This genius man became once betrayed and compelled staunch into a frozen sleep for 30 years

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The story will be focused on Soichiro Takakura,who was an orphan. His Mom left him from the day he was bornand when he was 17 years old, his dad left him too. But he never felt lonely, thanks to a verycute cat that he found on the day his Dad passed away. He called it, Pete. Soichiro was adopted by a relative from hisfather's side, named Koichi. Koichi has a daughter, named Riko Matshusita. Soichiro learned about machine engineeringfrom Koichi, and he mastered it well.

But unfortunately, Koichi and his wife diedbecause the plane they were on crashed. Riko was a junior high school student then. So, to continue on her studies, her uncle,Kazuto, brought her to move into his house. On 1st March 1995, the news about Soichirowho had succeeded in making an artificial intelligence robot, named A1, had spread acrossall the television media. A1 was a house helper robot that has a skillto evolve and to learn every single new thing its owner told to. A1 was made under the auspices of Kazuto'scompany, Future Works Enterprise or FWE. At the same time, when the snow was fallingoutside, Pete, the cat, asked Soichiro to.

Open every door in the house, so it couldfind a warm place, like summer. It's impossible, but Soichiro always did whatPete asked him, because Pete never gave up. Riko came often to Soichiro's house to helphim with the house chores and then that day, she said that in a week later, she had tomove to a boarding house of senior high school, so she said she couldn't come to Soichiro'shouse too often just like she used to. But Soichiro said that she didn’t need tobe sad, she still could come to his house during summer vacation. At his house, it seems that Soichiro was sobusy with his new project, making a sophisticated battery that doesn’t need to be recharged,so it can be put into his robot, to make it.

Always on active mode. This project was the late Koichi’s ideaand Soichiro tried to complete it to make Koichi’s dream come true, where robots andhumans could live side by side. Meanwhile, Soichiro’s girlfriend and whoalso his assistant, Rin Shiraisi, came to the house, to bring some documents that Soichironeeded to sign. It looked like Riko didn't like her, so whenRiko saw her, she left the house immediately. The documents Shiraisi brought was about thetransfer of shares of FWE, from Soichiro to Shiraisi. This transfer would get her promoted to anexecutive of FWE.

Soichiro made this decision purely by hisown request, he thought that she was quite competent to run the company in the future. After all the documents were signed, Shiraisikissed him passionately. A week later, Siroichi came to his office,and he found out that Kazuto suddenly held a share-holders board meeting to launch A1robot earlier than planned, to beat their business competitor by selling its patentto another company named Mannix Enterprise. By doing so, he could get more funds. Soichiro was against this plan, he said thatthey needed, at least, a third model to release the robot to the market.

Shiraishi was aware that there are differencesof opinion between Soichiro and Kazuto, so she suggested to make a proposal voting, andthis took Siroichi by surprise when he heard that Shiraisi who held the third of the shares,agreed to Kazuto’s plan. If they made it to this plan, it means Soichirowas officially kicked from the company and he couldn’t use any facilities and equipmentbelong to the company. In the end, Soichiro realized that he wasframed. Soichiro went back to his house, full of anger,and found all of his equipment had been taken by the company. A moment later Riko came by the house to saygoodbye to Siroichi.

She was so shocked when she saw the house. It was so messy and there was Soichiro drinkingalcohol and looking depressed. Riko decided to cancel her plan to move intothe boarding house, and she chose to be with Soichiro when she knew it was Kazuto’s doing. Feeling so helpless, Soichiro said no to her,he said she couldn’t help him no matter what. Riko was hurt by his words and she decidedto leave him. At the same time, Soichiro found a brochureof a cryosleep programme run by a company named Credeus.

Credeus was a company that provided a serviceto someone who wants to be put to sleep and to be woken up in 5 to 30 years later. Without thinking, Soichiro then took Petefrom his house and decided to be put together in cryosleep. He also asked his Lawyer to transfer his shareof FWE to Riko, then she could have all of his shares when she turns 20 years old. Unfortunately, the doctor found there wasa high alcohol level in Soichiro’s body, and he found that Soichiro was depressed. The doctor said he couldn’t proceed withSoichiro's request and asked him to come back.

Again tomorrow when he was sober up and askedhim to rethink his decision. In the next scene, we find Riko who just cameto Kazuto’s house. She overheard the conversation between Kazutoand Shiraisi about their plan to give the plasma battery to another technician. She also overheard about the truck companythat seized everything from Soichiro’s house that went missing. Riko went upstairs to call Soichiro, and wantedto tell him about this, but she got no answer from him. She ran back to Soichiro house and Kazutosaw her and felt something was wrong with.

