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Hello Guys Welcome Back to R anime momentsToday is Explanation of Upcoming Episode Throne of Seal Based on NovelSo let's start Bright morning.Ye Hua knocked at Long Haochen’sdoor. Seeing his teacher once again, Long Haochenwas quite surprised it was because he discovered to his astonishment that there was nothingleft of his previous gloomy complexion and instead he seemed very high spirited. It seemed as if he became ten years youngerin this short time span of a few days.Teacher, you Ye Hua chuckled, as the lines on his faceseemed far from their originally stiff state I broke through!.

I finally broke through the 3000 spiritualenergy level. In the past it was as if I used hypnosis onmyself to be convinced that innate talent wasn’t so important. But on these few days I came to realize forthe first time how important innate talent is pertaining to cultivation. Haochen thank you No No Long Haochen feltimmediately embarrassed Teacher I am the one who should say this. As long as I could be of help to you I’mhappy. Ye Hua smiled and said Okay we master anddisciple no longer need to be so overly polite.

With each other. This is a gift from your grand teacher. When the competition is finished teacher willstill remain in Holy City to accompany your grand master while training. At this time, you will have joined a DemonHunt Squad to gain new experiences. This equipment will be useful to you.A sortof winding bracelet stood up on the ground near Long Haochen’s body. Suddenly, a light glow flickered and someequipment appeared.Without a doubt, this bracelet was similar in its function to the forgetme-not ring.

Although this type of storage bracelet wasrare for Han Qian who was the Saint Knight Head possessing one was naturally in no wayodd. Equipment Only after losing something doesone understand its value better. Ye Hua smiled This set of equipment is calledthe Holy Spirit Set and is formed of the Holy Spirit Armor the Holy Spirit Shield and theHoly Spirit Sword.It’s so awesome Long Haochen excitedly squatted down. He immediately stored the Holy Spirit Swordand the Holy Spirit Shield in his forget me-not-ring, before donning the Holy Spirit Armor withouthesitation.Ye Hua’s face let out a faint trace of a smile This child’s characteris truly innocent, he didn’t even look displeased.

By the fact the equipment given to him bythe Saint Knight Head was only at the magical tier. The excitement in his eyes was genuine.Teacher,if you meet grand-teacher please tell him that I give him my thanks. Using this set of equipment, I will certainlybring honor to our knight’s temple.Long Haochen was originally already handsome, butafter wearing this silver armor, he appeared even more handsome and heroic.Ye Hua pattedhis shoulder and said Good job now head together with your big sister Xiner to the Alliance’sGreat Stadium. From today onwards it’s a knockout competitionthat will begin.

Every person only has a single opportunityteacher wishes you luck in obtaining victory. On the other side of Long Haochen’s bedHao Yue who was curled up slowly lifted his three heads, and as his body shook for a bit,his heavy body suddenly made the bed nearby creak. Can’t forget you. Long Haochen gently laughed at him.Havingobtained a new armor Long Haochen was quite ecstatic.Even while having breakfast he puton his armor. After being full under Ye Hua’s supervisionhe departed by Li Xin’s side for the Alliance’s Great Stadium together.

Sis how’s Caier these days She’s not angryat me right Long Haochen asked Li Xin.Li Xin giggled and said Look at your prudent behavioryou don’t even have a confirmed relationship yet and you’re so nervous when it pertainsto her. Surely in the future you’ll be a great playboy.LongHaochen blushed, quickly explaining Big sis we’re no more than friends. Li Xin laughed and said Okay, okay you’reonly friends. Then you should ask her yourself how she’sbeen going.Long Haochen suddenly was a bit worried, pulling Li Xin’s hand and saidSis sorry it wasn’t true. Please quickly tell me now.

Li Xin glanced towards him and said You fellin my trap. Good good sister will guarantee you will beable to see her today.No matter how Long Haochen asked Li Xin would not tell him preciselywhen he will be able to meet Caier. Not after long, sister and brother both arrivedat the Alliance’s Great Stadium once again. The top sixteen finals took place in the Knight’sStadium. Everyone who entered the top sixteen couldspectate the battles. Brother Yang, brother Huang hello. Although they were his opponents they alreadyknew each other. After Long Haochen and Li Xin went up to them,they took the initiative in greeting them.

