This superbike racer slaughtered mafia teams after being mocked

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This film is set in Spain. At the beginningof the movie, we will be introduced to the main character of this movie, named Rafa.By that time, Rafa was preparing to take part in a superbike world championshipselection. Rafa is a widower with a son, and he is very ambitious to become ValentinoRossi's successor in the MotoGP championship. The race started, and all the riders looked tensebut excited. Each of them had one goal, to be at the top. Rafa was riding a Kawasaki Z10RR, whichis known to have above-average capabilities. In the middle of the race, Rafa was able toovertake a few riders and was in first place, but as he entered the last two laps, hisbike experienced engine problems. Rafa was disappointed, as it looked like his dream ofbecoming a superbike rider would be dashed, which.

Meant he would have to wait another year to takepart in the selection process. But surprisingly, Regina, a talent scout from the Honda team,reached out to him and invited him to join her team. He accepted the offer and said he wouldbe there on time to take part in the selection. On his return from the circuit, Rafa was late topick up his son, leaving his ex-wife, Natalia, upset. Rafa and Natalia had previously agreed thatMateo, their son, would spend the weekend playing with his father. They did this so that Mateo couldgrow well, both physically and mentally. Arriving at Rafa's home, one could see the various trophiesthat Rafa had won from motocross and supersport championships, and this proved that Rafa didhave a talent when it came to riding motorcycles. Rafa shows his son a video of him on the racetrack. The next day, Rafa takes Mateo back to.

His mother. Rafa asks Natalia out for a walkto rekindle their long-stalled relationship, he hopes to reconcile, but Natalia firmlyrefuses it, arguing that all this time Rafa has only been prioritizing his motorbikerather than paying attention to his family. In the following days, Rafa showed up at Regina'sinvitation to take part in the selection process for the main rider of the Honda team, and hewould be competing with three other riders who were quite young and seemed to have alot of passion. Regina explains that the selection consists of four rounds and will beconducted regularly over the next few weeks. The first round of selection begins. Riding aHonda CBR 600rr, Rafa easily took first place, and it brought a smile to Regina's face, as shewas sure her decision to bring Rafa on board.

Was the right move. After the selection is over,Rafa hurries back to Natalia's house to tell her the good news, but to his surprise, Natalia'shouse is a mess, which leaves him in a panic. It is then revealed that Natalia works for a drugdelivery service. Natalia works for a dealer named Carlos, but unfortunately, the 200,000 eurosworth of drugs that she has to deliver are lost, who knows where, and it makes her confused. Withno second thoughts, Rafa takes Natalia and Mateo into his home for the sake of their safety.After the incident that happened to Natalia, Rafa looked so puzzled. He feels sorry forNatalia, as she's also the mother of his son. Rafa then decided to meet Carlos. Rafa is ready tomeet Carlos, starting with digging up information from his best friend, Cortés. After gettinginformation from his friend, Rafa then heads to.

Carlos' base to negotiate regarding the problemshis ex-wife is facing. Initially, Carlos refused to negotiate with Rafa, he said he didn't wantto waste his time. At that point, Rafa decided to go home to figure out another way to pay offNatalia's debt. Arriving home, unexpectedly, one of Carlos' men calls him and asks him to cometo a tattoo parlor on the outskirts of the city. Once he gets there, Carlos's henchman, Boro, tellshim to get in the car and takes him somewhere. A while later, the car carrying Rafa arrivesat a port in the city of Marseille to pick up a package of drugs. Apparently, Rafa is assignedto deliver the package to the tattoo parlor he visited earlier by riding a massive Kawasaki NinjaZX6R. Rafa is required to fill up the gas tank at a designated location, and he also has to findthe safest way to avoid the police. Without saying.

Much, Rafa immediately speeds up on the motorcycleand carries out the orders given to him. On his way, Rafa encounters a problem, he ischased by the police, who are on patrol on the highway. It seems that the police take theirduties seriously. To chase Rafa, they drove a Nissan GTR A35. Thanks to his excellent racingskills, Rafa manages to trick these officers and arrive at the tattoo parlor on time.Who would have thought that the contents of the package Rafa was carrying were not drugsbut tapioca flours. Carlos deliberately did this to test Rafa's abilities. Carlos laterasks Rafa to be his courier for two months so he can pay off Natalia's debt. With nosecond thoughts, Rafa accepts the job. Carlos then hands him a cell phone, and Rafamust be ready whenever Carlos needs him..

The next morning, Rafa goes to work as usual. Asa consequence of his new job as a drug courier, Rafa struggles to divide his time properly betweenwork, being a drug courier, and his racing hobby. The day of the second round of Honda teamselection finally arrives, and on that day, it's unfortunate that Boro is waiting for him at theselection site, as Rafa doesn't pick up his phone. Boro then takes him to a tattoo parlor, the sameplace as before, and assigns Rafa to deliver the package that has been ordered. Again and again,Rafa gets interrupted by police officers as they receive a report that a very suspicious KawasakiNinja zx6r was speeding down the street. Rafa was anxious as the distance between him and thepolice who were chasing him was getting closer. His heart was beating so fast, but he waslucky, he was finally able to hide between.

