Thugs destroyed his lady friend’s vehicle, entirely unaware that he is a vicious prison

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I once had a fight in a toilet. Serious s**t went down. Today, I'm going to recap a 2010 crime thrillerfilm called: The town. In an area called Charlestown in Boston, America,there was a group of four people who worked as high-profile robbers, namely Doug, James,Gloansy, and Desmond, who planned a bank heist. They were the type of robbers that carefullyplanned their actions. They had learned the usual habit of the bankstaff and the money courier, also the situation in the bank. As soon as the courier man entered the bank,they immediately came in ambush, ordering.

Everyone to stay in their place and forcingthe bank manager named Claire to open the safe. Doug and his friends knew that the safe couldbe opened at 8.15 and because Claire was terrified, she had no other choice but to open the safe. The whole money was immediately put insidebags, security camera footage was also burned down, and James, the most brutal among thefour, beat the assistant manager for being uncooperative. While doing that, Claire accidentally sawa tattoo on the back of James’s neck. They then took Claire as a hostage to getaway from there safely.

After getting far enough, they released Claireaway. Shortly thereafter, the police, along withFBI agents namely Adam, and police chief, Dino, examined the crime scene. The robbery was carried out very quickly,neatly, and professionally, even the car that was used by the robbers to escape had alsobeen burned to get rid of traces. Claire was interrogated by Adam as a witness. She was so terrified, she was still in shockand trembling. Adam told her that there were 370 bank robberieslast year in Boston, where 90% of these bank robbers came from Charlestown, and becauseof that, every time there is a robbery, the.

Police would immediately close a bridge thatconnected the mainland to Charlestown. He had enough experience in dealing with heistartists and was sure that he will catch these new robbers soon. On the other hand, the robbers gathered atan abandoned hockey field. James showed Claire’s ID that he took fromher and found out that she lived nearby their houses. To find out what Claire reported to the police,Doug decided to spy on her. They did many things with the money they justrobbed. They used the money for the drug business,they did money laundering by entrusting it.

To the owner of a flower shop named Fergie. After that, they had fun partying with marijuana,drinking booze, gambling, and hooking up with girls, except for Doug who was not into thosekinds of things. The next morning, Doug started stalking Claire,who went into the laundry, and when he pretended to read the newspaper, unexpectedly, Clairecame to ask for some changes for the laundry because she forgot to bring some. Claire who saw the assistant manager's bloodsplattered on her clothes automatically remembered the terrible incident and Doug immediatelycalmed down and comforted her. After that, Doug invited her to come withhim to the coffee shop.

One moment, Claire asked Doug about his job,and while joking, Doug told her that he was a sculptor, Doug, who felt comfortable withher company, decided to spend more time with Claire to relax on a random boat and enjoyedthe night breeze. Claire asked if Doug knew the rumor aboutCharlestown being told as the den of robbers. Doug answered that was nothing but a baselessrumor. The next day, James met Doug and asked howthe results of his investigation of Claire. James said that he would immediately killClaire if Doug found something suspicious about her but Doug said that she was safe. He then told James that their job was to robfor money, not to kill someone.

Meanwhile, Claire was visited by Adam becausehe knew Claire is from Charlestown and that he suspected her of being a part of the robbersthat robbed the bank before. That evening, Doug asked Claire out on a date. During their date, Claire told Doug aboutthe robbery that happened at her bank a few days ago. That incident caused her trauma, especiallyas his assistant manager was also beaten up and hospitalized for eye surgery because hewas badly injured. Claire also told him about the interrogationcarried out by the FBI, saying that the FBI suspected the robbers came from Charleston.

Hearing that, Doug didn’t say anything morethan his concern about what happened to Claire. That same night, Doug decided to visit Claire’sco-worker at the hospital. After that, they continued their date to acafé. Claire revealed that she accidentally sawa tattoo of a robber who beat up his assistant. She said that it was a fighter tattoo, butshe didn’t tell that to the FBI yet because she was afraid. Doug, who knows that the tattoo on the backof James's neck was actually a picture of a robber, suggested Claire report to the FBI,but he told her to prepare herself before reporting it.

Later, when Doug took Claire home, she toldhim that she didn’t have a car anymore because some punks had been throwing bottles at hercar and caused unfixable damage. After knowing the traits of the punks, Dougimmediately invited James to give the punks some lessons for what they had done to Claire’scar. Seeing how brutal Doug became when beatingthe punks, James thought that the punks had done a big mistake and proceeded to shootone of the punks’ legs three times. The next day, Dino told Adam that one of therobbers might be a man named Desmond, a worker in a particular company who was often absentfor no apparent reason. They immediately stalked Desmond’s residencefrom a distance.