As soon as Yang Wenzhao saw him his complexionchanged immediately. With a bitter face he said I’m not so well. Huang Yi’s meeting with Long Haochen wasvery much the opposite.Facing him with a smile he greeted him. Huang Yi proudly said Fluke I won by fluke. Wang Yuanyuan indeed has a formidable strength. Facing her head on I definitely had no wayto be her opponent so I came up with some tricks. Relying on joint cast together with my fairycompanion when she embedded her gems and unleashed.

The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s powerI finished my [Earth Waves]. Talking about it really embarrasses me butduring the whole battle I used [Earth Waves] to aid me in running away. Truly shameless. In the middle of their conversation a voicefilled with rage sounded from behind them. The two turned around to look at the ownerof this voice but wasn’t that Wang Yuanyuan And beside her was Chen Ying’er. Chen Ying’er’s complexion didn’t lookso good. The little loli hurriedly took a few stepsforward and faced Long Haochen, comparing.

Her little fists with Long Haochen. You look down on me You didn’t even cometo the last match.Long Haochen helplessly said Of course not. Only I had something to do on that day. I apologize to you.Chen Ying’er stuck hertongue out at him and without waiting before taking her turn to speak, the raging WangYuanyuan, who had a dangerous expression when looking at Huang Yi dragged her by the handinto the stadium. Li Xin patted Long Haochen’s shoulders andsaid Let’s get in. It’s getting late.Heeey wait for me Someonecalled out to them in an urged voice.

Brother and sister both turned around andsaw another familiar face. That was the incredibly odd mage who wasn’table to use any offensive spell Lin Xin.Congratulations, congratulations. Congratulations to the noble brother and sisterupon entering the top sixteen.Lin Xin wore a face full of smile and ran towards them.LiXin didn’t look so rejoiced when seeing him What’s there to be congratulated forWe can’t receive your congratulations.Lin Xin lagged and said with a smile What’shappening Sister Li Xin I certainly didn’t do anything Li Xin angrily said You didn’tdo anything? You don’t know how to use a single offensivemagic.

You dare to trick my little brother into promisingto pick you for his team if he ends up in the top three. Brother Lin, don’t worry if I enter thetop three I’ll fulfil my promise for sure.Then what about Caier Li Xin blurted out practicallyimmediately.Long Haochen suddenly froze up That’s right Caier, Caier also entered thetop 16. Instantly his face immediately became pale. If I enter the top three I’ll have to pickLin Xin so what about Caier. Not long ago I clearly gave her my promise;I agreed to protect her for a lifetime. Lin Xin looked at the dispirited Long Haochen,his thoughts instantly deepened.

His face displayed a slightly helpless smileas he lightly shook his head, and didn’t say anything further. Patting Long Haochen’s shoulders, he entered. Recalling that young lady who was valiant,although blind, he couldn’t think of anything else to say. Long Haochen, feeling a bit better, noddedand said Let’s go in sis.Today the atmosphere in the Knight Stadium was quite solemn. Although the situation inside was unvarying,on the platform a group of people arrived.As soon as he entered the lounge, Long Haochenhastily looked around.

A lot of gazes fell on him, belonging in particularto knights or competitors who were in the third group Found her.Long Haochen completelyignored the gazes of the other competitors and quickly found the target of his attention.Caierwas silently seated in a corner of the first row. She had her bamboo cane before her body, leaningher shoulder on it. She appeared very calm, and from Long Haochen’seyes, she gave off a very pure feel.Because when he had gotten Blue Rain, Hibiscus ofLight Long Haochen had been in a complete state of immersion, he felt like he hadn’tseen Caier for ages. Seeing her seated here, he and Li Xin quicklyheaded to her side.The previously calm Caier.

Clearly recognized these footsteps.Slightlylowering her head she unconsciously grasped her bamboo cane with both hands.Caier. Long Hao Chen called out to her briefly beforeseating by her side.Yeah Caier responded with a calm voice pursing her lips while lookingsomewhat unhappy in her demeanor.Caier these few days I was in the Alliance’s TreasureVault I just came out from it yesterday evening.Yeah Caier similarly answered very quickly.Caierwhat were you up to on these few days Long Haochen asked his heart still full of misgivings. This time Caier didn’t even make a yeahand calmly remained seated However her ear was already deep red.

