useless without a password. The only solution is that Nathan has to disguisehimself as Donald to find out who bought the Hard Drive. Long story short, Nathan disguised himselfas Donald and met the buyer. Sarah, who detected his face from a hiddencamera, finally found out that one of them.

Was named Ben Harris, who was a lawyer foran illegal arms dealer mafia boss, named Greg Simmonds. Seeing that, Orson felt pessimistic and wasnot sure that he could catch Simmonds, because he is very agile and he’s one of the biggestarms dealers in the world. Sarah saw that Simmonds liked orphans andwas very fond of an artist, Denny Francisco. Finally, Sarah had the idea to take advantageof it. Quickly, they rushed back to America to pickup Denny Fransisco. Shortly, they arrived and disguised themselvesas Denny's new agent. Orson managed to escape and talk privatelywith Denny.

There, Orson asked for help from Denny totake part in a charity event that was to be held by Simmonds in France. At first, Denny refused firmly, but finallyhe couldn’t move anymore after Orson showed if he had an affair video of Denny and hissister-in-law. Didn't want his big name to be destroyed bythe video, Finally, Deni wanted to obey Orson's will. Immediately, the three of them went by boat. arriving at the cruise ship where the showis taking place, Orson and Sarah ask Denny to distract Simmonds while they’re goingto find as much information as possible.

And sure enough, Simmonds, who saw Denny,immediately approached him and asked him to have a talk. Orson and Sarah, who made up the strategy,accidentally saw Mike’s men who were at the airport before. Hearing the information, they realised thatMike was also looking for information here. So, they split up and Sarah went into oneof the rooms to set up a microphone, while Orson followed and beat Mike’s men in acool style. Back to Sarah. Here, she was found out by Ben Harris.

With her acting skills, Sarah managed to deceivehim and give some time for Orson. Orson, who saw that this man was nothing,seemed to be playing against him. After Orson throwing off Mike’s men intothe middle of the sea, Sarah immediately said goodbye to meet Denny on the deck. There, Simmonds offered Denny and Sarah tostop by his villa in Turkey, because he wanted to show his lifestyle and all of his wealth. Shortly thereafter, Simmond’s business partnerscame there, and they wanted to take a photo with Denny while Simmonds whispered to Sarahand asked her to be his mistress, and he would give her a lot of his wealth.

Later, Orson came and asked them all to leave. The scene moves and shows Nathan and Jeje,who were listening to Simmonds’s conversation with his business partner. From the conversation, it was revealed thatthe AI weapon would be sold for 10 billion dollars, and more importantly, it turned outthat Simmonds was only an intermediary, because the original buyer's identity had not beenrevealed. In the next morning, they had a briefing anddiscussed who is going to buy the AI weapon. because there is no other choice, finallyOrson decides to plunge himself into Simmond’s partner’s house to steal the buyer's data.

Shortly, in that evening, Orson sneaked intothat house with the anesthetic gas. With Sarah’s help who hacks the CCTV, Orsoncirculated the gas into air ducts around the room. After everyone fainted, Orson entered thebedroom. Based on Sarah’s guide, Orson managed toopen the safe and copy all the data on the laptop. When he’s done, Orson stole all their moneyand jewellery to trick them as if this was a robbery. However, just as he was leaving the door,Orson was caught by two guards who were still.

Conscious. Then, Orson pretended to be scared so theywere both fooled. and at the right moment, Orson immediately tricked them and beat themboth very easily. In the morning, they gathered again to checkthe results of the copy last night. but after searching it, they couldn't findwhat Simmonds was going to sell. Shortly thereafter, they overheard a conversationbetween Simmonds and someone named Qasim. There, Qasim told Simmonds if their colleague,Alexander, was robbed by a mysterious person last night. Based on the investigation, it was revealedthat the culprit was alone and he beat two.

Of Alex's personal bodyguards easily. Orson who heard this looked calm, becausehis identity isn’t known. Sarah, who's still hacking their data, finallygets Qasim’s current location as well as his identity. It turns out that Qasim is a Turkish governmentofficial. Not only that, they also know that Simmondsand Qasim will have a secret meeting in 3 days. to find out what they will do, Nathan ordersSarah and Denny to accept Simmond’s invitation to visit his villa in Turkey.

Short story, now, Sarah and Denny had arrivedin Turkey and were specially welcomed by Simmonds with his bodyguards. Not wanting to waste time, Simmonds immediatelyshowed his entire collection of antique cars. Seeing if Denny liked one of his cars, Simmondsimmediately gave it to Denny and they immediately did a test drive. While Sarah, who was left in the villa, rushedto carry out her plan to tamper with Simmond’s computer. Seeing that there was CCTV above, which wasmonitored directly by Emilia, Simonds’s assistant, Sarah turned around to hack it.

Moved to Orson and J.J., who was currentlymonitoring Qasim's movements. there, Orson was surprised because he sawthat there was Mike who’s also monitoring Qasim. Sarah, who had finished hacking the CCTV,immediately launched her action on Simond's computer to find information. Orson, who saw Ben Harris, decided to followhim secretly. It didn't take long for Sarah to find outand report her discovery to Nathan, that Simmond only bought the AK 47 that was robbed at thebeginning of the film. Nathan, who heard that, seemed disappointedbecause they had the wrong person, because.

Simmond was not the buyer of the AI weaponthey were looking for. Nathan contacted Orson to go back, becausethey’re suspecting the wrong person. but Orson, who was very sure that Simmondswas involved, decided to keep following Ben Harris secretly. Ben Harris, who was aware of this, immediatelyinformed Simmonds. Of course, J.J. who tapped Ben Harris’s phone, also toldOrson that Ben Harris already knew. J.J also ordered Orson to take action, becauseBen Harris asked for reinforcements from Simmonds. Hearing that, Orson immediately ambushed andbeat Ben Harris’s guard easily.

