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It is said that there was a young man named Russel Raymond. He came from a founding family which was an upper-class aristocrat. Young people wanted to enter a place, but he had to go through a guard for inspection. After checking, Raymoon was finally allowed to enter the place, but the guard was surprised by his tattered clothes jumping Raymond, who incidentally is from the founding family, namely an upper-class family, arrived remotely in a big city, his goal is the magic tower, that is the place where the royal guards are. At one time, he worked hard to be able to enter that place to keep the destruction that happened to his family known that Raymond's father died on the battlefield against the kingdom at that time many residents including his mother ran to save themselves into.

The magic tower but at that time Raymond was still very small and when he evacuated his brother that his mother was still in the battle zone area he remembered when he was small it's like a nightmare now and after growing up Raymond was expelled from the Academy before he could enter the magic tower Raymond in the family for reasons of getting substandard grades and it happened three times. In theory Raymond did get good results but in practice Raymond's magic academy had failed and even one of the teachers said that Remon was not fit to be a mage there was a wizard and suggested moving to a profession other than a wizard and the reason he was lacking in practicing magic was narrowing which was the vein in his body Raymond was born with which vein he was weak can't absorb like most people only.

A little can he absorb and even then he can't get it out again in the form of magic it can be said that he is having bad luck as a magician and currently he is undergoing the profession of a mercenary thanks to this profession he is was able to reach his second magic circle but even so he was only a 3rd class mage Remon along with other people managed to register themselves for a temporary job but they were told to come back tomorrow some people were even ice nurses because of that decision they had been waiting here for half a day but must come again tomorrow including Raymond he needs a job right now he can't wait until tomorrow but accidentally Doraemon also Hears other people's talk that It seems that the Museum is in need of a non-permanent job.

For a magician but what one is looking for is a stage 1 wizard that is a low level Raymond also fulfilled the requirements, because his job was only to clean up even though it was just cleaning. Raymond had no other choice because the remaining coins to buy food were running low and in the end Raymond decided to take that job . it is known that there is an upper-class family will visit the museum in this week That's why they have to make the museum as supersih as possible in this job they have to do it carefully because if something is broken then they have to accept the consequences While walking with others suddenly Doraemon saw something he felt familiar with the place to live and it was the room of fantastic species and not.

Long after that Raymond felt a Geta in his sago and the vibrating thing came from his mother's ring Out of curiosity Raymond subconsciously entered the room When entering the room Vibration what he felt from his mother's ring was getting stronger, Raymond didn't even remember the memories of himself with his mother when he was in this place. And at that moment, Raymond felt something strange in a hallway that he had seen when he was little, Remon, who now rushed to that place and to that place. That's when he saw an object that looked oddly shaped and that was the heart of an ancient dragon. After Raymond looked carefully at his mother's ring, he realized that Mada's mother's ring had the shape of a dragon's eye, but strangely, Doraemon's plane cursed at the ring on his finger. he felt before began to.

Disappear not long after that the ring that Remon morning the ring gave off colored lightning red gold heart and eyes have met it can open another eye Remon can see the dragon the dragon said that he will give one more chance to the remote suddenly appeared a system notification from today Russel Raymond's mission was activated but when he opened his eyes he already in another place he was shocked in front of him there was already a Professor he was Professor Haber and Professor Albert should have died not only Oat Professor he also saw his friends back Ray gave realized that he was back in the past where he was still religious because previously Remon had fallen asleep in class. The professor gave him a punishment to leave class and when outside the glass he saw his real self, Bergek, a.

Magic trip and the mother's ring that he had previously worn had disappeared during the last class period. The professor told Raymond to meet him in the office if Remon had finished eating. during the day , even though he had returned to the past, but he still received unpleasant treatment from his friends or also called bullying, the children ordered Raymond to follow them to the bathroom without mentioning . the difference is now raymoon who now has a status window that gives him a mission and after completing the mission he will get a gift that can increase his abilities.

. is an illusion magic that But this time Raymond himself will teach the three of them a lesson when compared to Raymond when he was a mercenary the situation this time was nothing Raymond even beat one of them the other friend didn't accept it so he advanced towards Raymond but Raymond instead managed to land a punch on the child's face left with one more child he is the leader in the campus area a student is prohibited from using magic That's why Frederick yes his name is Frederick his full name is hopefully Frederick He wears special artifacts on his fingers but even so Doraemon can easily stopped Friday's attack because he was in pain Frederick had to kneel before Remon Mada Raymon turned like a dragon's eyes because of emotion because Rider had previously.