Long Haochen, who had no way to know aboutthis little lady’s current thoughts frowned and showed concern Caier how is it that you’restill angry I think I didn’t do anything bad! If you are angry tell me why is it okay? I will correct myself. Li Xin who was seated on the side couldn’thelp but cover her mouth about to fall in laughter. This couple of sweethearts was really interesting. Seeing Caier’s bashful appearance somethingwas clear to her How can it be that she’s.

Angry. Only I wonder what these two have been upto. Long Haochen looked around for a bit. On the first row there were precisely 16 peopleseated and among them there were unexpectedly five knights and no priests at all. Though a knight ending first in the Six GreatTemples’ ranking was certainly not a rare sight. Li Xin finally couldn’t hold back her laughterany longer Foolish boy there are times when you’re really stupid.

Who said that Caier couldn’t participateto the final knockout competition She took the first place in our second group you know.LongHao Chen astonished opened wide his two eyes narrowly letting go of that delicate smallhand.Caier slightly lifted up her head, and said in a low voice.This is also somethingelse didn’t ask me before! I am the assassin No. 1 To Long Haochen thesepieces of news were absolutely shocking.Naturally, he knew that Caier was an assassin but shewas blind However she still took the first place of the second group. What did that imply. Long Haochen was completely at a loss at thatmoment.All of you welcome to the Knight Stadium.

At this very moment a familiar voice soundedall around, making Long Haochen lift up his head. He immediately noticed that at some point,the Saint Knight Head Han Qian had arrived in the stadium. First of all, I want to congratulate you forhaving entered the top 16 competitors. The fact you entered the top 16 implies thatyou are already qualified to get a reward from the Alliance. After this Great Competition you will havethe permission to go to the Alliance’s Treasure Vault to choose one of the secret skills thatsuits you the most.

Caier discretely retrieved her little hand,and grasped her bamboo cane tightly. Long Haochen knew that she was shy beforeso many people. From the fact she was too embarrassed to lether hand be held he naturally wouldn’t complain. From the first row the sixteen competitorswalked in a line, entering the Stadium one after another.The other 44 competitors didn’tneed to participate in matches but were similarly nervous. Among these five elders was one who bore themark of Master Heroic Assassin coming from the Assassin Temple Auxiliary hall masterof the Mage Temple a Saint Mage Tutor and the commander of the mage regiment Lin Chen.

Auxiliary hall master of the Priest Templecardinal and master of the Sacrificial Hall Ruoshui Auxiliary hall master of the WarriorTemple grandmaster berserker and powerhouse at the step of War Emperor Ren Wokuang.Thelast person was a female elder embroidered with a black robe This person was the auxiliaryhall master known as majestic spiritual fantasista master. Summoner at the rank of Soul Emperor, Sanshui. Han Qian laughed and said Everyone is gathered. Shall we start. The five other people nodded in approval.

With a flash of golden light from Han Qian’shand instantly the ring shone extremely brightly. Put your hand in this halo the drawing oflots can now start. Be atease. The first-ranked of their group will onlybe matched against those who are the second-ranked of their group.Asoft golden radiance covered the sixteen hands completelyrapidly twinkling and spreading. Revolving at high speed it coveredthe bodies of all sixteen competitors in a gold color. The five auxiliary hall masters in the haloopened their eyes simultaneously.

Among the five competitors of the Knight Templeunexpectedly there were four of them that fell againstother knights as opponents. Long Haochen’s look instantly became shockedas he turned toward Li Xin with an ugly look on his face. How could he have thought thathe would be so unlucky. With a probability of one eighth he stilldrew his big sister as his opponent.Sis I LongHaochen wanted to say something to Li Xin but LiXin immediately shook her head with a smile and said immediately Stupid little brotherwhat are you doing.What is there to feel.

Awkward about.Could it be that you reallythink I could proceed by meeting someone else as my opponent? It was thanks to Caier’shelp that I could enter the top 16. I am already satisfied with that. Originally, I didn’t even have the ideaof trying to enter the top 16. But Long Haochen still wanted to say something,but was immediately interrupted by Li Xin. This Video Will End Here. Thank you for Watching…..

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