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You might want to cover your ears where'd the Rocks come from Reed Richards ayoung man in 2007 gives a presentation to his class declaring his desire to be the first personto teleport across realities his peers scorn him and his instructor Mr Kenny mocks his objectivehowever Ben Grimm is intrigued by Reed's comments later that night Reed infiltrates Ben's family'sjunkyard and convinces him to help bring a gadget into his basement Reid obtains a toy automobileand tries to convince Ben that teleportation is real he activates his Contraption causingit to destroy every Transformer in the area nevertheless he successfully teleportsthe automobile leaving behind a mound of rocks where the car previously stoodReed becomes convinced that Ben is crazy.

Seven years later Reed and Ben have becomebest friends and are participating in a scientific fair to Showcase their inventionReed successfully teleports a child's model plane but unfortunately the energy surge damagesa basketball net leading to his disqualification at this moment Dr Franklin storm and hisadoptive daughter Sue approach Reed and Ben impressed by Reed's Innovation Franklinextends an invitation for Reed to join him in a project at the Baxter Foundationas a farewell gift Ben gives Reed his old pocket knife Franklin presents his ideas to aboard of experts with Dr Harvey Allen leading the group who is skeptical about involvingyoung scientists in the initiative Franklin proposes utilizing interdimensional travelto acquire new resources for Earth's benefit.

Afterwards Franklin visits Victor Von Doom theoriginator of the initiative although Victor initially rejects Franklin's proposal Franklintracks him down in a shanty and persuades him to join forces again Victor reluctantly agreesmotivated primarily by his feelings for Sue meanwhile Franklin's son Johnny participates ina street race initially he experiences a stall but swiftly recovers and accelerates however hiscar's engine eventually overheats and burns out Franklin finds Johnny at the hospital wherehe is being treated for an injured arm Franklin expresses his disappointment in Johnnyreprimanding him for wasting his talent however Johnny Harper's resentment towards his fatherfor prioritizing his own career over their family Johnny instantly becomes friends with Reedupon joining the squad Victor on the other hand.

Exhibits a cold and snobbish demeanor towards themhowever the entire crew collaborates to construct a larger teleportation machine based on Reed'splans known as the quantum gate once the machine is completed the crew sends a small chimp intothe alternate Dimension referred to as Planet zero they establish video monitoring of the planetand successfully bring back the chimp unharmed despite Franklin's efforts to convince Allen thatthe team is prepared Allen notifies them that he and the other board members will recruit NASAmembers as the initial human subjects to journey to Planet zero Reed and Johnny raise a toast toVictor with their drinks as they process the news despite the circumstances they resolvedto proceed with teleporting themselves Reed reaches out to Ben and urgeshim to join them on this adventure.

The four men prepare themselves in transitto Planet zero Sue receives an alert that the quantum gate has been activated and promptly callsFranklin to the laboratory meanwhile the boys stumble upon dirt and A peculiar green substanceon planet zero which exhibits a reaction to organic matter the material starts deterioratingand eventually culminates in an explosion understanding that the area is highly unstablethe boys hastily Escape through the quantum gate they make their way back up the slope butunfortunately Victor is struck by a significant amount of the substance and plunges into it theremaining three individuals make their way back to Sioux but upon their return they discover thatBen's pod is filled with pebbles instead of him furthermore Johnny is struck by a massiveFireball leaving him unconscious and engulfed.

In flames as they are transported backa surge of radiation accompanies them impacting Sue and causing her to become partiallyinvisible Reed regains Consciousness and cautiously approaches Ben who is trapped undera pile of rocks and calling for help however Reed becomes aware of his own leg elongatingto an abnormal length and subsequently faints Reed regains Consciousness to find himselfrestrained to a bed with his limbs spread apart despite repeatedly calling for Ben noneof the Physicians acknowledge his pleas when the medical staff leaves the room he managesto free himself from the straps and makes his way through the air vents all while Ben continuescalling out for him as Reed navigates through the vents he stumbles upon Ben who has undergonea transformation turning into a colossal Rock.

Creature Ben implores read for help but readsenses approaching footsteps fearing Discovery he escapes promising Ben that he will return toassist him read fleas from the confines of the area 57 facility and into the Untamed wildernessa year has elapsed and during this time Allen has harnessed Ben's immense stature and strengthemploying him as a formidable weapon in battles on the battlefield Ben now known as the thing iswitness demolishing tanks with his sheer power meanwhile Johnny who has fullymastered his fire manipulation and flying capabilities is now the HumanTorch Sue has also honed her skills becoming the invisible girl Adept at bothinvisibility and force field manipulation each of them has been equipped with specializedoutfits tailored to their Newfound abilities.

However Reed's whereabouts remain unknown and thesearch for him continues Sue diligently follows the trail of recent sightings tracking him throughhis emails by tracing his correspondence she comes across the username cptn underscore and 3mo areference to their earlier conversation about 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea Reed finds himselfin Panama where he resorts to altering his facial features to conceal his identity however hebecomes aware of a breach at the Airfield and is confronted by a group of mercenaries utilizing hisstretching abilities Reed manages to evade their attacks and makes an escape however Ben catchesup to him overwhelmed by feelings of betrayal due to Reed leaving him behind Ben receivesa headbutt from Reed resulting in his capture Reed is subsequently transported to area57 where Allen Reveals His intentions to.

Restart the quantum gate in orderto seek a cure from planet zero reluctantly Reid agrees to assist his formercompanions albeit begrudgingly Reid eventually reunites with the other three team members and acrew of explorers Ventures back into Planet zero during their exploration they spot a figurein the distance who turns out to be Victor upon bringing him back they discoveredthat his entire body has become encased in metal a result of his suit merging withhim and the green material from planet zero Victor regains Consciousness and reveals that hehas grown stronger during his time on the planet he declares his intent to destroy Earth andreshape Planet zero according to his own vision demonstrating his Newfound Powers Victorbegins manipulating objects in the room.

Causing the deaths of two Physicians andultimately explodes Alan's skull Victor escapes and continues to blow upheads before returning to the quantum gate Victor Fries Franklin when he attempts to stop him before dying Franklin instructs Sue and Johnny totake care of each other read Sue Johnny and Ben chase him down and pursue him through the gate everyone has returned to Planet zero Victor has created a black hole with theintention of engulfing and annihilating Earth the four of them realize that in order toclose the Gateway they must eliminate Victor begins manipulating the environment to trapthe four of them Reid informs the group that while Victor may be stronger than each of themindividually they have a chance when they combine.

Their strength Sue creates a temporary forcefield around the portal while Reed engages in a diversionary tactic against Victor it's clobberingtime Ben exclaims as he punches Victor sending him hurtling towards the black hole where he isabsorbed and destroyed Johnny then closes the portal while flying and Sue uses her powers totransport herself read and bend back to Earth while the military initially hesitates to continuecollaborating with the four they Express gratitude for their efforts in Saving the planet and agreeto provide them with a private base of operations Reed realizes that the team needs a name Benappreciates the location and exclaims how amazing it is in that moment Reed instantly graspswhat to call the team the Fantastic Four

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