Carried the family name in the making and in the end one hard punch Ray had landed on Frederick's face before actually- right go Raymond conveys a message so that Frederick and two friends who behave well in the future if they don't use Raymond will come with twice as hard a blow for successfully completing the mission the system gives Ramon a gift as mentioned earlier which is a magic stone with the lowest level and it can be consumed Yes, this is how the lowest grade magic stone looks like, small, rather long and red in color according to the Remon system's instructions, it also consumes the magic mana stone, after consuming the stone, there is an extraordinary reaction that occurs in the body, manages to hold back the mana that will flow out of the body and after that Ramon also.

Managed to increase his magic circle and in the end everything was successfully absorbed properly and perfectly by the remote rectal circulation. With this method Raymond was able to overcome the problem of narrowing which veins that occurred in his previous life with the advantages that Remon has now he can change his fate to become better than before now Rayman was in the office to meet Professor Haber The professor in Raymond's previous life was someone who never gave up encouraging Raymond to the end one could say he was a kind and strict professor yes he was a strict professor because Raymond had sleeping in class Professor gave an assignment to write an analyst report on page 62 to 74 intensive Element study just after Professor gave the task.

The notification system appeared and considered the task as a mission if Raymon completed the task the same as completing the transmission the more satisfied the Professor with Raymond's task then addition the reward is also getting better while the heart that will surely be received by him is a magic stone of the lowest class in Raymond's previous life because his mana ability is not to be expected he always works hard in theory lessons to make up for his shortcomings so the task now is not a heavy problem for him and in his current life Raymond has to work hard, both in theory and in practice, using Mana Fina. The Mana practice Raymond is doing now aims to circulate Mana circulation. Mana Veins are absorbed through breathing. It circulates through Mana Veins and is collected in the heart. If the stronger the Mana Veins.

, the more Mana will be collected and faster to release it where the Vena is very thin and weak until in the end Raymond is accidentally pushed into a historical place of unknown origin in that place Rahman found two hidden grammar two Edo creamors are Upper Vein and Adas Vein body magic can be used to physically train the body and expand Mana Veins, while body magic is useful for replacing muscle tissue with mana. Finally, in other words, the stronger the body of the lemon, the harder the mana, the larger the vein, the material is not as big as when it is in an adult's body, but in its current growth stage Ramon will see greater results compared to his previous life, it doesn't feel like a lemon . He has done too long of training today until the afternoon.

However, Diesel Ramon already feels exhausted. the mission will increase the speed of healing in body tissues when Raymond does over training where he can repeat the running mission every day and the distance from the running mission can change every day then after successfully reaching a certain level then this running mission cannot be reused in his previous life barely managed to get a chance like this so now he couldn't just sit still and do nothing until finally Remon managed to complete the 5km running mission but there was someone behind the wall who was secretly watching Raymond that person was thinking that the exercises Rayment is currently doing.

Are just wasted under the time Raymond collected his assignment. The Professor is very satisfied with the assignment . where the lowest class magic is 2 and also get an increase in skill regarding the art of summoning wild animals the effect of this skill is increased magic power saves the use of Monas and can also reduce gold time and when using magic power time goes on Remon managed to complete many missions because of Professor Albert always gave him assignments and it was read as Indonesian by the system the better understanding of his theory Michael the stronger his magic was therefore Remon needed.

High knowledge from an expensive library but in it after that several people came up to him one of the people was the brother who had been beaten by Raymond his name was Anton is more precise, anthon Friday Raymond thinks that their arrival is for revenge, yes he wants to trample on Remon . that's why Raymond was always humiliated and Raymond had to prepare himself for that. Raymond also tried hard to complete every mission given by the system because that could make him stronger. Remon also tried hard to be able to complete tasks and missions simultaneously. he collects the results of the mission and.

After collecting them he immediately consumes them simultaneously before Remon also has a mission to reach the second circle after the magic mana stone he consumes his body the thugs immediately reacted feeling like his body was still burning violently Raymond tried hard to unite the mana with his body until in the end he managed to reach the second circle that means the mission was completed Remon got the HP attribute prize and simultaneously Raymond's fire magic power immediately increased rapidly Professor Huper did not expect that Raymond was able to complete each task and asked this time the professor would give a final question. Which of the four magic structures is the most important is a difficult question and the Professor believes Haram will have difficulty answering it. But who would have thought.

That Raymond could answer the question properly and correctly. Remon's answer was magic mental imagery can materialize into the real world by using which world categorizes this progress into four levels ASI manifestation construction application and mental imagery assimilation construction and manifestation can be learned through enough effort and study but mental imagery is not something that can be attempted through ordinary effort The mental image must be achieved by going beyond the boundaries of the fire that is in Rayment's hands if he imagines an arrow then a fire arrow magic will be formed and if it can go beyond the limits it can form something else which is something that doesn't exist in the current world of Remon that's Raymond's complete answer to the Professor for successfully completing his task as well as his mission. The Professor.

