This One Portion Loopy Concept Solved All of Void Century, and Oda is a MADMAN

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What happened during the void century and what were the ancient Kingdom and The Alliance of 20 Kings fighting over who were these three wins races and the lunarians and most importantly why is their history being erased well today I'm going to talk about a theory that explains exactly what happened over 800 years ago and even how Imus power let.

Them get away with it scot-free but please make sure to hit a like because it really does make a difference in that all-important algorithm anyway on the mega Theory but yeah let's start by talking about what we already know about the ancient Kingdom and all in one piece what we know already is that there was once an ancient Kingdom that was.

Prosperous and Powerful this Kingdom fell in battle against the alliance of 20 kings that now formed the world government but what were they fighting over from looking at Ani's Lobby we learned that the pornoglyphs were created to protect the true history this tells us that the war was fought to conceive this true history this is also.

Reflected in Sky PR where we learned that the historical books of shandora were destroyed which connects us to Professor Clover's words where he asked why the creators of the pony felt the need to carve the message in indestructible Stone they feared that the message would be destroyed if it was recorded in any other way this tells us.

That there was something very important in the historical records of shandora that the world government wanted to erase but what could that have been I believe it is connected to what we learned in nl's cover story in nl's cover story we learned that the three wins races came down from the Moon city of burqa in search of Natural Resources.

This connects to ganfall explaining that Jaya became known as Holy Land because it offered Saul to grow plants known to them as wet when we look at the parallels between Jaya and Mary ejwa in the case the fact that they are both called Holy Land it becomes clear that these were the places where the winds race is settled and found the natural.

Resources that they were seeking we know already that maryajwa was previously the home of the lunarians before they were kicked out by emu and his allies this presents an interesting parallel to anal that may tell us more of what happened whilst enel wanted to send the winch people to the surface and return to the Moon while the winch people came from.

The Moon and settled in the sky anal words can be reframed as if they are being said by emu and it gives a good idea of how emu Rose to power interestingly there's also potentially extends as far as telling us the origins of the wind races settling in shandora the chandarians were always talking about their ancestors and it seems now.

That these ancestors were the lunarians it would track then that IMU did what Anil said he wanted to do and he sent the lunarian people down to the surface so that he could claim his place as God this parallel even potentially frames Joy boy as a parallel to ganfall the God who was user in turn this would lead into the origins of sun god knicker as a.

Warrior of Liberation just as ganfall became after he was usurped by Anil ganfall says these words and they are likely true of nikkar as well this may also be parallel by the fate of the shandorians who fought to reclaim their Holy Land when they were evicted from it it is likely that the same thing happened to the lunarians so this tells.

Us that the roots of the Void Century go back as far as the arrival of the Winds races and it is clear enough that it is their history that is being erased but why is that we now know that the ancient Kingdom had great technological advancement by their own right and it is likely that they not only prospered from Plants but also became Master botanists.

Capable of healing nearly any ailment this is where the events connect to the alliances made by the wind races one of which we know to be with wanu there is now quite substantial evidence that indicates that wanu and shandora were once connected until around 400 years ago the same time as shandora was attacked with the Kazuki and other.

Families of wanu the ancient Kingdom would have also added Master masonry to their already exceptional Kingdom this begins to tell us why immu and others may have felt threatened or jealous of this great Kingdom it seems likely that these winds races also formed other alliances with other races beside the people of wanu although there is much.

Less evidence of this so far it seems likely that they also had alliances with the minks and the fish fork and with the addition of the fish folk the ancient Kingdom would have also gained mastership rights and additional strong Warriors however I believe that the fish folk never managed to unite with the ancient Kingdom that is where the failed.

Meeting of the two Sovereign comes I believe that the original meeting of the two Sovereign was set to take place in Jaya where vanu and chandora could still be found at the time 800 years ago it was the intention to have the fish folk join the great Kingdom but this was when emu and his allies moved against them emo and the world government prevented.

The people of Fishman Island from joining the ancient Kingdom because one of the kingdoms already claimed Fishman Island as their territory this lead to the formation of the alliance of 20 Kings in order to oppose the great Kingdom it was with this that the War Began and continued throughout the following Century leading up to the fall.

Of the lunarians and the establishing of the world government the war was fought to take the power and Technology of the ancient Kingdom to conclude I believe that the void century was caused by the formation of an alliance against the ancient Kingdom because they had become too powerful and prosperous the history was erased in order to hide the origins.

Of the whinged races and the fact they founded this Kingdom the true history is that the ancient kingdom was created by the wind races and they became recognized as Gods the truth is that the ancient Kingdom has the combination unification of these groups in one country the country of Harmony vanokuni and that's it for the theory of void.

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