Her. He checked the phone, and dialed the lastnumber she called, and found out that she was trying to call Soichiro, he ran afterher to catch her. Meanwhile, Soichiro was on the way to Kazutohouse to talk to Shiraisi. He asked her to give him back all his researchequipment. Otherwise, he told her that he will reportall their wrongdoings and that would be no good for them, because it would cause a badreputation to the company. Upon hearing that, Shiraisi said she’llgive up, but when she had a chance, she shot the drug to Soichiro.

Pete was there too, it was in the bag, itjumped to her and accidentally hurt her. Shiraisi was so angry and she tried to catchit, but she heard the sound of the broken window and Pete disappeared along with someonein Soichiro’s car. This made her think that Siroichi was herewith someone else, but she couldn’t ask him about that, because Soichiro was lyingon the floor, unconscious. She was so confused at that time, and unexpectedlyfound the brochure about cryosleep and the crazy idea came to her. She intentionally put Soichiro in a cryosleepcapsule run by Mannix Enterprise. Shiraisi told him that she worked for MannixEnterprise before, to help them evade taxes..

Then the cryosleep capsule was activated andput Siroichi to sleep for the next 30 years. In the other place, someone came to pick Rikoup, it was the same person who drove Soichiro’s car from Kazuto house. Riko was so shocked when she saw that person. 30 years have passed by, Soichiro woke upfrom his cryosleep, and found himself in the futuristic hospital. There was a doctor who was once with him atCredeus 30 years ago, but that doctor told him it was his father who worked at Credeus30 years ago, it wasn’t him. Still puzzled, Soichiro asked where Pete was,but a robotic humanoid named Pete came instead.

Pete the cat. He would take care of Soichiro through hisrecovery in the next five days. The worst of all, Soichiro now has no assetsat all, because Mannix Enterprise and FWE went bankrupt in the last 30 years. Nevertheless, he still got financial aid fromhis cryosleep compensation even though it wasn’t that much and at last he receivedthe address from someone named Riko, who often asked when Soichiro would be woken up. The day after, Soichiro ran away from thehospital, with only his recorder and wallet in his hands.

He tried to catch a taxi, but none of it came. Suddenly Pete came by his side and told himthat he needed an application to get a taxi. Soichiro got more confused when he found outthat the taxi drove itself without the driver. In the taxi, Soichiro told Pete to get out,but he said No. He said that he just ran away from the hospital. Pete claimed that there was a misshape withinhis system that made his exploration trait overreacted and made his curiosity on thesame level as a human. Pete purposely followed Soichiro, becausehe knew that Soichiro was a robot maker, so if he had a problem, he believed Soichirocould fix it.

Pete threw Soichiro’s wallet and told himthat everything was run by smartphone nowadays. When they arrived at Riko’s Address, Soichirowas startled when he saw the house. It was so dirty and a mess. That house was not Riko’s house but Shiraisi’s,who looked so fat and poor. She intentionally disguised herself as Riko,so Soichi would come to her house. Later on, she told Soichi that a year afterhe was put to cryosleep, Kazuto died of Diabetic complications, and all the company’s shareswere acquisitioned by another company. At that time, a mysterious man came to herand leaked the secret about her actions, helping Mannix Enterprise to evade taxes and put herin jail.

Meanwhile, Mannix Enterprise slowly went bankrupt. She blamed him for everything and she felthappy when she told him that Riko died in a fire that happened in his house the nightshe shot him with a drug. Even though her body couldn’t be found,she said that Kazuto clearly saw that fire when it was happening. Her words crushed his heart then he went toRiko’s grave to mourn his beloved little sister. While reminiscing all his memories with Rikoand Pete the cat, Soichiro was motivated to find that mysterious man that Shiraisi wastalking about, and to find out what caused.

Riko’s death. With Pete's help, they went to the libraryto look up articles on the internet and they found out that FWE had been acquired by acompany called Guardian Manufacturing. At the same time, suddenly Pete wanted toactivate his sleep mode to regenerate himself. This was an opportunity for Soichiro to askPete where he got his energy source. Soichiro was surprised when he knew that Petegot his energy sources from a plasma battery, a semi-permanent source of energy that hewas unable to complete 30 years ago. Furthermore, Pete told him that he was a productfrom Aladdin Industry, which is now a lead in the robot market..

Soichiro and Pete went to Guardian Manufacturingto meet the CEO, but the robot secretary refused to let him meet the CEO. But when he said that his name is SoichiroTakakura, a designer of A1 robot, she let him in to meet Guardian Manufacturing’sCEO, Gota Tsuboi. Gota Tsuboi was so happy when he met Soichiro,and this made him so confused, especially when Gota told him that he knew that Soichirowas a plasma battery creator, who gave its exclusive right to the Aladdin Industry. Gota then showed him a book that Soichirosigned for him when he was an elementary school student, he later told Soichiro that he signedthat book when he visited his family restaurant.