Gave entry permits so Ramon could enter the 1st floor library it was the Professor's library and got Two Stones instead of magic that the 1st floor library can consume which Remon 7 is per accident expensive and very different from the student library in the library here he took some books to read but suddenly there was someone who was paying attention to Raymond who was reading a book and according to that person the book Raymond was reading was a very interesting book and a living person named from the princess snow rayment who saw him immediately greeted and introduced himself Daria Snow White was at the 8th circle of magic realm not many people in the world were able to reach the 8th circled realm despite being over the age of 80 than could use extraordinary mana to maintain.

Her youthful appearance She ranked the best in the magic tower of The red tower faction of the snow princess The master of the fire tower Daria considers Raymond as a friend because she feels that she is on the same path as Rayman from She also gave a candy candy ceremonial at the same time it was a gift because from She did not expect that a student would be able to gain access to the library of a Professor And the professor who let him in was Professor Haber according to Darya life seems to make sense if Raymond learned quite interesting things from the Professor to come to this place just by looking from the episode knew that in Raymond's body there is a very pure mana distribution also very stable and it's very rare not long after saying goodbye and before actually leaving he held something namely praying for Doraemon.

To grow to the best ability Anton Frederick laughed when he saw Remon just came out of the library Professor Anton supported the preparations made by Raymond before Anton will later humiliate Doraemon this is the actual situation in the magic battle class in this place the student whose name is called has to come forward and enter the match arena then that student can appoint another student as his Opponent in general the Professor tends to choose the weakest student to be summoned so that weak student able to choose his own opponent safely and in his previous life Raymond was the student who was always summoned first huh because Raymond was famous for being a weak student the other students also thought the same surely this time it was Remon who would be summoned first a lot of other students also.

Ordered to Raymond to choose him to be Raymond's opponent when Raymond was summoned, yes, that was because they were sure they could win against Ramon and the result of victory could affect class scores. class magic battle will soon begin student names will soon be called to enter the arena the other students are surprised when the student who was summoned first is not remote . a Professor And the Professor had received help from the Frederick merchant association that was the reason Anton Friday was able to manipulate his name to be summoned for the first time while Raymond already felt that Anton Frederick would choose him as the opponent this time while from yes currently visiting.

His student's place from yes told me that in the library he met a child who had something rare that this time he could see Professor habert confirmed it was a student from yes it turned out to be a professor Professor held that it was a rare disease Raymond had a constriction disease where Veins from said if Professor habert was lacking smart all this time he didn't know much about his own protege from saying that the boy was able to overcome the disease alone even the boy has now reached the second magic circle Shin moved to Ramon's location the system gave him a mission to win in the battle this time the prize was in magic as many as two and open storage boxes of 40 Kg a year Raymond storage boxes are only owned by rich people.

While Anton again bullies and provokes the remote and tells Raymond to beg for his forgiveness in raimen life this time there is no formula for asking forgiveness from the enemy not waiting long ago Anton Frederick also cast an Apih magic of his second circle while Ramon took out a shield to block the fire magic but gradually the power of Anton Frederick's Apih magic began to decrease And at that moment Raymond took out his fire arrow magic that fire arrow magic was able to penetrate fire magic both belonged to Anton Frederick and Anton Fredly while Anton Frederick did not expect that Raymond could make as many fire arrows as he wanted a few throws of fire arrows of revenge towards Anton frederi Anton fredric also strengthened his shield namely check the magic circle both of them made a special noise to withstand the flames.

Of long raimen waiting for an opportunity like this he smiled even though Anton Frederick had a special shield meaning while Anton Friday he deliberately waited for Raymond's mana to be drained out then he would give a counterattack the reason why he deliberately lured Anton frederi to use a special shield that could only hold back because Raymond replaced his fire arrows with an instant wind arrow and the wind arrow immediately shot towards Anton frederi the wind arrow magic was able to penetrate the Shield and hit anthon Friday the people who saw it did not expect someone who was a weak student in their eyes to be able to do magic like that because Anton frederic had not Dombang Raymond shot very quickly and launched his opponent's attack while Anton Frederick received a very hard punch from Remon, but.

Raymond did not stop with just one punch . magic but Professor huperkada casually so that the Professor can see better There is something covering Remon's body yes right Ramon uses where the Knightly Aura while Ramon is still continuously stabbing at Anton Frederick's body and Raymond stops his punch after Anton frederic faints while the other students see him felt horrible while smiling happily Professor Haber told another professor to announce the winner Russel Raymond was declared the winner in the class duel this time but Raymond didn't want to leave the arena according to class rules he could still choose opponents this time mission.

