Top 10 Anime Adore Arifureta From Fashioned to World’s Strongest

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If you love Ari foretta then chances are that you're a fan of isakai anime while we wait for the second season to air is there anything similar to watch in fact there's plenty of dark action isakai anime out there today we'll go over the top 10 anime like rafaretta from commonplace to world's strongest if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a.

Like And subscribe I'm Josh with yes anime and now let's start the list at number 10 we have how not to summon a demon Lord while this Series has ample fan service and Harem cliches it also transcends those tropes at times to give its female characters Some solid character development it also gives its main character some believable.

Weaknesses and obstacles to overcome all in all it manages to be entertaining without being overly shallow it's a solid choice for folks who actually want action and character development to go with the Harem comedy at just 12 episodes how not to summon a demon Lord is short but it manages to have a surprisingly satisfying ending it.

Doesn't fall into the Trap of drawing out its plot just to sell more merchandise and that's definitely a good thing considering the show's premise and plot at number nine we have The Irregular at Magic High School though not an isakai anime The Irregular Magic High School uses tropes that are familiar to isakai.

Fans while also putting a unique spin on its World building instead of just having magic users being secretly hidden away in society the entire world order revolves around the existence and training of people who can use magic this gives the series an isakai feel without having it actually take place in another world though the series is.

Sometimes criticized as being too Exposition heavy it's a great watch for fans who are tired of weak World building with just a 26 episode TV series and a movie the animated version of this series leaves some World building unexplored however there's a lot more to find in the light novel series.

At number eight we have in another world with my smartphone if you're looking for an isakai anime that focuses heavily on Harem romance this will be right up your alley this Series has almost no action and instead relies on the comedy and romance that made dating Sim adaptations popular for the last 15 years it'll definitely feel like familiar territory.

To older fans and hopefully in a good way the main character is about as generic as they come but the girls are cute and varied and they all have some surprisingly deep moments unfortunately at only 12 episodes there's just not a lot of content to dive into here it'll make a great weekend Marathon watch though.

At number seven we have is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon this hilariously named series which is nicknamed Don Maji for short has a blend of haramantics comedy and action that have defined the isakai genre donmachi also has a lot more heart than some of its contemporaries so it manages to avoid just being cheap escapism its main.

Character is a little more well-rounded than most Bland protagonists in this genre donmachi also has a second season that started airing July 2019 and since it's been so popular it'll hopefully have other spin-offs and sequels in the future bringing in number six we have Sword Art online while Sword Art online's premise.

Is somewhat more generic than Audi fuetas it's well liked by fans who can appreciate what the series does well the alicization sequel is particularly good thanks to its twists and new characters like arifoeta Sword Art Online has a male protagonist surrounded by cute young women but each character gets a memorable chance to shine in addition to.

The orig inal Sao anime there are two sequels a movie and the gun gal online spin-off series with how popular the Sao franchise is it will probably have plenty more spin-offs and sequels in the future coming into number five we have God's blessing on this beautiful world God's blessing on this beautiful world also.

Called konosuba is probably a bit more cheerful than arifuata however it shares the same general isakai Adventure premise with a dash of Haram Antics to match the main character is inept without being annoying and his own lack of powers is brought upon because he picked a cute girl to be his only weapon on his journey it's a unique enough.

Series to be worth watching even if most of the isakai tropes have been overdone in addition to having two series konosuba also has a movie that came out in July 2019. at number four we have that time I got reincarnated as a slime tensura as it's known for short has a similar premise to arifueta because of how the main.

Character gets reincarnated with relatively weak Powers tensora has some Stellar World building and isn't as heavy on the haramantics as other series on this list it's definitely a series to check out even if you don't normally like isakai anime though the main character becomes a little overpowered in the end the setting and characters.

Are original enough to make this worth a watch to make things even better it has a second season coming sometime soon down to number three we have re-zero karahajimaru isakai sekatsu this classic isakai anime is a staple of the genre and the love triangles in it are surprisingly well executed making it accessible to fans who normally stray.

Away from fantasy anime its main characters not only sucked into a fantasy world but also gets trapped in a Time Loop that ends with him being murdered this series doesn't get as grisly as higuration onaku koroni or other classical anime though think of it as an isakai anime with all of the good things about higaraji steinsgate and.

Madoka Magica combined re-zero has only one season and a handful of spin-off manga so far but a second season has been confirmed hopefully we'll get that sooner rather than later at number two we have kenja nomago other than the crossover isakai quartet Kendra nomago was the spring 2019 season's biggest isakai anime it's full of.

Typical isakai and Harem tropes but it somehow manages to deliver them with enough twists and Nuance to keep them fresh the main character has been reincarnated as the grandson of a talented and famous Mage but unfortunately he didn't seem to inherent any common sense since the series is only slated to be 12 episodes fans may.

Be left wanting more but it's worth diving into if its premise appeals to you and finally at number one we have rise of the shield hero like arifueta rise of the shield hero focuses on a hero who's granted a fairly useless power Shield Hero has some dark twists at the very beginning but it never becomes too.

Grisly and angsty fan favorite Ralph Talia is an incredibly cute and likable sidekick and most of the other female characters have enough depth to make them relatable as well it's no wonder the light novel series is at 22 volumes as of June 2019. the current anime adaptation is slated for 25 episodes but without popular it is it's entirely.

Possible it will be renewed for a second season there's also a Maga adaptation as well while that does it for this list if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like And subscribe comment down below what your favorite isakai anime is and check out the other videos on the channel let us know what top 10 you'd like to see come from us next this is.

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