Thugs stab a timid man within the thigh, fully unaware that he’s a frigid-blooded assasin

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Here is an invention idea: Thought controlledair freshener. It makes scents when you think about it. Today, I'm going to recap a 2016 action crimefilm called: Kills On Wheels. The movie tells the story of Rupaszov, a fearedassassin in his days, and a young man named Zolika. Rupaszov has been forced to use a wheelchairfor three years now, because of his disabilities. Meanwhile, having been born with a disability,Zolika has had to use a wheelchair all his life. Zolika now shares a dorm room with Barba,his best friend.

Zolika enjoys drawing comics in his sparetime, and his work is impressive. The boys reside in a special institution forthe disabled. Here, the residents are cared for and monitored,but they have much more space than one might think. The institution's rooms are nothing like thoseof a hospital. Zolika and Barba are not separated even fora second, they draw comics together and help each other. They face difficulties together and have fun. One day, Barba shows up in the room with afire extinguisher, and tells him he stole.

It. Zolika likes it a lot, and the friends gooutside to try the object. The fun is interrupted when Rupaszov, fromthe same institution, shows up in the alley. He asks for a light, and Barba kindly giveshim his lighter, but tells him that smoking is not allowed here. The man is about to leave, when he suddenlyslaps Zolika. Rupaszov reveals that he is also a formerfireman. He recounts that he has pulled the bodiesof small children from burning buildings several times, and instructs them to put the fireextinguisher back where they got it.

Afterwards, the man turns and leaves, butZolika is offended by his behavior. He reaches the attacker, and tries to hithim. Rupaszov, however, proves to be much stronger,and soon Zolika finds himself on the ground. After calming down, the protagonist walksaway to empty his urinal into the sewer grate. Rupaszov quickly realizes that he has gonetoo far. After apologizing, the man invites the twoyoung men to grab some drinks, where Zolika and Barba seem to be having the time of theirlives. The boys are shocked at the number of drinkstheir new friend orders. They ask him if he is a dealer, but Rupaszovlaughs and wonders how such a thing could.

Have occurred to him, but he admits that hewould need a little help with his work, such as the services of a driver. Barba happily agrees, adding that he alsohas a car. Soon after, Zola lies down on the sofa, andRupaszov asks what’s the matter. Barba replies that his friend has a bad back,but the protagonist is unsympathetic, saying that his back always hurts too, he just needsto feel less sorry for himself. In reality, Rupaszov doesn’t yet know howserious Zolika's health problems are. Rupaszov proposes to them to make a careeras assassins, and promises them worldly pleasures, similar to those they experienced at the partytoday.

A few days later, Zolika is in the hospitalfor surgery. But finally, he refuses, because the operationwas paid for by his father, who had abandoned him since birth, after learning that he wasborn with a malformation. The scene shifts to Rupaszov, who receivesa mission from his boss. Rupaszov waits for his prey in a desertedparking lot. A car approaches and stops near him. Several men get out of the vehicle and approachhim. One of them threatens Rupaszov with a knife,and plunges it into his leg, but he feels no pain.

Rupaszov declares that he has not felt anythingin his legs for years, because of his disability, eliciting derisive laughter from his targets. One of them then kicks Rupaszov. He coughs and pulls a plastic bag out of hispocket. It turns out there is a gun in the plastic,which Rupaszov uses to shoot his targets, one after another, until they all die. An ambulance arrives on the scene afterwards. A female doctor named Zita tends to Rupaszov'sthigh wound, and apparently the two get to know each other.

He is in love with her, and wants to takeher to the movies later. However, she refuses his invitation, and informshim that she is engaged. He is heartbroken, and even attempts throwinghimself off the steps of the pedestrian bridge. However, fate prevents him from letting himdo this. Rupaszov recovers and continues to live hisold life. When he receives his paycheck from his boss,he is told that he must keep his work secret, and not interact with others. During this time, he is often helped by Zolikaand Barba. Rupaszov meets Zolika a few days later, whilein the hospital for rehabilitation of his.

Leg. Rupaszov tells him not to help him anymore,and to end their meetings. But Zolika refuses, saying he will continueto work with him. Zolika then refuses to accept the money hisfather wants to give him, despite his mother's persistent attempts at persuasion. Rupaszov waits for Zita in front of the hospitalafter completing leg training. He wants to give Zita a bouquet of roses,but is discouraged after seeing her with her boyfriend. Rupaszov is then hired to assassinate an official.

He plans to assassinate the official whilehaving lunch at a restaurant, on the side of the highway. He waits on the other side of the road, whileZolika and Barba secure the situation on opposite sides to facilitate his move. Rupaszov accomplishes his mission with thehelp of a flock of pigeons and a crowd of bystanders, without arousing suspicion abouthimself. The official collapses while crossing thestreet, and his body gets covered in blood. His security is looking for the culprit, butno one would suspect three crippled men in wheelchairs.