And system rewards were the same as before but the difference is if Remon can win consecutively then there will be additional prizes from the system and the prizes obtained will be entered automatically into the storage room time passed until the match was over Professor Albert did not expect Raymond to win 14 times in a row in magic class fighting after taking a bath trying to see what gifts he received in his storage room apart from friends getting meaningful he also got a map and at the same time the system gives him a mission rayment must go to a place that has been marked in the rules and complete his mission there Raymond will also be guided by the light after arriving at that place the prize that must be received is five magic stones and other additional prizes that.

It is still a secret but to do this mission Ramon is advised to reach the third magic circle first and Raymond decides to go to the Professor's library to find a clue before he starts a mission this time the first book he read is about the outer regions of the endemion kingdom and the second was about the imperial coast but after reading so many books Diah still couldn't find any clues so in the end Raymond preferred to focus on reaching the third circle compared to looking for clues on the map but suddenly Raymond thought of something this time he could stop the bullying and hatred towards him but Raymond felt that he was still alone like his previous life not long after that Professor haper dada and.

Asked the person who went to his place after giving him a cup of drink The Professor asked Raymond to work with him on a research project The Professor also showed some of his books to the remote He asked for opinions Raymond told Raymond about his book, that is, after looking at and skimming the book, Ramon suddenly said that he had plans this summer and Raymond's plan was to go to the place described in the book, yes, that is where God, in short, said Raymond did it. his journey to the Maldives by riding a horse-drawn carriage in the middle of his journey Raymond ate magic stones to fill his stomach While Mr. Driver knew it was summer but strangely felt that this summer was too hot before reaching the Maldives Ramon intended to reach.

His third magic circle Professor Huper didn't thought that if Remon would go to a place like that it would be the Maldives and on the coast of the Maldives this is the hometown of Snow White and all this time all he has been doing is protecting the empire making presentations on magic research and educating his students 96-3 it is a number that has meaning special to a magician That scene is the final sign of being in the 9th magic circle and this is the end of the 6th magic circle A suffering they will go through to become a great magician while this is the mark of a novice magician who is alone from huh thinking Was the child really good before Sin moved in Raymond he had arrived in the Maldives on his journey he had used a lot of power to tame the large mana.

Until in the end he also managed to reach the third magic circle but Ramon's journey was still long Because he wanted to continue improving his magic circle Raymond decides to go and hire a guide and it happens that there is a special discount just for today only in the tor the guide explains that according to legend Mount pompei was originally just an ordinary mountain but since a special creature started placing it nature changes too creatures like that only exist one in the world Yes, that's right , it's a red dragon and starting from here, Remon moves on his own. it's going to rain so later if it's a little noisy Mimin apologizes.

We continue the light coming out of the map immediately moves towards the front the light goes through the waterfall it means that behind the waterfall there is a Raymond Road using the wind arrow to be able to refract the waterfall and he too enter into following the light inside the waterfall there is a cave and in the cave there is a building and in that building there is a pillar while the light stops right in front of a door but suddenly a large dragon appears near Raymond the big dragon immediately attacked Raymond using his tail but lemon jumped into the air to avoid it Raymond felt that he would not win against the Komodo before the more he ran he intended to hold the Komodo with his lightning arrow after throwing his electric panel and hitting Gomodo, Remon.

Immediately ran towards the door. However, two stone guards stop Raymond if Raymond enters he has to show his mana power if feasible then the guard allows him to go inside because he feels there is no other way Raymond turns his body and issues a skill to attack Komodo, namely but at the same time the gemstone in the door manages to measure where is the power of the remote and the dragon realized something then he bowed down in front of Remon at that moment and not long after the gemstone emitted a light then when he opened his eyes there was a floor made of ice and now he was somewhere which he himself didn't know where was it actually not long after that he saw something red and was being bound by a chain and at the.

Same time the system appeared giving him a mission he had to defeat all the ice Golems several ice Golems with a fairly large size started to rise and everything was facing towards the remote as usual Raymond also used his fire magic attack by attack he launched it at the golems to overthrow the Golem he had to destroy a column core that was inside Golf's body but the magic he was using at this time was only able to make scratches only on the Golem's body because the fire felt that it didn't work he tried it with his lightning magic but had not had time to cast his magic one of the pools was already nearby and gave an attack and the Golem was destroyed instantly when he used the world chest magic but even so there was no notification It appears that he managed to defeat one Golden, yes, that's because the mission requires Raymond to kill all the Golems.

With only his fire magic. If the Golem loses to magic other than fire magic, then that doesn't count for the mission this time. Remon per corner he's surrounded by those golems and inevitably Remon also had to try hard to defeat all the Golems with his fire magic for a mission. The first attack was successful and he made an opening so that the Golem's core was visible and the second attack succeeded in hitting the golem's core and when the inner core was destroyed, the Golem was also destroyed instantly, there were still several Golems and Remon. worried that his mana would be depleted before he was able to kill all the golems for the time being he always dodged every single Golf attack while thinking of finding another way until it crossed his mind to focus all his strength at one point Remon took a long distance some distance away from the golems.

