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Okay, friends, back on my channel after the previous episode which was very exciting Now we are back with a new episode with leaked stories that I picked up from the novel and don't forget to subscribe first for those of you who like and now I want to tell you leak back and don't forget to subscribe click the bell and don't forget to like Enjoy What is house set demon blood they are among the berserk demons and their difference when compared to the berserk demons The basic is that they reach the sixth step in cultivation they are a rare type of demon only using physical attacks to.

Fight the words linsin used to describe simasian would be relatively better suited to describe bloodthirsty berserk demons their heads are full of muscles but no matter how different the weakness of bloodthirsty berserk demons is that they are unable to perform ranged attacks or their magic attacks in the end were at the sixth step. How could they not have some Tyrannical power advantage? They made up for the fact that they had no control over the elements, and their powerful physical attacks would sweep away everything in front of them even among the other demons of the sixth step. no one wants to fight head on against a madman like a bloodthirsty raging demon once he starts attacking a bloodthirsty raging demon will not stop.

Until he dies and he will do it to humans as well as demons puckering his lips from afar it would be a shame if I knew I would not using the sixth step magic crystal too bad a bloodthirsty sex devil appeared in priest temple headquarters what kind of situation was the blood sex house devil's appearance too sudden even the referee who was at the 8th step didn't think before arriving in front of blood sex devil house in an instant the reaction of the bloodthirsty raging demon also didn't slow to stomp the ground and immediately lowered himself down and at the same time the man's toes touched the ground this huge body was sent flying but in the process of this flight the demon hunters who were observing the battle all saw clearly his body shrinking suddenly -suddenly and at the moment it fell to the ground it had already returned to its.

Previous little pig shape in which direction the changing water rushed out with extreme vigilance it was from the 8th move against it Even in the demon state set house the blood that had changed little mcdoel was no match for him Originally he was dissatisfied with the harsh days of training in the Eternity tower being abused every day so painfully but now he only felt immense gratitude for the improvement in his battle skills having been beaten so much by the red skeleton Tyranny of course only after being injured the everyday this pig learned through experience and danger the referee at that time was shocked even with her cultivation at the 8th step this was the first time she saw something like this she hurriedly walked towards Chen Ying R planning to ask about it the referee cheaply spat out her thoughts Who asked.

Her to change into the devil and I really have never seen any magic beast that can transform Han Kian screams while covering his face Okay let the tournament continue the winner of this fight is the 36th contestant who's changing R he is the grandson of Sansui's grandma and Sansui's temperament even scares Feng's tongue and herself being the granddaughter she personally taught would be strange If she had such a good temper after sitting down again Han Kian glanced at long Hao Chen without batting an eye thinking to himself it seems that the friends on this kid's side Hao Chen have also become more Yang Wensel was shocked completely blank How could Ying water become so strong and was it her contracted monster So now she is no longer the unreliable Summoner she was in the past for a while.

The competition went on and even though the previous battle was absolutely amazing this competition made everyone prioritizes their personal gain fighting at full strength with one mind Therefore everyone only focuses on their own goals not really pays attention to other people besides that despite the little pig mcdoor's ability to turn into a blood shirt berser demon it's amazing the weakness of a blood shirt berser devil Self-explanatory is this type of demon Which is also ill equipped easy enough to deal with with enough preparation Second member of the demon hunting squad the 21st general class that appeared on stage was linshin somehow it turned out that the two people in the team with the weakest combat power were the first.

To come onto the stage raising her fire cloud staff big Lin Shin has very good potential in front of squishy he appears very honest and even hardworking to reach his goals often offers small gifts to lysine he makes him resign with his persistence and gradually gains a certain place in his heart at first lysine especially sympathizes because of the past a pitiful linshin but Over time he found that linshin Actually quite good even though this guy is a bit narcissistic his appearance is still good moreover his talent in alchemy is indeed enough to make him called a genius but more importantly this person is easily bullied at this point linshin is already in the middle the field and the opponent is a warrior but that Looks a bit.

Thin in simple leather armor He has a small battle ax in each hand obviously this warrior specializes in speed mage fighting warrior will start with a distance of 30 meters separating the two sides with a summons from the match referee starting the warrior launches an attack towards linshin Lin Shin's luck is definitely not as good as changing R his opponent is authentic from the sixth step a pair of medium sized green spiritual wings are released on his back they are not used to fly but propel him forward like a green beam flowing towards linshin red light Darkness came out of Linshin's body and without any incantation from him his Fire Cloud Crystal was directly inserted into the ground and a red light was released from his staff and himself from there.