At that time, the 4 robbers happened to behaving a barbeque party. From the photos obtained, after analyzingthem, the police and the FBI managed to get a lot of information and new suspects, namelyGloansy, James, and Doug. Besides Desmond, Gloansy was known for hisability to steal cars, James for his brutality that once sent him to prison for 9 years aftershooting a teenager, and Doug, the leader of the group who is also the planner of theirmission. They also found out that Doug had an ex-girlfriendnamed Krista, and a father named Stephen, who was in prison for kidnapping, robbing,and killing. On the other hand, Doug had another date withClaire.

When she went to the toilet for a while, Jamessuddenly showed up and made Doug a bit panicked. Doug asked him to leave but soon after, Clairereturned and finally became acquainted with James. After getting introduced to Claire, Jamespretended that he didn’t know anything about Claire while keep insinuating Doug who secretlygot acquainted with their victim. When they returned home, a fight ensued betweenthem because Doug knew James had followed him while James on the other side, didn’tlike how Doug had a relationship with Claire, who was an eyewitness to the robbery. Doug said that he would soon eliminate Claire,but he was still not ready to do so yet.

After that, Doug went to the prison to visithis father, Stephen, and asked why he never tried to search for his wife, Doug’s mother. Stephen answered that his wife was not a goodwoman, not a good wife, nor a good mother, and there was no reason for him to look fora woman who deliberately left her family. After returning from prison, Doug returnedto Claire’s place because he had fallen in love with her. That night, they finally made out. The next morning, Doug and the others carriedout another robbery mission. They targeted an armored car delivering money.

While using a nun costume as their disguise,they managed to stop the car and took control of the guards. The moment they gathered all the loot, oneof the guards managed to take Doug hostage and threatened to blow his head if they didn’tleave the money, but without any hesitation, James immediately shot the guard. The robbery was reported and it didn't takelong for the Police to come after them. After passing through a narrow road, unfortunately,they were cornered by some police cars. Again, James, without any hesitation, immediatelyshot at the police who surrounded them. One of the remaining two police cars thatwere still chasing them was knocked down.

They immediately changed to another car andset fire to the car they had just used to get rid of any traces, and even though therewas an order to close the bridge to Charlestown, they still managed to get away right beforethe police cars showed up. Not long after that incident, Adam and Dinoimmediately called the four of them for interrogation. Even though Adam was very sure that Doug andhis friends were the wanted robbers Because there was no evidence, they were all finallyreleased. Adam promised to immediately put the fourof them in prison and sentenced them to death. The next day, Doug met with Claire and gaveher a necklace, Claire said that she had resigned from her job and decided to work voluntarily.

Hearing that, Doug immediately invited Claireto go with him wherever she wanted. After returning to her house, Adam stoppedby to show Claire the files of the four robbery suspects, and how surprised it was for Claireto see a photo of Doug there. Adam knew that Claire had a relationship withDoug and that could be a problem for her. On the other hand, James told Doug that theyhad another big mission from Fergie, the owner of the flower shop. Doug, who had repented and wanted to livein peace with Claire, refused the offer knowing that it could endanger their lives, but Jamesdid not accept that Doug simply refused and left his friends.

They argued and ended up in a fight. After the fight, James told Doug the reasonwhy he killed a teenager back then was because the teenager planned to shoot Doug. That bold move of shooting the teenager tosave Doug resulted in him being locked up for 9 years. He didn’t ask for anything. He just wanted Doug not to just walk awayand abandon his friends. Doug said that he really appreciated everythingJames has done, including his family who took care of Doug when his father was imprisoned,but he had to leave his current life for a.

Better life. Doug went to go to the flower shop to meetFergie to tell him that he refused to go to the next mission and gave a wad of money forhim, but Fergie forced Doug to do the mission and not back up from the mission. Doug was fed up with Fergie and yelled athim, saying that he didn’t do anything all this time but gave them a mission and receivedthe money without risking his life. After hearing that rejection from Doug, Fergieended up threatening to kill Claire if Doug didn’t obey his words. Finally, Fergie revealed what really happenedto Doug’s mother.

Back then. Stephen, Doug’s father, was also workingfor him. One time, he refused to do the mission hegave, and to give him a lesson, Fergie castrated Stephen with a chemical liquid. Since that incident, Doug’s mother sufferedfrom depression and later ended her own life. Hearing that, Doug was shocked because hehad been looking for his mother whom he didn’t know had been dead for long. Rusty, Fergie’s bodyguard was ready withhis shotgun in case Doug tried to attack his boss.

Finally, Doug decided to leave there Worriedabout Claire’s condition, Doug immediately came to her house. He found Claire stressed out after knowingthat her boyfriend was a wanted robber who kidnapped her. Doug tried to apologize and explain everything,but Claire who was already disappointed with him immediately kicked him out and asked himto never come again to see her. After having a fight with his best friendand knowing the facts about his two parents, he now had to lose the only person he loves. All that led him to go to an abandoned trainand do drugs there.