Then concentrated his strength in a single focus until a large fire arrow was created after that he added a formula until several large fire arrows were created then he fused all the fire arrows into one then he threw it at the Golem that was going to attack him and instantly the Golem was immediately destroyed with just one strike and now the fire arrows that were put together had become a fire spear understanding Remon's AB attribute skills immediately increased greatly, the strength was almost close to the 5th magic circle before the energy and mana really finished even moving fast to finish off all the golems until in the end he was able to finish off several Golems at once with only one insect at a time he managed to finish it off until there were only 2 more Golems left, one goal.

He managed to topple and now there is one more golf left but that one column succeeded in delivering an attack and threw Raymond onto the ice floor then Raymond got back up and prepared to throw his fire spear and that was the last breath he had If he misses this time it is certain that the mission will fail until in the end he succeeds in defeating the last goal of ice because Raymond successfully completed his mission Raymond gets a prize as usual, namely 5 mana stones and a mysterious prize, namely a king's horn that he has forgotten. fire type essence to receive the gift the remote required to enter the king's forgotten mind his mind and memory entered a mysterious place with both hands tied by gold chains even though it said the king's horns but it was.

More like the horns of a fire dragon Raymond felt like he was going to be tortured just there is something that undergoes the test of fire and attains the mind of a perfect being rayment will receive something that is in a fragment King object like red horn it penetrates the remote body after receiving extreme pain lemon can use that power into his own when lemon opens his eyes he already on the outskirts of the Maldives now raemon managed to consume the horn of the forgotten king and intermediate comprehension of the fire attribute has reached its limit and can now become advanced understanding of the fire attribute Remon can also feel his mana is overflowing it's almost approaching the 4th magic circle of Snow White had previously sensed mana exploding and checked it that was the reason.

She was able to get here then saw the remote in her mind from who didn't expect Raymond to almost reach his fourth circle in such a short time plus the mana Raymond had was getting purer They also chatted very much so much that in the end Raymond found out that in fact this place was the hometown of yes from yes always come here when summer comes from He also asked what made Doraemon able to go to the Maldives lemon could not yet organize about the system and mission he got and about himself who returned to the past So he was just taking a walk to see the other side of the world while those who wanted to test Raymond's abilities therefore from those who pretended to ask for help Raiman darial also gave a robe to the remote and the clothes were equipped with the symbol of the fire tower.

Not long after the system gave him a mission his mission was a test from Snow White Daria namely fighting pirates in the Maldives harbor the prize was a stone where the middle class in this endemion kingdom slavery is something that is forbidden that's why the kingdom does not allow pirate ships that bringing humans to trade landed in this royal port but even so there were still some people who tried to land their ships near the maldiva or even Gods actually from yes could do a task like this alone but the purpose of the plan this time was to save the victim and take the ship And it took a bit of planning Raymond realized that if this was a test he was given. Judging from Darya who specifically asked him for help, the plan this time from that would.

Attract the attention of the pirates while the remote would save the people who were made slaves and from that. already started to move he has started to show his ability on the ship the pirates also attacked from yes with their arrows but it didn't work on Darya after receiving an arrow attack from who was preparing to launch a counter attack it was seen that a fire attribute magic was in his hand the magic was in the form like flower petals but made of fire and the fire was slowly descending on the pirate ship then the fire turned into a small creature that just set fire to the ship while Raymond had managed to board the ship from the other direction and saw the pirates were focusing on the fire creature, one of the readings of the sea tried to split it, but it came back whole as before. With every.

Touch, the pirate immediately burned instantly, while Raymond rushed into a room to save people who were caught by pirates, namely in that room, Raymond managed to incapacitate a deterrent using his electric magic but not for long after that several people came and saw Remon because they saw one of his friends who was on guard lying down They were annoyed and were going to attack the remote Remon also used his lightning chain skill and it could hit those people as well as one of the slaves like Elf saw the symbol on the remote's clothes and and thundered that Raymond was a member of the fire tower. However, the thugs denied it because he was not yet an official member of the fire tower. Then the elf ordered Raymond to open the bars in a arrogant tone and annoyed Raymond a little,.

But the elf woman stopped her arrogant friend. The elf woman realized Remon. not an ordinary human he can see in Remon's body that radiates pure mana even that woman can smell the Aura spirit from the remote body while the other Elves between believe and not if a human can have his own Aura and suddenly the Elf man immediately asked to be saved with polite maces, not just one person. Even other water, yes, you could say they are Elves or sore because the translation is a little, so Mimin just took the Elf, not long after that, Raymond melted the padlock, but Rayman forgot that he had not defeated all the pirates. the sea especially is the leader or the captain according to Elf the pirate leader is very strong while outside the cable cabin there is someone who is.