Strong and rich spiritual energy fluctuations came out giving off an oppressive feeling but no one could predict such a spell. what would this person use that warrior specialized in wind elemental and got boosted from a pair of wind elemental wings so one could imagine the level of speed he reached relying on his cultivation at the sixth step he was not even visible to Lin Shin's eyes and with this extreme speed he was running at full speed spirit towards slippery speed and strength are directly related so the warrior was ready to respond his dual vernacular incantation had a magic breaking effect and was filled with quite a lot of spiritual energy at that moment the dual vernacular had turned green due to the concentration of spiritual energy in it and his thoughts as this was the place where he had to attack.

Linshin after all this was not a fight to the death and he couldn't help but stun the opponent but what surprised everyone was that slick didn't do anything when his opponent attacked him just stared at the other side helplessly of course the wind elemental warrior's speed was extremely fast and it only took a few blinks of an eye for him to arrive in front of the slick Waving his pair of battle axes a smile Victory was already written on the wind wind warrior's face for a magician who faced a Warrior when the opponent was in close range the match was destined to lose but the opponent was not careless still saved spiritual energy in preparation for a possible clean counterattack right when the two sides were only 2 meters away from each other linshin finally showed some reaction releasing an.

Intense red light spreading around him it was a resisting Ring of Fire low level technique without any offensive power its main effect was pushing the opponent back to avoid the opponent's attack is also one of the self-defense techniques used by the fire magician to see the opponent finally launched the retaining fire ring After a long time the wind soldier finally couldn't help but smile trying to stop me by relying on the retaining fire ring boldly moving the battle ax in his left hand forward he Plans to use the magic breaking effect of his battle ax to hit this retaining fire ring will openly very useful very easy the smile on the Wind soldier's face didn't last long as he was surprised to realize that his battle ax stuck in the enormous adhesive surface after piercing.

The retaining fire ring and it's strong backlash and shock made it impossible to advance any further immediately after that He suffered due to his own speed due to his movement being suddenly stopped the opposing fire ring clashed with his rapid attack and the wind warrior was immediately sent flying backwards at a speed that was even faster than when he was dashing forward like a stone shot with a slingshot even though the retaining fire ring was not strong enough the reply caused a huge shock to his chest nearly causing him to vomit blood and he fell into a dizzy state for a short time a fire skull appeared at that moment but didn't attack the wind soldier instead it circled around him before returning to linshin's fire cloud the referee stopped the match at that moment this granted victory.

To linshin if that fire curse attack actually hit a wind warrior he would be crippled for life or even die it was a spell of the sixth step and the magical attack power of the sixth step used by magicians was not something that warriors of the the sixth step following changing rlin also ended in victory after the match the competition continued And after a few more matches the simasian of the class 21 demon hunter troop entered the stage all the demon hunter troop they were familiar with couldn't help contemplating secretly Could their whole team register simasian up to the stage with big strides but this time the whole audience was really surprised to see his sturdy body part of his armor and a very big metallic ball in his hand everyone was.

Wondering what kind of weapon it was . Convention so that it can determine the distance that separates the two parties at the beginning of the knight vs priest match then both sides will start from the distance waiting you say you are a priest the referee It looks shocked at the simasian simasian skin becomes unsightly this is after all the temple headquarters priest he asked if there is something wrong with me being a priest the referee's face twitched involuntarily and said in a serious tone to maintain the fairness of the match I need proof of your summons please show proof of your identity as a priest while grunting simasian stretched out his left hand in the air emitting a holy radiance from his body this.

Is an authentic skill used by priests that it is impossible for people from other temples to learn neither warriors nor knights are capable of using that special skill Are you really a priestess the arbiter asked one more time this time it was the butler of the temple priestess Ling Xiao who spoke what are you waiting for to start the match young man is a priest Yes Tuan Ling the referee answered with hesitation priest versus Satria both sides will start from a distance of 50 meters the battle begins simasian retreats exactly 50 meters brandishing a ball of light energy in his hand Shackles that are 10 meters long it was linked to a ball of energy light with a diameter of 1 meter and produced a roaring strong wind the resulting sizzling sound made the audience as confused as the Referee whether it was.