Not only that, but Fergie also terrorizedhim after trying to refuse the mission he gave. In the end, Doug decided to go to the flowershop and take part in the mission, but he threatened to kill Fergie and Rusty if somethinghappened to Claire. After leaving the flower shop, Doug went tosee Claire and explained everything to her because he doesn’t want to lose her. Claire asked him questions and he answeredthem honestly. After that, the four of them were gatheredby Fergie. He explained that this time, their targetwas to rob the money that would be taken by.

Armored cars from a stadium with a total valueof 3.5 million dollars. Meanwhile, Adam and Dino watched Fergie’sflower shop from afar. He then met Krista, Doug’s ex-girlfriendat a bar. Adam introduced himself as the FBI and askedher for information about Doug and his friends. The mission finally began. James and Doug disguised themselves as policeofficer while Gloansy and Desmond wore medic uniforms so that they wouldn't be easily spotted. With the help of their friend, they managedto get into the stadium while Gloansy and Desmond were steady in their place.

After walking down the hallway, Desmond turnedoff the security cameras, meanwhile, to trick the security officers inside the stadium,Doug and James pretended to be police officers that came to investigate after someone called911 for a robbery. Doug and James acted as if the officers werethe robbers and immediately tied them. After managing to immobilize the securityguard, they immediately threatened the officer inside the safe room not to make an emergencycall because their wives and children could be killed at any time by a gang of robbers. They were too scared and decided to let Dougand James took all the money from there. After taking all the money, Doug and Jamescalmly walked to the basement of the stadium.

To meet Desmond and Gloansy. They put all the bags filled with money intothe ambulance, but suddenly, Doug had a bad feeling because the place was completely emptywithout any guards. It turned out that they were already surroundedby police. Turned out, Adam had managed to extract someinformation about Doug’s next robbery target from Krista. She was threatened by Adam and forced to spillthe information. The FBI, police, and SWAT had surrounded theminside and outside the building. Gunfight happened between them and the officersuntil finally, a flashbang was thrown which.

Made Desmond stunned and shot to death forstanding unprotected. Because they were cornered, Gloansy plannedto leave through the front door to distract the police while Doug and James were askedto run away disguised as police officers. Gloansy knew that he would surely die buthe would do that for the sake of saving his two friends. Meanwhile, Doug and James immediately changedtheir clothes, and thankfully, a group of policemen who entered the building didn’tnotice their disguise. They safely run away from the building. James left carrying a bag of money, whileDoug mingled with the police.

On the other hand, after knowing that thestadium security officers had been attacked by two policemen, Adam, who knew that therobbers had disguised themselves as policemen, immediately looked for them. He found James that was trying to escape whilecarrying a bag. He immediately ordered the other officersto surround James. James was cornered by policemen who surroundedhim with guns. He couldn’t go anywhere and hid behind amailbox. Knowing there was no other way to run, Jamesblindly shot his guns at the police. Adam tried to save him by asking for his weaponto be thrown and surrendered but James said.

That he would rather die than have to be jailed. He stood up and tried to fight back, but tragically,James was shot right in front of Doug’s eyes. Doug immediately took one of the police carsto the flower shop and without further ado, the moment he arrived at the flower shop,Doug immediately killed Rusty and Fergie, because they were the cause of the death ofhis friends. After that, Doug took all his savings andcalled Claire to ask her to meet him, but it turned out that Adam, Dino, and severalother policemen were already there because they knew that Doug would definitely contactClaire.

Doug, who had suspected that, had monitoredthem from afar and pretended to be coming to Claire's house. Before hanging up the phone, Doug apologizedto Claire for all his actions. Claire then gave a hint that there were policein her house using a sentence that only the two of them knew the meaning of. Claire tricked Adam and the other police intofocusing on waiting for him while Doug himself disguised himself as a courier. He walked past several police officers withoutbeing suspected and then buried the bag full of money in Claire’s backyard.

Doug finally managed to escape using the trainwhile Adam just realized that Doug had found out about the ambush and not coming there. Long story short, some time had passed. Claire who was gardening finally found Doug’sbag which he buried in her backyard before. Inside, there was a letter from Doug sayingthat Doug wanted the money to be used by Claire for better things. Doug had also gone away from Charlestown tostart a new life and hoped that one day, he can meet again with Claire. At the end of the film, Claire donated themoney to commemorate Doug’s late mother.

And also fixed the ice hockey arena whereDoug used to be an athlete. Meanwhile, Doug lived in a remote house inFlorida. If you enjoyed this video, don't be shy tohit the like button and if you disliked it hit the dislike button twice, just to be sure. It would be best if you watched the wholemovie. Thank you very much for watching. Please subscribe for more videos like this.

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