Not wanting to get caught, Ben Harris escapesby stealing someone's motorbike. With JJ's help, Orson chased him by meansof a short cut. Unluckily, Ben Harris can trick Orson by climbingthe building. because he did not have access to the building,Orson decided to chase Ben Harris through the stairs. Seeing that there’s someone else, Ben Harrishad an idea to trick Orson. There, Ben Harris pretended to ask for helpto be photographed. After that, secretly, he put his phone inthat person's pocket. and when orson arrived at the top, he didnot find Ben Harris' existence, even though.

The location point was accurate. Orson was confused, then he looked down andhow surprised he was after seeing if there was a corpse lying below. And in fact, it was the person earlier, whowas pushed by Ben Harris. Orson, who was off guard, too, will be pushedby Ben Harris from behind. Luckily, with his reflexes, Orson managedto avoid it. JJ rushed to pick up Ben Harris’s body andthey immediately went back. Upon arrival at the headquarters, they receivednews from Knighton if the data sent by Sarah from Simmond’s computer is true and accurate.

If they are going to make a Cakra Hard Drivetransaction to activate the AI weapon, it's no joke that the weapon actually can launcha nuclear attack that the culprit cannot be identified yet. Even so, the person who will buy the harddrive didn't know Ben Harris’s face because they transacted only via voicemail. Considering that Ben Harris had died, finallyOrson decided to disguise himself as Ben Harris to thwart criminals who would destroy theearth, so that everything would run smoothly. Orson asked for Sarah's help to change hisvoice to be similar to Ben Harris, when he was going to call Simonds later.

After all the plans were neatly arranged,Orson immediately met the hard drive’s buyer. At that time, Sarah managed to change Orson'svoice to Ben Harris's voice by phone, so that Orson was not suspected and immediately takento the destination of the transaction. Simmonds, who did not know that Ben Harrishad died, seemed normal and asked Excuse for a moment to contact Ben Harris to guide thetransaction. JJ, who had followed them from behind, immediatelywent down to protect Orson with a sniper. Arriving at the transaction point, it turnsout that the buyer’s name is Sergey. didn't want to waste time, Sergey immediatelyopened the Hard drive’s suitcase and asked Orson to enter the 15 passcode to open it.

By asking help from Sarah, Orson called Simmondto ask for the code. And sure enough, Simmond is successfully tricked. And at that time, Simmond’s guards realisedthat someone was eavesdropping on Simmond’s conversation. They managed to enter the 15 codes from Simmonds,then a 10 million dollar transaction was successful. but from a distance, one of Alex's men realisedthat Orson was a person who robbed Alex’s house a few nights before. before they managed to touch Orson, J.J. took action first to attack them and therewas a fierce shootout.

Sarah, who also managed to cancel the transaction,immediately fled from there with Denny. Back to Orson who was being chased blindlyby one of the helicopters. and when Orsen was cornered, it was revealed that they wereMike’s men. Mike, with his men, who managed to catch Sergey,coldly slaughtered them and took away the AI weapons. And before that, Mike ordered his men to executeOrson. But before that happened, J.J. preceded them again to protect Orson. Simmonds, who realised that Sarah is the hacker,immediately asked his bodyguards to hunt down.

Sarah and Denny. with her shooting skills, Sarah managed tobring down one of Simond’s guard’s cars. seeing that the bullets had run out, the onlyway they could only run. back to Orson and J.J., who tried to saveSarah using a helicopter. After seeing Sarah's whereabouts in the tunnel,Orson immediately catches up and fires missiles at their opponent. Nathan, who gets news from the authoritiesthat Mike does not work with any government, then concludes that Mike is planning somethingevil. Hearing that, finally Orson has an idea totake advantage of all the evidence of Simond's.

Crime and ask Simond to cooperate with them. At first, all the team was doubtful, but Orsonconvinced them and returned to Simond’s base. Upon arrival, Orson immediately presentednegotiations so that Simonds would help them reclaim the AI ​​weapons. At first, Simond refused, but after beingpersuaded by Denny, Simond finally agreed to help. Long story short, night came where Simondswill show who Mike will sell AI weapons to. while Orson, J.J., and Sarah also took actionfrom the other side.

By using a Drone, Sarah disrupted the communicationof the guards, while Orson and J.J. immediately paralyzed them all. Upon arrival in a room, it turns out thatMike sold the weapon to Trent and Arnold. They were Simond's business partners duringthe previous charity event, and it was revealed that they bought it to destroy the world'scurrency, so that it would create chaos and anarchy everywhere. While Simonds broke their concentration, Orsonand J.J. secretly slaughtering all of Mike’s men. to make it faster, Orson got into the carwhile slaughtering them.

After all the guards outside were finishedoff, Orson continued to enter the building while slaughtering the rest of Mike’s meninside. It didn't know what Simonds was talking about,so they all slaughtered each other there. After Orson managed to finish off all of Mike’smen, he immediately entered the transaction room. There, Orson was surprised to see that everyonewas dead. For a moment, when he was about to go carryingthe AI weapon, it turned out that from behind, Mike attacked Orson. Mike, who couldn't do martial arts, seemedto be beaten blindly by Orson.

After winning the fight, Orson came out andwas picked up by J.J. and Sarah. The next morning, they went to Doha, Qatar,to give the AI weapon to Nathan. Because the mission had been successful, hereNathan gave them another job and the pay was much bigger. But firmly, Orson refused, because they wantedto go on vacation to Dry Island to refresh their mind, and the film ended.

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