Too genius she is banned from college, till at closing she is named as the fundamental human computer

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The story starts in 1934 in Bangalore, India, witha five-year-old girl named Shakuntala Devi. She appeared to be engrossed in play, as if she werea child her own age, with her cousin accompanying her while doing his school math homework. But,unbeknownst to him, Shakuntala noticed the math problems and, to his surprise, she was able tosolve them correctly in her head, despite the fact that they involved the cube root of an eight-digitnumber. Shakuntala's cousin, realizing she was no ordinary child, brought her to her parents andenthusiastically explained her genius to them. How could she not? She is only five years old andhas never attended school, but she is capable of solving complex mathematical problems. And she didit mentally. After witnessing Shakuntala's talent firsthand, her father, Bishaw, decided to take herto schools, where she demonstrated her abilities.

In front of teachers and students. He uses hertalent to create a math show in which Shakuntala solves complex problems for the teachers. Andevery show is always a success. The audience gave Shakuntala a standing ovation, while Bishawreceived the money. Shakuntala, on the other hand, had the desire to attend school after seeing otherchildren studying and playing together at school, and she expressed her desire to her father.Unfortunately, Bishaw refuses to enroll her in school, claiming that she is intelligent enoughwithout going to school. Shakuntala's mother asked her to study one afternoon because she had mathshows in ten different places the following week. Shakuntala, on the other hand, began to rebel atthis point. Her mother is irritated because she refuses to study. She even threatened Bhisaw withrepercussions if Shakuntala continued to refuse to.

Study. But Shakuntala still refused, claiming thatshe should be the father in their home because, after all, she was the one who worked, notBishaw. Her mother only replied that Shakuntala would understand how difficult it would be toraise a child in the future. She then entered the house without telling her to study again.Sharada, Shakuntala's older sister, just stood there watching Shankuntala and their mother argue.When their mother left, she told Shakuntala that she was impressed by her intelligence. She evenimagined Shakuntala becoming a great person one day. Shakuntala had hoped for this to happen. Shepromises Sharada that if she is truly successful in the future, she will take her anywhere shewants. But that would never happen because, when Shakuntala returned home from her show onenight, she discovered Sharada dead in front of the.

House. Sharada had been ill for a long time,but her family could not afford to take her to the hospital. Shakuntala's money could onlycover the family's daily expenses. Shakuntala, on the other hand, was too angry to remember. Sheholds her parents responsible for Sharada's death, particularly her mother, who did nothing tosave Sharada. A mother, according to Shakuntala, should do anything for her child. Shakuntala wasdisappointed and refused to speak to her mother again. She despised her so much that she sworeto Sharada that she would never become a woman like their mother. Bishaw was still unemployedin 1954, when Shakuntala was 25 years old, and relied solely on the income Shakuntala earnedfrom doing math shows. But as she gets older, she gets better at doing her shows. Dhiraj,Shakuntala's boyfriend, refuses to propose to her..

He was always making excuses to avoid proposingto her, and she never questioned his reasoning. Shakuntala discovers Dhiraj's wedding invitationto another woman one night. He has a future wife, and he has only pretended to love Shakuntala allthis time. When she found out, she was furious, so she shot him with an air gun. Therefore,Shakuntala went to London at the age of 26 to forget about Dhiraj and later lived in a guesthouse. She still offered to do math shows for some important people because she needed money topay her rent and other daily expenses. However, she is having difficulty finding people whowant to use her services. Shakuntala eventually found the right venue for her show, the RoyalMathematical Society in London. As a result, she solved complex problems in front of theintellectuals in attendance. What impressed them.

Even more was how quickly she accomplishedit. Javier, a mathematician from Spain, was among those who were astounded by her. He evenapproached Shakuntala and invited her to get to know him. It didn't take long after that for thetwo to start dating. To summarize, Shakuntala's relationship with Javier was beneficial. Heassists her in improving her English skills and is shown in schools to London officials. Andshe was always successful in any math show she did. She can make a lot of money from her shows,which makes her landlady proud. But Shakuntala's smile vanished when she received a letter fromher parents asking her to send them money for their living expenses in India. She was clearlyenraged just by reading the letter. Her parents, she felt, treated her like a bank and had doneso since the beginning. They didn't even inquire.

About her health in the letter, and all theycare about is money. Nonetheless, she responded to their letter and promised to send them moneyon a monthly basis. Shakuntala is one day invited to appear on a television show where she willcompete against the fastest computer to solve math problems. She could easily solve the problems atfirst, until she came across a question that she suspected contained an error in the last threedigits. However, the host ignored her protest, leaving her unable to resolve the issue until timeran out. He even stated that someone from the land of elephants and snakes could not possibly bethe next Einstein. Even when Shakuntala tried to revise the problematic question, he refused,much to her embarrassment. After all, the event was broadcast live across the country. Javier cameto see Shakuntala the next day with good news. The.

