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Midnight capeta or high drivers those are some of the most famous car racing anime franchises but there is a problem ever since initially's original release in 1998 until the announcement of high drivers in 2022 these were the only ones I know there's probably a million smaller animes that just weren't popular enough to get outside Japan but that's.

Still a very poor performance car racing animes just weren't there most of the time probably because topping Initial D is close to Impossible by the way I know there are more animes like cyber formula or speed racer but I don't count these as car racing animes generally more like sci-fi racing I don't have a problem with that but the white Initial D Mage.

You feel when you watched it the sense of realism that maybe if you practice hard enough you can be as good as them even though it is silly and impossible I want a car racing anime that can replicate at least 50 of that feeling but 2023 looks like great news for current anime lovers that's all thanks to high drivers which I talked about in.

My previous video and you guys loved did like no other thanks to MF ghost a direct sequel to Initial D and thanks to the one I'll talk about today overtake with an exclamation point at the end there we go overtake so let's dive deep and find out what this potential Banger has to offer as you can see from the trailer no road cars or street racing.

Will be involved in this the anime setting is the Japanese formula for Regional Championship there are two main characters first one a high school boy who is a driver for the komaki motors F4 team while working a part-time job as a newspaper delivery boy I think you all can see some similarities already the other main character is Koya a freelance.

Photographer who's hoping to turn his struggling career around and get back on his feet again the two starter collaboration of some sort that could benefit both but in which ways we'll have to wait and see how long will we have to wait well at the time of recording this which is February 12 2023 no official date has been confirmed when.

It comes to the visuals I must say the show looks great you can't really expect anything less the animation quality has evolved so much over the years that every time I'm watching anything released after 2018 I'm absolutely flabbergasted at how nice it looks and a very huge plus of this show the 3D and 2D animation worked perfectly together.

Some studios sometimes overdo it with a 3D like in the berserk remake from 2016 and it just ends up looking super unnatural in the pain to look at but over here it works really nicely the Styles complement each other at least in the trailer they do now let's look at the people behind this anime and determine whether this anime has a good.

Chance of being a banger the studio behind this project is Troika and karakawa Corporation is taking care of the publishing first let's look at Troika they are a relatively young Studio founded in May of 2013. their projects ain't no Naruto but there are some nice pieces in their portfolio stuff like I'll know a zero re-creators.

Or idolish 7 are rated quite well on any list nothing revolutionary but they ain't no slouch either karakawa Corporation is quite a different story with quite some animes released each year some of them are bound to be good stuff like Overlord konosuba Kill la Kill Trinity Seven or for the more refined in taste High School DxD or.

Testament of sister new Devil it's safe to say that people at karukawa do have enough experience under their belt to know what it takes to publish a banger let's hope for the sake of car racing anime culture that they won't make a mistake now now let's see what the internet thinks about this because it's 2023 and you can't make your own mind.

Anymore you have to adopt a view from the Reddit comment section if the protagonist's dream is to join Ferrari they ain't no dream bro it's just a nightmare my inner F1 and the racing junk itself is going insane www original anime I'm sold box box racing yeah finally a new car animate is.

Actually about cars I need more car anime after Initial D and Wang and I made that club wait what panagan Midnight Club hey what what what what's happening foreign

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