Still watching all this time and because he feels the others are overwhelmed he intervenes and cuts the fire creature and the fire creature can't come back UUD, as before, yes, it is true that he is the captain and the pirate, because the captain had already intervened. According to Darya, he landed on the ship. According to Darya, the captain used to be a knight. young trade After finishing talking zinc the Captain immediately shot towards Darya's battle man and was successful and had an effect and destroyed the place where Raymond was but fortunately Raymond was in time to use his shield he also saw that there were several broken spears near his feet someone with another Knight Aura too came and at the same time Raymond was given.

A difficult mission, namely defeating a Knight, the prize was a stone where the glass drank 5 seeds and the person Raymond would face this time was a Deputy Captain, he was also a Knight, at first he underestimated the remote, which still looked like a child child while Raymon immediately released his electric magic towards the vice-captain but the deputy-captain was able to penetrate Remon's lightning water. Yes, because he could suppress electric magic with his sword, even Ramon's shield was able to be destroyed easily by the vice-captain who moved in the battle of Dariah and the captain. where from he turned into fire after being hit by the Captain's slash this time from releasing fire creatures again but it's different from before this Galih creature the more he splits, the more.

They will be and the name of living things is dwarves of hell fire while the Captain just realized that what he was facing right now was the mage from the fire tower Shin moved again at Raymond's location the vice-captain didn't expect the boy to successfully dodge his attack while in his previous life Raymond had met a Knight once The knight massacred groups of innocent mercenaries and people who managed to stop his madness was a magician and the method that the magician used was just using a shield Remon continued to use price magic even though the first shield was destroyed he closed it again with a new shield and in it even after that Raymond released his wind arrow and hit the deputy captain's body Edo But it turns out that the deputy captain is not yet strong,.

He is still able to stand up. The plan this time is that Remon will face the deputy captain while the Elf woman is ordered to free the other captives even though the Elf man actually objects if he has to help humans, the full battle starts again between Raymond and the deputy knight. Captain this time the deputy captain will not give ramen a chance to counterattack while the elves have started to move according to Remon's orders in it . free to use his fire magic without worrying about the safety of the prisoners. Remon was also prepared with his fire spear, the two of them were fighting against each other.

. strange under his feet not long after that there was a huge explosion of fire on the ship and the explosion hit the sills and even the pirates who saw it were shocked while the other survivors they were already on the ship and not hit by the explosion notification system fire appeared Doraemon managed to accidentally defeat two Knights at once and managed to complete his mission while he was currently busy cleaning small ships owned by sea armor and long story short Raymond had regained consciousness after receiving treatment from the Elf woman it was discovered that the woman was from from the Abu tree tribe, he will avenge Budi Raymond one day because he was rescued by a remote. It is known that.

The Elf woman is named HiLo. She explains that Raymond's Aura spirit is related to a dragon. Ello also thinks that Raymond has mixed blood, actually Hello. also has a mixture of green dragon blood even though it's only a drop but he can feel and draw the Aura spirit from him. He was also surprised to hear that he was a virgin. in darea's big house Ilo and his entourage will go from ya to the big house from Ya as well as the remote but because soon it will be the semester exam from helping Raymond so that his student namely Professor Albert can take care of it shortly After that they all arrived at the place from him with riding on a horse-drawn carriage looks.

Big, spacious and very beautiful, yes, that's the place, yes, but there is one place that reminds of something. Raymond felt that if he had come to this place with his parents when he was little, from Darya's story it was known that this place was not his but belonged to the trade associations but from who bought it a few years ago in Remon's mind thought maybe this place was one of his family's properties but after the failure of his family Raymond heard this place was being sold for cheap but to think he could come back in a place like this is nostalgic time it went on until one week later Darya called Ilo to her room after seeing him from who was relieved because Ilo had regained and recovered his own mana and the main reason for calling him was so that you.

Could help Remon train together and the training in question was about Spirit while currently Raymond is doing training from from Yes for a magician keeping distance is important and here Raymond learns so he can move as fast as lightning to keep the distance from the opponent when meeting the enemy more precisely is learning to cross cliffs This technique is called Blink but until now he still can't do it and falls into the river and also the training given from that is triggering a mission from the system so like it or not, reemon must try to complete his mission. It is known that this Blink technique has nothing to do with the magic circle that a magician has but this is magic what can only be learned by understanding the logic is that time doesn't feel until late in the afternoon Remon.

Is still practicing this is Blank training but on the other hand let's also accidentally train his stamina until the night comes from coming to the brake practice now Remon will learn about contracts with inner spirits this time it's Ello who will help with the training Science also told Raymon to slowly close his eyes and imagine something related to fire, starting from sunrises, sunsets, burning wood, everything related to remote fires began to imagine that Ilo, who saw it, was amazed because there was pure mana in the human body. Hello, helped lemon. Enter the God of Imagination Most people don't know that the door to spirit is open to everyone starting from humans Elves and even any race can because they are all entities born in nature but there is something inside that disturbs.