Experts manually calculated yesterday's mathproblem and discovered that she was correct: the computer had made an error. Shakuntalais now known as a human computer as a result of this. Shakuntala has become increasinglyinterested in doing math shows since then. She was invited to perform in other countries,which increased her fame and wealth. However, as a result of Shakuntala's success, Javierfeels inferior. So he ended their relationship, arguing that he should return to Spain. Shakuntalafinally met a new man, Paritosh Barnaji, in 1968 in Bombay, India, and they quicklyfell in love. As they planned to marry, the two traveled to Shakuntala's hometown to seekher parents' approval. But Shakuntala realized she still despised them. Her hatred for them outweighsher affection, so she refuses to get out of the.

Car and meet them with Paritosh. As a result,in the car, Paritosh proposes to Shakuntala. They later married without informing or invitingShakuntala's parents. Shakuntala and Paritosh were blessed with a baby girl named Anupama, or Anu forshort, in 1970. Shakuntala now devotes her life to being a mother and a wife, and she is content.Shakuntala discovered a black album containing her memories of mathematics while cleaning the houseone day. She realized she missed doing her shows and decided to tell Paritosh that she wanted tocontinue her career. Fortunately, he is a patient husband. He let her do whatever she wanted aslong as she was happy. Shakuntala left the house a few days later to return to the show, leavingAnu and Paritosh at home. Shakuntala hasn't lost her touch yet. Her talent wowed many people, andshe was even inducted into the Guinness Book of.

Records. Between shows, she always makestime to call home and tell Paritosh about her adventures. Shakuntala becomes concerned oneday after Paritosh informs her that Anu has begun to learn to speak. It was because Anu said fatherinstead of mother as her first word. Actually, it made sense because Anu was spending more time withParitosh. Nonetheless, it made Shakuntala envious. She was also concerned that she had not been agood mother to her daughter. She was afraid Anu would forget about her. As a result, Shakuntalareturned home quickly, asking Paritosh and Anu to accompany her to work and travel around theworld. But, of course, Paritosh refused because he had a job in India. Furthermore, relying on hiswife for money would jeopardize his pride. They eventually divorced, and Shakuntala took Anu withher to travel around the world doing math shows,.

Much to Paritosh's chagrin. Anu was eight yearsold in 1978, and she longed for her father. She'd never see her father again because Shakuntalatook her all over the world. She could only write Paritosh letters and ask her mother to send them.Shakuntala, on the other hand, who has now become astrological alongside a mathematician, realizesthat Anu misses Paritosh. Still, she couldn't let Anu live with her father because she loved her andwanted her to be by her side at all times. Anu, on the other hand, didn't just want to meether father. She wishes to attend school with other children her age. She has only been ableto do homeschooling so far because of Shakuntala, who always takes her around the world. But shewas sick of it. She wants to be a normal kid who goes to a normal school. And her wish coincidedwith Paritosh's. When Paritosh finally meets.

Shakuntala, he demands that she immediatelysend Anu to school. Otherwise, he planned to file a custody case, which he was confident hewould win. In 1986, a young man Anu was finally able to attend a boarding school, where she mademany friends. Nonetheless, Shakuntala remained the same. She always invites Anu to accompanyher on her global travels whenever she has the opportunity. Anu rarely enjoys herself when sheattends her mother's events. Anu looked bored even when Shakuntala was holding a question and answersession about her book with a homosexual theme. Her boredom quickly turns to rage when her motheraccuses Paritosh of being gay. Anu had reached the end of her patience at this point. She slammedShakuntala not only because her mother slandered her father, but also because she built her careerat Anu's expense. Anu was sick of moving from.

Hotel to hotel because her mother insisted on heraccompanying her. She never felt she had a place to call home, and she certainly never felt shehad a mother. So, if Shakuntala had no intention of being a normal mother, Anu threatened herwith fleeing to live with her father. Shakuntala responds by telling her that Paritosh does notwant Anu to live with him. She did, however, promise to take some time off and live with herin London. Shakuntala surprised Anu with a house in the heart of London in 1987, much to Anu'sdelight. She promised to spend time with Anu once a week. And Anu is free to invite Paritoshto her new home whenever she pleases. Shakuntala didn't make empty promises. She now spends moretime with Anu, doing things like cycling and cooking together, allowing her daughter to enjoylife more than ever before. She even assisted Anu.

