Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Premiere Date Printed and Recent Trailer Launched!

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Hey everyone hope you all are doing well andstaying safe wanted to follow up on some exciting Tony Kaku Kawaii season 2 news I know there'sa bunch of people out there that are excited for season two that's going to be coming out nextmonth I haven't made a video on in a little while the last time we got any kind of new informationin regards to it was about a month or so ago when I did make that video on the premiere date for theseason two they didn't give us a specific date but they let us know it's going to be coming out inApril uh next month but now we finally got the premiere date information we got a trailer drop ontop of that too it's supposed to be premiering on April 7th so mark your calendars I know I gotmine marked because I'm hyped for the series um and then like I said we got the trailerdrop for it and when I watched the trailer.

I was thrown off a bit by the NASAvoice actor because his voice sounded a lot more deep than what I was used toremembering his voice being that's it hi but maybe it's just me being crazy becauseI might not have watched season one in a long time I can't remember when I did end up watchingseason one or the last time I re-watched it um or watched the OVA or anything like that but yeahlike I said his voice sounded a lot deeper than what it was before maybe his voice actor changedbut that might not be true you know I gotta check on that but like I said maybe it's me just beingcrazy I just can't remember what his voice sounds like again uh but yeah that was just somethingthat I thought was weird we got a little snippet into the opening for season two and then we gotto see of course all the characters and stuff all.

The side characters that we know NASA sukasa ofcourse as well and a lot of the wholesome funny moments that are going to be going on throughoutit within the trailer and stuff and they threw in a mix of I believe some new characters thathaven't been in the series before at least that they haven't shown or anything like that I don'trecognize that little girl with the black hair that's kind of like darker skinned um I don'trecognize her and then I don't recognize that other girl with the black hair and the white shirtshe looks really cute but I don't recognize her either but yeah that's something that I'm lookingforward to seeing them too and then as well as the older guy I I don't recognize him either or theolder lady maybe it's just me not remembering a lot of season one since I haven't seen season onein a little bit now but yeah I believe those are.

Newer characters since they like kind of showedthem all back to back to back and everything and they kind of gave them maybe like special littleor longer little Snippets of moments and stuff um yeah but I'm excited to see everything that'sgoing to be coming forth with season two and everything and I just want to let you guys knowI will link the trailer down below so you guys can check that out I'm super hyped for it we gotthe date for it now that it's going to be coming out and I believe that there's some informationthat came out in regards to some of the openings and endings and stuff you know like I said theopening song Who it's going to be done by and then the ending song and who's going to be doneby and there's something else going on too in regards to something called Su Casa's kitchen Idon't exactly know what that was supposed to be I.

Think it was something music related but um maybeit was something else but it had a cute little Visual and I'll throw that somewhere on screentoo um but yeah I thought that was really cute in that I like the little name for it too sukasa'skitchen but yeah that's all the information that I believe they gave us now and I think that trailerthat they dropped was probably going to be like the last trailer that they put out before theyou know Season Two actually comes out because we're only like a couple of weeks away from itpremiering now um but yeah like I said that's all the information that came out regarding itand that I wanted to relate to you all hope you all are excited for it let me know down in thecomments how pumped you guys are for the series coming out pretty soon again and continuing makesure to give the video a like I greatly appreciate.

It and make sure to subscribe if you guys haven'talready and also hit that notification Bell as well to get notified for whenever I do upload avideo or go live or anything like that hope you all have a fantastic rest of the day and you allhave a good one catch you all later see ya bye-bye foreign

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