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Paladin the Elder Let me go to Exorcism Pass first to take care of some things I will not travel with you You and I are both knights There is no master or servant Just in time Get to know your other teammates No need Afterwards on the battlefield.

We have more opportunities to get to know each other I'll leave you now a has| Okay Who is that person ah chief Our seventh teammate You are so cute! This pink sister, please get a hold of yourself I am on an important mission.

Wait! You are the number one demon hunting group Sorry for the outburst just now Sorry just lost my cool Welcome to the demon hunting tower I am senior guide zero zero seven Warmly at your service The demon hunting tower is the place where all demon hunting groups are active Here you can not only get the demon hunting group task to get merit.

You can also trade in the Use the merit to trade the equipment and secret skills you need To the Here's where you can register Pick up the Demon Hunt mission later Or hunting group upgrade is also here The more tasks completed by the demon hunting group The more merit value you get When the merit value reaches a certain amount.

You will be promoted from the rank of sergeant to a higher rank of General Marshal rank King Emperor-level demon hunting group Or even the legendary title-level demon hunting group We must be the future title-level demon hunting group Then you have to earn your merits quickly.

Upgrade as soon as possible! Please stand here first to complete the registration process Please step over here first to complete the registration process Thank you for your cooperation Identity verification completed Demon hunting group registration successful You are now the Alliance certified cab level one demon hunting group! Congratulations This token can be used to record merits anytime and anywhere.

It can also test the level of your spiritual power It will accompany you Until the end of the demon hunting group journey Next You are free to visit Happy shopping! High team You see if Isn't this the famous team leader Gao?.

How can you lose so many merits ah I don't know The whole 2,200 merit points That's a lot. Okay little green hair Don't be too snappy You guys go shopping and come back soon I'll be waiting for you outside So deceptive.

Thank you, team leader Gao Be careful I didn't think the trading center would even have the Holy Spirit Dan for sale This kind of elixir is the best of the best Although each person can only take it once in this life But once to raise a thousand points of spiritual power Spiritual Aura Consumes the spirit power of the releaser Helps all companions increase their spiritual power recovery speed by thirty percent.

Helps all companions increase their spiritual power recovery speed by thirty percent Help all companions to increase the speed of spiritual power recovery by 30%. Help all companions to increase the speed of spiritual power recovery by 30%. God|technique! The group leader has a good eye After the first battle I found In team combat Group increase skills are too important Just.

Good goods are not cheap! Good for the team It's worth it even if it's more expensive Weapon Strength Stones It can increase 10% of the weapon's own properties Restoration Mirror Repair items that have been damaged within 24 hours once Buy Want.

Want Top Goodies Then happily accept it! I'll take it happily There's not much left What else do you want? Just say it! This is too beautiful I want it so much.

Eighty-eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight Sakura's sister Even if you take me for We can not afford to buy ah cherry I'll buy it for you group leader I know your family is rich But everything here is traded for merit.

Our current merits are not even enough to make up a fraction of this necklace Let you play the big money smelly fart Long Haochen I have something I want to ask you I would like to ask you Take good care of Sakura for me She is actually my fiancee Fiancee.

Keep your voice down Because of some misunderstanding in the past So now she is having trouble with me What misunderstanding Captain, tell me See if I can help you I want to ask you to protect Sakura I can share half of the merit I get in the future with you Brother Yang.

Cherry Chen is my teammate I would have done everything I could to keep her safe It's not just Sakura Chan All of you All of you are my teammates and friends This trip to Exorcism Pass I will protect each and every one of you Team Leader Gao This time the alliance tap to support the exorcism of supplies have arrived in full.

This time, all the supplies to support the Exorcism Pass have arrived They also finished shopping You have finished shopping You are the leader of this year's number two demon hunting group You are the leader of the current number two demon hunting group Very good Regimental leader How can you be so easy Just agree to the provocation of other leaders ah.

I'll protect Sakura You do not worry on Big brother-in-law offended Can not win in three minutes No. title of the demon hunting group Let's give it to someone else Accepted Nice Didn't make me look bad.

Then you guys should go back and say goodbye to your friends and family too Master disciple You just go to the exorcism pass without worry I do not want to experience the scene of two muscle men crying with a headache The bed is for you to sew ten pieces of clothing Enough for your bingeing Master I'll put it on now.

I will not let down your handiwork Vice Temple Master Why are you here The Temple of Healing once had a peak ninth-ranked preceptor healer That was also the most glorious moment of the Temple of Healing This is the secret technique he left behind You practice it well That Vice Temple Master.

This kind of thing is so precious how embarrassing I can't read a single word grandpa I'm off to the exorcism Wait for me to come back This genius will have to compete with you for the position of temple master of magic, yo Stinker roll roll roll Don't miss me!.

Can take the initiative to stand out in front of the Lord of Chivalry You are also a man of responsibility But only by putting down the burden in your heart Mom Only then will you grow into A true genius You think you're going on a trip This is going to war No more no more.

Look at your thin little body Grandma I really can't eat anymore Finish this piece One more piece My Sakura The entire Hall of Souls is waiting for the day when you will truly become a Soul Saint Seen a more powerful sword blade Are you still confident in that goal?.

Even if the Holy Demon Continent only has one last divine seal throne left Its owner will only be me Xin'er After you're gone Who will give me fried chicken leg ah Uncle Nalan You're already a 30 or 40 year old adult You need to learn to be independent.

What are you crying about? Missy you're leaving What are we going to do? Missy is going back to Exorcism Pass That is Missy's home What's the point of crying? Yeah. Missy is from Exorcism Pass Her mom and dad are there.

Shut up! Don't mention them to me. Missy, she What's wrong? Little girl Go to the battlefield do not use the shield of the giant spirit god rashly Otherwise there is the danger of losing control again The more afraid the worse it is to use.

Giant Spirit God Bloodline It will bring you endless power But if you can't control it You will only become a slave to the power Destroyed by it Remember Control the power Reclaiming the Glory of the Descendants of the Great Spirit Sister Weiyang.

I plan to leave while the night is young You are a person who keeps everything inside Wanted to make a point for the head of the Dragon in advance Can't you just say it? Why do you need to take Grandpa Han to arrange the task to use as an excuse It's him Gave me the opportunity to face the demon gods directly I'm just doing a little something for him.

There's no need to say anything From childhood to adulthood You've always looked like this Some things are only said Others can only know ah You can't always be alone like this I seem to have forgotten something Sorry Haochen You are the proudest student of my life.

I promised to say goodbye to you But I couldn't do it Hoping for the company of friends Can make you forget this final parting Buy it yourself Mission leader look at her Group leader Captain Teacher.

Where are you going? I also want to leave before I'd like to talk to you before I leave Hao Chen You can already take charge of your own There is nothing more I can teach you And after you leave I'm not going to stay in the Holy City and wait for you either I want to go and teach more ordinary people to grow.

Let them challenge themselves to a higher life So That's why they want to leave without saying goodbye Teacher Why did you kick me out? Because you are now Just a piece of shit I understand the teacher Although I'm sad to part with you.

But I am really happy for you You have worked so hard for so many years The trials and tribulations you have suffered and not so Finally, you are no longer a burden Hao Chen No matter if I can see you again in the future You will always be my role model I am you.

Forever a student You have a great talent The teacher should have been comfortable with you But your mission Again, you are destined to take a dangerous path So my only hope Is that you will be safe The long sword exorcises the demons in a hundred battles I will not return until I break the demon race.

Teacher wishes you to overcome all obstacles The day of success white morning You are already an eagle You should open your wings and soar in the air

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