In starting her real estate business. However,their relationship soured once more in 1997. Anu, then 27, met Ajay Kumar, a businessman who wouldbecome her future husband, at the time. And, of course, it didn't take long for them tofall in love. When Ajay proposes to Anu and the two families agree on a wedding date, he hasa disagreement with Shakuntala. Shakuntala wishes for Ajay and Anu to remain in London after theirmarriage so that Anu can accompany her whenever she travels around the world. However, Ajay couldnot agree with Shakuntala's expectations. He has a life in Bengaluru, India, and he wants Anu tojoin him there. Because they were both adamant, their debate ended without a resolution. Ajaybelieves Anu should accompany him because he is her husband, whereas Shakuntala believes she hasmore authority over Anu's life because she gave.

Birth to her. Their squabbles eventually reachedAnu, who was enraged at her mother. She accuses Shakuntala of impeding her ability to live herown life. Even if Shakuntala gave birth to Anu, she should not feel she has the right to controlher life, especially now that Anu is an adult. Shakuntala was furious at Anu's words andalmost slapped her daughter, making Anu even more disappointed in her. Finally, Anu decides tomarry Ajay without Shakuntala's permission. Not wanting Anu to leave her, Shakuntala finally tookthe last resort: she threatened to close Anu's property business in London and freeze all ofher savings. Instead of succumbing to her threat, Anu retaliated by claiming that Shakuntalahad separated her from her father. Anu would not allow her mother to separate her from herhusband. So be it if Shakuntala wants to destroy.

Her company. In India, she can start her businessfrom scratch. Anu married Ajay a few days later, and the couple moved to India. But her hatredfor Shakuntala remains. Anu became enraged when someone mentioned Shakuntala in front ofher. Not only that, but she also plans to avoid having children in order to avoid repeatingShakuntala's mistakes. But fate had other plans. Anu eventually became pregnant. Fortunately,she eventually came to terms with it. She even realized that having children brought her joy. Allshe had to do was try not to be like Shakuntala's mother. Shakuntala, on the other hand, was unableto concentrate following her altercation with her daughter. She even made a mistake during a livetelevision broadcast on one occasion. It made her realize she needed to go to her parents' houseand apologize. But, when Shakuntala arrived,.

She discovered that her parents had died, andthe house she had lived in as a child was nearly empty. There are news clippings about her successas a mathematician among the remaining items, indicating that her parents have followedher progress since her departure from home. Shakuntala sobs when she realizes she has wrongedher parents. Meanwhile, Anu has given birth to Her child, Amrita, and is running Her propertybusiness successfully. Anu runs into some old school friends one day, and their conversationsomehow leads to the affection between mothers and children. The conversation reminded her ofAmrita, whom she had left at home. As a result, she hurried back to the house to accompany herdaughter. Later that night, Anu and Ajay have a serious discussion about Shakuntala. She claims tohave forgiven her mother and even expresses regret.

For ignoring her calls for the past few years. Sheintends to call Shakuntala soon to tell her about Amrita. Her desire to reconcile with Shakuntala isdashed when Ajay informs her that Shakuntala has sold all of Anu's property holdings. As if thatwasn't enough, she didn't even give Anu a penny of the profit sharing. Instead, she transferredthe payment of the capital gains tax to Anu, putting her family in debt. Anu and Ajay wouldnever allow Shakuntala to do this to them. So they decided to travel to London and file a lawsuitagainst Shakuntala. After all, Ajay was confident that they would win their case. But, when Anuand Ajay arrived in London, they discovered it was all a Shakuntala ruse. She was forced to doall of this because she wished to meet Anu, who refused to travel to London to see her. She willeven give Anu all of the profits from the sale.

Of her properties and will not mind if Anu suesher. Shakuntala does not want Anu to be like her, who has spent her entire life hating her parents.She wants Anu to truly forgive her for everything she has done to her. Anu was taken aback whenshe heard all of this. She needed time to think about everything, so she asked everyone to leaveher alone. While alone, Anu discovered the black album she had always despised. When she openedit, she discovered that it only contained photos of Anu and Shakuntala from their time travelingaround the world. She then calls Ajay and tells him excitedly about the photos. Shakuntala, on theother hand, noticed Anu's enthusiasm. Anu finally forgave her mother and apologized to Shakuntalafor ignoring her for the past few years at this point. Finally, the mother and daughter hugged,relishing their reunion after so many years apart..

At the end of the film, Anu, Ajay, and Amritaare seen attending Shakuntala's performance, whose math skills have improved again sinceshe made peace with her daughter. She was even named the world's first human computer,making Anu proud to have such a mother.

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