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Demons layer has a huge fan base in India inIndia there is nearly no anime fan who doesn't know about Demon Slayer it's just so popular inIndia but yet those who are watching this video being a non-anime fan I want you to know thatit is the story of a boy named tanjiro kamado whose sister is transformed into a demon and nowhe is searching for a antidote to transform her back into a human this journey of him has left avery different place in its fans Hearts so today I have two news for you guys the first one is goodnews and the second one is bad I would like to go further with the good news first so the goodnews is that u4 table Studio that has officially released Demon Slayer as an animated series hasrecently announced about the next two episodes of the Entertainment District Arc of the DemonSlayer these episodes will be the episode number.

10 and the episode number 11 and another greatnews comes with it they are also releasing a one our special episode of The Demon Slayer Villageof the swordsmiths it's quite good news for the Demon Slayer fan base they were just waiting fora long time I think they are just fond of Demon Slayer and now they are getting its episodesback but it's quite sad for India because these episodes are releasing in 80 cities and regionsand these cities and regions does not yet include India or any of the Indian cities this releasewill be placing in April 2023 on Crunchyroll Netflix and some platforms like this so this wasthe news guys I know it's so heartbreaking for us but yet we cannot do anything then just wait wejust have to stay strong and be patient for its arrival in our country too so that's it guysto get updated about the latest anime news its.

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