Their imagination namely hatred, sadness and pain such a deep heart that not long after that something happened to the two of them And when he opened his eyes brake was back at home from yes and the arm was injured from the previous incident that also told the incident that he experienced in Remon's imagination, namely when they were about to reach the road towards the spirit Gate then there was such great emotion that they couldn't reach the spirit gate it was more precisely a feeling of hatred hatred which tended to lead to sorrow a the pain was so great and he was able to hide it all this time the next day Raymond would start a new training given from Darya and the training meant to help the maids for a week to clean this part of the mansion while.

Darea and hello would go to town and then they would meet again next week but from that forbidding the use of magic this week in doing raemon's cleaning duties during a week Remon will do the task as can be seen now but Raymond accidentally breaks a flower vase that Darya really likes and from now on the thugs even do the cleaning when they are ordered to and follow all the orders of the two maids, everything he succeeds in doing according to the waiter's instructions until it was time to eat, all the workers gathered here to play, but the person next to Raymond was surprised to find out that the young man beside him was named Remon, yes, the old man was surprised by Remon's good looks, yes, the meaning here was small talk, guys, and the young maid said that if black hair.

Red eyes remote is very cool suddenly someone with a muscular body Dadang teases remote yes that person is just kidding yes for a week now he is Tuesday with this kind of situation time goes on until they have fun drinking together while enjoying the view afternoon until They looked more and more familiar and straight up unnoticed Tomorrow was the last day he did this task but Diamond felt dissatisfaction not long after that a female servant came over to Remon telling him the reason he liked this place was because this place could remind him of someone and even during the week It doesn't feel like he's gone from yes and Elo has also returned to work and he invites Remon to take a walk first and in the middle of the trip from those who have checked the archives that.

This place used to belong to the Remon family from He also already knows from Hello's story that there are big obstacles to the extent that Remon couldn't get past his spirit gate. He also allowed Remon to take this place, but it wasn't free. Lemon had to become a war wizard, a fire tower and a wizard protecting the country, so Raymond could get a lot of money, then he could buy this place from the area too, and so that Raymond wouldn't struggle alone that night Raymond would practice again with HiLo. This time Remon could see Ilo's shadow that entered his imagination but even so, there was a distance that separated Raymond so he couldn't reach his spirit gate anymore and when he approached the wave water Remon immediately fell down and remembered all the hatred of sadness and pain but this time he was very.

Sure that he would be able to jump over the chasm that was in front of him this time after remembering that he was not alone like his previous life and it was at that moment that he could Blink to reach the spirit gate and at the same time that Remon managed to finish his mission and get the middle class mana stone gift what Remon has to do now is to enter the danger door but the two of them can still communicate because their mana is connected to each other Raymond also enters the gate and at the same time a mission appears his mission is to get a contract with a spirit called also the prize rails are the same as before Ouch where is the middle glass here no one knows what spirit will come to Remon even though it has reached this stage sometimes not everyone can get it.

So Raymond can only wait and in the end the spirit that comes is a red dragon in when the remote opens its eyes there is already a cute and funny little red dragon in front of it from yes and elo also congratulates and at the same time laughs seeing the remote's spirit now Remon has reached his fourth magic circle and what is meant by additional gifts from the system is the dragon is already small now was sticking with the remote Ilo thought it was not a normal spirit in general and now had to name the animal so he could complete the last stage of the spirit contract because the dragon was red he gave the name the red one yeah Raymond was just kidding just now Actually he gave the name Viper to the dragon is a cute name and not bad in their opinion and tomorrow Raymond has to practice again Ilo who.

Will help with training on spirits or about Spirits already 1 month later it was time to select students at the tower they wondered how many graduate students would be deri, then this can be seen from the kingdom of the white tower, he has come, he is riding a horse-drawn carriage like most luxury vehicles in the world, namely, then he is taken with the arrival of the jury from the kingdom of the yellow tower, then the jury from the kingdom of the spear tower is also present, and now the jury from the red raw kingdom is also present they gave it until his name was familion usley didn't expect that guy to be here on jury not long after that something shot through the air with fire magic and it turned out to be Raymond he also got to that place this would be fun I'd love to destroy him say familion While.

Laughing but previously Ramon had thanked everyone who had helped him so far Remon also told the butler that he would return to this place with the reason that it would be too late if he took a train Remon chose to run because he thought it was faster than yes also asked Raymond to give a letter to Professor Haber and immediately Rayment was already in Professor Habar's room to give Edo the letter The contents of the letter was a request from Dariah for remote but the Professor has the right to be in trouble now Yes it means it is difficult to help Raymond because there is that person Professor Haber advised Raymond not to look down on that person he was fermilion yusland even though he couldn't help Remon this time he but believed and believed in the remote and the.