With Professor Toi. Professor Toi was then taken to prison forembezzling university funds to finance his research on time machines. Despite all the things he couldn't remember,Soichiro believed that there was someone deliberately using his identity to complete his researchon plasma batteries. Later on, Soichiro found that someone hadtransferred all his shares to a man named Sato Taro. Sato Taro was one of the Aladdin Industryfounders who was also a lawyer of the patent right, pointed out by Soichiro himself.

From Aladdin's data, it was also known thatSoichiro was the designer of the first model of Pete the robot. It was also written that Riko-1 was the onewho developed the second model and so on. From all the things he found, Soichiro thenrealized something. He and Pete went to Professor Toi’s laboratorium,who was overjoyed when he saw Soichiro. Here everything was revealed, it was Soichirohimself who asked Professor Toi to complete his research on the time machine so he couldgo back to his time. Without taking any time, Professor Toi, whohad completed his research on the time machine, using the energy from the plasma battery,asked Soichiro to return to his time, 30 years.

Ago. He gave him some gold bars and asked Soichiroto give that gold bar to Professor Toi in the past, so he could fund his research. When Soichiro was ready on the time machineand said his goodbye, suddenly Pete jumped and hugged Soichiro and unexpectedly Petewas brought back to 30 years ago. Soichiro and Pete got to a place where theymet a man called Sato Taro. Sato then brought them to his house. When Soichiro was awake, Sato said that Petehad already explained everything to him, about them who came from the future and what Soichirowould be doing in this time.

He sold all the gold bars to support Soichiro’splan. It was February, 28th 1995, a day before theannouncement of A1 robot was broadcasted on the television. So, Soichiro tried to complete his blueprintof the plasma battery’s design in just a week. On the next day, Soichiro went to Tsuboi’srestaurant to meet Professor Toi and gave him all the money he got from selling thegold bar. At first, Professor Toi could not accept themoney, he was so skeptical, and didn’t believe Soichiro's story telling him that he camefrom the future thanks to his invention.

But there was news about Soichiro on televisionthat day about Soichiro making the A1 robot. Thanks to the news, Professor Toi believedhim and took the money Soichiro offered him. At the same time, a son of the restaurantowner, who recognized Soichiro’s face from the television, came and asked Soichiro tosign his book. That boy was the one and the only Gota, whowill become the owner of Guardian in the future. In the evening, while accompanying Soichiro,Sato asked him why he changed the name of A1 robot to Pete-1, he then told him thathe changed it intentionally because he was inspired by his cat who loves the summer. This was the beginning of Pete, who latergrew to another Pete until Pete 13, who is.

Now helping him. In the middle of that conversation, Soichiroasked Sato to help him and revealed Shiraisi’s crime of helping Mannix enterprise to evadetaxes. As a token of appreciation, Soichiro promisedto give him his shares from FWE and an exclusive right to the plasma battery’s design, soin the future, Sato can make his own company which is later on named Aladdin Industry. Soichiro also asked him to let his sister,Riko, move into his house and live with him. Sato agreed to his request, he told him thathe and his wife always wanted a child in their home.

The time has passed and the day where Soichirowas betrayed by Shiraisi and Kazuto came. Pete then went to stop the truck that seizedall the equipment and research data from Soichiro’s house. Now we know why that truck never made hisway back to the company. On the other hand, Soichiro, who had completedall his design of the plasma battery, went to Kazuto’s house. He saw Shiraisi who tried to shoot a drugat him. Later on, he broke the window, took Pete thecat to his car, and ran away from there. Soichiro then went back to his home to findRiko, and at the same time, the truck that.

Brought all his equipment had arrived. It was Soichiro's revelation that surprisedRiko. Riko didn’t know that this Soichiro is theone who came from the future. Soichiro then drove his car and hit the house. He orchestrated something to burn and blowthe house. This was an explosion that made Kazuto believethat Riko was dead caused by fire. So, in the future, when Shiraisi told Soichiroabout this accident, we know why they never found Riko’s Body. Upon arriving at Sato’s house, Soichirointroduced Riko to Sato’s family.

There was Midori, Sato’s wife who warmlywelcomed her. After getting to know each other, Soichirosaid his goodbye to his sister and talked to Pete, who promised to wait for Soichiro,because the day after, Soichiro went to Credeus to take his cryosleep appointment, to be putto sleep for the next 30 years. From that moment, Riko who got motivated byher brother, studied diligently and made it to develop the second generation of Pete therobot, and the next generation of Pete. 10 years later, Riko then decided to takea cryosleep appointment and she planned to be woken up in the next 20 years. 30 years had passed, Soichiro woke up, andthere he found not only Pete the robot but.

Also Pete the cat and of course, Riko, whoat the same time, just woke up from her cryosleep.

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