The parked cars. He then quickly escapedthrough a shortcut that he managed to find. Rafa arrives at Carlos' residence andcomplains about the power of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R he rode. He asks Carlos toprovide him with another motorcycle, a 1000-cc Kawasaki with racing tires, sothat he can deliver the package faster. Returning from the drug dealer's place, Rafacomes back home and tells Natalia that the problems she has with Carlos have been resolvedthanks to the help of his best friend, Cortés. Rafa deliberately hid his deal with Carlosbecause he didn't want to make Natalia worry. At his previous request, Rafa was given a KawasakiZH2 motorcycle known for its super torque and 1000 cc supercharged engine. The numerousactivities he undertook left Rafa exhausted,.

And in the end, he relied on the drugs Boro gavehim. Rafa takes the drugs for the extra energy he needs to get through his three jobs, afactory worker, racer, and drug courier. As the days passed, the third round ofselection for prospective racers was about to begin. Rafa looks very enthusiastic, despitebeing out of shape. While driving on the track, Rafa bumped into one of the racers, and thatcaused him to get into an argument with the racer. The racer thought that Rafa had intentionallyharmed him, but Rafa firmly said that he had not cheated. Regina eventually managedto stop the argument between them. Later that evening, when Rafa comes home, he issurprised to find Natalia packing and intending to leave his house. Rafa begs her and Mateo notto leave him, and he hopes that Natalia will stay.

To work on their relationship. The following day,Rafa is once again assigned to deliver a package to a customer located in the middle of the city.To his surprise, Rafa found out that a big protest was taking place at that spot, and the police werestanding guard everywhere to ensure the event. Carlos gets a crazy idea; he tells Rafa togo through the crowd by riding a motorcycle. Rafa has no other choice, like it or not,he has to deliver the buyer's order, and he boldly breaks through the rows of protestersand police officers riding on his motorbike. The police fire a bullet at him, and Rafa fallsdown, but luckily he is still in good condition. He then runs as fast as he can to save himself.Feeling threatened by the situation he is in, Rafa calls Boro and asks him to pick himup because he believes the people who are.

Chasing him are very dangerous. Rafa again runsas hard as he can to find Boro's car. Thanks to their collaboration, Rafa is successfully rescued,and Boro drives him away from that place. Having been upset about what happened to Rafa, Carlosblamed Boro's cousin, Valder, for the incident. However, Boro denies it, believing that hiscousin would never dare to do such a thing. Natalia finally learned that Rafa became a drugcourier in order to make up for all her debts. Natalia realized that all this time, Rafa hadsacrificed a lot, and it made her heart melt. The two then decided to get back together.The next day, Rafa goes to the race track to take part in the last stage of themain rider selection for the Honda team. At the start of the race, Rafa dominatesthe race, but in the middle of the track,.

Rafa chooses the wrong lanebecause of his lack of focus. What Rafa did made Regina very, verydisappointed, she had expected a lot from Rafa. To vent all his frustration over all his problems,Rafa is determined to complete his last task of delivering a drug package. Once he gets there, atan old building, Rafa meets Boro, who is ready to receive the money from the client. When Rafa isabout to leave, thinking he has finished his work, Boro suddenly tells him to come back tomorrowmorning to deliver another package. Rafa gets upset, he feels he is being taken advantage of.With the excuse of going to get his cell phone, Rafa walks towards Boro angrily, takes hishelmet, and then hits Boro with it frantically. Afterward, Rafa calls Cortés and asksfor his help in hiding Boro's body..

Rafa strikes a deal with Cortés, he will tell himthe location of Carlos' drug warehouse so Cortés can take over Carlos' business. Cortés readilyagreed to the deal, as he also hated Carlos. Meanwhile, with Boro having gone missing,Carlos goes to Rafa's house to ask about Boro's whereabouts. Rafa made up a story,saying that Boro, a person Carlos trusted, had taken his money away with his cousin, Valder.Carlos believes Rafa's story, and he then takes Rafa to look for Boro and Valder. While on theirway, Carlos senses that someone is following him, so he decides to turn around and head tohis warehouse to secure his drug packages. Upon arriving, Rafa sends his location to Cortés,asking him to come and get him. A while later, one of Carlos's men said that Rafa had lied, Boro andValder were not the ones who had taken Carlos's.

Money, as Valder was currently in prison. Withthat information, Carlos becomes furious because Rafa has lied to him. He plans to kill Rafa byshooting him. Rafa realizes he is in danger, and he attempts to escape. He speeds off on amotorcycle, and Carlos follows him with his car. Rafa crashes into a forklift, hefalls and collapses helplessly. Carlos loads him into the trunk of his car andtakes him to look for Boro and his missing money. Fortunately, Rafa can find his cell phone inhis pocket, and he then asks Cortés for help. After receiving Rafa's message, Cortés moves toimmediately stop Carlos and rescue Rafa. As Carlos drives out of the warehouse area, a large trucksuddenly hits him. He is trapped and unable to get out of his car. A moment later, Cortés comes toRafa's rescue. Cortes then shoots Carlos to death..

At the end of the story, Rafa successfullysolved all his problems and reunited with his wife and his son to live a better life.Regina then invites him back to join her team, as she feels Rafa is the right racer to join theHonda team. However, when Rafa was meeting Regina, there were suddenly two policemen who came andarrested Rafa. Regina is surprised by Rafa's arrest. Rafa is interrogated at the police stationfor his involvement with the drug cartel network, but instead of being thrown into prison, thepolice offer him a job. He will help the police dismantle the drug trafficking syndicate,and so without even a second thought, Rafa asks for a Kawasaki Z H2 motorcycle withracing tires to carry out his duties. The end.

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