Mission this time was to take part in the tower selection and Remon was required to show an extraordinary difference in level and receive recognition the judges first round of selection was the written exam the written exam was easy for him . he won't have any more time to teach Algae classes for him and soon Professor haver won't be able to come back and teach his alkadem for good Raymond himself doesn't know what has happened to Professor habert at that time it's possible the Professor left because he has taken on such a difficult task at the same time finally for Professor Dan not long.

After that the results of the written exam were announced and Remon got the highest score in the written exam this time but Raymond's focus right now was to be able to prevent and stop Professor Huber's death until it was time for the second round of selection to be a short interview exam and it was Raymond's turn to be called by name but Raymond's mind was still thinking of a way to stop the death of a friend Professor but in his previous life he didn't remember that Vermilion Useland was a judge for the exam thinking about now he could change the future if he joined the fire tower to stop Professor Dan's death wish Raymond needed and now is acknowledgment from the farmilion yusland They also started the interview exam now according to Raymond the questions in this exam were not too difficult when compared.

To the previous written exam but even so there was another task in the second round of the test this time yes it was surviving the Which intimidation was issued by the selection judges in his previous life? He always failed at this stage but now the conditions are different. He has become stronger and more knowledgeable compared to his previous life. One of the judges from the yellow tower praised Raymond . changed Even in the whirling mana storm until it was vermilion useland's turn to issue a mana storm this time and Raymond's triangle felt a big difference from the previous stealing judges according to the other selection judges. If this lasts long and doesn't last, it might even died but Rayman was trying hard to endure the storm.

Of mana fermilion even though Remin's expression changed a bit but he managed to survive this time while the professors who were also in the room looked like they couldn't stand the mana blast from the familiar One of the selection traits of the royal lance towers was attracted by received recognition from 9 judges this time But only one jury has yet to give a confession that is vermilion he increased the intimidation which he issued but the selection jury from the spear tower kingdom stopped the familion action because there were still many other candidates who wanted to do the interview exam here temporarily the professor who was there also felt relieved to still be alive from the incident just now huh even though Raymond wished he could join the fire tower However fermilion hasn't given his confession yet but the selection jury The others have already given recognition.

The fairing belongs to having dark past problems He's the only one who still alive in that incident while his friends all died Yes, he doesn't want something like that to happen again in his members that's the reason he can't accept someone into his members so easy unless he really deserves and Now it's time for fading exams the three exams this time are similar like a treasure hunt, yes, the students had to find which green stone was hidden in the dense forest. Walker hair and the exam began, the students began to move until it was late afternoon and Raymond had not yet found which green stone, the thugs called Viper, a little red dragon Raymond asked Paibar for help he showed Viper a sample of the rock he wanted to look for Yes he did because he had heard that spirits.

From the mana world could sense magic energy even if it was thin zinc shifted in location Another person wearing a cloak was seen asking where the Witch was but Mr. dua didn't know because he just exchanged some materials needed for alchemy The Old Man already exchanged the alchemy materials to a magician But he doesn't know now The magician went where did the man in the robe also told the Old Man if the alchemy could be abused for a ritual yes it is a ritual that is prohibited in this kingdom because it will be considered a traitor and a kingdom but even so the Old Man still doesn't know Where the Witch has gone but Suddenly the Old Man remembered that he had heard the Witch would stalk a woman who had taken a student and she.

Wanted to burn that student and now the Witch went to confirm the face of the student she was going to spoil it turns out that the robed man is the professorber she thinks if the cult has grudges then the Master isn't the only person and everyone else besides the master is Raymond the this time he thought he was in danger and according to him all the stages of the exam were dangerous for Raymond now Shin also moved on to one of the students who was having trouble finding where because in this exam it was forbidden to use magic If only he had a spirit that could help him without casting magic but accidentally He kicked a rock and the rock he kicked hit something. The student also used his wind arrow magic to attack that something, but after he checked there was nothing strange there, the student also realized that something.

Strange was fresh behind him and instantly the student was finished off by a strange creature, namely while Remon was currently arriving at a place he saw something wrapped in cloth there. And after he checked it in the package, it turned out that there were many mana stones, all the mana stones seemed to be gathered together and it felt strange to him. remote besides the mana stone he also saw the core of the Golem but its condition was damaged the core of the column was destroyed before the Golem could be summoned but suddenly something approached the remote and at the same time this is the end of episode 21 and this comic is still stuck still on going so we are waiting for the new episode to be released and then it will continue to be a video like this So see you at the next meeting That's all from Mimin Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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