The three quickly leave the scene. Later, Rupaszov meets Zita on a bus. The woman hands Rupaszov an invitation toher wedding. However, Rupaszov does not know that the bossis watching his every move. His employer is angry with him for breakinghis rules, and beats him until he falls to the ground. After their encounter, the employer offershim only one chance to make it right. This time, Rupaszov is assigned to assassinateZolika and Barba. The next day, Rupaszov and his two friendsgo fishing in a lake.

Although they had to cross the prairies toreach their destination, the trio arrives at the lake, and starts fishing. Barba is over the moon when the bait is eaten,and asks for help to pull the line. Instead of helping, Rupaszov pushes him intothe water. Rupaszov then throws Zolika into the river,intending to abandon them there. But he cannot bear the thought of his companionsdrowning. He finally dives into the water to save them. He says it was just a joke after they allreturned to the pier. For the first time, he failed to completethe mission he had been assigned.

After returning from the lake, Rupaszov inviteshis friends to a party at his house. He tells them about Zita, and how much headores her, and the friends want to help him win her over. The next day, three of Rupaszov's friendscarry him, and lean him against a vehicle, signaling that he can stand, and no longerneeds the wheelchair. He waits for Zita to return from the hospital. However, after hours of waiting, it turnsout that Zita is not at work. A few days later, he receives orders fromhis boss to assassinate a drug dealer, and the boss promises him double pay.

He accepts the mission on the condition thathis current job is his last, and that he not be assigned any more missions. Strangely, the boss accepts the offer. He and his two companions head for the target'shouse. He then has Zolika and Barba wait in the car,while he performs his work. Before entering the house, the guards searchRupaszov, but find nothing alarming, such as a gun or cutting weapons. The guards take him to meet their boss atthe residence, thinking that everything is under control.

Rupaszov begins his acts when he finally comesface to face with the drug dealer. He takes a pistol hidden in the foam cushionsof the wheelchair, and starts shooting at the guards inside the residence, but misseshis aim. Instead of escaping, the target grabs thegun, and engages in a shootout with Rupaszov. The protagonist obviously has more experiencewith firearms, due to his work as a hitman, although his body is not what it used to be. With his body covered in wounds, and his clothesstained with blood, he still manages to kill everyone and complete his task, before fleeingthe area. When he reaches the gate, he hears the policesiren sounding in the distance.

He attempts unsuccessfully to open the lockedgate. Zolika and Barba, who are in the car, lookterrified. Zolika takes the initiative to stop the policecar, while Barba helps Rupaszov leave the house, and then they manage to escape together. Rupaszov then goes to his supervisor to getpaid for his work. In an unusual way, the boss accompanies himsomewhere, and they arrive at a deserted warehouse. Because there is a rope dangling, he realizesthat this time there is something strange about his boss's behavior. His supervisor is apparently aware of Rupaszov'sruse.

He is aware that the two friends he was supposedto kill are still alive. His supervisor is furious and disappointedthat he has betrayed his trust. He wraps the reins around Rupaszov's neck,and then pushes his wheelchair. To free himself from suffocation, he feverishlytries to loosen the rope around his neck, pushing with his legs on the ground. Then he tries to reach his wheelchair, whichis not far away. However, all efforts are futile. Fortunately, moments later, the string ofrope is finally loosened. Surviving, he immediately removes the ropefrom himself.

When he returns home, he immediately gathershis comrades to organize revenge against the leader, who has gone too far. A few days pass, and Rupaszov is joined byZolika and Barba at Zita's wedding. He looks elegant in his white coat and carefullytied hair. Rupaszov also takes the time to demonstratehis singing skills, which are praised by many people, including Zita, in fact, she burstsinto tears. He then kisses Zita, and her husband is filledwith envy. After the party, Zita's husband and his friendsattack Rupaszov, for what he did to his wife. Zolika arrives to help Rupaszov.

He threatens Zita's husband with a gun, beforeremoving Rupaszov from the scene. Over the next three days, Rupaszov plans hisrevenge against his criminal boss. He and Zolika visit his boss's hideout, enteringopenly while Barba lurks outside. Rupaszov declares that he wants to collectwages for the last mission that were not paid by the boss. However, his boss refuses to pay him, andthreatens to release his dogs to attack them. Rupaszov then draws his gun, and shoots afire extinguisher on the table next to the crime boss. Because of this, the dogs start running scared.

The boss quickly shoots them, until the gunfalls to the ground. He then stabs Rupaszov with a knife severaltimes. Zolika grabs a gun, but does not help hiscomrade, and allows the boss to kill him. After Rupaszov dies, Zolika eliminates theboss. He takes all the money from the safe, andplans to use it to pay for his leg operation. Thus ends the story of the wheelchair killer. It turns out that the entire episode involvingRupaszov is a fictional scenario from Zolika's comic strip. He invented a fictional character named Rupaszov,who looks like his father, and has a disability.

Like him. Zolika has never met his father in his life. He only keeps a picture of his father, wholooks exactly like Rupaszov, and was motivated to create a comic book about him and his father. Surprisingly, a large number of people likedthe comic book, and it was a huge success with publishers. Zolika gives her father a copy of Rupaszov'scomic book as a memento. If you enjoyed this video, don't be shy tohit the like button and if you disliked it hit the dislike button twice, just to be sure.

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