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Hi! Welcome to Movie Plots, Today we recap the 2002 sciencefiction film The Time Machine. Spoilers ahead. A brilliant college professornamed Alex Hartdegen, gets reminded by his close friend David Filby that he is going to miss his date. We're in 1899 in New York City, where we meet Alex's maid and close friend .

As Alex grabs his things, we see he is an inventorwho is obsessed with time, more specifically, the future. When he arrives at the park for his date, he gets distracted by an early versionof a car which still needs some work. He finds his girlfriend Emma, and having forgotten to buy her flowers, the two go for a walk in the park. He eventually proposes to Emma with a moonstone,.

To which Emma agrees. A man emerges from the bushesattempting to mug the lovebirds, and while trying to take the ring from Emma, his gun goes off and hits her. Leaving her to die in Alex's arms. Alex spends the next 4 yearsignoring all his loved-ones, and focusing on finding a way to save Emma. His friend David expresses his andMrs. Watchits's concern for him, but he doesn't want to hear it.

As David leaves, we see that Alex was just making thefinishing touches on his invention. He hops into his time machineand travels back in time, 4 years ago to the park where his date took place. Alex intercepts Emma beforehis younger self arrives, and takes her away fromthe park and into the city, avoiding the mugger. Emma knows something is wrong, as he doesn't care for otherinventions around him anymore.

Forgetting her flowers again, he rushes to a florist to buy some, but the early car's breakfails again spooking a horse, and trampling Emma. After countless failed attempts, Alex realized that one deathwill always replace another, and decides to go forward in time to find out why. He sees the world advance aroundhim, and decides to stop in 2030, learning that the Moon is beingprepared for colonization.

He visits the Public Librarywhere he talks with Vox 114, the library's holographic A.I. librarian. But when asking for information on time travel, he is just shown fiction, and told that it is impossible. Traveling another 7 years forward, the world is thrown into chaos. Alex is told by authorities thatmining caused the moon to break up, and begin crashing down to Earth.

He evades the two guards, and makes it back to his machinebefore the ground collapses. Traveling forward again, Alex gets knocked out, and the machine is knocked into overdrive. Alex continues to sleep as he travelsthousands of years into the future, even through another ice age. Finally regaining consciousnessenough to stop it in the year 802,701. Alex is nursed back to health, and wakes to a young boy named Kalen.

After chasing him, Alex realizes that the village isattached to the side of a cliff. A tribal people called the Eloi, all come out to greet the stranger, and Alex meets the older sisterof Kalen, a teacher named Mara. Who is the only one that canspeak some of Alex's language, and with which he develops a relationship. He tells her about his world, and sees that the moon is nowbroken into pieces above them.

Alexander is introduced to Eloi society, and told that all the old people are now gone, with the village buildingmonuments to their parents. Mara brings Alex to the Time Machine, and tells Alex to take Kalen withhim when he goes back to his time, before a horn alerts Marato run back to the village. Alex begins to see the reason whythe Eloi live on the sides of cliffs, a pale creature known as hunter Morlocks, that hunt the Eloi for food.

The creatures shoot blowdartsat the fleeing villagers, eventually hitting Mara with a black goo. Before they can escape, Morlocks burst from the ground, twice as big as the hunters, cutting off the villagers from their boats. The warrior Morlocks are attractedto the smell of the darts, and begin taking all thevillagers with the goo on them. Alex blindsides one of them to save Kalen,.

Surprising the creature as Eloi usually just flee. It chases after Alex but is very clumsy, though it could break Alex likea twig if it got a hold of him. While cleverly avoiding the warrior for a while, Alex is eventually overcome. Before the Morlock can actually kill him, he is saved by Kalen, and the sound of a horn callsthe Morlock back to the others. They get back to see Marabeing taken into the earth,.

As the Morlocks have all taken their fill. Alex hounds the group for the location of Mara, but they say it's the way it's always been, and tell him to talk to the ghost about it. We see the Ghost in question is a familiar face, Vox 114, who remains functioningall these years later. He is excited to have visitors, as he is very lonely. All his knowledge of the current worldcomes from an Eloi who escaped the Morlocks,.

And who he spent years befriending. Vox holds resentment towards Alex, but tells him to search in the east to find Mara. Alex finds the entrance to theMorlocks underground kingdom, where all the Morlocks seemto be following orders. After searching around the tunnels, and falling into a giantpit of all the Eloi remains, he is eventually captured. They throw him in a cell wherehe finds Mara locked in a cage.

Finally meeting the leader of the Morlocks, the Uber Morlock, a highly intelligent telepathic version. Ubes explains that he created this castsystem of Morlocks for them to survive, and that it is simply 800,000years of evolution at play. There are also other clans ofMorlocks led by Ubers like him, and he took Mara to be a breeder. Alex finally gets his answer, the reason why he can't save Emma's life.

He built his time machine because of Emma's death, if she lives then it never gets created, Making it the one thing thathe cannot change with it. Ubes also says that if itwas not for people like Alex, his race would never have come to be, since scientific advancements are whatcaused the moon to collapse in on humanity. Morlocks being the half of humanity thatfled underground to survive the moonfall, and then refused to return to the surface. Ubes feels sorry for Alex, stuckin a paradox of his own creation,.

And tells him to leave sincehe now has his answers. Alex pulls the UberMorlock onto thetime machine and the two begin fighting, going forward millions of years into the future. After a back and forth, Alex manages to knock Ubes out of the time bubble, and watches him disintegrate with time.When he stops the machine, he is in the year 600 million, and sees that the Morlocks havetaken over the surface world-now. Having accepted that he can neversave Emma, he returns to save Mara.

Alex Jams his stopwatch in thetime machine and powers it on, using the light to blind theMorlocks and escape the cell. Alex and Mara race throughthe caverns trying to escape, with the Morlocks chasingafter their leader's killer. But the time machine explodes, aging everything it touches through the caverns, almost reaching Alex and Marabut dispersing into the sky. We see it spread through the land, exterminating all the remaining Morlocks.

Now trapped in the future forever, Alex resolves to build a new life with Mara, and makes plans to rebuildcivilization with the help of Vox. While we see back in 1903, David and Mrs. Watchit talkabout the long-missing Alex, hoping that wherever he is, he's finally happy. And the movie ends. The Time Machine is a 2002post-apocalyptic science fiction, loosely adapted by John Loganfrom the 1895 HG Wells novel,.

And the 1960 David Duncanscreenplay of the same name. Directed by Simon Wells, thegreat-grandson of H.G. Wells, Gore Verbinski was brought in todirect the last 18 days of shooting, as Simon Wells was sufferingfrom extreme exhaustion. Guy Pearce did most of his own stunts, and was also so consistent in most of his takes, that the audio from one could be putwith the video from another seamlessly. Never having a Fiance Emma in the novel, his motivation for building the machinesimply being that of scientific achievement.

He also returns home to 1903 in the book, and then leaves again, leaving thereader hanging on his whereabouts., Thank you for watching.

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