Really the most shocked Priest was clearly the opponent simasian who stared in shock at this ball of simasian energy light even Satria not feeling like it had the strength to attack its mount was a red-skinned earthworm a magical beast that could be considered imposing and strong yet when her red-skinned earthworm started running towards the simasian she felt as if she was being completely suppressed . it was as if the ball of energy light was a mini sun ready to give off a dazzling light waiting room Ling Xiao covered his own face with his hands Is it really A priest really lost face Who is.

Educating this young man it won't work I have to get him out no matter what having a person like that living in the Priest's temple is too much disgrace to the hankian temple casually answering embarrassing Alright then I'll say a few words to this youngster later inviting him to join our Satria temple regardless of the fact that he's a part of timlonghao Chen couldn't change the link Xiao put his hands down covering his face gave henkian a doubtful look old fool don't mind my previous words about kicking him out of the priest's temple it was just a joke Do you still want to take it Han Kian glanced at him don't ask me I really wouldn't tell you about the fact that this kid's internal spiritual energy.

Was at 80 when Ling Xiao turned to look at the simasian his eyes were completely different now he looked at him as if he was some kind of rare treasure hankian happily commented from his side old Ling you should keep your promise yourself after the competition ends immediately bring him out such a talent is welcome no matter How many of them are in our Knights temple because he cant even use use any healing spells letting him stay in your temple will only make him ridiculed But we are not afraid after cultivating him as he should would be a formidable Retribution night and even the fact that he has a terrible weapon is not a problem for us Shut up don't even think about doing that Link Xiao angrily shouted When did I say.

I'd kick him out Han Kian stared wide eyed you just said it haha ​​Ling Xiao replied while grunting nonsense you just had a dream this kid is one of our comrades from the temple priest who would do something like that I can at least make him the guardian of our temple as a disciplinary priest I prepare to accept him as my personal disciple after this competition ends sitting on the side another link Xiao Ying suifeng who has been silent all this time suddenly sighed Old Ling your cheeks will soon become as thick as a long flaky laugh out loud don't worry this man will not lower himself to his level Of course he deliberately revealed information about simasian's internal spiritual energy simasian is long Ho Chen's companion and his own retainer Knight So if he gains power it will also.

Increase long Hao Chen's safety Therefore helping as much as he can is not bad shimasian's opponent is a guardian knight but for him the tragedy is that he is also skilled in strength and just now reached the sixth step therefore when seeing the roaring ball of energy light he could only attack after all the Knights were not talented in long range attacks the results went as expected when the Knight met the simasian energy ball of light strengthened by destruction and shield light ripple his spiritual level equipped with the Divine barrier and the Holy filter shield was finally destroyed. This Knight himself was immediately sent flying.

. himself tightly almost spat out blood but more importantly as he was thrown into the air the earthworm its red shell was still blocking destruction seeing that ball of energy light about to destroy his red-skinned earthworm The knight who loved his mount very much immediately shouted I admit the first round match was done quickly and the 7 members of the 21st general class demon hunter squad long Hao Chen It was actually quite lucky not to meet a very experienced demon hunter at the commander level they also all passed the first half smoothly when the first 70 matches finished It was already noon and Ling Xiao announced that before continuing the second round they would take a break for lunch it could be.

Considered lucky or unlucky but in the afternoon linshin suddenly pulled simasian while changing water attracts liquid Therefore the more promising Simasian and Liquid are naturally given the victory and Long Hao Chen and Wang Yuan-iwan and Hanyu all defeat their respective opponents. The most valuable of all is Wang Yuan Yuan who barely wins after going through the struggle. who was bitter by relying on the attack Asura launched with his gigantic divine soul shield he ended up winning with a surprise attack compared to the first round the next match was already much more difficult but even after 2 matches the 5 people from the General 21 class demon hunter squad still stayed in the competition and this was already more than enough at this point the remaining competitors only numbered 38 and.

Except for wangyuan-iwan simasian and hanyu they were all at the sixth stage in cultivation with the third round taking place the next day and it would obviously be much more intense than before this time long Hao Chen met Wang Yuan Yuan and victory naturally bestowed upon him whereas drift and Shima Sian came out completely washed away meeting a powerful summoner at the sixth step and finally couldn't withstand the attacks of all his powerful summons Sima Sien had bad luck and met a magician at the peak of the sixth step he didn't managed to cover the distance and get close enough to his opponent that he ended up losing after this battle only long Hao Chen and KR pressed on

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