Thugs tossed a drink at a particular person’s face, unaware he was as soon as going thru a knowledgeable ex-defense force

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I'm a fisherman, and I'm dating a mermaid. I met her online. Today, I'm going to recap a 2014 crime thrillerfilm called: The Guest. The film opens with Laura Peterson mourningthe loss of her son, Caleb, a soldier who died in the war in Afghanistan. Laura is grief-stricken when a man named DavidCollins visits her, a former US Army sergeant who claims to have been Caleb's friend duringtheir service in Afghanistan. David shares that Caleb's will instructedhim to visit his family and convey his love for them.

Laura, moved to tears by her late son's message,thanks David and invites him to stay at their home for as long as he wishes. While Laura and David converse, Laura's daughter,Anna, appears and bids farewell to her mother before leaving for work. Laura introduces David to Anna before shedeparts. Elsewhere, Caleb's younger brother, Luke,is at school. He is a quiet, friendless student and a frequenttarget of bullying. After school, Luke's face is shoved into alocker by his tormentors. Upon arriving home, David introduces himselfto Luke as Caleb's friend and takes an interest.

In him. Noticing Luke's bruised face, David inquiresabout it, but Luke lies, saying he was injured playing football. Later, Laura's husband, Spencer, arrives homeand, like Laura, graciously welcomes David and allows him to stay as long as he wants. Spencer and David chat at length, with Spencerdiscussing a work-related issue. Meanwhile, Anna confides in her boyfriend,Zeke, about David's arrival. The next day, David surprises Luke by pickinghim up from school. Unconvinced by Luke's explanation for hisbruised face, David asks to see his bullies.

Luke points out the group of students responsible,and David and Luke follow them to a bar. David initially tries to undermine the bullies'confidence by buying them expensive drinks, but when they insultingly pour the drinkson him, he physically confronts them. David then uses his legal knowledge and briberyto persuade the bartender not to report the incident. He encourages Luke to stand up to his bulliesin the future. Later, Anna and David attend a Halloween partyat one of Anna's friends' houses. Anna introduces David to Zeke, her boyfriend,and her friends, Kristen and Craig. David quickly befriends them with his charm.

During the party, Kristen's ex-boyfriend causesa scene when she rejects his advances. David intervenes, rescuing Kristen and drivingthe ex-boyfriend away after a physical altercation. Motivated by David's courageous actions, Kristentakes him to her room, and they spend some enjoyable time together. After talking with Kristen, David approachesCraig and inquires about purchasing a gun. Craig questions the purpose of the gun, towhich David replies that as a soldier, he loves firearms. Craig mentions knowing someone who sells gunsand offers to introduce David to the dealer, asking David to prepare the money.

After setting up a meeting with Craig andthe gun dealer, David and Anna head home. On the way, Anna proposes making a compilationCD for David. The next day, Anna overhears David's phoneconversation and grows suspicious. She starts investigating David Collins, theman now living in her home. First, she contacts the military base to verifyDavid's identity. The military promises to look into David Collinsand share their findings with Anna. Upon receiving word about David Collins, aprivate company called KPG, led by Major Carver, assembles a special forces team and headsto the Petersons' home. It is ultimately revealed that the real DavidCollins is deceased, and the man living with.

The Petersons is an imposter, though his motivesremain unknown. The scene shifts to David about to buy a gunfrom a man Craig knows, with Craig accompanying him. After presenting the money, the gun dealershows David several pistols and asks him to test them. Unexpectedly, David has no intention of buyingthe gun; instead, he kills the dealer and Craig and takes all the guns for himself. Meanwhile, Anna receives information fromthe military base that the David Collins residing in her home is an imposter, as the real DavidCollins is dead.

She immediately informs her parents, but theydo not believe her. Anna decides to prove her suspicions by stealingDavid's cellphone and photographing the list of recently dialed phone numbers. She then receives a call from Zeke, who tellsher that someone killed Craig and is framing him for the crime. Concurrently, it is revealed that Spencer'sboss at work has died mysteriously, leading to the promotion Spencer has long desired. In the evening, as the entire Peterson family,including David, gathers for dinner, Anna exposes David Collins' true identity.

