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Initial defense it's finally here after a super long wait we'll be getting a brand new car racing anime in the near future after initial D's official end in 2014 no such project was heard of again until the reveal of MF ghost which is an indirect sequel of Initial D but even including MF goes there is just no other popular car racing anime series.

Considering initial D's success there's an obvious question why why isn't there another car anime if initially was so popular well I don't have the answer to that question I do have something different a brand new upcoming car racing anime series High drivers is the official name of this project and first of all I must say how the hell did they.

Manage to strike a deal with Toyota yes apart from Honda Subaru and Nissan Toyota will be making an appearance too even though there's obviously street racing involved so what's the anime gonna be about well unless you speak Japanese you probably won't find out this project has its own YouTube channel called surprisingly High drivers here.

They publish tons and tons of videos most of them being podcast sadly in Japanese with no English subtitles very important videos the teaser which they released in March and a super long music video released in November both in 2022 obviously first the teaser there isn't much more to it than a Honda NSX starting and the beginning of a song.

Which would later be released in the music video the most important things to take from the Caesar are the car brands which are somehow officially licensed and the studios behind this project sunrise and Bandai Namco Arts welcome to these later on so just keep them in mind the second a very important video is the MV they released in November this is the.

Big one well the opinion about the song may vary throughout the community like for example I thing is just trash but it's all a matter of preference and this is wildly out of my preference window but the animation is a whole different story you may have already noticed during this video that the animation is just gorgeous the effects the very.

Delicate use of 3D is just stunning even the transitions look seamless and fit the video beautifully I haven't seen many other music video this year but I'd say this one is very much a contender for the music video of the Year award anyway let's stop drilling for a while well you can keep on drilling while I tell you more about the setting of this.

Anime now because almost every piece of information about this show is in Japanese I have very limited sources but there are still some like for example according to an area at the foot of Mount Fuji with neighborhoods That Vary wildly in terms of cityscape and culture High drovis follows the laws of teams of street.

Races who gather and compete in Daily races where the Only Rule is that speed is everything it basically sounds a lot like if Need for Speed Carbon was an anime there isn't much more information about the show than this not even the release date I mean everyone everywhere is saying it's 2023 which would make sense to unveil the project a year.

Before but I couldn't find any official source to confirm that either is just my incompetence or the inability to speak Japanese but for now the source is trust me bro another thing I'm not sure is publicly no is the number of episodes I couldn't find any official number anywhere granted maybe it's among the gazillions of podcasts on their Channel.

But when I arrived at it mentioned that it's only three minutes long and that it's finished airing so apparently the music video was it well I honestly don't believe that they wouldn't hype a music video so hard one particular thing that fans are afraid of is this not only is there a car stag but hello it says.

Musical and if you browse through the comments on the music video you can see some people saying that they hope the Musical part one room in the car part I personally can't imagine a car racing Musical and I'm hoping for the love of God that this is just a random tag and the music video isn't actually foreshadowing but rather an unusual.

Entry in the new anime list one way I'd be fine with it being a musical though is if the main characters were also musicians which I don't think is unlikely since you can see shots like these in the MV now let's take a look at the studio Sunrise was it it's actually the same as Bandai Namco film works so there's actually only one Studio working.

On it in case you thought it was two nope it's the same but the real question is do they have enough experience did they produce any bangers to prove that they can get stuff done and get it done good well for those who don't know Sunrise let me surprise you this studio was founded all the way back in September 1972. this studio is older.

Than my dad guys let me know if the studio is older than your dad's in the comments and while they're at it you might as well subscribe and like this video that is if you like it of course but let's get back to Sunrise Studio over the 50 years of his existence it has released this many shows oh.

The list is long isn't it or in one word 184 among them some of the greatest shows of all time like code geese Gintama or Cowboy Bebop Bebop I have no idea how to pronounce that so on one hand you could say that the show is in good hands and at least when it comes.

To animation quality it sure is on the other hand all these Banger animes were at least like 15 20 years ago so there's definitely a chance that this one will join them in the Hall of Fame but how big is it really well let's see let me know in the comments what you think about this

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  1. You guys are wild with me no longer getting some Morning time stuff precisely, so right here's a few apologies for my unforgivable crimes :DAPOLOGY 1: A merely portion of you retains reminding me, that I forgot to consist of Gundam, and also you're merely. I've by no plot heard of this anime sooner than, as a consequence of it used to be banned in my nation. I must've integrated it, nevertheless now, that I googled it and identified its significance, I know. My deepest apologies 😀APOLOGY 2: Yes, sure I mispronounced Cowboy Bebop. I DO know about that anime, I watched treasure 2 episodes and then kinda forgot about it. It's no longer about me being younger, or a baby, I watched Naruto twice and easy fight to direct it effectively, it's no longer about age it's about incompetence, something, I appear to have an abundance of 😀. Anyway, I used to be bullied by y'all to see it, so the following time I'm sick (potentially very quickly) I'll 100% see Cowboy Bebop… and I'll bask in it!

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