However, David persuades Laura and Spencerwith his smooth talking and displays his military dog tags. Laura and Spencer dismiss Anna's claims andchoose to believe David, frustrating Anna and fueling her determination to expose David'sdeceit. The following day, while dropping Luke offat school, Anna asks her younger brother to find out which number David had dialed onhis cellphone. Meanwhile, as David helps Laura hang clothesto dry, he goes inside the house to fetch the remaining laundry. After David leaves, Major Carver and his specialforces arrive and question Laura about David.

Laura informs them that David is in the house,and anticipating Carver's arrival, David launches an attack. A firefight between David and Carver's teamensues. Carver attempts to protect Laura, but sheflees into the house. David sustains a gunshot wound to his thigh,quickly bandages it, and eliminates all of Carver's team members except for Carver himself. David encounters Laura hiding in the kitchen,and she appears bewildered by the people trying to kill him, questioning him about it. David, however, remains silent.

With his cover blown, he stabs Laura witha kitchen knife and flees the scene. While driving, dust obstructs David's vision,causing him to collide with another car driven by Spencer, whom he subsequently kills witha gunshot to the chest. Carver, still in pursuit of David despitea burst tire, discovers the crashed car but David's whereabouts remain unknown. Carver finds Spencer's lifeless body and thenasks a passerby to lend him a car so he can pick up Anna and Luke to ensure their safetybefore David can locate and kill them. Carver rushes to the restaurant where Annaworks, reveals his identity, and informs her about her parents' deaths at David's hands.

Carver discloses that David is a subject ina military medical experiment and has been 'programmed' to kill anyone who might threatenhis identity, and he's unlikely to stop even if he wanted to. Distraught over her parents' deaths, Annaimmediately contacts her younger brother Luke, who is preparing for a Halloween party atschool. Shortly after Carver and Anna depart the restaurant,David arrives, questions Kristen about Anna's location, shoots her dead, and detonates agrenade, destroying the restaurant because he finds Kristen suspicious. David then races to the school to kill Luke.

Meanwhile, Carver and Anna reach Luke's schoolbefore David and enter a haunted house set up for Halloween, ultimately finding Luketidying the area. Anna embraces Luke, relieved that he is safe. Suddenly, the lights go out, and music playsas David, in the audio room, plays the compilation CD Anna gave him. David also switches off the lights, intendingto kill them all on the spot. The trio hastily exits the area, followingdirections from Luke's teacher. However, David anticipates their move, confrontsthem, and kills the leading teacher. Witnessing this, Carver instructs Anna andLuke to find another exit while he faces David.

Alone. Despite his rank, Carver is unable to stopthe well-trained David and is eventually killed. On the other hand, Anna and Luke discoverthe exit, but David locks it with chains, leaving them trapped inside. Anna instructs Luke to hide while she confrontsDavid. Initially, Luke resists, but upon learningthat their parents were killed by David, he agrees to his sister's plan, intent on avengingtheir deaths. Luke hides, armed with a knife given to himby David as a precaution. Anna ultimately faces David and shoots himwith Carver's gun.

Despite being wounded, David rises and attacksher from behind, stabbing her in the leg. As Anna falls to the floor, David attemptsto strangle her. She tries to aim the gun at David, but itmisfires and damages a light, sparking a fire. Worried for his sister, Luke rushes to Anna'said, stabbing David twice with the knife and freeing Anna from David's grip. Rather than displaying anger, David expressespride in Luke, commending him for doing the right thing and giving him a thumbs up beforefalling unconscious. Soon, police, ambulances, and firefightersarrive at the school. Anna and Luke, traumatized by the ordeal,are rescued.

While resting in an ambulance, Anna and Lukeoverhear firefighters mentioning that only two bodies have been discovered. As some firefighters exit the school, Annanotices one of them limping, and as the officer turns to face her, she realizes it is David,having disguised himself as a firefighter to secretly escape the scene. If you enjoyed this video, don't be shy tohit the like button and if you disliked it hit the dislike button twice, just to be sure. It would be best if you watched the wholemovie. Thank you very much for watching.

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